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City of Edinburgh Council - 22 February 2018
Thursday, 22nd February 2018 at 10:00am 









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  1. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
Item 2.1 - Declaration of Interests
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Item 1.1 - Order of Business
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  1. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
  2. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  3. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
  4. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  5. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
Item 2.1 - Declaration of Interests
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Item 3.1 - Request for Deputation
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  1. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  2. Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative)
  3. Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour)
  4. Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party)
  5. Andrew Kerr (Chief Executive)
  6. Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative)
  7. Cllr Ian Perry (Labour)
  8. Andrew Kerr (Chief Executive)
  9. Cllr Gavin Barrie (EPIC)
  10. Cllr Gavin Barrie (EPIC)
  11. Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative)
  12. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  13. Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour)
  14. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  15. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  16. Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour)
  17. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  18. Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat)
  19. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  20. Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green)
  21. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  22. Cllr Cammy Day (Labour)
  23. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  24. Cllr Norman Work (Scottish National Party)
  25. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
Item 3.5 - Request for Deputation
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  1. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  2. Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour)
  3. Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour)
  4. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  5. Cllr Cammy Day (Labour)
  6. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  7. Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat)
  8. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  9. Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour)
  10. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  11. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  12. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  13. Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party)
  14. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  15. Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party)
  16. Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative)
  17. Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour)
  18. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  19. Cllr Ricky Henderson (Labour)
  20. Cllr Ricky Henderson (Labour)
  21. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  22. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  23. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  24. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  25. Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative)
  26. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  27. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  28. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  29. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  30. Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party)
  31. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  32. Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour)
  33. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  34. Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour)
  35. Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour)
  36. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  37. Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour)
  38. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  39. Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat)
  40. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  41. Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative)
  42. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  43. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  44. Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative)
  45. Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative)
  46. Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative)
  47. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
Item 3.5 - Request for Deputation
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  1. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
Item 4.1 - By Councillor Whyte - Council Budget
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  1. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
  2. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
  3. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  4. Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative)
  5. Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party)
  6. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  7. Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative)
  8. Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative)
Item 4.2 - By Councillor Webber - Council Budget
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  1. Cllr Cammy Day (Labour)
Item 4.3 - By Councillor Johnston - Council Budget
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  1. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  2. Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative)
  3. Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party)
  4. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
Item 5 - Budget Motions
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  1. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
  2. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
Item 5.1(a) - Revenue Budget Framework 2018-23 Progress Update - referral from the Finance and Resources Committee
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  1. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  2. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  3. Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party)
  4. Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour)
  5. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  6. Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour)
  7. Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour)
  8. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
Item 5 - Budget Motions
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  1. Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour)
  2. Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative)
  3. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  4. Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative)
  5. Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative)
  6. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  7. Cllr Gavin Corbett (Scottish Green)
  8. Cllr Gavin Corbett (Scottish Green)
  9. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  10. Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green)
  11. Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green)
  12. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  13. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  14. Cllr Neil Ross (Liberal Democrat)
  15. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  16. Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat)
  17. Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat)
  18. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
Item 5 - Budget Motions
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  1. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  2. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  3. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  4. Cllr Ian Perry (Labour)
  5. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  6. Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour)
  7. Cllr Ian Perry (Labour)
  8. Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour)
  9. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  10. Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour)
  11. Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour)
  12. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  13. Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative)
  14. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  15. Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat)
  16. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  17. Cllr Gavin Barrie (EPIC)
  18. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  19. Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative)
  20. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  21. Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party)
  22. Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party)
  23. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  24. Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party)
  25. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  26. Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party)
  27. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  28. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  29. Cllr Ricky Henderson (Labour)
  30. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  31. Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green)
  32. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  33. Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party)
  34. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  35. Cllr John McLellan (Conservative)
  36. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  37. Cllr John McLellan (Conservative)
  38. Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party)
  39. Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party)
  40. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  41. Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green)
  42. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  43. Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative)
  44. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  45. Cllr Stephanie Smith (Conservative)
  46. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  47. Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative)
  48. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  49. Cllr Cammy Day (Labour)
  50. Cllr Cammy Day (Labour)
  51. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  52. Cllr Joan Griffiths (Labour)
  53. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  54. Cllr Joan Griffiths (Labour)
  55. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  56. Cllr Joan Griffiths (Labour)
  57. Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat)
  58. Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat)
  59. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  60. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  61. Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour)
  62. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  63. Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative)
  64. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  65. Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative)
  66. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  67. Cllr Karen Doran (Labour)
  68. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  69. Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative)
  70. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  71. Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour)
  72. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
Item 5 - Budget Motions
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  1. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  2. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  3. Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative)
  4. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  5. Cllr Alison Dickie (Scottish National Party)
  6. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  7. Cllr Alison Dickie (Scottish National Party)
  8. Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative)
  9. Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative)
  10. Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative)
  11. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  12. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  13. Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative)
  14. Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative)
  15. Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative)
  16. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  17. Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative)
  18. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  19. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  20. Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party)
  21. Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party)
  22. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  23. Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative)
  24. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  25. Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative)
  26. Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party)
  27. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
  28. Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party)
  29. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
  30. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
Item 5.1(a) - Revenue Budget Framework 2018-23 Progress Update - referral from the Finance and Resources Committee
Item 5.3 - City Strategic Investment Fund 2017-18 - referral from the Housing and Economy Committee
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  1. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  2. Cllr Gavin Barrie (EPIC)
  3. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  4. Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour)
  5. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  6. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
Item 7.1 - Motion by Councillor Rust - Additional Responsibility Allowances Regarding Localities
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  1. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  2. Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative)
  3. Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative)
  4. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  5. Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative)
  6. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  7. Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party)
  8. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  9. Cllr Cammy Day (Labour)
  10. Cllr Cammy Day (Labour)
  11. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  12. Allan McCartney (Clerk)
  13. Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party)
  14. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  15. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  16. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  17. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  18. Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party)
  19. Webcast Finished

that is
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:02:34]
Good morning and welcome to this meeting of the City of Edinburgh Council

Item 2.1 - Declaration of Interests

which will be broadcast live to the internet

Item 1.1 - Order of Business

those who are watching today will find today's proceedings interesting
if not informative
to remind everyone present that this meeting will be broadcast live to the internet will be stored as part of the Council's webcast archive and will be capable of repeated viewing
the discretion to terminate or suspend filming if in my opinion a worrying filming to continue would prejudice the proceedings of the meeting
members are reminded that the cameras elected activated by the sound system and when they must switch on their microphones when speaking and off when finished
we are if we accepted Deputations there will be a 15 minute break after the deputations and we are expecting to break for a one shot approximately 1 pm
[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:03:41]
Michael our progress under the order of business are less of the deputation has been circulated as also emotion from the Council Leader A to be considered at the end of the business of Fyodor was urgent
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:03:56]
firstly we are expecting to hear the deputations
[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:04:02]
like you and I will do rule as urgent item seven point to
thank you and you have indicated reminded to take items 5 point 1 and 5 point to together which is the Revenue and Capital budgets but
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:04:15]
[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:04:16]
individual discussions on the remaining items

Item 2.1 - Declaration of Interests

that's correct thank you
ITEM 2 then is declarations of interest the councillors' code requires members to publicly declare any interests in items being discussed at today's meeting these can be financial or non-financial are that any from the Conservative Group
none thank you Labour Group
no SNP

