City of Edinburgh Council - 23 November 2017 (Thu, 23rd Nov 2017 - 10:00 am) 

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[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:01:48]

Good morning everyone welcome to
this month's City of Edinburgh Council meeting

Item 1.1 - Order of Business

just like to remind everyone present that this meeting will be broadcast live to the internet and will be stored is part of the Councils web cast archive and capable of repeated viewing
I have the discretion to terminate or suspend filming if in my opinion allowing filming to continue would prejudice the proceedings of the meeting
Members are reminded that cameras are activated by the sound system and it must switch on microphones when speaking and off when finished speaking
we will have a brick approximately at eleven thirty for the stenographer to have a break and lunch will be approximately one o'clock am just before we got onto order of business you will have noticed that on your desks that is a sheet am relating to the campaign which has been launched in the Edinburgh evening News in support of the Council's one city Trust charity for a statue for SEN goes we're not looking for elected Members to contribute on this but I would ask you
you can if you wish obviously not going to say no but i think the important thing is to get the message out there
on this campaign if you would be so kind and also just like to
bring to everyone's attention considers wearing a tie today but i'm sure they might actually comment on that later on in these leaders report about

Item 2.1 - Declaration of Interests

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:03:27]

michael our progress there is no change to the main business item 2 is Declarations of interest the councillors' code requires members to publicly declare any interests in items being discussed at today's meeting these can be financial or non-financial are that any from the Conservative Group
none thank you Labour Group
no SNP
Green and Liberal

Item 3.1 - Deputation

Item 3.2 - Deputation

Item 3.3 - Deputation

Item 4.1 - Minute of 26 October 2017

know their traditions that are rare no deputations site and ford is a minute of last meeting for approval

Item 5 - Questions and Answers

Item 5.1 - By Councillor Rae - Powderhall Rail Line

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:04:02]

item 5 is questions first 1 5 point 1 by cancer re on Powderhall rail line

[Cllr Susan Rae (Scottish Green) - 0:04:17]

thank you can be 9 am I would like to ask if they convenient can commit to a meeting with Network Rail in the future
to look at potential real and am as a walking and cycling path at the two period

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:04:36]

thank you can't story and i'd be happy to commit to meeting with Network Rail but I should perhaps give you a little bit more back

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:04:42]

going there were initial discussions with Network Rail about a year ago and and more formal discussions are likely to start quite soon but they may take some time not least because of the procedures at need what we'll need to go through to close a real way
Powderhall is expected to be a broadly residential development there
and planning permissions going too late to take some time partly due to the problems of land clearance on that particular site but yes i be very happy to commit to that let me think thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:05:11]

5 point 3 by Council lying parking issues Newbridge

Item 5.2 - By Councillor Lang - Parking Issues in Newbridge

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:05:17]

I thank the Leader for her answer as a follow up can I ask her if she would be able to make arrangements for me for the officials to write to me with the dates and times of the monitoring that has been carried out over the last few months

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:05:31]

in anticipation of your question can sell Lang I had in actual fact
asked the officials unfortunately some absence i haven't been able to provide you with the exact information attached to it but I will probably be able to get that for year two model

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:05:48]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:05:52]

5 point 3 by cancelling excess vehicle speeds on rural roads

Item 5.3 - By Councillor Lang - Excess Vehicle Speeds on Rural Roads

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:05:54]

is a real risk that people think this is somehow choreographed and a low Protestant I find that can be referred for a distance of some time ago M I received a wonderful letter from three of my constituents and marion gunderson Eden forest i'll Gemma Marsh debris and what made this later different and special was that all three of them where 10 years old or younger and he wrote to me because of their concern over the speed of cars that are going past their homes that many newer which is a small area of housing just to the east of the cargo area at Edinburgh airport know what I approached officials about possible speed reduction measures i was told that nothing could be done until the full review that is to follow after the final fees of the 20 mile an hour rule and that could of course be two to three years away so can I ask the consider if she will be prepared to meet with myself Merran eaten and Gemma or at least make arrangements for officials to meet with them so that they can hear first hand why we really need action here sooner rather than later

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:07:00]

thank you Councillor Lang IBA happy to meet with your constituents perhaps to bring them into the City Chambers so they can see democracy in action and I would be very delighted to meet with them but i can't promise anything particular and on the content of that I see a question

Item 5.4 - By Councillor Lang - Lighting on the Cycle Path Network

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:07:15]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:07:18]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:07:21]

5 point 4 by cancelling liking on the psychopath network
again I thank the Committee for the answer as the community of queens fee gets bigger and we obviously want to encourage active travel and whatever we can particular to try and avoid private car use however pedestrians and cyclists are telling me just how dangerous it is to walk or cycle on the NCA are one route next to Queens free and dominy especially at this time of year because of just how dark it is so can I ask the computer if you could advise me how base can i pursue this and how based can I try and get new pathways here made more of a priority

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:08:00]

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:08:02]

as Councillor line will appreciate we have a number of priorities sitting around active travel projects across the city and were making quite
large strides towards achieving those I would suggest that we hold a meeting between officials on myself and Councillor Lamb to explore that particular issue

Item 5.5 - By Councillor Lang - Janitorial Review

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:08:18]

5 point 5 by cancelling janitorial review

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:08:24]

and I thank you for this answer although I have set out the story that I had to table another written question in order to get it and I appreciate the sensitivities around individual members of staff and the union negotiations which have been ongoing however as I did see to the Convener last month Community Centres have already been given information they have already been told the janitorial cover that they will get from next year changes which I fear that in some parts of my ward risk making Community Centres financially unviable i'm still trying to understand Lord Provost why that information not individual janitorial contracts but the overall levels of Cabinet of cover for community centres information that has already been handed out and described as final why cannot information not be provided no

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 0:09:17]

I thank Councillor question
i'm today that whatever information may have been provided to this point to a Community Centre Management Committees cannot possibly be final until the consultation is complete and the outcome of that consultation has been fully considered so I will be interested to know why those assurances had been given and if they have I cannot understand that they would be have they would have any real validity given where we are in the process

Item 5.6 - By Councillor Booth - Parking Enforcement

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:09:46]

COUNCILLOR based on parking enforcement

[Cllr Chas Booth (Scottish Green) - 0:09:51]

thank you Lord Provost added that can be enough for her response she will share with me the frustration and
real anger many of my constituents and I'm sure many cause constituents of Councillors around the room at illegal and irresponsible parking in particular pavement parking and parking on double yellows and there's a general perception out there that we need to get better as a Council and enforcement and should also went of scripture attention that the 3 first parts of my question were all identified as action points in the Parking Action Plan which was signed off more than a year ago and it's disappointing therefore that in her response she has said that the only action the Council has taken on this is to respond to us to Scottish Government consultation will she agree specifically to write to the Transport Minister holmes' yusuf to raise these three points and will she agree to put this on the agenda for the next meeting of the next time she meets with the transport minister to ensure that we get real action on parking enforcement

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:50]

thank you came to both ideally be here think the question of selfish parking habits across the city a quite deplorable because in credible amounts of difficulty around active travel issues as well as general inconvenience to other drivers and for the safe transit or public transport networks throughout the city and you'll also be well aware of the fact that are proposed are somewhat limited in this we are constantly looking to national legislation to allow us to take more action attached to it and yes I would be happy to write to them the minister and in one of my frequent meetings with M I will read that

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:11:28]

thank you
Councillor Miller of affordable housing

Item 5.7 - By Councillor Miller - Affordable Housing

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 0:11:34]

thank you Lord Provost m the question that I had asked them was of the Planning Convener so under is it possible to ask a supplementary at the minute
and so I wanted to thank the computer for the answer that was given however the answer didn't really get to the heart of the question that I had asked and which was what is the Council doing to ensure that the money that replacing gratefully into affordable housing is not lost to other purposes while we still have a housing crisis on our hands in the partial answer that computer has given is welcomed and but there is nothing in the answer that assures me that were doing enough to track what is happening to affordable housing which is being built and ensure that its being retained and I wondered if we could have a further answer on that on the precise that we would m be looking to have in order to track that thank you very much

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 0:12:27]

thank you very much for your question or your supplementary
we do talk a as described and the answers I am quite happy to try to get more information to you asked a group of approximately might be workers are french as I can see like this was golden she'll housing we actually know there's been five resales of golden shield homes approved analysed two years are not as likely less than three percent golden she had homes to look nicely years and we've got good cheer homes are sold for 80 percent of market value unless written that the title deeds so these are completely traceable and we can guarantee we are not losing unknown opposes Under the Yorkshire process and of course the affordable houses generally speaking are within control of the housing associations or the council so there will be enormous available perhaps more difficult to do
a little more effort from the host Association that certainly our social housing that we and i'm pretty sure of income up these numbers forty that's what you require

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:13:30]

COUNCILLOR CAMPBELL Education Maintenance Allowance

Item 5.8 - By Councillor Mary Campbell - Education Maintenance Allowances

[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 0:13:35]

thank you for progress and I thank the Committee for his answer as I am sure the community is aware nationally the uptake of the educational Maintenance Allowance is down by 4 percent and I would like to know what the Council is doing to encourage our young people m from low income families to apply for the educational Maintenance Allowance

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:13:54]

and I was aware of that fact and I do know that at least two primary schools are certainly one I think to primary schools have actually use the pay funding to invite are
A benefits adviser into the school to work with the parents and families to make sure everyone is achieving the benefits they require if that successful understand is producing some good results and we would want to try and promote like two other primary schools and secondary schools as well

[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 0:14:26]

[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 0:14:27]

let's say I would just like to clarify that educational means amount is for low income young people aged 15 to nineteen and I new forms are available in libraries but it's not very well promoted and I would be interested in could we as a Council do more to promote this very specific fund that people can access

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:14:45]

but the answer is yes using the performing as well

Item 5.9 - By Councillor Brown - Road Surfacing Works

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:14:51]

5 point 9 by coach cebrin on road surfacing works

[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 0:14:55]

like a little progress like to fight the corner for her response a copy of the defects registered or not within her commentary that there was a meeting held just two days ago with the contractor which I thought was a constructive one that we have got a supplementary question of three parts of three questions if you want to call it that way
I note that the computer was response in August that the contractor will return to these locations before the end of the surface dressing period to complete the works can be given advice was changed significant significantly enough that contract to this new schedule to reinstate during the next surface dressing window
following on from said meeting will consider publishing or of these rectification dates for public consumption in terms of openness and transparency to reassure residents and effective streets that plans and police for a written by the contractor and finally as much as I enjoy a monthly correspondence on a number of matters what reassurance can the computer offer a more robust system is in place to ensure the contract will get things right first time

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:16:02]

thank you came so brown m i should highlight perhaps that in this last year we have put over 20 km into resurfacing across the city and I think is a relatively short list of defects which are currently sitting at this point
and in terms of the end of August commitment and that would imply that I sat in on every meeting that every official ever had around the work that they are doing and despite the fact i'd like to stretch my D just even further and that's pollute an impossibility i'll come back to your separately and in terms of public information I see no reason why we can't do that I will talk to officials about how we get that under way and at what timing is appropriate and
what was in your third question
i'm sorry for so long i've forgotten last

[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 0:16:54]

and so
and it would appear you have to

[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 0:17:03]

sort out was blown away by your response i completely forgot about third question was
A sitting comfortably
as much as I enjoy a monthly correspondents on a number of matters even haven't asked and twice what reassurances can computer offer a more robust system is in place to ensure the contractor gets things right first time thank you

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:17:29]

thank you for the installation of the question and
I think I should have known from previous answers at
this is quite complex and a lot of it sits on whether or not we can actually get people to comply with the new parking at the time that the road surface is undertaken would surfacing is by necessity quite a quick process
and if we can't get the CarShare moved it's actually quite difficult to achieve that so I been talking to officials about this and if you want to we can sit down and have a meeting to reassure you that all is being done at the moment thank you

Item 5.10 - By Councillor Bruce - Grafitti on Street Furniture

Councillor Bruce graffiti on street furniture

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:18:03]

thank you I

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 0:18:06]

thank the Convener for answer to my question can ask a convenient to keep me in the loop to the correspondence with South West locality and the public utility companies are responsible for the apparatus

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:18:24]

thank you for your question since you've asked and yes I can give that commitment alarm rather supplies that are half to at this is a question I would have thought could have been dealt with quite easily them through direct contact with the officials but i'd be happy to keep that further volume
also became Sir Bruce givet bins

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:18:45]

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 0:18:48]

thank you Councillor McKenna's for her answer to my question again and

Item 5.11 - By Councillor Bruce - Grit Bins

are you aware of burnt out gritbins and do you have any idea on this scope of grit bins in the city of animal thank you

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:19:04]

M oddly enough i don't really have time to go and examine every particular grit bin around the city since i think we're looking at a total of two thousand two hundred and fifty grit bins and i'm i'm glad that you're suggesting that a might find the time to do so
on the question of been to grit bins I will ask the official specifically about this question but I think it speaks to a wider issue which is how we serve a cigarette bins across the city for a variety of reasons and I think the answer that I Gleave written answer was reasonably comprehensive thank you
Councillor Jim Campbell developer contributions

Item 5.12 - By Councillor Jim Campbell - Developer Contributions

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:19:45]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:19:47]

can I thank the Commissioner for his uncertain and this is an issue that's been raised by local community groups with me in a number of occasions following concern that the headline amounts in section seventy five payments haven't fluent through to the communities that were expecting some improvements and given from his answer that are very substantial sums involved up to eighty five million that has yet to be spent by the Council that has been committed to through developer contributions
I would like to welcome the additional reporting that's coming to hosting an economy and i'd like to ask if he expects that reporting will include the headline figures as well as the contributions that have been paid the contributions that are held in Escrow and any contributions that have had to be returned

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 0:20:38]

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 0:20:40]

thank you very much because obviously we for officers to decide exactly what's important and what's available i would certainly hope that all of the figures that you suggest should be wilbea
excuse me there are a lot of PRP to explain to you why that's perhaps not available i would certainly hope they would be available

Item 5.13 - By Councillor Jim Campbell - EDI Transfer

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:20:55]

5 15 by Councillor J M Khan were EDI transfer

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:21:02]

can I thank the Convener for his answer again this is a local ward issue also and the Convener may not be aware that there are already some adopted streets in my ward that are still being maintained by EDI and I just wonder if what sums have been included in the revenue budget for next year to cover the costs of that maintenance either on an ongoing basis with the existing contractors are through the Councils on teams

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 0:21:29]

thank you for your question your supplementary unaware of any sums on the revenue budget would see as EDI as of today and going forward for immediate future as are fully operating company so until such times it's not does not convey any transfer of responsibility to the Council albeit think you're where there's a timetable for an absolutely sure that we will take all steps necessary to make sure the requisite funding to maintain what I was doing as continued to be done once at sizewell takes place

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:22:01]

Councillor Cooke winter weather arrangements

Item 5.14 - By Councillor Cook - Winter Weather Arrangements

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 0:22:04]

thank those policies that are convenient for a detailed answer and we haven't had a severe winter for quite a number of years and the last thing we dead and there were a number of quite significant issue to the Councils response and again I just seek further clarity from the Convener and if we are to have a severe winter weather this administration will take cognizance of we are previous ones me a field that includes ensuring that residential areas in suburban areas are cleared of snow and our services as well as what mean thoroughfares are addressed in its co-chair of the higher seeds they can't travel to work it doesn't really matter if the main routes clear or know this would just ensure that you've significance is attached to a residential suburban areas when it comes to clearing winter weather

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:22:51]

thank you for your supplementary Councillor Cooke m
i have seen from the written answer and practitioners is has been to carefully manage the sheer and I had to take place in aggregate to visit the salt stocks and I can assure everybody in this Chamber that they are there
clearly we're as prepared as we possibly can be I was a little concerned personal question 2 on your thing for the North East attempting to trip me up in case we had some A unknown Act that was going to dump us with a lot of snow as in previous years at clearly we are attempting to be as prepared as you can according as a as mentioned here the priority bees treatment and that includes a priority of streets across the city so I cannot promise you that every single street in the city will be treated at would be an impossible task and I do any council anywhere would give such an undertaking but what I can do is say to you that having looked at the preparations they don't like it having discussed it with a team they are as ready as we possibly can be
I know that in the last one I think I was wasn't living in the country at the time but things through the two thousand eleven was a bad winter it even provided council officials out driving people from their homes into their their work so I think we can assume that the Council will be ready to take any required action

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:24:10]

Councillor Taggart artificial sports pitches

Item 5.15 - By Councillor Doggart - Utilisation of Artificial Sports Pitches

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 0:24:14]

lord provost likely to the Convener for the detailed response and I just wonder if the vendor has any ideas high the usage of some of these expensive artificial pitches can be increased particularly some of the hockey pitches where for example craigroyston the tick up during the time specified is precisely zero that seems to be an extraordinary waste of money so is the Convener looking at alternative ways of making sure that pitches are available at reasonable cost clubs to schools and also can continue to make sure that the situation doesn't arise with new facilities such as that faced by the junior section of Edinburgh United football club in my ward who have access to new pitches but unfortunately they don't have goalposts which is a bit of an essential requirement for sports pitches thank you

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 0:25:11]

well to thank you for the question there to take the last one foster was unaware of the lack of goal posts so I will certainly look into

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 0:25:20]

that one on the subject of uptake in you'll notice that the uptake ranges vary widely in their particular got between hockey and rugby and football and with the optics rugby or football be an up near 90 percent 9 many cases so the certainly EDMO Leisure booking system which is concentrating on the website and ups and downs through clubs has been quite successful approach i think and we would look to
mimic lot for Council venues are operated through EDMO leisure so that would be something that we would be looking to develop in the future trying uptake that i think this particular issues with THE what the pitches are being used for and promoting the sport in general and that's of course a whole different issue although there are things that we can do to promote that as well but I agree these are expensive facilities and we need to maximise their use

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:26:13]

consider Hutchison Muirhouse towerblocks

Item 5.16 - By Councillor Hutchison - Muirhouse Tower Blocks

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 0:26:17]

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 0:26:19]

fight the Convener for his response and would like to highlight and my follow up question one particular instance of a resident and birnies Court Muirhouse who suffer 21 months ago from a collapse of a ceiling and his property after our report it to the Council and having nobody visited the property entering the room every week to hoover endorsed for subsequent 14 months seven months ago he was then told verbally potential there is potentially as based on us and the ceiling material that she'd be diligently hoovering for last 14 months
seven months later nobody has entered us residents property to check if there wasn't interspaced also know are no works have been completed within the residents property to restore review to a useable state
an answer to Part 5 of my question i was referred to the Council's Asbestos Policy which we just implemented on the 1st November
and under 4 point 2 which talks about a spare stalls in Council housing properties bears no variations to any emergency or common sense and under 4 point 9 points just or fair to emergencies it says the procedures of established can the Convener please tell me what these procedures are what the response timers and confirm that whatever restated disciplines timers when things up there is certainly not be met in this case and we agreed to meet with me discusses case into insurers resolved promptly thank you

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 0:27:54]

thank you for your supplicant question
until you under a specialist because quite clearly we don't have that in the document of initiative in document is should be the document
currency of you seriously believe there's a leaflet and situation and not flood utah's best us why you ask
why don't you write to me when you been hard questions
now let's not in my eyes an equation
for full Council at questions this is immediate thing has to be dealt with immediately has contacted me last week 10 weeks ago i would have dealt with that but too weak to you are quite happily meet with you and try and get this sorted
in all honesty
life that institution please make all of you don't way into Council

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 0:28:39]

sorry african african currently this point for me i've been working on this for five weeks because Officers escalation retain trying to get a response and versus periods got to know because I had not been responded to

Item 5.17 - By Councillor Hutchison - Planning Enforcement

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:28:57]

i've seventeen by Council out just in planning and enforcement

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 0:29:02]

I would like to find for much of our planning Conveners provide the dancer forward response
and as a follow up i'd like to ask what the cost of a Council off enforcement investigation has been and where in light of the fact that only she cases out of four hundred and four issue I have wide enforcement being carried out does it Convener consider the residents of Edinburgh are receiving value for money from a service

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 0:29:31]

thank you again for your supplementary
prosecution is not always the answer I think quite clearly that's been a number of issues brought to focus attention and the idea should be to resolve these issues as quickly as possible if we are going to enforcement will come a greater cost to the Department more time wherever if we can manage these situations through without enforcement our top that Members would agree that's the right way to do it i'm to observe should our officials will go to enforcement doesn't when they have to unless I am content that that's the best value for money for the Council taxpayers and residents of our city

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:30:12]

Councillor Johnson on weekend monitoring of roadworks

Item 5.18 - By Councillor Johnston - Weekend Monitoring of Roadworks

[Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative) - 0:30:16]

I want to thank the Convener for the answer it gives you may be aware that there have been extensive road works at Chesshyre Avenue and New Mart junction on saturday both of november i traffic lights which were there to help with the rewards are going on they failed and there was extreme disruption or shoppers at one large supermarket took more than two hours to enter and exit the car park the supermarket estimate on that day alone profits were down at one hundred seventy thousand pounds nine or not everyone has sympathy regarding the profits of large companies but there's a human element as well because the Christmas bonuses of the staff that are stocking the shelves and are standing in the food that directly related to the seals
it wasn't just large supermarkets are effective small businesses were as well and the Police hard to decode to control the traffic can I suggest that in future there are roadworks of this scale and temporary traffic lights are involved the situation is monitored over the weekend to situations like this are rising again

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:31:21]

thank you for your year supplementary question that I am genuinely sorry to hear that people would inconvenience to that degree and indeed the subsequent effects on an on shop workers is most regrettable and I think we can agree that over particularly other A would works of that size and that there should be some degree of monitoring i'll meet with officials to discuss exactly how we take that forward and at least like to elaborate a little bit on
the roads authority duty and to minimise this delay and disruption where possible and clearly we can direct when the start date can actually take place and book and and somebody when we consider the it-we're works say the period of time during the D and which works can actually take place but when that extends from the large inevitably there has to be some degree of relaxation around that and
we've got a couple of different embargoes around them in a road works but essentially a lot of it is down to utilities and it can sometimes be a difficult relationships in the utility companies an hour rule to act to control what happens but we try to monitor as carefully as we can thank you

Item 5.19 - By Councillor Laidlaw - Teacher Shortages

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:32:39]

council leader comes a little our teacher shortages

[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 0:32:43]

[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 0:32:45]

thank you Lord Provost thank the Convener for a comprehensive answer and I am pleased to see that their recruitment challenges not to mention schools
appear to be being addressed as a supplementary i'd like to ask the Convener if he is aware of the significant challenges are special schools particular their senior management teams are facing with regard to recruitment and i've heard that were to add that a number of such schools have been without head teachers or deputy head teachers for up to six months and appears particularly unsatisfactory when and those six months notice given by her teachers and advertisements for those positions only got a few weeks before those teachers leave as was the case at Prospect Bank are also appears to be a lack of parental engagement at those special schools there was a city wide special schools meeting in September which was he should have been attended by Council officers and I understand from the special schools parent Council that no officers attended that meeting so can I ask the Convener it to urgently address this situation and agreed it unacceptable that I special schools are not receiving the attention they so
they sued richly deserved thank you

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:33:46]

I can inform you that we appoint a teacher Prospect Bank yesterday so that places no filled and am aware of some of the issues you raise and I will deal with on call

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:33:57]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:33:59]

Councillor Rose pension costs

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 0:34:01]

low provost i think the Convener for his answer I have no supplementary

Item 5.20 - By Councillor Rose - Pension Costs

Item 5.21 - By Councillor Rose - Pupil Equity Funding

Item 5.22 - By Councillor Rose - Information Governance

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:34:09]

COUNCILLOR those people equity funding Lord Provost I think the

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 0:34:12]

Convener for his answer I have no supplementary

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:34:16]

Councillor was information governance

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 0:34:20]

lord provost thank the Leader for his answer in relation to his answer to question B or Part B
there are clearly figures available for the number of occasions where the Council has failed to respond to a request
F Y within twenty D 20 working days could those figures also be made available

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:34:46]

thank you for the supplementary more than happy to do that

Item 5.23 - By Councillor Rust - Street Lighting Repairs

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:34:51]

COUNCILLOR rushed street-lighting repairs

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 0:34:55]

like Lord Provost and thank you to the computer for her answer might

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 0:35:00]

appreciate lancer and also the fact that members received a briefing on what does concern me is my former colleague Councillor unique cannot ask the same questions in december two thousand and sixteen and at that point there were one thousand five hundred eighty one requiring maintenance and which announcer then mosquito to be in line with current in line with historic levels notwithstanding the issues are in vacancies and that the lighting unit given that the dark nights etc what team does the Convener anticipate the situation getting back to at the very least the historic levels given this is a fundamental service and as of yesterday no timescales could be given to me for courts across my ward from Oxgangs calm to means and bonelli thank

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:35:43]

thank you Councillor as your supplementary question and in terms of the number of faults that we have running on a regular basis the fault level that we would normally have would be about fourteen hundred per month which allows you gets dealt with and I understand that with the remedial action has been taken this taking place is that we should be able to achieve this within the next eight to ten weeks and clearly there are some numb there's some reasons behind the current situation and
we as mentioned in the written answer we have got a current shortage of street lighting electricians and that's something that is a structural issue attached TO THE that particular part of our industry and were working hard to try and find our way around that and can I just indicate though to you quite clearly that this is a future where this is a problem which I hope will eventually evolve out of existence because we have the new LED lighting system going in
at the moment we rely on the Community reporting faults and we appreciate that this can cause some degree of distress and concern for those people who are reporting them particularly when we are facing a difficult situations that is as it stands at the moment over as we go forward into the LED street lighting project will essentially evolving out that requirement for the public to be in contact with us about street lighting because of a centralised control management system which will allow those lights to automatically be notified to us and I hope that that will take some of the heat out of this topic both at full Council level and for those people who are having to engage with us to meet those supports
the current time to appear the faults have has fallen slightly i think sensibly from nought was issued to Councillors from twenty days to eighteen so you can see that it is on a downward trajectory and although clearly it's not ideal and that he asked the Head of police management to urgently progress an action plan to improve that situation and I hope too ill to report back on that at some juncture thank you

Item 5.24 - By Councillor Rose - Blackford Avenue and Immediate Area

Item 5.25 - By Councillor Whyte - Improvements in Education

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:37:43]

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 0:37:46]

Councillor Rose Blackford Avenue and immediate area I think that Convener for her answer I have no supplementary

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:37:50]

COUNCILLOR great improvements in education

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:37:55]

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:37:56]

thank you all provost The convenience give me a very comprehensive answer about how we look at improvements in education perhaps
for helping me understand how the system works in practice he could tell me whether it's his understanding that the Quality Improvement Officers should be attempting to assessed head teachers in finding best practice and do everything they can to let them visit and seek that best practice wherever it is in Scotland or sometimes wider including seeking to help them find funds or find ways of making a practical rather than perhaps restricting we're Head teachers meet those visits by limiting them to the City of Edinburgh only

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:38:40]

i'm not sure of the detail of what
you are saying they are in but i'll certainly asset that actor to answer that question and i'll get back

Item 5.26 - By Councillor Young - Environmental Warden Visits and Fines

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:38:49]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:38:51]

Councillor Young on environmental warden visits

Item 5.27 - By Councillor Young - Footbridges

thank you for the answer no follow up

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:38:55]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:38:57]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:38:58]

you can see young fit villages
this when i do
it what did you think that can be a very much a for her response I wanted to ask was in relation to existing verges which is alluded to in the answer and I want to do and what alternatives are put in place where an existing bridge aim is not compliant with the Equalities Act and specifically in relation to the bridge at Raphael station will actually access is going to be taken to provide access to the other side of the road for those who are unable to use the stairs and you must actually close this in order to be able to access the public transport on the other side because unless they want to make a mad dash across a rather busy roads and 80 Broad Road than they do not have an option to get over their thank you

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:39:43]

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:39:45]

thank you Councillor Young I must apologise he missed party your supplementary question which Bridge in particular were you referring

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:39:50]

there is a footbridge at Raphael stations or the 90 m just down from the airport yes 82

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:39:58]

I understand or for that particular breach know quite a lot of problems attached to trying to make it DDA compliant and not nice at least the fact that the that the area of land that we would have to take at the bottom of the village to allow us to aim to change the ramping system a system that's in it at the moment is not available to us it doesn't leave are rather stuck i also and i also
believe that it's a relatively low level of foot traffic that goes across that bridge across thirty and clearly it's something that we may be able to look at again in more detail