Item 3.1 - Request for Deputation

Green and Liberal
concurs that undue decorate decorations Deputations then there are four Deputations first from Edinburgh Tenants' Federation
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:05:08]
Good Morning ladies
and I know that you have visited here before so you know the procedures but I would just remind you that you have 10 minutes to make you your deputation after which if there are any questions from elected Members will go into a question and answer session so
I just want to press the button in front of you when you want to speak on the floor is yours
thank you Lord Provost Councillor psyche Ferran tightness in this moment and you can see I've come over a paper none and distributed some photographs among
that key unfortunately I couldn't get round the whole Edinburgh half taken to park
one site in the North
I think for the four years have taken a stair rails
and stair people live and
I'm coming to you it where is the money going to when it's not been done before any these properties
0good value certainly have said is that both the nation new houses that what the houses that are out there know that have been neglected and not being seen
there's lots of for is I hope you will share them among yourselves
I also would
like to pick up
on the survey
the services the 89 percent people and are quite how whichever relevant case that Nabokov as telling you that people are struggling to buy food wonder houses and pay the Council Tax and don't shake your rectums I have asked for a breakdown but not 89 percent I have asked how many are on full housing benefit how many and on part A Housing benefit and how many are not receiving any benefit tool I have not had an answer to that yet
but there are a couple of weeks ago
so I'm going to hand you over to an individual tenant who is parked in ETS and she's going to
talk to you about what concerns are
I am shot and Roberts and
Over the last 10 years we've seen it in centres by 3 pounds saving pence per week for one bedroom flat which is an overall anticipated one per se
was it is paid for and can you justify putting up the dancer for the 2 percent
he also justify for a 10 percent increase over the next five years I'd like to know what the exact any why pay for and where it is being spent and is on the sole use of the Chari revenue
please present for a year the introduction of Universal credit it has already impacted upon the tenants of East Lothian with evictions increased by 13 percent how will this affect or interest vulnerable council tenants and will we see more council elections in Edinburgh
on the consultation itself I quote from the following question leafy point too
we've already invested a lot of improving than sight of your homes thinking of the wider area you live in what would be the one thing that would improve it stairwells bike storage outside spaces etc
I know that a lot of these responses are not covered by the charity Avenue so why ask the questions as they charies subsidising Council types but about these things examples CCTV improved lease on police lighting dog fouling roads pavements lets her Environmental Services investments in people and communities
how he tested out the for the Bill to France of tenants
the National Tennis pilot concerned about the proposed rent increase and the survey taken Shaw the third of tenants to two parts are worried now whilst two thirds or what it for the future of the affordability of social rents and the survey was run by Scottish Housing regulator
how many low-paid people are living in poverty and of those how many are living in council tenancies tenants have the right to live an adequate standard of living as part of the rights
to affordable housing
tell me exactly how many of your council tenants use food banks and why
out your tenants or maintain heats of their cut off due to lack of money to pay for utilities because the pay their rent and fear of losing their homes
20 percent of children living in Edinburgh and poverty and your setting up hunger Fund a few hundred thousand to feed the children at the school term how many of these are Council tenants children
now going to tell you my story and experiences
our daughters who diligence already have an impact on finances and agree a swift catering for allergens suffers from more expensive normal foods
on average spends up to 15 pounds per day on top of a normal food shop which in total Carney create up to 600 pounds per month
if you're not a fixed thing competition events a further 2 percent up and could mean a loss of up to more
two or more than 10 pounds per month which we can't afford to lose
I went into local offers to speak regarding maintained as they had to withhold some money just my daughter needing shoes
I was told that ain't must come first not shoes
does this mean utterly my doctor will be
to and from school
I have also been told by schools to purchase a uniform but we can't afford this these are the delicious ask Council tenants must deal with and the deal will Dr D
for you then piece of 2 percent on paper but just when Siemens hard choices of either food clothing utilities to lose not just for us families or the elderly and disable too
so how do you justify this
and how do you justify us being the highest local authorities in Scotland
we welcome the investment in our homes but haven't we already picked this through the premium we hard on top of rents for seven years the Scottish Housing Quality
standards and are still not been completed
you're talking about investing in services into saving tenants money but there's a hard evidence
that will save us money for example a 10 assists the current card broadband etc.
and how much is on the start date and will you like the Highland postal meet up with UK government to have the shown off
if says a lot about financial personal and HRT if the Council of what about the tenants under mental ill health be beamed
whose wouldn't be investing of some people
then you take the Surrey today consider the impact of scrutiny have them available tenants
and I invite you for a month to walk in her shoes without your credit cards without your product salary or living in comfort
deciding whether to choose heat food clothing or prevent costs then come back to us tenants and justify a 2 percent increase
thank you has to BT
thank you hadn't found am I'm going away down the gauntlet to your one here today
if any it wants to go with me any time I will take you to devolve where areas of trick for also and other runs across the area I do know because I do work across the city and I invite huge that gillenden Houchen anytime you get in touch with the office I've a woman before you ensure yet these areas that no money is being spent on
thank you
[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 0:13:37]
[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 0:13:43]
[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 0:13:50]
[Mr Andrew Kerr (Chief Executive) - 0:13:57]
[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 0:14:09]
[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:14:17]
[Mr Andrew Kerr (Chief Executive) - 0:14:26]
that's the same technology is a wonderful thing when it works thank you ladies for your deputation and for the points that you have made very succinctly on open that two elected members to if they have any questions I have Councillor Barry
[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 0:14:42]
[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 0:14:44]
Will this thank you very much for your very
thoughtful approach to us this morning
I would say on Wednesday when we met you don't ask for the break that these figures are available will get them
as a sort of way as far as the households concerned it's meant to be a random survey so whether we've got these figures by definition random we may not know that information about this is available promise we will get it I would ask you or did you recognise about investment in our current stock the Jakarta Figueroa Appendix 4 of the papers that haunted 60 million pounds will be spent on refurbishment over the next five years the figures and the documents and can I just say at this point I will upset we pick up your gauntlet and you and I shall have at the southern boundary and you can show me exactly you think more attention is needed
now caught you are not well the sort heartened and the path
and I hate the idea that these are not new A full before is there that's not new stuff so Nabulsi they'd be non-lethal for years so many a councillor I've seen name and not be no venues have been looking for votes for directions they have seen the stairs why have they never report to them not so I'd like to know
Councillor little
thank you and I thank you for coming in and I represent Portobello
[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 0:16:25]
Craigmillar so there's a lot of Council housing in my ward I am on the other side of the city and I've been out to see a number of buildings that have been frankly appalled by the state of maintenance and something that's come up a law is that when there were caretakers or were concierge says as had been called in those buildings the situation was a lot better and I don't know from your experience if you think that something that can help with building maintenance and something that could improve things for for you and other tenants thank you
all these pick in the high rise that you have the consent and that that's a definite mostly these forward some of them are paid and from some of the high rise but some of them are taken from a low rise yet they do not have concierge and evidently be suitable have lower a concierge another world right mean it's just impossible that a view and they should be getting checked and deserves the Haitian officers Grenada No data could be important
areas like that mean some of them one of them was so dreadful I had to run the police because I want to be sick that's about it and people have let them and the stairs
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:17:34]
control Cameron
[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 0:17:38]
thank you Lord Provost good morning and
Ladies my question is based are you as you know you and your colleagues meet carbon and myself in terms of regular meetings every 6 six weeks and we've talked about where we talked at length this week about the survey we have also discussed recently other issues regarding customer care and the service that tenants receive when they come to us and how they are treated and in my own ward for example I have a lot of Council tenants and I see regularly then the situation there and it saddens me and I am pushing to get to get things done more quickly and more efficiently and one of the things that happened in my ward recently was there was a joint surgery with police and council staff in the high-rise flats at Morden which which worked very successfully my question is what else can I do can change their body and I do in the housing and economy Committee due to help address because it's all very well us having big figures in the reports in front of us but what you and your colleagues have
shared with us today is the harsh reality that difficult choices that people are faced with
as tenants of hours of what else can be meaningfully due to support you in your Tenants' thank you Beatty
for a start stop paying a ransom
Luca affordability I think that's something we really have to get our act together as a Food poverty because it shares my no Watkin
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:19:09]
I think you have to get regime areas checked rate over the line and
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:19:12]
over your trauma Morton be noted and as a disgrace
they do have a concierge service so you should be making better The Team Manager on the contract service
and the
roof pitch
and he had no really a radius so that is why United are currently meeting and media alike
they are not yet here
transwomen room
[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 0:19:44]
thank you Lord Provost and better thanks for the offer and Archie up on it because I enjoy your company and we both enjoy police and which I acknowledge that some of that in a lot left has gone to some of the improvements for some of the multi storey blocks in my area but we also acknowledge the fight that and that we need more funding and that we need more funding from central government to actually achieve some of the aims that you've put before us this morning
always need more money cartons
and regardless of who they are but yeah I'm not saying every pollutants like that but there is a lot about and Data happy purely neglected and that's the only way I can describe
and the need to per week
yes we do need more money to enter the system that you need to stop taking money off the people that can afford flats and I'm not talking about people who are on benefits I'm talking about people I don't know what can who can't afford these rates it can't afford to fit it's absolutely shocking shocking if you could see the people that come to see me grown men
ashamed or can't even feed their families that haven't taken food banks
are thinking this is just an your talk appears just 2 pounds a week I could get you and take two phone dormer Parker and surely the active get a meal for four feet come from that 2 pounds when you shop or not I
believe you me I could and that's what you've taken away from people as I've meal our family Ford
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:21:30]
[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:21:32]
thank you Lord Provost and thank you for your deputation is where saying I am represents a new house and a new I speak on behalf of Councillor Young as well to see that we will absolutely take your point your kind offer students be counted in terms of coming out and carrying out that that that visit and I want to see I also agree with you there is some fantastic new housing being built in your house and it is great to see I think you are right to see that there is a risk that there is a perception that the focus of the Councillors or new housing to the detriment of existing tenants I think we as a closely to think about that my question Betty was this around some of these features that you have shown us today I was just keen to understand with her in when tenants or indeed your Federation have reported these are you finding that there is an acceptance that there is something to be done and then it's just never done or are you just being ignored in the first place what happens from your perspective with these kinds of issues are being raised with officers directly
and somebody has just been raped anyway that has been reached through block manager who has not out I'm happy no radio aged
and I've just never happened and
I can hear factories won't Halfpenny Close Austin Jackson who do that Haftar get things I mean people who have an conditions are gets Ted you dash and people in Monte Antje now has the money we are ready and year after year of the 3 pounds that's what that ask me if they went to Monday redcay
because it certainly nowhere near area and that's only one part of the city I could take you over
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:23:18]
Councillor Mary Campbell
thank you Lord Provost thank you for your presentation ladies I was
[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 0:23:29]
not just here but something specific because I recognise a lot of the issues in the photos that you gave us from M flats in my own ward and when I try and resolve it I find the issue is that it's a mixed tenure and the Council houses have in the past for council houses were allowed to be bought have been bought by people and because it's not an emergency repair if it if it's like a bit of a window above a door it needs to be a shared repair
and that is really hard for people to manage do you think there's more the Council could be doing to improve the shared Repairs Service and how we organise it
I can assure you nunnery machine
let us know now or on an annuity felt
poetry today
but you're talking about shared repairs yes our what more needs to be done because remember last Council tenant is stopping production surface and not getting it
but we will not know
so you either do that appear get it done and boldly or not I'm sorry the buying a house the responsibility that goes with that nothing that sometimes it's never explained to them at the start when the by a pretence of hugs it's nor explain to them the are also included to keep their keeper development and the condition
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:24:47]
[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 0:24:49]
Councillor Di
Francombe promised I can I thank betting shops for their deputation I'm just disappointed that there's no chocolate for cancers this year
as we have also sought that I'm not your local council in euros anymore because we get these things fixed but of course would be welcome to come on another Walker and we waited to kick some of these issues resolved
would you accept or that they came to this committee is Councillor body see touring 20 thousand pounds per council property to upgrade it and I appreciate the issues you raise are affordability rain I think I agree with that but I do agree with A without problems coming from them
you know I have had so many people tell us in communities about their inability to pay their rent to buy food to go to food banks but for me that's not because of the inability to be arraigned it's because of the impact of welfare reform universal credit cuts to Housing benefit we have seen every day of every week people families across in Parliament Square come in with their children needing somewhere to live because a Conservative policies on welfare reform
would you accept that is the biggest issue affecting people in this city whether the Council tenants or not there is the inability to build afford to live not just pay their rent I welcome your suggestion that became Leader of the Council to start a campaign or joins a campaign to write off Council debt from national governments
can I cannot say
as one here
and we are getting to the 2 percent every year with it but there's no welfare reform or sanctions or anything like that on the table at the time and that's why I think you have to work again because these things I have no idea yet of seeing our work more on what is tenable RFC number of Sydenham the black bags going across their kids hang on
that's not right this is Edinburgh this is a capital God's sake you know that for certain here people were starving it's like come back to the dark ages I'm sorry
now I'm sorry and I have to tell you what you need is that your data
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:27:05]
I have no other elected Members wishing to speak so once again ladies thank you very much for your deputation underway that you've handled the questions that have come your way we do have three additional deputations to hear at which point once we've heard the more the Council will break up and consider all the points raised by the deputations but you're more than welcome to the Week in the either near the additional going through the back or in the public gallery
[Cllr Norman Work (Scottish National Party) - 0:27:43]
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:28:02]
Good Morning gentlemen
you owe this year well well seasoned and these are events that you know the process but I would just remind you you have 10 minutes to to make your deputation points and then I will open up to questions from elected Members