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:40:33]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:40:35]

thank you to believe that part of the problem of the law usages because people are having to get a bus for the route in order to cross the street

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:40:42]

can I just remind elected Members to speak through the Chair please

Item 5.28 - By Councillor Young - TRO for School Drop Off-Commuting Teachers and the Delays

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:40:46]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:40:47]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:40:49]

Councillor Young tomorrow for school drop offs
thank you again a full answer to the question
please to them as well please isn't that it was interesting to see that the volume of complaints which has been received in relation to this TO has indeed increased since the last update I had from officials all I would ask is that the breakdown i asked for is them the first part of my question could not be provided as soon as possible after 30th of November ones that analysis has been completed and just before the end of the year

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:41:18]

i'll certainly undertake to have that Transmittee as quickly as possible that can't give a particular a deadline on it a perhaps I could m expand a little bit and the initial analysis of the response indicates that they come broadly from residents parents staff at the school and a small group of unknown sources
the main part of coming from parents
M due to the volume of the nature of objections in North West Area locality Team of consider reducing the scope of the proposed waiting restrictions to the turning area for me at the east end of the road
adjacent and school exit and so we're looking into that in particular and will be contacting all of the individuals who have submitted objections and you

Item 5.29 - By Councillor Neil Ross - Changes on Employment Matters

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:42:01]

i've 29 Borough Council neurosis changes on employment matters

Item 5.30 - By Councillor Neil Ross - Budget Consultation

[Cllr Neil Ross (Liberal Democrat) - 0:42:05]

[Cllr Neil Ross (Liberal Democrat) - 0:42:08]

thank you Lord Provost and I thank the Convener for his answer which provide some reassurance so I have no supplementary

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:42:15]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:42:17]

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:42:20]

[Cllr Neil Ross (Liberal Democrat) - 0:42:21]

in a question by Councillor Norris again on budget consultation
thank you Lord Provost thank you again could be near for your answer which seems to indicate that a descriptive error has been avoided as the budget proposals of course were not
made by the full Council
so by way of supplementary can the Convener explain why he was unable to go one step further and described the proposals as made by the administration

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:42:49]

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 0:42:51]

I thank Councillor Ross for his question I think in fact we have done at the very least by implication by describing these as administration proposals fail to see how the local authority

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:43:03]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:43:04]

[Cllr Stephanie Smith (Conservative) - 0:43:06]

[Cllr Stephanie Smith (Conservative) - 0:43:08]

item 6 is leaders report their products
point 5 to police apologies I must have missed the call for declarations of interest and I should declare an interest in Item 8 point 4 my mother's the carbon convener of the Licensing for

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:43:19]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:43:24]

leaders report

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:43:26]

thanks very much Lord Provost has been another busy
month in the administration to confirm the programme that was passed in in august m a lot of progress on big items for instance on the City Deal were moving towards
formalise governance and project management arrangements that will be able to add so markers of how we are going to take forward the Edinburgh projects and make sure that the regionalised projects have fixed timeline
and fixed governance arrangements

Item 6.1 - Leader's Report

the are happy i also take part in giving evidence to the Scottish Parliament's Local Government Committee on our City Deal and I think it was apparent how fast we are moving in comparison to some other schemes that may not have had
the experience and expertise m if i could point to two items as one Lord Provost in terms of in terms of homelessness and I spoke to the host of Minister just a few days ago a bow his commitment to end rough sleeping this winter and there will be further announcements from the Scottish Government on that in the coming days
I think it is important that we as an administration and we as a Council we as a city join that Committee and make sure that everyone is pulling in the same direction to make sure that any actions taken forward as a result of the Scottish governments central task force with homelessness action groups are taken forward in complemented with the action and openness of this administration to make sure we are responding in the right way and at through Councillor Campbell's almost as task force i think we'll get the actions right locally to make sure that anything put together on a national scale is complemented in given an edinburgh slanted I like to make sure we realised that overall ambition that everyone shares if I could just point out the success already of our winter are winter events and offering will produce about a third of a million people have already visited the fantastic attractions that we have to anticipate and a

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:45:37]

million unique visitors to the city through this through this period m
and I would just remind people in the city that if you have one each postcode you can go and get a 20 percent off on many of the rights and don't take your larger scale as
a reasonable reply from the from the stewards m if I could mention something else or promised
people who don't know me or don't follow these things might look at me and think i'm not doing something for charity today but I am
reasonably for cash or kids for doing something that pains me dreadfully are considered a lake wax I consider the marathon are considered edge and a whole host of masochistic
events that I thought putting on a tie would be probably the worst one that would have to experience
so thank you to the people who have already donated who thought getting dressed in the morning could raise hundreds of pounds for charity Lord Provost today go more than happy to take questions

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:46:34]

goes away

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:46:36]

thank you Lord Provost Leader started by telling us
how busy a month that had been
Lord Provost back in June this Council rather controversially appointed for senior Councillors for localities those senior Councillors I believe have each chaired one meeting of the locality working Group since then and been to meeting together which none of them chaired actually was chaired by the Convener of cultural and Communities Committee
they'll have been paid about three and a half thousand pounds in senior Councillors allowance since they were appointed can the Leader tell us what public value they've brought in that time for that money

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:47:21]

thanks very much products can affect cancer wait for his question and I think it is less than three and a half thousand pounds but absolutely i think its value for money and in terms of where we are we now have a report
to Council within just a matter of months of this administration and former think where five months down the line and we have a report which will establish localities the outcome that we saw with the star and our Programme for administration has been achieved later on in the agenda and the Foreign corrupt can pick up the point about chairing a meeting and this is i think a misunderstanding and again it may be because the Conservatives haven't had to deal with this problem of being in administration for for quite some time Lord Provost that institutional memory has gone away but chairing a meeting every now and again is not the substanative job is one of the functions as one of the rules but taking forward working with officers working with people in other parties building consensus engaging on a whole host of levels and a whole manner of ways is the substantive purpose of not only the four localities spokespeople we appointed we back in June to make sure we got to this point of establishing locality committees which will hopefully get to later on the agenda and hopefully pass later on the agenda is everything else was chairing a meeting and itself while sometimes can be arduous and difficult is not worth an SRT in itself sought to see if there's been one or two meetings that have been cheered and that is somehow the marker of hard work i don't think is quite accurate

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:48:56]

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:49:00]

my Lord Provost if I can come back in on that please

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:49:01]

what I was asking
is to illustrate that three and a half thousand pounds for two meetings does seem a rather large sum of money to be paid
but my understanding is that much of the work on local improvement plans have been done by the Culture and Communities Committee
and I know from meetings that the Leader and I have had with other Group leaders that much of the work around localities has been taken forward wheating's of Group leaders so if he can't tell us what those senior Councillors for localities have been doing perhaps it could open up to the four of them to each tell us what they've been doing to set up localities which seems to be being brought forward by work of officers presented to the Group leaders are no to full Council

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:49:50]

like kids wait for a supplementary cosa rate will remember in June when we discussed this as a Council and talked about this city wide rule that was going to be required in terms of coordinating the functions and devolution and establishment of these locality committees I committed to using the leaders Group as a sounding board for to provide that City way to oversee and that's exactly what we've done that doesn't take away any of the work done by the four localities spokespeople to build that work in that area that effort with the locality Managers and with a whole host of other people in the team to make sure we're building the foundations of getting the officer and elected member engagement and and co-ordination absolutely right as we take this forward so I see absolutely no no difference in what we set out in june to achieve and i think we can achieve it later on the agenda and I see no difference in terms of using the leadership Group as an important element of situate oversight over that that's what we have to collated engine that's exactly what we did

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:50:53]

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 0:50:55]

thank you Lord Provost thanked the Leader for his report
the Leader will be aware that next friday on the 1st of December the new private residential tenancy goes live
this has been described as the biggest change in private renting in Scotland for almost thirty years and gives long term tenancies to tenants after three decades of high turnover short-lived tenancies so would the Leader agree that the Council could play an important role in raising awareness amongst Edinburgh sixty three thousand private tenants about these new rights that they will have in just over a week's time

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:51:36]

thank you to produce for his question absolutely more than happy to commit the Council to help spread that word
the Private rented Sector in Edinburgh on our housing market can exist with it the price private rented sector in Edinburgh it would just going to hold so this is in no way meant of our criticism but the more rates and enshrined protections that residents and tenants have in the city in that market and it's a substantial segment on the highest certainly the highest in scotland in terms of the proportion of people who live in private instances
are we might even be the highest outside London in the UK
it is important that people know their rights and that's not only good for the tenants i think it's good for the landlords as well give certainty gives assurance for people who buy property in edinburgh as our pensioners are
as a way of making money or they have built up an impressive
portfolio m that gives them the certainty that the Leeds as well so i think it's to be celebrated certainly to be encouraged and i'm more than happy to commit to the Council making sure that as many people in the City no-voter as possible
if I could just follow up I thank the Leader for that a positive

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 0:52:46]

answer on the Edinburgh does have more private renters than anywhere else in scotland and one in four households rent privately in the city and they pay higher rents than anywhere else in scotland significantly the one in five homeless applications to the Council comes from private tenancies so given that there is such a huge pressure on the Council's homelessness services would delete a further agree that if prevention of homelessness is a top priority for his coalition that awareness-raising and publicity is particularly important to make sure that private tenants are given the new tenants to which they are entitled and would he be willing to work with colleagues and officers to come up with proposals for such an awareness raising

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:53:34]

collectors of requests for Supplementary absolutely am happy to commit to that i'm aware people at my surgery in that
position of being in a private tenancy or just being unable to afford it or something happening in their lives that builds up rent arrears and essentially pushes them down a track where the end up presenting as homeless and our services so much lately habit to commit to working with officers to not only do what would be are equivalent marketing campaign to make sure people in the city are aware of it but look at actions we can take to make sure it's targeted information that people who may need it most

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:54:11]

costa old-age

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 0:54:13]

thanks very much Lord Provost
across the Council Leader will be aware that after five and a half years of his party being in coalition with the Labour party in this city edinburgh is in the words of his health and social care Convener in a care crisis he will be aware that is convenient has also stated that his performance is quotes not good enough clues quotes his Convener also in the evening news seated he'd be frantic if his mother required a care package and that there are parts of the city where quotes we simply can't provide a package of care
given that his Convener
has also stated that anyone who says if you did it another way they would be talking nonsense when will it take with crisis seriously and appoint someone who will show the political leadership required to transform the service which is feeling so many vulnerable people across the city

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:55:15]

thank consolidates for ways of what is a very serious and important issue although perhaps
maybe missed courting sum of cancer henderson's comments and an evening news m. although to be fair that may have been
the article that was missed
i'm not sure and in terms of
in terms of the substantive point I think we are taking it extremely seriously as an administration
Councillor D and myself met the chief executive of weekly on this topic going through the statistics of where we are in terms of delayed discharges in terms of people waiting for a care package assessments and for those people waiting for care packages following the assessment we as an administration as a whole ticket incredibly seriously are members on the Integrated Joint Board take it incredibly seriously your right to raise the concern around parts of the city and that's why it's going to be incredibly important to engage their GB as localities go forward because we recognise that that will be a central point of decision making that can help make these things better where there are key issues in parts of the city and we are taking it seriously as administration my experience of Councillor Henderson as he is taking it seriously demonstration we are not trying to
undermine people's concern we could
we are not trying to defend for is indefensible have said a number of times that one is too many for people waiting in long term need
and we are trying to get to zero the NHS is trying to get to zero in the GB is trying to work to zero i have a meeting on the 7th of December with the NHS chief executive and cheer long authority of Executive to make sure we are working and planning resources properly to make sure that the GB is properly resourced is putting resources where they need not only to deal with short term acute issues but to deal with a long term planning the AGB was envisaged when it was set up and have also asked the Health Minister for a meeting following my meeting with
the NHS Chair and Chief Executive Lothian to make sure that any action points are relevant for the Scottish Government to make sure we can do that most effectively are taken forward in the best way they can do so
in terms of my in terms of this film administration we have taken the issue seriously we are trying to get to where we need to go no one is saying the service is performing as it should right now no one is saying there aren't severe
issues in some areas of the service provision and we are working absolutely across everything to make sure that we deliver what the

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:57:59]

people of Edinburgh deserve

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 0:58:01]

I thank the Councillor for that
comprehensive response
in response he did say that
we are aiming to get to where we need to go i'm just wondering whether he could give us some reassurance that that the
the aim of getting to that target what that target is will be one of the measures by which this administration will be assessed and that it will be included in the performance it dashboard going forward so it's really what is the acceptable level of service that we can expect and when can we expect to see it

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:58:41]

thank you so much the interim health and social care
lejaby chief is working hard to make sure that the plans come forward i think in January for scrutiny and I GB that will set out not only how we are going to take forward the full range of issues but also the target that were couldn't reach an absolutely that will be part of our performance monitoring and I consider this a huge media and that we will be judged on if we fail on at people can judge us we're working towards making sure that we turn in what is a very serious problem not just in Edinburgh but across the entire country and make Edinburgh one of the leading lights and horrible resolving these issues

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:59:22]


[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 0:59:25]

thank Lord Provost on the Council will be aware that last year last week sorry I courtier the Edinburgh interfaith conference bringing together a wide range of religious reduced religious leaders and faith representatives i'm cha conferenceable what is community will carefully to join me in celebrating the diversity of the sea and join me in working with the AERA interfaith Association to promote cohesion and understanding and communities and saying they links out local serviced
my council may be aware that for many years Nabcroft one of our senior officers has led on the whole equalities partnership and engagement agenda Nick will soon be moving on to what played mycologists will go to the join me and commend and nicklas exemplar what and wish him all the best in his new role

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:00:09]

thank for much lower price and thank Committee for his question am absolutely happy to M wishnick well in the future of those went to join Enrico college some shoe pop-up an embryo Partnership meeting at some point soon having experienced and reported that meeting everyone will understand his desire to find additional employment
that gave them the opportunity to continue for not rule them in terms of engagement with a whole host of civic society in the city I think the Forum that Councillor equal cheered it just a few weeks ago is enormously important in making sure the understanding and information and Engagement happens through the communities of edinburgh i was lucky enough to join yourself Lord Provost than some other councils at the event just a few nights ago looking at plans for a new jewish cultural
hub in the in the city and I think it tells a story of Edinburgh not only being the capital city of scotland but the capital city of all the various strands of communities they exist in our country and if people
communities like the Jewish community are looking for centres where their communities can come together there's only ever one choice in Edinburgh

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:01:30]

go to work

[Cllr Norman Work (Scottish National Party) - 1:01:33]

Lord Provost would like us to lead the refuse a wheel that there was a 56 thousand to 35 alcohol related admissions to hospital that was an increase of 2 point 4 percent and will be available at the well one thousand students sixty five alcohol-related this it was a 10 percent up from the previous figures
as illegal also real that Scotland buys a 20 percent on average more alcohol than in England and Wales to disbelieve that agree a responsible government should bring in measures to tackle Scotland's relationship with alcohol and the doing nothing is not an option or the minimum pricing is
one degree with the title

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:02:25]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:02:27]

I thank Councillor for his question and absolutely delighted with the court ruling that allowed minimum pricing to go forward and if I can see Lord Provost I think the scotch whisky Association of let themselves down and let Scotland down in the behavior
to draw that process I when parliament had agreda and i'm delighted that other parties including nothing Jackson Carlaw from the Conservatives would welcome the decision by the court to take it m thirty that policy forward there are a substantial number of incidents in the city and
i'm delighted that this city takes these issues seriously in terms of its Licensing and Regulatory Services in looking at for instance 24 restaurants that may have been some source of behaviour in the city centre
and the city take
a decision on it but minimum pricing is an important part of the matrix of solutions to Scotland's relationship with alcohol and like so work said if if we as a country consuming twenty percent more alcohol you can bet that as a result of that the issues associated with alcohol consumption and in terms of antisocial behaviour and violence no all the things that come with it are going to be worse than our communities than others and i'm absolutely applaud the Scottish Government for not buckling under the strain of a well-financed well oiled and poorly thought-out actually case by the scotch whisky Association i'm glad that so many others in the country including the court saw sense

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:04:10]

go to a gym Campbell

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:04:15]

thank you Lord Provost i just like to ask the Leader about an issue in my ward over the weekend up in approach by residents and community council just regarding the potential sale of that wordy playing fields and I just wonder if the Leader could explain clearly what process the Council has to go through in declaring playing fields surplus and then m deciding how they should be moved to another organisation

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:04:44]

thanks very much not because there is a full process that the Council goes through which is essentially an officer led process which are more than happy to share with Councillor Campbell over the commitment that one everyone's here very loud and clear is that it will go to Committee but as our democratic oversight over those sorts of decisions that will go to Committee and even if officer level have declared that as promised to your requirements or because an exciting opportunity comes along with our fantastic local group and i'm aware that spartans as other potential
with some people feeling that video agreeable and some people might not and it's a bit of a controversy that would step into and cause a couple's wards but in terms of going forward to a plan that conclusion there will be democratic oversight it will go to Committee and nothing will be decided until elected Members decide

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:05:37]

Councillor Bridgeman

[Cllr Claire Bridgman (Scottish National Party) - 1:05:41]

thank you with the Council Leader late join me in encouraging our council colleagues to support Small Business Saturday on the 2nd of December we are fortunate numbers of a wide range of vibrant small businesses that make a valuable contribution to our economy and i'm sure they'd all support appreciate our continued support

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:06:02]

can I thank the small business champion commitment for her question absolutely more than happy to welcome it
again i'll give my usual plug the at least has some fantastic small businesses that if you haven't been down the shore
or elsewhere I'll tell you which ones are small businesses and which ones are under the g one group or if anyone wants to join me for a pint dinner
there are some fantastic small businesses in the city they are of absolute lifeblood actually of our retail economy is still absolutely fantastic to walk down a street like Leith Walk and see so few national brands and see everyone
predominantly overwhelmingly be a retailer based in Leeds based in Edinburgh
and broadly acting on the good of the city some absolutely more than happy to join Councillor Bridgeman and encouraging everyone to even if it's not only the benefits within urine wards to go and support your local businesses

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:07:04]

cultural Munro

[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 1:07:09]

thank you Lord Provost and are at a fair to the A reference in the budget consultation and the leaders report an A I ask what robust representations has litre made both to the Scottish Government and within COSLA within the last month since we last met on edinburgh's budget and further worry asking and those reckless representations will make the case for restoration of the block grant and a minimum argue for standstill given the Unison stake in yesterday's budget announcement as is a standstill budget I hope that the Leader wall a minimum argued for a standstill budget for edinburgh a further us the image and those representations that pushes the Scottish Government to finally take a decision on Council Tax either it should a formal replacement or even just the implementation of market buíochas report commissioned by the Scottish Government local government reform for but I asked that he argues for powers to enable them to introduce a tourist tax or levy or other forms of charging in the absence of any substantial change in Council Tax funding and lastly I ask that you I will report back to Council on any meetings that he has with Government Ministers any means were thanked caused by an alchemist within because let them to put that back within this either its leaders report or A and available i report that makes the full council next month thank you

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:08:32]

could I think Kosovan rule for his questions I make regular representations to the Scottish Government either by meeting McKay by phone call or occasional text holding them about something
in terms of the representations that have made a radio to think i've have that engagement with the UK that are haven't mentioned transient Visitor Levy i don't think there's been a meeting with any government minister FOR THE haven't mentioned transit but levy in the last six months
in terms of bringing back representations that are making i don't think that would be appropriate my aim is to get to the outcome and the outcome is the journey to get there of the powers that we have in our Programme on TV and workplace parking levy i am would be a very windy rules Lord Provost where on some days it will look very viable and some days it would look
off the table altogether so I think as an administration we should be judged on the outcome and our programme if we fail to deliver in five years then we fail to deliver that people can judge us on that I want to be judged on the outcome not the winding rules of engagement with Government Ministers that I have on a weekly basis I should say on the budget we are still to get the final details filter through in terms of the Budget that was announced just yesterday by the UK Government but it does show already at two hundred million pounds cut in real terms and when Councillor Andrew talks about the budget settlement that we get some figures he includes which are unhelpful in some figures exclude switch your helpful so let me particularly that in an easier way I agree with the unions that time has come for an increased pay settlement but when the Scottish Government give us more money for that settlement they will put it into our baseline funding arrangements and that will look like the Council's got more money but it actually wouldn't help us face any of the decisions that we have because that money will already be going to our staff quite rightly so Lord Provost but it doesn't help us displace any of the difficult decisions that we have to take contrast that with the money that came from Andrew feels 2 to include what they talks about the budget which is a pair of funding given directly to schools i've met a number of organizations and number of school so far who are spending that money on improving the access to education on improving attainment through our communities i think it would be absolutely ridiculous to say that that funding which has been so successful and have encouraged Members to speak to your Head teachers to speak to your local
you've centres that might be engaged in that funding as well as the case in North Edinburgh
to speak to them and understand the reality of what that means sought to exclude money there actually is doing a good job helping us to deliver our programme from calculations in terms of what the Scottish Government is actually giving us but to include money that actually want do really anything other than help our staff be more effective and happy hopefully in the workforce in the setting i think is is
wrongfully Lord Provost in terms of the calculation that because someone rule makes so
i'm hoping that as things go our be fine for local government as I think everyone would expect me to but are two hundred million pounds real car and the Scottish Government's funding this year tells a story and it tells a story of increased pressures and a whole host of areas not just in local government but in our NHS and other key service areas and it's important that the Scottish Government delivers a balanced approach to make sure that local government while i'm aiming for as good a public settlement as far as I can at the Scottish Government that that does not come at the cost of a damaged NHS of a damaged police service of a damaged Fire Service of or damage a whole host of other public services the Scottish Government have
have control over so i'll keep making robust representations to get our programme delivered and hopefully the Chamber will echo every time you see a Government Minister my efforts

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:12:38]

go to align

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 1:12:42]

thank your promises to fall upon day Councillor Andrews question because the Council Leader says that he wants to be judged on the outcome but we all remember that just after the election much was means of how Councillor McVey was the first SNP leader of this Council and all the benefits that would flow from having an SNP Council Leader working in partnership with an SNP administration at Holyrood so why is it therefore that has ordered budget consultation is predicated on the assumption that he'll negotiate a worse financial settlement for this Local Authority and Andrew parents

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:13:19]

thank you
Councillor live the question am i know Councillor Lyons new so explained the process as best I can
m i don't negotiate Edinburgh's budget settlement COSLA negotiate our Budget settlement i negotiate with my colleagues caused her to make sure that our representation our collective bargaining on behalf of local government is as robust as possible and i've even lowered myself Lord Provost to nobbling a few m s p's to make sure that things are going in the right way as well so I absolutely recognise from someone who has lived in the last five months how valuable it is having a direct line to the Scottish Government and Scottish Ministers I don't think at issues like the millions of pounds we've got for festivals in the last few months would have been a straightforward had it not been for the relationships that this party and I have built up over the years before there are a number of areas very similarly cancer because I was speaking to the Transport Minister just yesterday about low emission zones and how we are going to take that forward our programme is not dependent on being an SNP administration but by jerseys

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:14:32]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:14:33]

Councillor Kate Campbell

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 1:14:36]

thank you Lord Provost and wake many people struggling to afford and to rent a home because of the high cost of private rents does the Leader agree with me that it is absolutely a theme that the UK Conservative chancellor has chosen as a budget priority to give a tax cut to people buying homes up to the value of three hundred thousand pounds

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:15:06]

thank you for the question and
yesterday and i'm very glad that the Scottish Government's taken a totally different approach in scotland m just just for a bit of fun normally quiet and of course no much on what promised when it had a few
minutes spear did little budget challenge in the BBC website to see if I would be better or worse off as a result this budget and I was fairly shocked to see that I would be two hundred quid a year better off i shouldn't be better off people in my position should not be better off as a result of any budget in this climate which has people struggling to the level that they are people who are on low incomes people who genuinely need resource should be better off should be better off to make sure they can get through the week people in my position do not need that help and support and I'm shocked finally the chancellor thinks and that is the best approach that people in my position on federer ground plus a year
are deserving of a tax cut when people at the absolute bottom are most most need I would far rather money better spent delivering on some actual social justice for change rather than just austerity austerity austerity which is working so well or promised that the budget will be balanced or think no for another three years on top of the other five years they said on top of other five years that they said the economic calamity of the UK continues m i think my best

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:16:41]

control legal

[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 1:16:45]

thank you look
let me first of all i complicates McVey for zappa appearance today clearly my sponsorship was well spent for a passable imitation of a young Nick Clegg now
here is however their casework varies in a strange way to tying himself in knots and this brings me to my question now I was surprised that the leaders report not to see the city that refuses school it was saved isn't that good news and obviously Leeds support is always full of good news indeed I was at the City of Edinburgh music School open day with many of my colleagues many of the Greens the liberals and indeed the Labour and SNP administration or muttering what a terrible decision it was to disperse the facilities across the City enclosed immediate school and I totally agree it's a fantastic facility but then i thought this isn't cross party consensus because the administration has put forward these proposals cancer rank and just admitted that administration put forward those budget proposals and is only due to the opposition and he just ourselves the Greens and the liberals that we sent him homework to think again Finance and Resources so I want to ask the Leader why this proposal came forward why if there was so much objection from his own administration benches was that just ignored where they know asked where they whipped into submission because they were scared to challenge officers and in his response can I ask me because he's already talked extensively about the Westminster budget and it was nice to have their cancer Munro both raise it in the Chamber and the evening news that actually the block grant has increased and the Scottish Government's tax measures have actually had a negative to neutral effect if the cuts are coming from hollywood their coming due to tax and competency from the SNP Government though it's good to know that cancer survey has such a close line to the Finance Minister that you can always say they'll be no changes in stamp duty in Scotland before the budget but can I ask Councillor McVey perhaps given that direct line to Derry mci if you can do what we Scottish Conservative said but the UK chancellor and make a protestation that our cash-strapped councils desperately need extra money from hollywood and especially our cash-strapped schools in edinburgh thank you

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:18:52]

that because of the love for think there were only two questions in there
in terms of the music school there were concerns so the budget setting process but officers are clearly saying is that the aspiration to create four centres of excellence which would build an ability of people from all communities to engage in that service and build excellence at was viable and well there were doubts and while there were concerns we thought it was worth putting to consultation to see if people came back and thought it was doable option or not doable option and I should at this point thank opposition for giving us some time of pre-consultation consultation where a number of emails went into my inbox and i'm sure Members across the Chamber is in box and we recognised that there was no point being disingenuous in putting out a budget consultation when we had absolutely no intention of progressing at that stage but had people responded in a different way had people said that it was an option if it was changed a bit if it was an option if if it could be what's in a different way then again we would have listened to those concerns we would have been able to amend the proposal rather than scrapping altogether as it was people came back in wanted us to scrap it and this is an open transparent
administration Lord Provost and we were more than happy to listen to representations being made to the city and are more than happy to continue to make representations to the Scottish Government
on behalf of this local authority there was a final point and your question was there
more than happy to make representation

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:20:32]


[Cllr Derek Howie (Scottish National Party) - 1:20:37]

thank you
thank you Lord Provost Council Leader my question relates to universal credit
here we are again
having to try to mitigate the impact
of some very negative insensitive and unhelpful legislation passed by a Westminster Conservative Government I speak as the Administrations equalities champion and also as a social worker with five years' experience working in the city for this Council
on many occasion I have worked with
people on low income people on benefits and one of the fundamental principles of financial management and budgeting
is that you break things down into smaller units including small time units fortnightly payments of benefits for example which is the approach adopted by the Scottish Government
as a much more helpful approach than monthly payments under universal credit
and I want to highlight the plight of two groups
in particular
to stimulate disadvantaged and vulnerable groups the first
is homeless people with difficulties with addiction
this section of the population in Edinburgh
is by the very nature of things unfortunately
disorganised they find it extremely difficult to organise themselves and that includes budgeting and financial management what will happen
is that they will receive their benefit
would be spent on a few days and then what happens to the rest of the month the second group mental ill health that one in four of us will experience mental ill health at some stage during our lives
and we have mental ill health
that's another
difficulty when it comes to
budgeting and financial management it's extremely difficult for them to organise the money
and Council Leader I
I want to ask you if you can provide these groups were some much needed reassurance as the face some very difficult times ahead

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:23:17]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:23:20]