Item 3.5 - Request for Deputation

just press the buttons when you're ready to speak under flourishes
yes thank you very much professional elected members for allowing the same to speak here today
after highlight that there was due to be some difficulty I s here today for the teacher site am
they are fed up repayment in the family so Cherry Stoffen at some point over a few statements from the EAS
are myself a lo-fi Unison will be speaking on behalf of the Joint trade unions and Dame saw Don Capello adaptions to Unison aim was in the the the speech
okay impact in a steady in Scotland and the budget allocation from the Scottish government to local authorities in December 20 17 saw revenue car of Tianjin 25 million pounds that has been partly McKee by changes to the Council Tax funds Novelli to lease the Council taxpayer 30 percent but still leaves a shortfall of at least 55 million pounds
between 20 10 20 eleven on 20 17 18 funding for local government has fallen 8 percent in real terms funding for core services such as pay Five hundred 90 million pounds
sum set aside some council jobs of call-in notice periods and Nano of 10 jobs lost across the public sector in Scotland topping and Local authorities Council councils responded to stay if I a combination of increased local taxation increase regrets of surface charges up to 13 percent and workforce and surface cards audit scope and not the best friend when it comes to highlighting the funding crisis in local government are Nos themselves using the freeze financial stress perhaps their label moment
the situation in Edinburgh the capital coalition motion highlights that this is the eighth successive year of real term reductions in grant funding however for all of the player mopey appears to prepare it in Westminster
the Scottish government has hardly been a friend of local government when it comes to allocating authority funding
we have already lost 250 million pounds from the budget over the last five years on but another potential cause for Hunt and 50 million over the coming five years we really are witnessing silence law of local government
we welcome that we appoint four million allocated but don't get the impression
but don't give the impression that this makes everything rosy in the garden by highlighting the extra money has been getting to services that are still to be a significant King Cotton reduction in jobs and services and nice it highly than the papers in front of you
while the extra four million pounds ocado essential needs assessments turn out to be nothing more than a token gesture but to no more than exceeds the unmet need figure
one local authority huffing about log of 18 hundred needs assessment should be front page news
cuccia March enough there were 18 hundred people setting and the waiting room of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh that would be a caravan of press camped out site
we currently has over seven thousand hours of unmet health and social care needs here in Edinburgh I gain of scandal real people need and cared for and cast a site left lonely and neglected by a system that claims society as needed to facilitate the kidneys she would need around 200 full time staff therefore we have to hundred less than is needed it is also clear the mind of that in local government as people not machines are delivered services
we are pleased to read that a correlation recognises the Council employees at the heart of a successful delivery and filed use of work that they do every day for the citizens of Edinburgh ironing knowledge I see real incomes have suffered in recent years as only right therefore that there she is pacy on must protect workers from the sharp rise in inflation start to deface the many years of real-term cuts to wages stupidest restoration and protect to lose peat
the trade unions were clear that they should use PC must protect workers from the sharp rise in inflation
the SJC to joint trade unions are seeking a six point 5 percent increase for all or a 15 hundred percent flood flow increase whichever is greater this is based on an above inflation increase plus an element of restoration
and somebody on new money is welcome and makes a contribution to the draft Budget shortfall however it still means an underfunded to pay policy and cuts to local services
the silence Lord of Local government continues today's viable parcel anything clear message to the people you represent and the stuff like you employ
our people you're staff providing the services to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils and the most deprived areas of Edinburgh one of the most beautiful cities in the world it was likely scar running street are never increasing social defined and their profession on a huge scale 25 percent of our young people living in poor for a seventh those numbers of unmet social care need and a massive part local assessment of needs
the Joint Strategic Needs Nursery are fading Borough Council or strong and united and no opposition to steady
the austerity agenda and continue to challenge the negative and part of Cox
union represent certain made and will continue to make deputations to the council committees including fuel council highlighting the risks associated with carts unfortunately these tend to fall on deaf ears last occasion showing a complete disregard for your stuff
you have a statutory duty to set a legal budget yours of a strategy to provide surfaces while struggling to do that she also need to be sure that you're not neglect and you start to the duty to care for your staff
the tragic news for use every resource of disposal to ensure that our members are treated with dignity respect and all forms of harassment and bullying will be challenged
I felt elected Member say our hands are tied
this month we celebrate the 100th year on a fiercely of women being giving the four
those brief women and some men had the whole system of The Lawn establishment against them empress in full spate demonised but victorious in dreams The study elect sample of people's hands european tight no one and he has said on tight that hands tied just a lack of principle when it comes to defining injustice
the Finance and Resources Committee held on the 17th november 20 17 I can say Councillor Ost what an unmet need course shocking in itself but when he was informed replied something to the effect so you're looking for a blank cheque this shows a ideological losing that they can serve as half towards public surfaces and the most vulnerable and needy in our society
the Conservative and Lib Dem Councillors support in four for the maintaining of the music school the changing new flight CEO communities never say that you have access to music schools
we have great concern that the same Councillors' will offer a lot less interest in the potential costs
and other safe seats including early years and health and social care
to hundred 2 thousand 18 said use of young people leading up to this Edinburgh and other local authorities have done nothing but caught CEFC's location is that young people need to have access to
of even greater concern was the Conservative leader's comments at the Finance and Resources Committee held on the 27th November
when he was implying how stress to top 10 10 percent really already are
perhaps you could have a word with his other colleagues in the Conservative party not just in the top percent but those notat 1 percent such as the late Sir floor dash Croft and asked them if they would start paying their income tax and say to fighting the Master fortunes in tax havens
these are the same people who tell us that the all four types while at the same time tell us that estate 30 agenda is needed to get public finance he sent to shape
he meal one he may also want to put pressure on the prime Minister and the chancellor of the Exchequer and encourage them to move away from legendary and are faced in the country's infrastructure and public services
there's MP need to put pressure on the Scottish government and the Cabinet secretary for Finance and Constitution to move away from not historical possession of a pop playing huge cuts to public services
there appears to be a fairly or regard for our responsible is to deliver our services services provided from the cradle to the grief
a steady as men are one point 4 billions pounds of efficiency savings in Scottish Local government says 20 12 and so some people have lost their jobs in Scottish local government over the last five years
the remaining staff are expected to do more for less
this is understandably having an impact on staff morale and job security
Nano 50 10 jobs lost in public services supporting local government do you need any clear example of the Scottish Government's content for us nurseries as we say we say
we demanded the Conservative Party's in council standing up for and fight to protect shops and services nor artist mute administrators of austerity
the Council as an employer and must take its statutory duty of care to its employees more employees more seriously
your staff are demoralised under resourced and at breaking point
they are being asked to take on more and more with Lessonhall waste resulting in teacher detrimental impacts to the Health and Wellbeing
is chaired by a steady transformation programmes do not work transformation in this context it's no more than a cost-cutting
reduction of services which have a negative impact in the terms and conditions of the staff who provide them
a sustainable for the Scottish government to stop local authorities of funding when it received a hundred 90 million pound increase and its budget from Westminster
the Council has lost over a thousand jobs as a consequence is that a great deal of and follow your Pollack speeding scheller spin last remaining staff having to take on more and more
this is a very negative impact on the capacity to fight meaning meaningful services to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people so for Rossetti
as a consequence public servants are showing greater levels of stress and anxiety
one of the biggest causes of absence is attributed to men available issues staff are feeling on support in demoralised under stress as a reflection of the impact of cuts
empires of safe seats cost is safe says to the most vulnerable in our society staff want to support these need but too often found themselves with like the time or the resources to meet hurt need
the key to future local government funding light-footed dedicated staff who provide the services to our communities this must be recognised and start properly rewarded through this period owned a near-future in addressing the balance of findings against the cost of living
we will defend our jobs and services if you are prepared to do the same we will fully stunned what you thank you
and policies from their baffling A S for not being able to make it today and thankfully I'm not a teacher standards from a sin
and I've just got a few nooks
and artistry to a few of the mightier and
there's a there's been a lot of concern about the secondary the the rent restructuring and cuts to the management within secondaries in particular and
the number of guidance teachers has been introduced which means that those left are frankly unmanageable caseloads which means children are not getting the quality pastoral support so vital for raising attainment and some schools are cascading guidance work to other teachers usually registration teachers who are already overstretched and are still having to deal with their graphic
deductions and support for
SL and educational psychologists
as an example
and there's been a lot of A cases where
different schools see the cannot get CAMHS help for children unless they are seriously and suffering from serious mental health issues or suicidal
reduction in management posts in all sectors mean that staff can't get support and yes I've talked to play Murray hits delegating stress management that business Manager simply because they don't have the time to meet with the teachers I know the teachers are asking for support with learning and teaching issues and nervous redheads input
you see plainly teachers regularly buying basic equipment for classes of their own money
and faintly says he'll get some things in a bit the management restructuring but it is vitally important that to emphasise that Edinburgh's had
quite high cuts and management in the schools compared to other authorities
thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:42:25]
thank you very much gentlemen for year journey the deputation and the points made other any elected Members who wish to ask any questions of the deputation
Councillor Munro
[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 0:42:39]
thanks very much to the deputation I was struck by one of the things that you say Tom and there you said about they are what percentage of the workforce do you think are not having a pay rise funded by the extra funds that supposedly coming from the Scottish government for this year and secondly
given some of the things that are actually you see it how cost you think this institution as to Ashton compulsory redundancies
I think the initial figure from The Geffen by the Scottish government relation to public sector people around with coffer 15 01 percent I think or fame staff but others prettily staff and NHS and the police etc. I am the things that the government centralised and controlled from a real powerful PC been fairly centrist
and then work with the Green motion and staffing getting extra money site increased the funding till 4 suddenly 1 percent so there were still are seven is something percent so there was still a shortfall
so therefore Local government mistakes happen I pick up the pieces of your concern that again is this that
protects the surfaces that they directly provide that are most important on local authorities to try to find the extra money as well as in relation to the compulsory redundancy and while it's difficult to know how close we are to that
I would like to think that the coalition parties know exactly
and perhaps detail the the same Council Kitri establishes position would be no Member Lake Council and sharply commitment to aim defending that plates of no compulsory redundancies
mon union Unison has up already has a Monday and place that you know we will be calling for industrial action and Nefyn anyone is made compulsory redundant
Councillor Arthur
[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 0:44:46]
I want to thank you for coming along today and put in some of these facts from the record about particular about the Scottish government you there's MP and the Greens their role in the cuts that we face here in Edinburgh the reality is the Scottish Government's budget this year has increased by one point 7 percent in real terms but yet we faced three points of flea point 4 percent real term cuts that's about 6 million pounds that God that we have defined by you know by looking at how we deal with things like social Services homelessness etc. it's completely unacceptable situation
personally I think all the way to end this austerity is to change the government was in Westminster and Holyrood maybe then we'll see real change onto my question
the book a lot about the stress that that staff are facing in the Council deal with the costume with austerity I wonder if you can speak more about that but also the stress that service users are facing because the declaiming surfaces in Edinburgh
but the whole language around transformation which is a real Botswanan and an affiliate just star you know it's a lawyer deception own transformation not just in the Council but across all organisations has been at it as a method of fame making massive cuts that the term that was used by the Council was Leader Nigel I mean we are not opposed to things being you know people being efficient but you can only be efficient to a certain level and Dame and and the situation is that staff are being asked to do more with less and less and the thing is that we coined to Freese to send in too fragile as opposed to lean in our jail and we are starting to see a huge thanks I certainly in the course that we are fielding through the trade unions were staff are feeling what what they are referring to his feeling bullied and had asked to carry out tasks
also in the refuse of actually
its organisational refuse apart and particularly in the care sector rules the fight should reduce some integrates or are they they created the people that will carry out some particular tasks these are all being done in the quotation that you know we are trying to protect the front line
we think that Sergio Resca saucy without Bickerstaffe for feeling that neither qualified or trained when well enough to cardio particular tasks and that can be seen from people like people support assessments right through to social care workers or social work assistants
often amasa fame you know reduction and business support undated and an Executive support so that puts on a massive fodder portent of what load on today's staff and staff are really are feeling really at breaking point
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:47:35]
[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 0:47:37]