I thank Councillor Urry for his question it's hugely pertinent and important considering the timeline of where we are with universal credit there is an officer task force which is engaging with the DWP to make the transition to that service across the city as easy as possible but there will be issues unfortunately and am to pool strand of a number of questions actually together the impact will be on individuals as the tradition from one benefit to another
that is likely to result in a lack of affordability essentially for people's rents and other core expenses and that is likely to have an impact of pushing people as Councillor projects was talking earlier more people into a position where they're in private accommodation and struggling to pay their rent or getting into arrears or further arrears that push them into a position of homelessness so the unintended consequences of this could be absolutely absolutely dire
in terms of us as a Council there will be a pressure and it's not a pressure that is funded by the UK Government for implementing the policy but we will experience we know we will experience an enormous additional pressure on our advice services for example and indeed on our own area cain where we are able to take a much more
understanding position than republican experience private sector at edinburgh but the lately impacts across the councils not only our direct
ability and the stress and pressure that we put on our services and each area code but the outcomes for the individuals which is ultimately far more important than that Councillor
how I absolutely articulates m the situation as it will arise I can commit and this administration can commit to working as hard as we can to mitigate the impacts of all this but it is incredibly difficult to make sure no one experiences homelessness as a result of these changes or any other difficult circumstances because they will be pushed even for a short time into a position of potential extreme poverty

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:25:32]

Councillor Mitchell

[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 1:25:36]

thank you Lord Provost and very sad to say that my question was actually taken by Councillor Laidlaw as well as the compliment to your appearance so instead i shall ask what the Leader is doing with this Council to achieve parity of esteem between those with physical disabilities and mental disabilities

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:25:52]

can I thank
Councillor Mitchell for the question it could have just repeated the compliment

[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 1:26:02]

the light well known

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:26:03]

so yeah festival
in terms of what we're doing cancer research on khosla how we are taking forward a number of measures to make this Council more open and accessible to people with additional needs and i'm absolutely delighted that we have something later on the agenda to take that forward in terms of the wider approach there's a number of strands of work in terms of transport in our public realm in terms of housing under Councillor Barry almost across the entire administration are more than happy to follow up any specifics on specific areas of the city with customers

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:26:46]

unfortunately the time allocated to leaders questions has now expired factor going slightly over the time and we will have to call that section to conclusion
it's no half past eleven so we will have our short break for Telecare stenographer to have some rest and can I suggest that we're back here at quarter to twelve

Item 6.1 - Leader's Report

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:28:29]

if we can come to order please so we can recommence the meeting
ask the court to take the next order of business

Item 7.1 - Appointments to Outside Organisations and Committees

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:28:45]

thank you lot promised for now on to Agenda Item 7 pitches appointment as the first item is Item 7 point 1 Appointments to outside organisations and committees there is a coalition motion which has been circulated regarding this I would have to say that any changes to Committee membership you could have the raw material change of circumstance

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:29:11]

happy to rule change a material change in circumstances for this item

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:29:14]

have also been alerted to a small tidy up regarding the appointments COUNCILLOR gardeners appointment to the Planning Committee as Convener of that committee should also include membership and Chair of the Development Management Sub-Committee and that has a subsequent a gap on the Local Review Body one so it suggests Councillor Ritchie as as filling that gap with us
so it becomes a direct show Naylor be one
if that is agreed

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 1:29:45]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:29:45]

Councillor Gardiner can't be on there will be

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 1:29:54]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:29:56]

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 1:29:57]

COUNCILLOR points nacional i think Local respite if you're going to appoint a law and allow be any has five members if you're appointing someone to we don't know if they'll be able to attend on a regular basis is understand their health issues that may mean that leaves us for members with a quorum of 3 which is really rather tight to the lobby well for the smooth running of that happening i think actually it is quite relevant

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:30:24]

this is a proposal for this paper

[Cllr Eleanor Bird (Scottish National Party) - 1:30:26]

[Cllr Eleanor Bird (Scottish National Party) - 1:30:27]

I would like to formally propose this motion on behalf of the coalition

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 1:30:32]

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 1:30:35]

Point of Order Lord Provost it's a written version of what is being proposed because I'm somewhat confused there seems to be a new appointment being made that which wasn't referred to in the agenda papers goes completely against what we're trying to do with standing orders in a subsequent item today and i think comes from what was raised a very valid point that if we are not unaware of the availability of a Member to participate in one of the things to which they are being appointed is very difficult for us to make that appointment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:31:05]

the addition to the paper due to a motion by the coalition on Item 7

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:31:10]

point 1 which you have a hard copy off the the subsequent
amendments that were highlighted by the car and as a direct

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:31:18]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:31:21]

consequence of being on that it was a qualification in terms of the DM sub which is an automatic it for one from near in terms of identifying whether somebody is available for all committees are half to see in the short period of time that I have been a Council which is only five and a half years I have never yet so Council meeting where members were proposed for councils and it was subsequently asked on each and every occasion when they were available for meetings or not or indeed go schedules for meetings and I think as always it's a serving Councillor and that is agreed by Council that is adequate for
putting him on that particular Board

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:31:59]

is there a seconder for the
motion by the coalition as verbally amended by the court

[Cllr Karen Doran (Labour) - 1:32:08]

former Lord Provost
is the motion as adjusted to get it

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:32:14]

thank you

Item 7.2 - Senior Councillor Allowances 2017

agenda Item 7 point 2 is a report on senior COUNCILLOR allowances caution emotion and Conservative Group amendment had been circulated

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:32:30]

the addendum by the Conservative Group
having read it it's it specifically highlights that there needs to be a material change in circumstances
for it to stand as an addendum now have looked at the decision which was taken in June of this year which will need a clear plan out for
creating the process for the localities which had an end date of early 18 and in that programme so i don't see anything which has actually changed which is materially changed the process that we are in there is also an element within the addendum of prejudging a decision which is yet to take place within this Council
and so for those two main reasons i'm not going to rule that there's a material change to allow the addendum and ruled the addendum as being
not competent I would also just make up a further point but only for information that's normal for this Council to award
sri alliances a senior allowances to named Councillors as we do that now as in the case of the Addendum just a position going forward

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:33:45]

so the motion as the remaining motions from the caution may have a concern about second mercosur Doran again Lord Provost for this change to be enacted you would have to draw a change of circumstances in this instance

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:34:01]

that is the same as change of circumstance as related to in Item 7 point 1 so in that instance Yes

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:34:09]

as is that agreed
I tomita's reports a fresh report is on procedural standing orders Addendums have been circulated from the Conservative Group and the Liberal Democrat Group

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:34:26]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:34:28]

2 To propose the report go to

Item 8.1 - Improving Accessibility - Amendments to Procedural Standing Orders

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:34:30]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:34:32]

thank for much Lord Provost and can I start by thanking the other leaders and came style trays at junctions or how he for how they engaged in the process to help us get to this report and an initiative from the start i'm happy to accept on behalf of the coalition the Liberal Democrat and Conservative amendments and I think starting with this Council Chamber to make it more open to make it more accessible to everyone in this city is a very good place to start in terms of making an entire city fit that bill as well someone's habits proposed

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:35:02]

and to second

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 1:35:07]

like also make them have to second this motion
appreciate what's been peer into by cancer ovarian cancer gratzek and all the leaders have come together to get this more accessible approach I also welcome that six months will review that and the comments that I made earlier about looking waiter into mental health and other disability that we look up as we go forward

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:35:26]

on two crucial Crew pulls the addendum by the Conservative Group cancer come Jim Campbell

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:35:32]

I formally propose the addendum

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:35:34]

and to second

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:35:37]

I thank and thank

[Cllr Ashley Graczyk (Conservative) - 1:35:43]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:35:48]

and to propose the addendum by the Liberal Democrat controlled Richard thanks

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 1:35:51]

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 1:35:53]

to professor extremely briefly really for the sake of the webcasts so that people know what's going on and it's just to thank the administration for taking this on board we are intent on what we are wanting to do is to have a six month review of how the changes work in practice we knew they were agreed in a hurry but we're very pleased that we're making that progress but there are other issues that I think we can look at to meek and there are processes and procedures a lot more accessible particularly for people with dyslexia and other
and impairments and difficulties and I would ask i suppose at this stage if the Equalities Champion might like to engage with a number of the organisations representing these people so that we can bring forward some useful proposals for the review in 6 months time

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:36:44]

and secondly Denham seconded formally

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 1:36:45]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:36:48]

are there any contributions

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:36:52]

if no contributions reply

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:36:59]

just to say thanks very much seven gauging and thank you to get older

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:37:08]

so the decision is to approve the motion was incorporation of both amendments

Item 8.1 - Improving Accessibility - Amendments to Procedural Standing Orders

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:37:15]

work amendments have been circulated from the current Conservative Green and Liberal Democrat groups
to proposed to paper

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:37:24]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:37:24]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:37:27]

thanks very much Lord Provost m we are moving ahead i think fairly rapidly on our programme not only in terms of delivering the things that were approved in case on august by actually getting the performance measures right so that we can measure in a smart way and success or the failure against those things that we wanted to do
i'm not entirely sure what the opposition parties are going to move and it might be helpful for them to clarify exactly how they're going to air move going forward is important that this is agreed or at least noted by the Council is important that it goes to corporate policy and strategy to work through the details of the 50 more than fifty pledges and that we have in our program but the next iteration of this is going to be more focused around the Full Business Plan and making sure that all the strategic outcomes that are trying to get to have smart measures against them as well so that not only the administration programme which we are well
and got elected on the basis of air from our manifestos is delivered and delivered competently and we know that it's delivered in a way that people expected when they went to the ballot boxes but to make sure that the strategic outcomes the city we are trying to create or practice is is heading in the right direction and those strategic and those markers of success will be developed through the Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee so i'll way clarification from the opposition parties as to what exactly are going to move before we respond to

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:38:55]

and to set out in the report

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 1:38:57]

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 1:38:58]

peglow rubber stamp sickness report clarifies there are fifty two commitments which we have previously discussed and our key five strategic aims for the City this health or discussion on the Group leaders in the last few weeks and months to try and come to a consensus on us and I hope today will be able to deliver that
on to thank god and shocking esteem come up to quite a robust mechanism how wheel and report this to CPS and how we're properly measure them and I look forward to what can cross party through CPS in the coming weeks and months and i would level the Council's business

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:39:29]

to propose the amendment that the Conservative Group go to a doctor

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 1:39:33]

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 1:39:35]

thank you Lord Provost think before
the Bill had prepared to say I would be prepared to accept the Green amendment which Councillor purchase move
and would also be willing to amend 1 point 1 point 4 by the inclusion of by February attained at the end of the sentence to reflect what Councillor Aldridge was proposing in his amendment
we're promised that isn't that long ago since we sat here to discuss the minority administrations plan for the city and the inadequate indicators that were set out in their original proposal
and unfortunately we don't really seem to have moved much further alone since the business plan was approved
those of you who use Haymarket Station on or even infrequent basis will have noticed the installation of one of the original milestones which indicates that there are forty three miles to go to Glasgow
the value of those milestones was that was to get let the Traveller new direction of travel and also how far they still had to go
but unfortunately what we've been presented with today and terms of measures and actions
doesn't really recognise the importance of telling us where we're going and how far we have to go long on management speak very say but very very short on precise detail of what the Administrations could to achieve
it would be easy to ridicule many of the actions and milestones suppose it actions and milestones set out in the report as not meeting any normally accepted definition of actions and milestones but in my view Lord Provost I think the administration deserves more pity than ridicule is this really the best that we can expect from an administration serving the capital city of Scotland
a couple of months ago during the tram to be at Councillor Munro appeal to my colleagues and me to balance the interests of party on Saturday and I wonder if perhaps i could return the favour to Councillor Munro and his colleagues
is this the best that you can do in supporting the SMP led administration and the city as this that they know that you signed up to in the expectation that the city will change in line with your vision did you sign up to actions that are expressed are nothing more than management bubble
the reality has commie sold you a pup
perhaps Councillor day have you been sold a pup
lord provost we haven't moved any forward since the last presentation of the business plan there's nothing in it that allows the Council but more importantly the people of Edinburgh to measure whether this administration as a success or not
however it's unlikely that if they are incapable of coming up with a list of precise measures to assess performance that they are going to have the gumption to be able to carry out what they say they want to achieve

Item 8.2 - Implementing the Programme for the Capital - Council Performance Framework 2017-22

it's almost six months since we were re-elected or in many of our cases
elected for the first time
the pride that show and Meadowbank that day across all parties common to every Councillor whether new year old was a reflection of the hard work that people had put into election campaigns and their desire to change the city for the better whether you agree with your opponents in the Council Chamber or not
I know that for those who were born and bred in this city the pride was even greater but high side is that the people who have put us into this building are getting nothing more than a list of empty words to assess the actions of the administration
if this is what we sign up to as the elected representatives of the capital city of this country were failing to meet the standards that we should be setting and were failing to meet the standards that the citizens of the city should hold us to
if this is the best the administration can do and setting out actions and milestones perhaps it's time for them to step aside and the lie and administered of administration to take over the running of this Council to develop proper targets and to deliver better services for own that city it is the thought realm responsibility that weighs on all of us are moved the amendment
the second amendment Councillor Webber

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:44:21]

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 1:44:22]

thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:44:23]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:44:25]

the measures that have been laid out in this paper are poorly constructed on a rerun of the same old measures that we see an of use time and time again and measuring these haven't really generated the needed improvements and services that we strive for
and more often than not this is at the expense of some of our most vulnerable citizens where we are regularly failing to deliver on the most basic services and outcomes
delivery of these should be our focus and one that we must continue to strive to improve and know in some instances must deliver
just let's consider one specific example leadout and the detail vibrant city c. thirty seven continue to integrate health and social care services review the Integration Joint Board approach to sport at home by 20 18 under three associated measures with that but let's just look and consider late discharged from hospital
at the most recent IG be it was unanimously noted with concern that the current performance in respect of people delayed in hospital had not improved since the last reporting cycle and it was noted that the delays and pressures in the community continue to be a challenge
so it was agreed that to continue to present proveed present the Hall report on whole system to ease recent trends
every month on month that shows no improvement is of no benefit to the Integration Joint Board
in fact the voting member of the GB from NHS Lothian presenting this paper made it quite clear that we need to look at this in a very different way he stated that we must identify what it is that our vulnerable adults are waiting for and furthermore what is specifically that's causing the blockages in the system
he did while also further state that would quite frankly had to create a plan because right now there is no plan
so with no plan in place to address the delete hospital discharge but expanding how can we measure the success and far more importantly the improvements that is if we don't know what and how we are going to be doing it simply measuring the number of adults delayed in the system but at this point we have gone beyond the point of positive intervention will only result in the continued suffering of our vulnerable adults
it's important new critical actually that we look deeper into the system I agree our project objectives and start to truly understand what actions must be taken that would deliver the desired outcomes we must let the staff and those who access the services directly
identify the specific drivers of the much needed improvements only then can we start to identify the indicators that would reassure us that improvement is actually taking place and that we are more importantly doing the right things
by simply measuring the number stuck in hospital as a disrespectful approach it represents a sheer disservice to all those allied health professionals and medical staff working tirelessly to identify and find solutions to the patient's needs it is up to us to foster a culture where improvements are rewarded and recognised but firstly we must identify what the needed improvements are before we can start to measure them and after all the other four of my voting members in the GB Councillor Hoey rankin mean and the Chair Councillor Henderson all agreed with this very sentiment only last Friday on the 17th November I move to support the amendment