Councillor D
thank you Lord Robertson 5 suggesting Tom third edition as well just to make the coalition's patient very clear that we both have in our manifesto is a commitment to no compulsory redundancies in the Chief Executive is very aware of that and that's not something we will be delivering during this town
I was keen to hear you see that it's both our governments both in Scotland in Westminster the attack on Local government and often our hands are tied in here what we do and like you I am disappointed to hear the comments and concerns about the unmet need in health and social care but it doesn't surprise you when both the Conservatives and the Lib Dems here today continue that approach to privatise council services with that I put to the EBA model again
you're we talk about the Government's austerity agenda but rather than spend money on supporting the people who are most in need to spend millions on Brexit to keep Boris Johnson's hands of Number 10 so my question is would you commit to working with this administration in the next four years that we've got to develop proper Budget plans to do the best we can from our continually reducing funding
well Unison another another trade unions and the community groups the massive campaign in the city of his year cycle with our per se is not for sale and now we have to look in our psyche still not for sale and industrious obviously not the proposal levels to try notes or surfaces across the council
you know you really need to set and thank you know it really was beneficial that we were successful in one and not campaign custody may be set in here we could alien and Capita and crisis and not delivering these surfaces and then
local government and that is a real risk I am concerned that that may be a respite in year when you're looking at the funding for health and social care I think that they are treating news will be keeping a close eye on how you are going to do that will it be in and how staff are relatively new agency staff where we look at the situation around Beale toasting another you know care home providers
something you know for me and trade unionists are absolutely abhorrent to March in that you want to make a profit through
the needs of trying to deliver needs to the most vulnerable and Dame and one that should never never be allowed to happen we of course it always Committee working with the the administration and the Council of our own masa Resources researchers and and architects and we have heard that can support and look at and their economies and stop but what we will never to suggest ways that you can reduce jobs in court surfaces
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:50:20]
go to Roseville
[Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat) - 0:50:23]
thank you very much indeed for your deputation today and I am very
very pleased that he highlighted the issues that we have obviously with mental health especially amongst the youth and the difficulty with the Commons unit I would just like you too if you possibly Kate 2 to allow us to understand what else we could do as a Council to try and alleviate some of these issues
More inbox London and McKeown sullen and Monty is as you know community education to training and public administration training in the past and their name and working in early intervention you know that whole surface was still eat and then a decade not because of the pressures that are on you know the front line statutory work I amidst getting a balance in relation to The as really quite appalling that we have a system now that you know unless a young person
a new has been found to see that you know they are contemplating suicide that are solemnly we that the rebel today not access services for
children the children spent on all surfaces
I think that they're Lane are function and belting you know that capacity to what we're young people at an early stage as final and their families and I think that you know the pressure here has to be put on you know we can lobby the Scottish government we we do we constantly lope lobby the governments and not just at a local level by a national where phone the funding needs to be and really early stage because it's economically unwise till effect because of pounds spent no safe she turned poems and future
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:51:58]
Councillor Cameron
[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 0:52:03]
thank you Lord Provost thanking the gentleman for your deputation and for everything you do to represent your members and also for everything that trade unions have done too meek and our society and much theatre please my question is this and I am particularly interested in and issues around how things are faked female Members female Members unrein gender equality in terms of peace I wonder if I could comment in relation to the cuts to funding particularly affect women Members of your trade union
obviously the first majority staff employed in the council or are women and then and
the fast majority women employed by the Council are low-paid women doing the most Europhile jobs in your own cleaning social care and school and schools
we did have a the modernising paste of you know a few years ago looking at how it could address the imbalance between the whole equal pay issue
locally and nationally we are looking at you know with the transformation programmes have been taking place I think was starting to be recognised that that has again are potential at that defy to start it to happen again onto him and it needs real close scrutiny I think it needs to be a close scrutiny even Nakano Equalities and Human Rights impact assessments for organisational refuse and look at how those can para or Suffolk female members of staff and day because that is relatively low-paid you know people support assistants and social care workers who are trying to meet their seven sites and on the seven thousand hours unmet need irangate the pay and that's something like 17 thousand pounds per year and so we are keeping an eye on the I think that there is a risk that a certified with a transformation but the rest work been done and now locally and nationally this moment
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:54:08]
I have no other names for question so I'd like to thank you once again for your deputation and the answers to various questions that you feel that we do have to have further deputations do receive at which point we will break to debate and discuss the points raised by all the deputations but thank you once again
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:54:53]
Good morning and welcome to this morning's can for meeting the deputation
we will start off your have 10 minutes to make your points as a deputation and I will then open up to questions from elected members when you wish to speak if you just press the button in front of you and then the floor is yours
well thank you very much for the opportunity to come and speak today we are a deputation from are the Edinburgh not for profit branch of Unite
and we're made up of myself Kathy Jenkins look Campbell and common Simon
about there are probably about 14 thousand people in Edinburgh who work for the not for profit are sector and many of them were concessional care and we had already decided to concentrate on social care today and had been working on what we are going to say when we saw the evening News article that quoted are Councillor Henderson saying almost everything we were going to say so we thought Well maybe we just won't bother coming but then
we worked out that actually we do have a different perspective obviously
we welcome the recognition that was in that article of some of the issues that we want to raise are but the difference is that our members actually work in those conditions they are the ones that are working in the conditions that were described are in that article on by Councillor Henderson
many of our workers on many of our members work for providers who are funded by yourselves arm and they constitute a somewhat hidden workforce really on because
they are they work doing much of the same work as your own council workers but for lower wages and in oftentimes work worse working conditions
through freezes in in grant funding and commissioning funding many of our members have faced up to 25 percent wage cuts since 2 thousand and 8 on
and many have also had their sick pay entitlement reduced although you state that there are no compulsory redundancies there have been compulsory redundancies in the not for profit sector in the organisations that you fund
I think a lot of what we're going to say will echo what what has just been said by
your own workforce or the unions representing your own workforce and I would like to say that we stand very much together with them on all of these issues
our members are expected to do skilled jobs looking after some of the most vulnerable people are that you represent
these are sometimes they are sometimes the only support that those people have
and yet they are expected to do this on low wages often on precarious contracts with either no or very low guaranteed hours working split shifts etc.
our members want to
provide the very best service that they can and one of the biggest issues for them is that they often can't do that because of the conditions that they are working in lack of staffing and lack of care hours
are added to the problems that we know that you recognise with self directed services so that's the problem of of slowness in assessment the problem of even once assessments have been made care hours not being given and our members have faced waits for their clients of up to two years to get the care and some have watched their clients die without that care on being given
I am sure you will
have heard some of these stories from your own constituents
so all of that added to pressure from managers who are always asking staff to do more for less
has led to very high stress levels you heard about this in your own workforce and ill health are
there are also a lot of other health and safety issues that our members face we can't really go into those in great detail now but they include inappropriate lone-working so lone working when it's not really safe to be doing that they include lifting and handling without an adequate staffing and equipment and may include exposure to violence and aggression
we are unclear exactly what is meant by the internship proposals that were being discussed in the evening News and we would welcome more information about that but what we will say is that social care workers must be properly trained they must be properly supervised they must be paid reasonable wages and they must work in safe conditions
or there will continue to be problems of recruitment and retention and of a decreasing quality of services
internships and apprenticeships are great as part of education and training but they should never be used to provide core services and any in terms that are used should always be paid at least the living wage
as a union our job is to highlight the consequences of austerity not just for the workers we represent but for all of the people in Edinburgh and that includes those who are stuck in hospital because they can't get care those who get 15 minutes of care when more is needed to get up in the morning to get dressed to get showered to eat
and most importantly to have some caring human contact
we agree with the proposals that have been made by the SEC the Edinburgh Trades Council and others are for ways to gain this the levels of resources needed to fund all of this properly that is like a tourist tax are the debt amnesties supermarket tax as there are a lot of ideas flying around that should be possible
we call on you to come clean with the people of Edinburgh about what is happening in social care and other services to develop a people's budget has as been asked for and to lead and to join with other Councils to lead a campaign to make all of this reality thank you
so it just involve up to the AGM look Campbell and support worker Moston University of Edinburgh and associates U-turn within University of the West of Scotland and thanks to the councillors that are tweeting the link out to this just now from the room air who fled what people are seeing this on a wee bit more aware of what's going on
as a follow-up to what's been said already and we are observing a drop in quality and quality of care and support services provided across Edinburgh
the workers are losing their jobs facing real-term drop in income or having to manage several short term low hours are precarious posts and are often forced to find supplementary work outside of their field of expertise and support workers social care and community development
of worked across Dundee and Edinburgh for 12 years in community settings support work with young adults care leavers Adult literacy sole elderly community groups
and my work has seen a drop in real time my income from my work has seen a drop in real terms income over almost three years in my current post and I've experienced unknown others to experience a soul in the workplace as result of our activities and support
it also faced isolated and more long term isolated and long hours of working conditions with a lot of contact time with other members of staff and management
I for two years of a one of my post was working in a job paid at equivalent to 3 pounds 20 to an hour for an employer who had already been accredited as a living Wage employer and an investor in people
and my chefs have often involved between 14 and 16 and a half hours at a time and lone worker and overnight conditions and as I said this already for organisation who had been held it does quite
good at what they do
and I have observed colleagues and am other support staff leave their care post because sales organisations were offering better wages before anything commission or if you can imagine receiving such a thing a bonus for repair
this support I've received from Unite the Union in confirming that in terms of confirmation and Council Air regarding might one enquiries and efforts to correct this erroneous level appear as been invaluable and I want to highlight the a wealth of other organs other organisations operating in support and care services and Edinburgh are still not paying the correct wages I should legally be doing
am as was mentioned earlier to the earlier today I along with a number other workers with years of experience College undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications and exactly these fields of support work care and Committee starts commit settings as are facing redundancies will be out of a job on the 1st of April this year
the Edinburgh evening Times report regarding short term measure of internships and as reported yesterday a will in itself as was admitted in the article not solve the crisis in social care or support services
many of us with qualifications have already undertaken lengthy and unpaid placements
during our universities programmes I know rather than securing a liveable incomes and permanent posts the proposal is another short term solution
and this will impact not just on the workers and their ability to survive in Edinburgh but also on the service users and individuals being receiving support from experienced and qualified professional staff a lack of consistency in the service provider short term relationships with support and care staff and uncertainty over the future level of service received are just a few of the consequences of adequate and short term solutions to a major crisis
thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:05:26]
thank you very much for your deputation
to ensure income
[Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 1:05:34]
I would like to thank you for being here today I am a person who has worked and there are not for profit care and received help from your union I know what it's like to work hundreds or weeks I know what it's like to work 24 hours a day for a whole week and also know what it's like to be given a three hour month
and and without the support that you give to these workers I believe that conditions would be much worse I want to thank you
for the help and support that I personally received from you and whether you give to these people and there is a real need for change the Council to scrutinise the way that
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:06:26]
the workers are being employed in the sector thank you
can it before I go into next can I just remind Councillors at this
[Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 1:06:33]
point is for asking questions not adding to the debate
OK sorry I apologise
service I want to ask a what
what what you think the Council could do to help it to change the situation for the those working in that sector sorry
[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 1:06:59]
I think our money would be the short answer to that one and I was quite concerned re then what a Henderson was saying in the interim yesterday
I do believe that more money needs to be put in the sector we need to do we need to be able to pay their staff properly if we need to be able to get proper management for projects but also I think the Council has to put in place proper ways to monitor the contract that it gives away
and if you go through a process of 10 30 and you give services and use Southern cheap you get cheap services on top of that there is I don't think there is a proper monitoring of how those services are provided
you know the hours need to be provider equality has to be of a certain level and I think that's going through holes
and there does not good enough
councillor campbell
[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 1:07:59]
I would like to thank the deputation for their presentation that small and
one of the things that you will both period across Circus and work was actually they export or even deeper cuts to the third sector
what work has been done to quantify the scale and size of these in the same way that Unison outline to Council the small island and if it hasn't been done do you think it should be
well No Yes No I don't think it has been done to the extent that it should be and we have done work as a union but we are obviously limited in how much we can do looking across the whole sector because of course some of the social care which is provided by your commissioned services is also provided by the private sector so we are only representing a section of it but yes I think I think we do need to look at it much more closely and and as Carmen said monetary it
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:09:04]
Councillor Henderson
[Cllr Ricky Henderson (Labour) - 1:09:10]
thank you Lord Provost and can also thanked the deputation for coming along today and for the points that you made the contribution of the not-for-profit sake that enough social care services is vitally important and will continue to be important and a whole developed further in the months and years to come some questioners and would you be prepared to be so good as to contact me in the next few days I would welcome further discussion with you on how the Council can work with you and Integrated Joint Board can what was you a on how we deliver services across the city
can I ask a question A I would rate K but information about what did you man by item
interns so I am really I had to look at the word in the dictionary because I just couldn't
unless than how would that work could be used in that context and what did you mean by that and a year since you are here today I would like to
thank you
[Cllr Ricky Henderson (Labour) - 1:10:17]
than usual just questions about own bomb
if I was going I was I was going to clarify and
as I say I would welcome a meeting and a discussion with you
on an ongoing basis in the future however the A if you look at the even used carefully you'll see that the nicely use the what and term what I actually said to the journalist during an interview was that a I think that came so should be working more closely with the higher and further education sectors and terms assume what joint collaborations where possible in terms of delivering care but also in terms of research into two conditions and how do we hold we care for people with different conditions and how the demographic issues are developing and we I think we need to change our services accordingly that that was my reference what he took from that was the use of interns and then put that into the article so that wasn't why I raised however made may also be a possibility so I'm not going to dismiss anything out of hand and that wasn't what I use because I have some
reservations about how that can be interpreted
it I I understand the problems of
reporting of what people say
but yes the answer is of course we would meet with you and would like
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:11:46]
to have an ongoing relationship
I have no other names for speaking to once again thank you very much for your deputation and for the questions put to and from me and we still have one further deputation to hear from
which point we will then break to discuss and debate the points that you you are neither Deputations have raised but once again thank you very much
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:12:12]
in advance of the last deputation coming in
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:12:19]
I will just take the point to points to meet one there's just to remind Members that when it gets to CUNY with Deputations accuse needed
definitely before we get to dance also point out that understanding orders taking and transmitting or photographs by elected Members during debate is at my discretion the given that this is being broadcast live my preference would be elected Members do not take and use social media to distribute photographs for the meeting is going on has happened on two or three occasions already this morning I would ask elected members to refrain from doing so
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:13:10]
Good morning and welcome to
today's Council meeting you the last deputation of the day so he didn't have to wait too long to come forward
the processes as I'm sure you are aware there is 10 minutes to make the deputation points at which point I will open it to questions from elected members when you wish to speak if you just press the button on the microphone in front of you on offer in your finished floor is no use
thank you Lord promise a large site the Council agreed to hear a deputation from Edinburgh trade Union Council which represents trade unions and City of Edinburgh deputation consists of myself does not mean secretary Mary Zonda who's basically Unite often Edinburgh as a deputy Scottish legal section of Unite and Duncan Smith who is the Chair of Edinburgh to UC
will each trust Councillor up three minutes after contributions would be pleased to answer questions from Councillors
are we prepared a short briefing document which had already been circulated to all councillors the briefing illustrates our concerns across all the budget issues today I wish to apply just one of the points that were made within the briefing documents
these I think show that the Council in regard to protect local services to be in a dire situation we think that the Council has a duty to let the people of Edinburgh know how bad situation is and what can be done about it we believe there are solutions to these problems if public awareness was raised and if there was a political will but both locally and that Scottish Parliament and Scottish come level
first point Services should we wish to make as well as the straight in a report called whole system delays recent trends that went before the Edinburgh joint integration Board on to try to 6 of January this year
it's rather bland title for report with a script described a service in severe crisis in the report it states on the 27th December two thousand seventeen your need for domiciliary care amounted to 8 thousand 500 s every six hours per week
this figure has steadily increased since 29th May 2 thousand 17 when it was 5 thousand 5 thousand thirty four hours per week
is it going to increase the Councillor Henderson seems to be saying that four million pounds in new money since reached Scottish Parliament votes is going to be spent by the board we want to ask Councillor Hansard if any of this money is going to be used to deal with the rapid increase in unmet hours of care
you want to ask if there's any chance that the total a hundred fittest 8 thousand 500 seven hours could be reduced and by how much
cost would like Councillor Hansard to say that unmet need is going to be eliminated in 2 thousand 18 however a quick calculation of the necessary finance and staffing required makes this impossible it require at least an additional 8 million for that purpose alone plus an additional a hundred support staff will ever be reduced to an except to an acceptable level
report illustrates not Centre the crisis your first with 30 percent to 50 percent turnover in staff per annum for trading point of view the Tower was not surprising still skill staff were only paid the Scottish living wage in the private sector and 10 pounds the voluntary sector Assistant based on poverty wages are no possible regressive schools workers is dysfunctional
the worst thing about the report is that it is so bleak and seem to be saying that there is no hope of the crisis being resolved such and 13th report says current levels and patterns of support to enable people to leave hospital are not sufficient to bring about reduction acquired in the level of delay to major challenge interchanges in terms of the capacity of the care system and of affordability
and then Section 14 there is a high level of unmet need in hospital and in the community which has significant cost implications not reflected in current financial forecasts and savings programmes
we think is a fair point to make two Councillors that people are dying now while they wait for care or wait for assessments we challenged the Council to do the necessary research to prove us wrong the Council is not serving the people of Edinburgh well if it dodges this issue not finding out the true picture the Council has to be clear people dying because of current service failures is not just in time for the Council but an indictment of the whole system of austerity
including I hope the council see the current crisis in serves as unacceptable we hope that the Council want the public to be fully informed of the crisis and informed of possible solutions
in particular I would be happy to work with the Council in organising recorded and lobby the Scottish Parliament and Scottish government secure proper funding and a proper funding strategy actually listening
thank you
and the various delegations that you've had today have them lst it very well with the impact of the severe cuts and to the budget over the last five years and the potential impact of those areas of the hundred and 50 million a cost to come in the next five years
and days has them constantly it on social care and you heard from the A Unite delegates who work in social care and for
the expedience is and on to that the cuts have affected them
and days mentioned that that is 8 thousand 500 seventy six hours per week of assessed care covering 9 hundred 81 people and which are cut I know that I'm assess kid needs have not been met and the Council has about 19 hundred people waiting on assessments for social care with some waiting over two years and many for over a year
these are often people desperately in need of help these families are struggling along trying to support them as best they can many have and no one who they can rely on to help them except perhaps a next door neighbour and I think it's absolutely scandalous that in this day and age our communities social care needs are not being met in in our beautiful city like Edinburgh
which is so rich in in in many ways and apart from this growing social divide and because of of the lack of public services and the costs to them
the social care sector as we feared suffers from chronic staff shortages high attrition rates poor pay and lack of training and I think there's is right to say that there's a serious crisis here which needs to be prioritised by the Scottish government and the Local government
turning to the impact of the austerity measures on workers over the last five years I think Tom Connolly and a detailed very well what those impacts have meant them up for frontline services and for workers in those own members who work in council services have suffered a relentless transformation process which has sold the workforce reduce by 1 thousand in the last two years as many of own Members particularly those over 60 have wearily reached for the so called VR package this is compulsory redundancies in all but name
they are fed up with changes to job descriptions and grading changes which devalue the work they do sharply increasing job Lords as more staff or shade and pressure grows on their particular shrinking service means Malala's out rock bottom and they can't deliver the service the new or the local community deserves a janitor's and having a ballot on industrial action with their main concern not about wages but about the security and the safety of their buildings as Cohen try to dote or community workers are expected to fill fulfil some of the janitorial duties whilst we welcome Labour's commitment to not supporting compulsory redundancies we would point out that Local Authority commissioning
excuse me has meant compulsory redundancies in the voluntary sector
and due to cuts in funding
the voluntary sector is literally on its knees as committed staff try to provide a service on a shoestring budget
sickness absence in general in the Council is an all time high are well over 5 percent and absence due to workplace stress is writ large in these statistics in one area we are involved in family and household support or services support some of the most vulnerable citizens of our city sickness absence is between 10 and 15 percent BYOD estimates
the poor state of cleanliness and many Council schools and other buildings is caused by the inability of the council to fill dozens of cleaning vacancies thus putting unbearable pressure on to existing low-paid star causing stress and more ill health absence demoralised put-upon and underpaid or cannot continue
[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 1:23:38]
this year's pay settlement must protect workers as Tom said from the sharp rise in inflation forecast and start to reverse the many years of real term cuts to wages through pay restoration and protection for the lowest paid
the Council must take its statutory duty of care to employees more seriously and hold the cost-cutting and reduction to services union reps to under increasing pressure as with the transformation programme and the costs and the cumulative impact that has on our members there's been a rise in bullying and harassment cases even says disciplinaries and Members seeking support and due to as I have said the transformation process
that many areas that I am days has a pointed out in the paper that has been submitted to the Council that are worthy of consideration for additional funding meeting the needs of the ever expanding homelessness problem in Edinburgh the 14 who conjure children in care as well shouldn't suffered a cut to the service asylums children should be properly supported libraries kept open and properly staffed sport pitches and facilities should be properly maintained for the long term preservation of these essential facilities for the community nursery nurses should be acknowledged for the skills and experience they bring to the job and not replaced by Gary 3 assistance
Edinburgh is the jewel in the crown of Scotland tourist industry with four million visitors bringing in one point 4 billion a year its residents and workers deserve decent secure jobs and public services capable of dealing with the impact of such a huge influx of people and meeting the needs of the expanding population thank you
i'd like to
talk about a slightly different issue but it's also part of the proposed cuts agenda we've been talking about this morning and triple aspect of their its survival
social inclusion are supposed to social exclusion is about combating inequality
and what I want to talk about is our library services in Edinburgh now we understand that there is a project to pilot some staff Lewis libraries in the city as well as a couple of community centres and we think this is a mistake and I want to explain why we we feel that
I shouldn't have to be said but I think we need to go over this libraries are important in addressing inequalities volcano we are all aware that many service
our pointing out that inequality is rising in our society across many different dimensions income and access to housing a particular obvious examples of that in Edinburgh particularly however inequality in access to education services and knowledge generally is also increasing
so libraries are essential for talking about
access to books free of charge broadening of knowledge reading for pleasure these kind of things help to
redress some of the worst social inequalities but also bring people into society to meet other people and
combat social exclusion and unequal access to information is also very significant as a Council wanting to
do something about social exclusion
to combat poverty inequality we think moving to a library service which has some of its libraries without staff is the wrong way to go forward
what what else happens library while people have access to library computers nowadays it's important for students on low incomes and also for those applying for social security benefits you may well be aware the access to a computer now is essential as most applications forms can only be completed online you can become a complete them as a hard paper copy some people do not have also a safe place to relax and read for pleasure and libraries can provide that safe space all these benefits are particularly important for those living in poverty who are who have disabilities of one sort or another or are our come from are a marginalised community