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:47:52]

no problem just on a point of clarification or references are to paragraph 1 1 2 and the Conservative and the Green Group amendments are not consistent and understand that Gideon group proposal TO A stoiip precedents as accurate

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 1:48:10]

that is indeed thank you so the motion are suggested

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:48:11]

the proposed say the amendment by the Green

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:48:16]

Capital Budget
thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 1:48:19]

first like to thank
the coalition for consulting opposition groups on their proposed measures for their 50 or sue commitments for this term of the Council and also to thank Council officers for their hard work in supporting this our group did engaged with the process and we made suggestions about how the coalition commitments might be measured and some of which were taken on board and clearly others where there is more work to be done
so we would like to see the the measurements on a coalition commitments firmed up and brought back to corporate Policy and Strategy Committee and the Conservative and Lib Dem amendments to require that a firming up at CPS in February seems to be reasonable to us
our group would also be more comfortable to note that these commitments and are measurements are the coalition's plan
there are sound commitments in the coalition's programme and an measures and actions that we can support but Greens would have a different set of commitments and measurements so our amendment proposes that the Council simply notes these commitments at this stage
and we are content at this stage to combine the three opposition amendments which are would have the effect of approving the recommendations except just noting the the measures on the commitments at this point and referring
them to corporate Policy and Strategy Committee at the end of February so I am happy to move the Green amendment
and to second them in

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:50:08]

thank you can swim

[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 1:50:11]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:50:13]

[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 1:50:14]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:50:15]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:50:17]

the addendum by the Liberal Democrat Group are controlled rich thanks

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 1:50:20]

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 1:50:22]

very much Lord Provost them all like the Green Group were relatively content with the direction of travel of the report towards better performance monitoring that we believe the still quite a distance to go before we actually have a destination he said extending the men of metaphor of up to 5 m of meaningful and understandable targets and measures in a number of areas so we're happy to note the progress to date and recommend that the corporate policy and strategy developed further to make it really meaningful to the citizens of the city that the current measures if you look at them a bit more carefully tend to be about the number of people doing x. or y. or the percentage doing Z all interesting but it doesn't actually see what number we are aiming at and what percentage we are aiming to achieve so i'm sure it will produce interesting data as currently formulated but it won't give a clear indication of whether the figures relate to the ambitions of the administration or not so our aim is to get more concrete measures which we can scrutinise and in fact the general public can scrutinise in a meaningful way and i'm ancient my
question 2 on the leaders report about the crisis in care for that as an example we need clear targets against which we can measure progress to know that we are getting close to the kind of service that people expect in the city and that's what we want corporate policy and strategy to come up with proper measurable targets so I have some sympathy with Councillor doctorates views on on on management speak and let's take
this opportunity as well to start developing are measures in plain language and in ways that are accessible to two members of the public so i think technically what we will be doing is withdrawing our amendment in favour of the Combined amendment between the Greens and the Conservatives but that certain of the reasons behind what we were doing thanks very much

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:52:30]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:52:30]

and to second the addendum controlling
we are withdrawing our addendum Lord Provost

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 1:52:36]

are there any contributions to the debate

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:52:42]

thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 1:52:48]

i'd like to draw attention to today parts of the report and I want to begin a on page 1 of the report which is page 1 3 9 of the electronic papers and smart as well as its might just page 2 at my colleague Councillor dogger referred to management speak
a few moments ago and my eyes were immediately drawn to paragraph 2 point 2 which begins thus the Council has a strong performance management culture and is committed to Performance focused on to be performance focus open and transparent
well it certainly there are parts of the Council that have a strong performance management culture
but the experience of many of our Edinburgh residents would be that the delivery of that culture in terms of the result the end product for example in relation to the state of our roads the state of our refuse collections and the state of our streets the cleanliness of our streets is not really reflected on that and that the paragraph that we have here is not just applying to the last six months it seemed like don't think anyway it seems to be applying to the last few years and certainly over the last few years including the last few months that is a statement which rings rather hollow i think for many of our citizens it just a bit further bone that paragraph there is a reference and this is by the way I perform it says that
the it refers to in the second sentence the existing performance framework includes implementation plans and will be discussed at a monthly Corporate leadership Team meeting and then every six months by elected Members fast forward on two pages please
and that's to page one for one of the electronic papers and you'll see a little diagram down there which talks about the Corporate leadership Team and council leaders during a quarterly monitoring of the performance framework that sounds to me like a deterioration in
performance framework monitoring let me move on
Lord Provost too
the planet sell for the actions itself
i take you to page one for six of the electronic papers and its page
2 of the appendix at the top there we have C 1 which says this says delivered a programme to build at least 10 thousand social and affordable homes over the next five years with a plan to build twenty thousand by 20 20 seven
I think we all applaud the ambition to do that I do ask the question is it to actually deliver a 10 thousand homes or to deliver a programme of 10 thousand homes but the significant issue is in the next column where the performance measure is approvals of new affordable homes for the year
approvals are not everything sometimes a approvals can take many years before the olympics implemented and actually deliver a building on the ground that is an inadequate performance measure in fact we should be measuring the impact of this on for example homelessness the impact on the availability of affordable housing for people in the queue or indeed the impact overall impact in Edinburgh on the cost of housing which is a key factor which makes housing so difficult to get in edinburgh so those are just two or three examples that this report and these measures that we are here and we would suggest neutering should not be approved because they fall short of the standards that we should be requiring thank you
Councillor McEwen

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:56:47]

thank you very much Lord Provost

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 1:56:50]

it's appropriate said that the coalition commitment measures are drawn up and pleasant pastoral shades because in the world of strategic plans this is very much the colouring in book
it would be paint by numbers version of economic planning if they were actually any numbers in it and these days where everyone gets a prize and no one feels these documents are not so much designed to improve the city as to make sure that the administration never fails because despite its title it contains virtually nothing against which it can be properly measured
of the ninety or so individual lines of integrated performance measures whatever that's supposed to mean only six of them have specific numbers so that eighty four performance measures without any means of measuring performance
the aims are laudable but the benchmarks are non-existent
and of those elements apparently designed to boost the economy there's absolutely no suggestion as Council lose mentioned of any means of measuring actual economic impact only vague assertions now take these examples of apparent targets for boosting the city's economy
create the conditions for business to thrive the measure pathways to inclusion
or grow the number of living Wage employees and growing living wage employers the action is to encourage the Council's contractors and suppliers
to deliver a City Deal the action is produce a City Deal document
produce nature developments maintain the vibrancy of our city the measure is not applicable ensure policies on planning give weight to the needs of residents well still encouraging business the action is to review policies improved planning and enforcement the measure to be established
and as for helping the economy to thrive what about these little business friendly beauties give communities the right of appeal the action is to work with the Scottish Government
the likely outcome as far as economic activities concerned as to grain they already snail like pace of planning to halt and increase the councils costs or what about the work create workplace parking levy the action is detailed proposal if there is an agreement the likely outcome of that is another tax on business
or the presumption in favour of an in-house service provision action a presumption in favour of an in-house service provision
the likely outcome of that is the institutionalisation of inefficiency
it's called a strategy map but this is not a map so much as a list of place names because of the scale key or directions it will lead the city nowhere but that of course presumes that even if the map was complete those holding it would actually knew how to read it what progress has been made mix my metaphors a yardstick without any measurements is just a stick and in the world of performance frameworks this one must be azamour thank you are moving amendment
Councillor Cameron

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:00:05]

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:00:06]

thank you very much

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 2:00:10]

lord provost
I have sympathy with remarks already said by colleagues in the keen but about management speak and people who knew and work with me know

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 2:00:21]

that is something i can't stand on very much for plain English however that are three Management words that I think that the root of this and in that we have a severe lack of and that its financial and human resources and my question to those in the Conservative Group opposite Lord Provost is what have they done to lobby colleagues at Westminster and Holyrood to make sure that the call for more funding because it's all very well making comments about how
unsatisfied residents are with service but fundamentally this is us something I see time and time and again as this Chamber is what are you doing to stand up for local government are you going to come down and protest with us at a cross party fashion in the same way as you've criticised us this morning for it not being a cross party and decision regarding the music school being in administration as people who are in government no matter what's theater tutor of government is about tough choices and we have tough tough choices ahead and you're quite right in terms of homelessness education health and social care is difficult to see the least and rather than point scoring in this Chamber I would so much more welcome having
truly cross party and approach to getting far more funding for this city for this Council and for all Scottish councils pardon
so that's all 20
and the other
worth i'd like to use but i wasn't call to ask the Leader question but my question to him would have been around outcomes because that is a very crucial A
worked in terms of what would have released to do in trying to improve outcomes and improve
the lives of people we are here to represent
the human impact of austerity whether it's delivered through the Scottish Government or the UK Government we're all dealing with every single one of us in this Chamber where all dealing with it and so I appeal to you please let's be a bit more mature and an approach to this let's be a bit more united in an address sickness because the problems that we are seeking to address and solve are just too serious about having to damaging a consequence honour individuals in Edinburgh and all sorts of ways i implore you please let's be a bit more opportunities thank you
Jim Campbell

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:03:00]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:03:03]

thank you Lord Provost and thank you for the comments I certainly want to try to be mature and helpful in this and that is the approach that my party has taken and we to enjoy taking part in the discussions with officers as to how these measures could be improved
for me the key is to move as cancer Cameron has indicated to looking much more thoroughly at the output so the outcomes and I think that's the greatest weakness of some of the performance measures there's too much focus on the importance of the process and insufficient detailed looking at the outcomes because one of the things we can do as a Council and I would like us to do it by working together is to look at how we can be as efficient as possible in everything we do so for the inputs we put in we get the greatest possible outputs and that seems to be a fairly basic principle that any performance measurement should be aimed at achieving
to continue in the spirit of helpfulness i'm sure many Members no sorry I'm sure many Members like me got an email on Monday from SIF tech which apparently is going to hear from
Paul Wheelhouse MSP
talking about how a SIF tech can help local government improve and find solutions to complex problems so I do hope that we'll be able to get a good representation at their road show at the beginning of December here in edinburgh because it may be that these people can help us come up with some novel and interesting ways of measuring performance
Councillor Cooke

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:04:39]

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 2:04:42]

thanks for progress that i'm not sure a fair cancer common has are a TV licence or not but i'm she may wish to log on to the BBC iPlayer and watch Park yes these Autumn Budget Statement if you'd like to know what the Conservatives in the Conservative Government are doing for Scotland were delivering it billions of pounds extra coming to Scotland because it has government which will help us as a Council significantly
or profit that the problem with this document
it has been a running theme for the past five six years into between the Council and the things contained in it with the are flimsy and their immeasurable in some cases very John elephants m for example a commitment to retain all the embassies Edinburgh trams in public ownership despite the fact that their public ownership has never been under threat by any party in this Chamber and Councillor McVie we remember all transport spokesman parts to the last election and signed an open letter published native reasoning used in I think actually more widely which committed to keeping the embassies
other companies and in public ownership in terms of transport in the city a lot of other commitments in here frankly could have just been pointed in two thousand and twelve
spending more on routes and doing something about dog fouling and doing more on emissions increasing recycling these RHOSTYLLEN here because these are commitments we are the administration of the past five years has failed to deliver what they originally set out the last time we were elected and continue to fail to deliver or many of the areas
the willie in M T 2 signal it looks like there are busy and they are actually doing something where there are measurable and really utterly meaningless i really hope and one day perhaps will have to wait until the next election and we will have the administration who actually therein substanative unmeasurable measures M upon which the public can therefore judge the contribution and the performance of the coalition because the document in front of us it does not do that
Councillor Bhatti

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:07:06]

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 2:07:09]

thank you look to us just take a little exception of Councillor Lewis comment supposed over delivery of housing
Councillor Russell fail to see one and said the Foscombe said what same calm said but I think if I sit with the concert was the Action milestone is the Strategic Housing Investment Programme on your group that support that's a binary report as Members set were not Committee and will be able to measure our progress on housing it's a number support it's not not difficult so to suggest that it's rig then maybe things will play we will be saying we have got permission to devolve those and but that will be another report to as an example or trying to highlight is a good example of suggested the exact opposite as Members will have ample opportunity to question how that programme school i'm confident this decision shall deliver

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:08:03]

are there any other elected Members wishing to contribute
C interview which case passed back to Council veto right of reply

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 2:08:14]

thanks very much Lord Provost it was an interesting debate am where I don't think a lot of people grasp the point of Watson front we could have brought
an almost infinite i mean there are 80 Eyre performance measures as cancer body just highlighted there are a huge number of Action milestone in some of them based on reports themselves also I think someone opposition Members have maybe been a little bit lazy or not following up and realising that all of these reports will go to constituent committees and the headline markers will come back to this Council and go to corporate policy and strategy i don't take the criticism as to accept the criticism of Conservative and Liberal Democrats in terms of health and social care as an organisation as one of two partner organisations which just come together with some form of say over the GB and niger be being an organisation and itself i am not sure why we as a council would monitor the nitty gritty and i'm glad to hear Councillor Webber talk about the benefits of drilling down the progress being made in the GB to drill down the data to find that the problems and come up with solutions that's exactly what they should be doing we shouldn't be doing that a sixty three elected Members here Lord Provost because we would do it on an absolutely every milestone every action point and you would have one continuous Council meeting that started on the first monday of the month and ended and last flavour of the month and wouldn't get anywhere this is about a strategic look of progress across the administration and councils programme for the city and that is what this document brings that are a number of things which I entirely binary deliver a new major bank for example within this term as a binary response which will either be success or failure is five years in terms of to develop but the programme to deliver major bank will go to the communities
and Culture Committee will develop proposals were also a timeline and where people can judge us on the minutiae of that timeline and whether it slipped four months' three months are brought two months in advance or something like that the broad strategic aim is to deliver the major bike isn't to deliver that within this minutiae of progress the commitment we made to the people of Edinburgh was to deliver into delivered within this administration and that's what this document doesn't it holds us to this document is about holding the administration to the things that we went out and told the people of Edinburgh where June if some of the opposition members don't understand i don't think the next election and to build on case or cuse comments will go all that much different from the last one I am confident that this document provides us with the base to give a marker to give a market of success or failure and the areas of progress this administration is aiming to take forward and not Lord Provost i am happy on the basis of the wording that the minute that the opposition members OF of come to to accept their position because it still holds at these relevant and it will go to the Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee for further refinement so i'm happy to accept the
the opposition amalgamated amendment and will pursue this
in Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee can I thank the leaders for highly engaged in the process of this although from some of the tenor of the debate I wish some had maybe engaged a bit more including maybe their comments on the colour of the boxes or progress reviews have been
an issue for some
the engagement that we've went through through this process has been open and has the purpose of it was to try and avoid us getting into our rather narrow debate which doesn't take as any for the forest city was not going to thank us for engaging in about constantly bickering about how we're measuring this and that and forgetting forgetting about the outcomes that are trying to achieve look at the markers were set don't look at the commitments that we have made and it's that there will be judged on and this document helps us be judged on better like i'll stop there

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:12:28]

so the Council has been asked to approve the recommendations with the additions of the Conservative Green and Liberal Democrat amendments as as agreed by the movers in each case is that agreed

Item 8.3 - Establishment of Locality Committees 2017

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:12:43]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:12:44]

ITEM 8 point 3 years the establishment of locality committees Conservative Group and the Liberal Democrat Group amendment has been

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 2:12:53]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:12:54]

circulated to propose a paper Councillor Wilson

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 2:12:55]

thank you lot promised
first of all I would like to accept the Liberal Democrat amendment
we can't accept the Conservative one
so in moving the report
I would like to see that their amendments are fairly specific and principles that we're bringing forward today is the end of a long journey so therefore i will go back over the entire thing and
assume that the rest is is accepted and there but I would like to say something about the principles because there are concerns in the community about how different groups and organisations will be represented in the Council through this new system and I want to see the two sides to the coin that's the representative element which is relevant to the Council and that is what we are here establishing today and that's why it says in the report this is something we've not done before people who will remember the development of the Neighbourhood Partnerships will remember that they were made advisory bodies they actually were originally designed to be Sub-Committees and converted into advisory bodies to make them legal but the
principle was to devolve decision making from the full Council to a sub committee of the Council and that is what we are establishing here
today and therefore there are rules about who can take the decisions but you shouldn't extrapolate that into who connect actually engaged with the localities Committees and the other half of this I would say is that the whole network of representative groups and organisations like Community Councils and the third sector who will be able to participate with the Committee and well it's not envisaged that this will all be done in their absence they will be there interacting feeding and so that local knowledge and expertise will be available and will be feeding end and also welcomed liberal democrat amendment because it establishes that that kind either be done through the existing Neighbourhood Partnerships or not depending on how it goes at a local level not is the subject of the view that culture and communities are actually engaged in now and it's very important also to point out that the review in june will be a real review it'll be a root and branch to look at how things have gone
in the first phase of this
new organisation so
there is general agreement that we need to get started with us we need to get this past get up and running so that we can take this forward is real community planning is about devolve budgets and real decision making at a local level we have to make it that in order to take it forward but there is no attempt to lose anything that already exists in communications with the Council through other groups
or organisations and local communities i think it's really exciting that were taking this forward and it does afford us the opportunity to say take decision making closer to ordinary citizens not just in our presence that increased their involvement in it so i'm very passionate about this and i'm excited today that were actually taken this step forward

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:16:22]

and to second kosher income

[Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 2:16:27]

[Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 2:16:28]

i'm really happy to second this motion i think this is a big step forward for our
Council and for local democracy and of purpose over these last few years and the Council has to be to take a governance and to take our facilities and to communities and what this paper does what putting these committees or does as it gives the power to the local communities to begin to function or gives them not only the power because it's member-led but also give scrutiny and it gives local issues more power and more
Will Fawcus A for this Council and really pleased that it is like Community Safety left life long learning in libraries traffic management Parks and Green spaces streetcleaning open space maintenance and public realm projects can now be looked after at local level and decided upon and it's taken as a while to get to an agreement on the way forward I believe that what we have here today a gives up it gives us a start to move forward so that the localities can actually begin to function and can have the power and can have the scrutiny that they deserve thank you my privilege to second

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:18:01]

and to move them in the Conservative Group Consortium Campbell

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:18:06]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:18:08]

thank you Lord Provost M I welcome what is being said as a positive regard for moving forward with localities and with the formation of localities committees and i'm disappointed and I would urge the administration to think again about our amendment our amendment we bring forward in the spirit of the decision that the last Council meeting and the last Council could have chosen to impose some limitation but it did not
I would
point out that to strengthen localities committees and to ensure that locality committee convener as have the same
status as any other Convener in this Council they should operate under the same rules
if it's a good idea for locality Conveners to only serve one year in a Council term why would that not be true for any other Convener in this Council I think achieving parity
for these different rules is something that would be good for local democracy and so therefore unconfused as to why this extra condition has been introduced in apparent contradiction of the motion at last month's Council and to make locality can be nurse a different type of convenience for every other Convener
and to second amendment Councillor brunt

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:19:25]

[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 2:19:29]

formally seconded Lord Provost

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:19:33]

and to move the amendment by the Liberal Democrat Group cancer Aldridge

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:19:38]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:19:38]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:19:40]

actually myself that's moving this thank you lot for their stand today and I thank you to Councillor Wilson them for
being willing to accept our amendment m just wanted to cut him a few comments therefore aim because i'm sure that many Members around the chambers have had to pay representations on this issue and the future of Neighbourhood Partnerships especially from groups like Community Councils who found that the in many cases for these Neighbourhood Partnerships to feel quite an important role in that can a local devolved community level engagement so well that a poor we acknowledge doesn't prohibit the continuation of Neighbourhood Partnerships as a sub committee that the remit does not make specific reference to this so I would amendments just in response to very can a genuine concerns about that lack of local level review in decision making even if that isn't an advisory basis and when you consider like the north-west locality for example which is the largest of the four will have a population of over one hundred forty thousand indeed it could it could rival many large tones so it's not practical or reasonable to expect that tape survey of level to afford some community scrutiny that we have had the ability with Neighbourhood Partnerships so i think it's just important to explicitly or low for a format like that we are indeed the locality wishes to keep pets for it to be able to continue in some capacity and the last comments in our A maidment is really just on the point that timescales obviously mindful of the fact that we are creeping into December in panel meetings should absolutely be encouraged before the end of the year it may not always be practical so good it's just to afford that little bit of flexibility thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:21:05]

but to second the amendment
I formally second the amendment

[Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat) - 2:21:09]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:21:13]

Councillor Child

[Cllr Maureen Child (Labour) - 2:21:18]

thank you Lord Provost hope are not going to rant as I did at Culture and Communities Committee and that many of my colleagues will know I have ranted also at EDGH Community Councils and at meetings about how important locality working is and what this is about I know that I have never been on the Licensing Board but I know that nowadays will probably always there has been a test for Councillors before you can sit and take decisions on the Licensing Board
I think that should be a test and
an examination on your understanding of the Community Empowerment Act to be a Councillor and to act on locality committees and I think there should be some training and it should be compulsory and you should set a taste because this is not about Councillor employ empowerment this is about community empowerment it's not just about representative democracy important as that is both to community councils in the way that represent communities but also us on the way that we represent our communities in teams as we are important below Craig mother or as a people that fall out with each other and we won't go into that personality difficulties in communities as well they're not cosy places that are not places that always come to the same conclusion about the best way to serve the people that live there so it's a bit of a mess and a bit of a guddle but we don't respond to that guddle by imposing structures and performance management on people we do it by leadership by allowing people to participate the lighting up a bit and realising that the Council doesn't rub run everything that our performance important as it is him picking up people's rubbish and and serving the communities that were supposed to serve a statutory people there's more to life than that there's more to life outside them happens in this in this Council and we need to celebrate and improve and
allow people to participate not just in decision making in their everyday lives and their families and their neighbourhoods and the voluntary sector is hugely important to lap people that volunteer on Community Councils are hugely important to that the good functioning of families and neighborhoods is very important in that and what i'd done in the last twenty one years in serving in this community being a community activist as I was on the Secretary of the Community Council it has enabled me to play this role that is enshrined in the Community Empowerment Act so let's lighten up let's read the Community Empowerment Act let's understand where it says and what it does and what it enables communities to do in all their diversity in all their strife and anxiety and an and difficulties and play our part in that role so it's not just about the meetings it's about enabling people to participate let's wake up smell the coffee and get on with it

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:24:32]

total route

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 2:24:36]

thank you Lord Provost if I was to take one word from Councillor child's extremely
moderate rent it would be leadership
and I will come to that in just a moment but can I also just refer to a couple of points that were made by Councillors Wilson and campbell the freeze we heard was it has taken a whale or we are about to start something so that he can get on with it well actually we're almost six months in here and I just want to draw attention to the fact that there is
certainly in my experience in my area are huge concern that there has been a lack of direction and a lack of movement over the last six months and indeed in the period leading up to the election when things are winding down and that there has been insufficient leadership to go forward on this now people can draw their own conclusions as to whether lose for people who are appointed in
flush of enthusiasm at the beginning of this administration when it eventually got going at to lead this forward and we can draw their own conclusions about how effective they have been but the point I want to meet law provost is that here we are six months down the line and we are in the words of the Convener
really only at the start of this process and it's not helping us on it's not helping the people we serve that there has been so much uncertainty and delay I support the amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:26:06]

are there any other Members wishing to contribute to the debate
don't see any harm in which case Councillor Wilson Right of reply

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 2:26:14]

I want to start off by saying that

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 2:26:16]

I share Councillor Lewis's impatience
please this finally at this point but i think also I would say that it is a very complicated thing and the people's levels of understanding as cancer childless was referring to not in within this Chamber in general
has taken a long time to
to explain to people that the threats that they may be envisaging in what might happen that we're doing everything we can to make sure that that that those things don't happen and that's taken a lot of
tinkering with wording which is really what we're talking about here again so the time has come now to to draw a line to get started and is indeed and what sort of Winston Churchill not the end not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning and so we are taking a step forward really pleased that we've got to this stage and this is the point at which we have to see right this is what we've got is not perfect document and will review it in June thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:27:25]

the division bell will now be run and the vote will be in one moment

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:28:20]

ITEM 8 point 30 years the report on the Community Committees in the motion is from the coalition and incorporates the Liberal Democrat amendment is circulated so we've become so Wilson second becomes that campbell amendment is from the Conservative Group by Councillor Jim Campbell second becomes a brown those voting for the Conservative amendment
18 and for the motion as adjusted

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:28:51]

44 The motion is carried

Item 8.4 - Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 - Reappointment of the City of Edinburgh Licensing Forum and Revised Constitution

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:28:59]

ITEM 8 point 4 As a report on the appointment of the Licensing Forum and revised Constitution
people to be proposed by Councillor work

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:29:14]

to approve as the happy

[Cllr Norman Work (Scottish National Party) - 2:29:17]

bubbly was agreeing amendment does not know
all disappear
proposes a fall

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:29:31]


[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:29:39]

this is actually a lot promise

[Cllr Karen Doran (Labour) - 2:29:42]

here's recommendations egregious people agreed

Item 8.5 - Revenue Monitoring 2017-18 - Month Five Position - referral from the Finance and Resources Committee

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:29:44]

thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:29:46]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:29:47]

8 point 5 As out a fair report from the Finance and Resources Committee on the revenue monitoring budget

Item 8.6 - Treasury Management - Mid-Term Report 2017-18 - referral from the Finance and Resources Committee


[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:29:58]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:30:00]

it point 6 as our second ahead of a report on Treasury Management
that people agreed

Item 9.1 - Motion by Councillor Day - Fireworks


Item 9.2 - Motion by Councillor Lang - Fireworks

Item 9.3 - Motion by Councillor Brown - Bonfire Night

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:30:06]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:30:06]

ITEM 9 then is motions are the three motions are progressed on the fireworks and bonfire night and 9 1 9 2 and 9 3 understand are minded to consider these together and there was also a given amendment on this circulated
yes I am minded to take them all together

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:30:29]

guess what they

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:30:30]

lord provost

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:30:32]

thank stevie have changed the Greens i'm

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 2:30:41]

sorry Lord Provost just to clarify things so Staniforth is happy to

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 2:30:42]

change his amendment to an addendum so that it could be conjoined with the other three moat with the three motions
that is correct

[Cllr Alex Staniforth (Scottish Green) - 2:30:52]

in which case we'll take all four items as one thing

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:30:57]

i'll startling

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:30:59]

thank lots of us all of us in the Chamber will join me in condemning the actions of and behaviors of a small number of young people in the North and the East of the City iciently who not only injured or local community suffers are
about caused mayhem and feed a local communities across the city I also commend the local communities for their support and comment together on the issues around that
whatever so welcome additional motions from Caroline Kurceja blown and cut of Staniforth which would be happy to accept i thought we can achieve a joint approach on this from these motions and amendments this one and
I know Councillor Geoff this has recently been involved in a local mean in the east of the city bringing together police and fire and local officers to look at how they can do something different and for me these motions and amendments this morning to seek to do more of that to have a joined-up approach to police fired Scottish Government the Council in addressing the many issues around the sale of fireworks and bonfires and anti-social behaviour in the city so that I move this motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:32:01]

thank you that

[Cllr Catherine Fullerton (Scottish National Party) - 2:32:04]