the kind of groups that are covered by the Equalities Act 2 thousand and 10 we are concerned that any reduction in this valuable social service
will be to the detriment of the citizens of Edinburgh but respect especially opposed the proposal to run some libraries without staff and we understand that as I said that's going to be a pilot it might be happening now it's part of the Open Library concept which was in a report to the Education children and families Committee on the 12th of December last year and why our staff whilst essential and well staff provide a welcome to new readers and explain what the library facilities can offer well trained staff can provide advice and support to students of all ages support to those wishing to use the computers and other facilities as have said but also an and very importantly providing an environment where elderly and vulnerable people feel welcome and feel safe that is very very important it's something that sometimes we feel for granted we take for granted but as we know nowadays a lot of public space is turning into private space which you have to pay for so areas like libraries are extremely important even if people are coming there to read that newspaper or sit and chat with people that they know it's extremely important to have these places open but also to have the staff there that can welcome people
without staff the benefits are outlined will be diminished we feel I am obviously without supervision in a library the opportunity for theft the books and risk of vandalism are multiplied without staff there if there's a fire how do people get out safely whose where the fire wardens to make sure people get out you know in a place like Waverley Court the biggest admin office there are many Fire Wardens need to be there because in case of fire people make sure people don't panic make sure everyone gets so everyone is safe in a library without staff House that going to happen for Fire starts
it's very very concerning
we also believe that young and elderly people alike and people who are vulnerable are less likely to use the library if they are worried about who will be there or if there will be trouble and unfortunately some of the
are actually experienced recently
that Unison was highlighted with an assault on a member of staff and other issues with younger people and causing some nuisance in libraries we think he's these examples would be multiplied
without the staff presence
I don't think staff in libraries want staff to be heavily earn libraries to be heavily policed they welcome the relationship they have with many communities and that is to be maintained but the presence of staff does have a calming effect on people as well as it
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:31:39]
then be left to give advice and and help with the education process
if you can start coming to a conclusion police
okay so in practice we think that libraries without staff will actually discriminate against the most disadvantaged in our society the people who benefit most from the use of this public space and its public facilities and we also not aware that there's been any equalities and Rights impact Assessment regarding these proposals and we look forward to that being done and it's something that report that
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:32:13]
should be made public
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:32:16]
thank you very much for the deputation
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:32:20]
we did overrun the time there but I thought it important 0 3 members of the deputation to be able to put The Lawn points Councillor MCVIE
[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:32:33]
thank for much Lord Provost the thought of his worth just clarifying that the pledge on no compulsory redundancies is not a Labour one it's a coalition one it was a nice MP manifest on its pledge 50 anyone in this city wants to look it up and while this administration's running them for all coalition members and all Members across all our parties that pledge
will not change and that pledge I will not be broken I can ask
can I specifically on open libraries because I think it's a very is a very interesting point and I completely take some of the concerns on board are entirely valid
but my my Pleaty would be to go and expedience the pilot when its operating and go and look at it as I'll be doing and I'm sure other Members will be doing this isn't a new idea it's happened elsewhere that's worked elsewhere and we can't sale as an idea that there will be some libraries that are unstaffed
there'll be some libraries are run staff some of the time and that's the key thing this is not about
removing staff from entire day's worth of hours this is about reducing staff hours seven key point to enable to keep the libraries open longer is the long term aspiration for that policy so if it works the aim is to get it going so I suppose my plea is my question is will you go and visit the pilot to make sure that some of those concerns are perhaps less valid than than you feel right now
yes certainly take you up on that offer
I wished I understand what you're saying in terms of
the proposals actually
being designed to widen access in a sense in terms of opening hours you'll CNOs being a kind of broader range however the concerns about
Health and safety for example still remain an also
whatever time you visit a library
I think especially if you're a student say young or old
they support that staff from the assistance that staff can give you is really really an integral part of the library service so it's not just a question I think of going there you're swiping your card going and taking a book and so on so far it's much more than that and I think that's a very valuable part of the library service and say we are concerned that
service users going when there aren't staff available will be getting less of a service if you like then when staff are present so I'll certainly take you up on your offer
but we have our doubts about the positive aspects that you've that you've outline
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:35:31]
[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 1:35:32]
Councillor Munro
I would like to thank the deputation further contribution is small and ad hoc course do you think we are all your members are to breaking point but I think we've actually gone pasta secondly do you think that as the Scottish government should implement they've just changed report from December 2 thousand 15 which actually covered Local government finance and thirdly edge I think in the meantime should be implemented as t see plan which actually would receive a hundred million for Scottish councils
I think that
I think that's a UN report are sent
to Councillors on
because we listed a whole number of measures that would improve this Local Authority in every Scottish local authorities financial position I think all these are feasible if there is the I'm a political well I'm we don't think that the best you see suggested a different approach to general taxation etc things or a whole list of measures then that if these are adopted
and if local authorities and the Scottish Government's actually provided political leadership and explains the Scottish people why all these extra income is needed then I think the Scottish people would support it everyone I know the part Edinburgh I live round Longstone once the right amount of money spent on schools social care or nursery services there is no doubt that they want that money to be spent and it's actually amazing that some I think politicians don't seem to see that Sir that desires there
may not be exactly reflect and political way people vote better I can assure you did a survey of people ask me from the right amount of
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:37:41]
money to be sent spent on these things than I think you get a positive answer
[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 1:37:44]
so I can I just come in on the point guard and made about an egg Councillor manure made about an IV at breaking point and I think this was our staff of Tom as well if the Members that we are an A meeting on on a daily basis and if you have have suffered as a result of changes to their working conditions reduce numbers of staff are really am you know on the margins know you know I would say is very very difficult for them to deliver the service that they want to deliver it and that is very stressful for them the and I highlight children and families area square we estimate there's around 10 to 15 percent and sickness absence there and a lot of that absence of as I've highlighted is due to stress in the workplace and the pressure that has been put on individuals so yes I do think that but I can point I don't think that own members and the service users can cope with any more cuts
[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 1:38:58]
thank you
concerns and maybe I won't be surprised to hear that I'm glad that you're speaking about libraries today and I'm really proud of the work comes from the Liberal Group done to protect library opening hours in this budget
but a time when library users were not Brit across Scotland and literacies fine I think it a shame to saw that in the budget there is actually a cut to the book budget with the new library
in the budget as proposed I was actually hopeful the opposition parties would push us further on now but not the Greens are actually going to cut the but the big budget by a further 70 3 thousand posed with what we propose I think this is completely unacceptable but here's my question then
I think the point you were making about the Open Library proposal is is not so much about people being able to access books about other services a library provides the library which is closest to me is an Oxgangs Omagh surgeries there twice a month
and as well as
Israeli sorting books they also do storytimes 4 to 5 year olds are your opinions sessions for I guess for older people ran advice surgeries
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:40:18]
[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 1:40:19]
what I'm saying is as as the delivery of these services are concerned about rather than people simply level to learn a book can take it home
thank you for that question yes I mean
we were we would certainly agree that libraries fulfil a wider function that just
picking up a book and take it away for a couple of weeks I think
it's important to have shared because so many of the spaces that we have to relax and so forth where people have been privatised and libraries are one of those areas just if you about line where a number of different
functions can can happen and I know that it is important that that happens
but I think it in Edinburgh you know any if you think about Edinburgh unit sits it's it's
it's boasts of its a spoof prowess as a City of culture
and yet
any kind of attack on the library service diminishes that and it diminishes it that particularly for the people on low incomes or disadvantaged in a in a number of ways
and as I say you know we've talked about many different cuts here this morning and
and there are the impact on people are numerous and varied and this is just one of them we want to defend everything we live in a wealthy city in a wealthy country
in the 20 first century in 18th year of the 21st century we just demand more we we demand services that are up to up to date
are the best services that we can buy and I think can do a lot better across the board than we're doing it will not take place equal willows colleagues have said and campaigning but I think we've seen that other other circumstances when there's pressure there the money certainly appears so I think we need to put more pressure on the Scottish government and at Westminster if we are to save the basis of a supposed
what contributes to a civilised life in the capital of Scotland and I think we all need to do a lot better thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:42:50]
[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 1:42:52]
thank you Lord Provost can I return to the point that you've need inviting you meet at the very beginning of your deputation and that was the only needed to be frank with the people of Edinburgh thing that was the exact freeze that you used and so two questions firstly do you agree that we still have something of a perception problem generally whereby people in Edinburgh and I think across Scotland think that the Council is paid for by Council Tax and actually do not always understand that a huge part of the funding that we rely on actually comes from the Scottish government so there's an education exercise first and foremost
secondly do you also agree that it is unfortunate in circumstances that we have today whereby the Leader of the Council in a written reply to a question says that he welcomes the local government settlement from the Scottish government and do you think it is incumbent upon us all Councillors irrespective of political parties to be more robust in public and in private with the Scottish government to articulate the crisis that we are facing local government and the need for increased investment
but call a civic conference
all major stakeholders in Edinburgh and all the public explained the dilemma is facing regarding the funding of services and should seek support from right across the whole community in Edinburgh
by using its ability to produce research and proper facts and figures about what's going on the risks of maintaining the low level of services risks reducing services then seek public support and put that to the
Scottish government and Scottish pardons we believe that if the Council mobilise the public of Edinburgh in that way given that it's a capital city we think it would have a dramatic effect on Scottish government and Scottish Parliament's policy
is now being tried out accepted that has been in the past I suppose some conferences to us to mobilise public opinion support particular initiatives but to mobilise public opinion to defend local says local authorities has never been done I think it's an idea should be tried out and if you want to do is if you decided to do it a lot of other organisations in the community like the local trade union movement would do all his best to make sure that such a conference was a success and that the lobby effort that came out of that conference was
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:45:48]
also a success
Councillor Cooke
[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 1:45:55]
or course thank you there's also to see you in fact you and your colleagues for coming along and you think that your deputation would meet quite clear in the feedback that you have in terms of what their priorities in the decision making around what those priorities are for this Council important and essential services like schools like health and social care do you wonder opinion and if you are aware that as a Council the administration continues to prioritise spending and borrowing of One Hundred and 65 no in pounds or thereabouts to fund a tram extension the have said explicitly that as one of the priorities in the current climate and the feedback that you're getting through your role you and your colleagues do you think that should be this time a priority for this Council regardless of in the longer term they hold your opinion may be her own often greeted Trump capacity in the city she's spending and borrowing that money this type in this claimant will be a priority for this Council
our paper which amounted to like for pages does I outlines up concerns and our solutions to the problems you know one way and
as far as the feedback I get from I'm Members at the services that they depend on that they and their families depend on then the family members have got disabilities depend on then the families on low wages is cost whole wide range of services really are looking for I know of a solution 2 and the Edinburgh Edinburgh's problems which depends on in a radical changes the way Local authorities are funding be not known as actually talks to me in the last six months about the tribe's even though where I'm basis just outside of trans terminus so no it's not a big issue for our members but Farm Nursery provision for example is a far bigger issue
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:47:54]
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:47:56]
supplementary Lord Provost
[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 1:47:58]
[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 1:48:00]
very short supplementary so
[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 1:48:02]
it can make clear you see there's not enough money for Core Council Services but you do not pick up concern that spending One Hundred and 65 million pounds of public money to extend
I think about that
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:48:26]
to thank the deputation again for the deputation and for the answers to various questions that you faced we will now break to discuss the various points raised by all the deputations and we will reconvene at 12 o'clock