[Cllr Catherine Fullerton (Scottish National Party) - 2:32:05]

they I welcome this motion
combination of them and I share the concerns of residents and others about the events which took place with misuse of fireworks and bonfire night or cancelled 80 works with Police Scotland Scottish Fire and Rescue to ensure the current rules on selling fireworks republic F strictly followed am advised that further measures to protect the public from misuse of fireworks which require new legislation from the UK Government but this motion calls for a full report on this area including what steps could be taken to protect the public and how best to engage with the Scottish and UK governments to deliver these thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:32:44]

clause 1

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 2:32:47]

thank you look promise I too welcome the fact that we have three motions before the Council to DE from three different groups i think it underlines not just the seriousness of the issues which we faced in many parts of the city a few weeks ago but what is clearly picking up on the point from Mayor Councillor Cameron early on i think a genuine cross party effort to try and do something about it because Lord Provost let us be clear something must be done when I have constituents ringing me up or e-mailing petrified thought of going out of their homes something must be done when newspapers are just scraping parts of the ward which I have the great fortune to represent describing them as war zones something must be done and when dedicated and professional members of our emergency services are taken to hospital after being attacked for simply trying to keep our communities safe something must be done now Lord Provost as my own motion sought to make clear it is important to stress that the majority the vast majority of the citizens of this city by use and enjoy fireworks in a safe and responsible manner but a small minority are causing damage or distress and misery for so many unlike Councillor D I also want to pay tribute to the dedication and the bravery of the police and the fire service for the work that they did particularly over Guy Fawkes we caned as always Lord Provost we have been reminded of just how lucky and well served we are by our emergency services the key thing now is for those with the powers principally the UK but also the Scottish Government to look again at the regulations the Licensing in the sale of fireworks so that we can better protect our communities and importantly do so before next november and with the cross party consensus today Lord Provost my hope is that our collective voice on this Council will be heard by both governments and for that reason I propose my own motion and confirm that we are happy to also support
those in the names of Councillor D and Councillor Brown to thank you
and to second

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:35:09]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:35:11]

[Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat) - 2:35:13]

[Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat) - 2:35:14]

as has already been said eloquently stated the majority of residents love fireworks and look forward to a good and safe display every year recently though in some communities including my own ward and Drylaw
things have been getting out of hand fireworks are being set off at inappropriate times and inappropriate locations unsupervised causing great alarm
it is vital that we support our hard-working emergency services and enable them to support our communities I second this motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:35:41]

Councillor Brian

[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 2:35:44]

will promise that just like to formally propose my one motion
the second

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:35:51]

but Tristram equipment think

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 2:35:57]

and the Green addendum
thank you look past

[Cllr Alex Staniforth (Scottish Green) - 2:36:01]

[Cllr Alex Staniforth (Scottish Green) - 2:36:03]

yet we put forward this addendum for two reasons are partially because we felt that the Conservative motion that the last statement could be read as a move towards banning community bonfires and we felt that if that was the case it should be done it much more devolved level than this Chamber Councillor Brown has assured me that is not the case and our addendum simply serves to clarify that as secondly that of the three motions put forward on fireworks none of them even mentioned addressing the root causes of anti-social behaviour so we wanted something that acknowledges that within those motions as well that's the thinking behind our addendum thank you very much Lord Provost
the second

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:36:45]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:36:46]

ensure purchased thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:36:52]

the other contributions

[Cllr Derek Howie (Scottish National Party) - 2:36:58]

thank you Lord Provost very briefly I wanted to make mention of people with disabilities in particular who can move us quickly to go the way of these
things and forget dog or notice and on behalf of Guide Dogs including my own
we like to support what has been said today

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:37:25]

it's union or contributions cancer Day

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:37:29]

I think we have to accept all these amendments to the washington film on this one was

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:37:34]

he saw their decisions are composite of the 30 year Agenda motions on the record in the addendum circulated

Item 9.4 - Motion by Councillor Graczyk - Prison Community Integration Working Group

Lane point 4 is their agenda motion mckenzie classic prison community integration working group

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:37:49]

consider graphic to propose the motion
and thank

[Cllr Ashley Graczyk (Conservative) - 2:37:52]


[Cllr Ashley Graczyk (Conservative) - 2:37:54]

recognise that there are thirty two pregnant and activity are packed and intersecting and 83 equilibrate of working group to review and rainfall by enervated ideals
today then guidance and affected the greatness and the family of good and actively a call for a report to review and M through hell all pregnant grayson into local communities and deliver a further offending by Cavenham support that Bennett that house down employment healthcare and be friends of their decision
in fact and seamlessly continue to believe
02 aim to improve communication between the Council enveloping dakota include i'm present specialist eating thing entertain Lowthian Edinburgh partners and relevant third sector Oaken ideas I have had the privilege to meet and committed variant quota are doing amazing electorally lighting to one and I have only my individual whose lives are internally telephone and also thin some got that had been identified some of this evidence bases in the area communications and the lack of effective way and permissive stating well that's moot an ethical opportunity for cross-party support and to build on this work and the help includes everything I passionately believe everyone it capable of kindle light pestilence and put been offered and by helping to make the disadvantages and tied into homes and other development new so that they can get to a place where they can become positive contribution to local community and wider society I ask the Council to support this motion to the return lot together cross-party but the total of our sector and transform even more like a move my motion
the second seconded formally load process

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:40:01]

Touchwood motion

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 2:40:04]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:40:05]

so i was looking at Councillor Wilson that they can actually income

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:40:08]

[Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 2:40:10]

i've welcome very much this motion by
Councillor grosse am and unwelcome into the the Culture and Communities Committee what I would say as within that Committee will place it and end the Edinburgh Community Safety Partnership which brings together partners H M presents a NHS load in a community justice police and other agencies that can work in a cohesive way and are doing so for the community they already half a
A projects for housing of ex-offenders and other i projects but i f it's OK with Councillor classic all accept that a gladly
enter Committee and place it into the Edinburgh Community Safety Partnership which are hopeful haste at this work going forward thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:41:11]

are there any other contribution
we agree the motion
read thank you

Item 9.5 - Motion by Councillor Jim Campbell - Motion Security Barriers

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:41:21]

ITEM 9 point 5 As a Motion by Jim consortium combo on motion security barriers are given amendment has been circulated
Councillor Jim Campbell

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:41:30]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:41:33]

thank you Lord Provost i'm sure all of us would far rather that Ed these barriers hadn't appeared earlier in the summer but we all accept the Aire sad necessity for them to protect visitors and citizens when they are visiting the centre of our time and I thank Councillor Miller for getting in touch and I know that she's been working in this area over the summer to try and get a better understanding of it I also understand from my on air colleagues that there have been efforts to get some kind of report as to the during the duration and the aesthetic of these barriers my motion seeks to take that process forward
I very much hope that
I have been in negotiation with Councillor Miller and I hope that we can agree to accept her amendment
what we seek to do is just to ensure that any report that comes back to Council would include some discussion or analysis of the likely duration of the barriers and the way they've impeded pedestrian flows but there are not there could be small changes to improve the situation for pedestrians and then finally and what plans there might be to put in place a more sympathetic security solution including the costs of doing so
thank you
certain demotion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:42:59]

as I formally second

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 2:43:02]

control miller in your amendment

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 2:43:07]

and thank you Lord Provost and and thank you to Councillor Campbell for them speaking to me and offering to accept my amendment and I found out about the work that is being done by our officers and our partners in the police having received correspondence from residents who live in the area around barriers and ran the Lloyds and Royal Mail and who were concerned before the barriers arrived about safety and security and who were then so subsequently concerned when they did arrive because of the visual impact on the area m so i've put actively made contact with our public Safety Team and the Police
and met with them both to explore my questions which were some alerts the questions raised by Councillor Campbell and and by doing this and making that contact i discovered that there are already valuable activities underway in and which are in shock and we do not need to alter and but I do understand that there is still work that we should be doing and we do need to do so I was really pleased to have the opportunity to bring this amendment and the areas which I think that we do still need to do some work as elected members are to understand the work that's being done by the police agency that I mentioned in my amendment the CPA NI which was not going to be signed off by elected Members at Council or in a Committee because it was a police report they are currently still working on that report and it will be coming forward in the new year so be really pleased if that report can now come to corporate policy and strategy i think that would be a very good place for it to be scrutinised and very keen for that to take place
I am also concerned that residents and elected Members are not currently being directly involved in the process of deciding where the barriers are best sheeted so be very keen for that to happen and as part of that Committee scrutiny as well am and also share Councillor Campbell's concerns around the impact of farrier's in an area that is of incredible M historical importance and I think that we have a duty to ensure that heritage is respected when such things are designed and implemented but I am confident that that is being taken forward by our staff and the police and so i'm comfortable with the the points that Councillor Campbell had put in his motion originally numbered 1 to 4 m my amendments sought only to be brief and to ensure that that those issues were brought to Committee so I completely support those points and so without just relate to conclude that I am very glad to support that motion with my amendment
the second amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:45:46]

[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 2:45:49]

we can implement
any other contributions

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:45:52]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:45:54]

could go to Jim Campbell 2 to sum up

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:45:59]

yes i'm happy to accept the amendment from the Greens

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:46:03]

I am happy to accept the motion as amended

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:46:05]

thank you

Item 9.6 - Motion by Councillor Hutchison - Statutory Duties of the Council

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:46:07]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:46:11]

9 point 6 is a motion by Councillor hutchison statutory duties of the Council

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:46:16]

it's Rogerson thank you Lord Provost and speaking this motion will be

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:46:19]

very brief as I believe there is broad consensus across the Chamber and what we are trying to achieve and also because I can see that a Ward colleague Councillor Work Ready has his feet on the starting blocks to make sure as foster lunch Q again
the purpose of this motion is in light of the budget process was to ensure a in these times where cuts have to be made that we are aware of exactly how the Council spending their money and exactly what we have to do on a statutory basis and what we are doing because it's nice to do and are followed a discussion with the Finance convenient with the Head of Finance prior to the full Council meeting today and
and are where we are going to be proposing an amendment which I am happy to accept
and to second

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:47:12]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:47:13]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:47:16]

yes thank you Lord Provost I second the motion and I would simply add that this is designed to shed light on things and we are very happy to work with officers and other Members to try and make sure that we are shedding light
are there any other contributions controlling

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:47:30]

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:47:32]

it will promise the council referred to informal conversation that we had before the beginning of the Council meeting on the subject
I did have a written amendment which I showed from that time but given the conversation you have the things that we've got a little bit since there so what I would like to do simply to propose
verbally which is this matter is referred to the Finance and Resources Committee for more detailed consideration and that in doing that we will provide all the information that comes Lochans looking for on statutory and non-statutory spend we also provide further detail on areas of statutory spend
to second that amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:48:09]

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:48:10]

[Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour) - 2:48:12]

i'd like to air echo the views expressed by the Convener and comment that the motion being remitted to the Finance and Resources Committee it's too late time for questions and full discussion on this on its terms and discussion has already taken place with officers on the motion and they have raised a number of issues which will need to be

[Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour) - 2:48:30]

considered before taking appropriate action i'm happy to second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:48:36]

are there any other contributions

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 2:48:41]

THE proposal just point of clarification since the amendment was

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 2:48:43]

wasn't circulated as it should have been
it is the proposal still that the report will be within one cycle or do officers need longer time what is it that we're voting on

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:48:56]


[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:48:58]

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:49:00]

I think substanative consideration of this within one cycle may not be possible about how to consult with officers to see if that can be done in time for the next meeting of the Finance Resources Committee in January and if so
obviously be happy to see it on the agenda if it causes more difficulty again i'd have to consult officers to find out whether or not that's the case then it would necessarily be deferred to a subsequent meeting of the Finance Resources Committee but I will certainly do my best to see that is brought forward in time for synthetic consideration in January

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:49:35]

sure aldrich codified for you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:49:38]

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 2:49:42]

i'm just wanting to know what the wording is that we're we're agreeing it with their agreeing that there would be a report in one cycle or not

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:49:51]

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:49:53]

i'm sure we can find a form of words that Lord Provost says yes if it's actually possible to do so for the January meeting of Finance and Resources committee and if not the subsequent meeting of the Committee

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:50:02]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:50:03]

COUNCILLOR hutchison you need to clarify

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:50:05]

happier or not what the current situation

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:50:10]

yes so thank Councillor Rankin far his amendment I would like to see some tension and now appreciate worth of amendments to financial resources that might not be on one cycle but if we can agree on she psychos there be happy to accept amendment
is not seen as perfectly acceptable thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:50:26]

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:50:26]

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:50:27]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:50:31]

are we happy to accept defeat as verbally amended and amended

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:50:38]

thank you

Item 9.7 - Motion by Councillor Whyte - Budget Meeting

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:50:41]

9 point seven as by Council 8 budget meeting

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:50:47]

because right Lord Provost thank you I understand that since I lodged

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 2:50:50]

this motion there has been some discussion i've had discussion with clocks as well and a new Council meeting has appeared for I think the 1st February
that seems to be an order we did have some issues that coastal grasses stenographer might not be able to meet that date by understand that has been resolved and this will give an opportunity for us to do this all again earlyish in the new year out as early as possible so that we can go through the questions and proper scrutiny of Council services as we would all hope thank you
so as a motion withdrawn

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:51:26]

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 2:51:29]

for whatever is necessary to make this happen

Item 9.8 - Motion by Councillor Main - Councillors Complaints Procedures

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:51:35]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:51:38]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:51:43]

final item named pointed motion mercosur men Councillors complaints procedures go to women

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:51:50]

[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 2:51:52]

thank you Lord Provost i'll timekeepers very brief no one can have missed their horrible stories that had been unfolding of the many many weeks now so very many people have been coming forward with allegations of complaints of inappropriate behavior
i'm sure all of us condemn any such behavior any such coersion and are shocked at the extent of the pervading climates where individuals have felt unable to come forward until now
i'm very reassured that our staff and the public have several routes including the confidential whistleblowing line to raise any concerns or complaints about staff or in fact Councillors but when it specifically comes to Councillors ourselves wishing to raise concerns about other Councillors it's not very clear that there are all the necessary fair open independent confidential options in place asked the officer asked staff and the public
it's not very clear that the current if the current provisions of the Standards Commission are the most appropriate in all situations we have a duty to safeguard each other's safety and this motion seeks to make sure that this really is the case and in all potential situations both within our parties and as well as across them and I very much

[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 2:53:07]

hope you can support the motion thank you
and to second the motion
I formally second

[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 2:53:15]

thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:53:18]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:53:22]

that brings us to the end of today's Council Meeting thank you all for your attendance and for your contributions
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