Item 3.5 - Request for Deputation

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:51:15]
k thank you and welcome back to reconvene session
no hand over to the court for the order of business

Item 4.1 - By Councillor Whyte - Council Budget

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:51:29]
thank our progress to the next item is Item 4 on the agenda which is questions
[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:51:34]
the first question is Councillor White
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:51:38]
[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 1:51:41]
thank you Lord Provost The Council leader has given me an answer which once again tries to deflect from the issue
the issue at hand is that the Scottish government in its budget for 18 19 received a 5 percent cash uplift and a 3 percent real terms uplift that's translates to this Council in grant from the Scottish government has received a point 4 percent reduction even after all the much heralded extra money that came following the draft Budget so Lord Provost by any means Councillor McVie's lobbying seems to have had very little effect when his powers in the Greens are the ones who are claiming the benefit for the extra money that did come
so Lord Provost why is it so difficult for Council of the fee to give us a list of the meetings when he and his colleagues have lobbied the Scottish government and what was discussed at those meetings
is it because he was entirely ineffective in those meetings or is it perhaps because a bit like a year ago were almost a year ago when we were discussing a coalition agreement that was no real document or documentary evidence on which to phoned his assertions
[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:53:04]
what progress if we are to begin
where to begin a 4 star f m Kensal White thinks back to the genesis and we saw in section was very often but if he tries to think of the process that went through the budget I wouldn't initial assumptions are 20 seven point 1 million pounds better off today than when they started off and if he thinks back to dent McCain's initial announcement in the parliament that was about 14 million pounds better off than are starting assumption the subsequent deal with the Greens and the parliament pushed up to 20 seven point 1 million pounds I think it's are a good deal strong deal
the Tories are again repeating a line that of haired
swallowed I think would be the appropriate word Lord Provost from a member of the Labour party earlier on that A the settlement with the UK government Scottish government was an increase above inflation feeds when you look into the detail of that Lord Provost it doesn't really stand up when you look at the restricted funds when you look at the funds which are by their nature for capital spend rather than revenue is now I flats at simple increase in the amount of grant funding that the Scottish government was given it was more complicated than that are more than willing to send Councillor way a briefing on if it doesn't quite understand it and in terms of engagement I've hard with the Scottish government directly there's been a whole host there has been a whole house for weeks and weeks and weeks and it's taken the form of meetings taken the form of encounters would have managed to be locally at the same event of government ministers have taken the opportunity to lobby on behalf of the city it's taken the form of text messages or phone calls of e-mails of a whole host of interactions that are direct between myself and the Minister and I think and of course engagement with my colleagues in the administration and with officers
I don't know why Lord Provost the Conservatives are I mean I appreciate their position is to do down the city rather than to talk up that's that's been their position fairly consistently
but why they would want to make this administration on behalf of the capital less effective in arguing for the things that we need to argue for to improve our city is frankly just beyond me it takes doing down the city to another level I think my job is better served I think I am better able to serve the people of end by making robust direct representations to the Scottish government outlining not only the issues that are facing us but also being able to get information from the Scottish government and be able to feed into their thinking I think that serves the City very well are spoken to other council leaders who do not have that direct contact with the Scottish government who would want that direct contact with the Scottish government for the Conservatives to want to formalise that process and to everything being done and are minuted meeting puts me would put me and are similar
in a similar bracket to any other Council Leader of any other party of any other place in the entire country we are the capital city Lord Provost and we have a direct route to the Scottish government I am exploiting that as much as I can for the interests of the city and if the Conservatives want to do that don't and bleak those ties which would inevitably have a negative impact on the city than they can keep working to try to achieve that and I'll keep working to try and block it because it is not in the best interests of the city
the Conservatives
the Conservatives have orchestrated therefore wise on this they have written to me on this and now they have got a question to
this Council that I am still waiting or progress in my response I I am still waiting for the Conservative response to my letter or my e-mail on the 9th of February they wrote to me on the 9th of February I wrote back within a few hours I felt I was quite good I'm still waiting on a response to my question of my question was very simple I'm engaging with the Scottish government on a whole race Hall
a whole range of things I was wanting information on things like and I'll give some examples things like the pay settlement before it was announced to make sure we are budget assumptions are correct things like the impact of the floor to make sure some of our Budget assumptions are correct to make sure they understood the impact of for instance the adjustment that was made after decades announcement to some of our Budget assumptions so that they knew the strength of feeling the I heart unless air Council had in this city hard that we wouldn't take a reduction like that lightly and it had to be just stored in one form or another I've made those direct representations as robustly as icon where have the Tories made any representations on behalf of this city there are still decisions which affect the financial future of this Council dependent not only in the Scottish Government's hands but in Westminster's and the question I asked the Conservatives was what have you done have you even contacted your chancellor have even contacted any member of your government down South to lobby on behalf of this city I'm not looking for details Lord Provost specific details because I want them to be effective in championing the city so I don't want minuted meetings from them I suspect the reason they're not answering Lord Provost I suspect and I'm only suspects and because they haven't bothered to dignify my e-mail with a response I suspect the reason that the not answering they've done nothing if done absolutely nothing but the city
and I don't know if that just makes them hypocrites because they're asking me for that extensive information but refusing to give it themselves or it just makes them look frankly cowardice that they are so weak that they are so weak that they wouldn't even pick up the phone or send an e-mail or exploit any contact they have with their part time South to try and benefit this city in any way shape or form again I await their response maybe they're going to prove me wrong and maybe they've been doing a heck of a lot behind the scenes but again Lord Provost I suspect know I'll keep fighting for this city even if the Tories are completely different
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:00:06]
Councillor Webber
[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 2:00:09]
[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 2:00:11]
thank you Lord Provost and
Councillor Day I was disappointed
that you seem to be content to let the Council Leader answer this question on your behalf

Item 4.2 - By Councillor Webber - Council Budget

and given the criticism we've heard from many Labour politicians regarding the awful settlement from the Scottish government it does seem strange that you've not taken up the opportunity to answer today perhaps you would like to know and perhaps expand on the meetings that you have taken Parton there are clearly referred from the blog from one of your colleagues Councillor Mann rule on the 22nd of February
[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:00:46]
Gardens got blog
the response that the Council urges me to think it's the same question over and over again and rather miss the Council's team resources available are helping to run the city
region a Member in addition to that the cuts this City is received from Scottish government we continually see our citizens damaged by the continued blow be one-off welfare reform from our Conservative colleagues who do nothing Lord Provost every week families become homeless in this city thanks shiftaccording Housing benefit cuts benefit cuts horse Councillor Webb are doing about that nothing
Councillor Johnson

Item 4.3 - By Councillor Johnston - Council Budget

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:01:27]
[Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative) - 2:01:30]
lord provost
Councillor to thank you for that answer I asked this question of Councillor Rankin a number of weeks ago and his answer then was no comment
and it's been the same again today and Councillor Rankin me Unite may disagree on many things you may disagree on it on many things but you have to admire his consistency so I wonder if today he'd like to break his
self-imposed silence and answer the question
[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:02:01]
I would be very happy to do that business had no comment to put it in context was during the course of the Finance and Resources Committee meeting which does not have an agenda item entitled questions and answers to the Convener you and your Conservative colleagues chose to try and turn it into a question and answer session was entirely the wrong thing to do I said no the very simple reason I wanted to get on with the business and very busy agenda that seem to me to make perfect sense
so thank you for that misrepresentation
but in terms of my contact with the Scottish government yes I've been in touch with Derek McKay in fact the F and R Committee members actually asked me to do that directly and I did at the very same day obviously I talk to the council leader who's who is the chief interlocutor if you like with
from this Council to the Scottish government on the budget that's the same with every other Council Notts perfectly sensible obviously he knows what I think I give them all the detailed information to I think he needs and we discussed and then he goes forward and talks the Scottish government as often as he sees fit I have also spoken to SNP members of the Scottish Parliament representing Edinburgh and advise them on where the Council is that financially and they have lobbied within Scottish parliamentary
parliamentary party and within debates in the Scottish Parliament on behalf of this Council
I do not think it makes any serious sense for you to ask for all these details I all I can think that you're doing is trying to deflect from the fact that the sorts of settlement the Scottish government gets the sort of settlement that other Whitehall departments get for example our settlements which are driven by a policy which has proven to be utterly economically counter productive and is causing unnecessary suffering and economic damage

Item 5 - Budget Motions

Item 5.1(a) - Revenue Budget Framework 2018-23 Progress Update - referral from the Finance and Resources Committee

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:03:54]
[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:03:57]
[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:03:57]
item 5 Lord Provost as the Council's Revenue and Capital budgets that are sweeter Farrow reports at item 5 point 1 and also on the capital investment programme at 5 point to budget motions have been submitted and published on behalf of the caution and all the opposition parties
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:04:15]
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:04:16]
have already agreed with the Group leaders that there be a slight amendment to Standing orders in that the proposers of the motion and the three amendments will be granted 10 minutes rather than five minutes
the second digital billowed 5 minutes and all others three minutes and I would ask you to adhere to these given that there will be a significant number of speakers also take this opportunity to remind members since this debate negate slightly heated that you speak through the Chair and not act each other which has started to creep into meetings of late we will break for lunch once the motion and the three amendments have been moved and seconded irrespective of when that is on the afternoon station irrespective of when we break for lunch will commence Norway later than 2 pm
it's up to you
Councillor Rankin
[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:05:10]
thank you for that were promised that I've got to say to my remarks as I understand that you have got to stop what's taking
a little leeway would be appreciated if you can possibly have
I am pleased to present to Council this first budget of the new administration and for their help in supporting the Budget process I want to thank you done the Finance team and Joiner Hamilton Reagan's policy and advice support
so as policy and support adviser to me Vice Convener I acknowledge the extra burden has been placed on them in producing a draft consultation budget and in preparing the mid-year budget review administration appreciates those additional efforts and the quality of their work
most of our Budget themes today reflect both the rising demand for Council services and the continuing financial constraints relative to those demands which was seen for far too many years now
whilst the last administration carry through difficult decisions in its transformation programme there's no doubt that this administration and the Council has further to go to be confident of financial stability over the longer term
that's particularly true in the context of a one year budget settlements and substantial political economic and fiscal uncertainties to which Brexit is an unwelcome addition
I will say more about the longer term in due course
and that brings me to the economic and political environment for this budget the main feature and failure and economic policy remains the fixation with deficit reduction it produced the longest recession in modern times the slowest recovery possibly ever and the sloth growth in real wages for well over a century
the Office of Budget responsibility the OCD and the Bank of England have all in recent months produce substantial downward projections for UK economic growth which will only be compounded by the prospect of leaving the European Union
UK government response has been simply to plough on with the occasional soundbites such as the economy an economy that works for everyone and their declared of unsupported concern for those who are just about managing
this language acknowledges the reality that we were in fact never all in this together and we will not be until policy changes since 20 15 one particular effective Conservative government policies has been to reduce the incomes of the least well off but to increase the incomes of the top 20 percent
so it remains true as Disraeli said over a hundred and 50 years ago that a Conservative government is an organised hypocrisy
and I think there is also much to be said for the view that a good deal of economic prosperity and citizens' rights are being sacrificed on the altar of Conservative party unity
austerity which was originally slated to end in 20 15 is on present policies likely to continue into the 20 13th
and that is a huge and historic failure inflicting two decades of unnecessary economic damage and hardship but the real reason for austerity must be ideological because all the evidence and basic economics are firmly against it
there has been a pick-up in global growth in recent months but there's little sign that the UK is taking part even in the eurozone growth is significantly better than in the UK as the UK has led from the top to the bottom of the G7 growth league table but still we plough on we plough on with failed economic policies and a damaged and divided UK government a government capable in EU negotiations of making five impossible demands for breakfast
but now let me turn to the Budget in this current financial year
this is the second year in which the Finance Resources Committee has considered a mid-year budget review Review has proved useful in part as an early warning of increasing budget pressures giving time for mitigating action
in the review of potential 4 million pound overspend was identified the net effect of overspends in health and social care and managing increasing homelessness and Safer and stronger Communities
nonetheless identification of additional income and active management of financial pressures allowed a balanced position projected for the year and that remains where we are
the budget is forecast balance despite the requirement for a total of nearly 40 million pounds in savings in this financial year
the coalition's overriding priority consistent with that of the previous administration this to maintain services to the greatest extent possible with the resources available and to deploy those resources as efficiently and effectively as we can
we are also aiming to maximise our income
the financial pressures on the Council and the unsettling process of transformation in a range of council services has meant a demanding and difficult time for Council staff and I along with the whole administration acknowledge and appreciate how much additional work has been required and offer our sincere thanks for that commitment and for what has been achieved
moving on to the housing revenue account
in the balanced position is expected the total projected spend a seventy 1 million pounds the HRA business plan sets out a ten-year investment Strategy to deliver up to 10 thousand new affordable and low cost homes that discussions are continuing with housing associations to match that number
investment over the next five years will total Seven Hundred and 9 million pounds coming from a combination of capital receipts prudential borrowing capital funded from revenue and Scottish government subsidy
as a result the Council's house-building programme continues to expand over 2 thousand homes are under construction across the two sites in the city well over a thousand have already been completed and 3 thousand more are in designed development
this is a programme in which we can take some pride and is also a demonstration of the good things that the public sector can achieve
I now come to the Coalition's budget proposals for the coming financial year are set for Council today
Edinburgh's allocation under the Local government Finance Settlement announced last December and the further funding
arising from the January announcement by the Finance secretary is not point 4 percent less in cash terms than last year
in addition to that the Scottish Government's increased funding to support the expansion of early learning and childcare provision and implementation of the Carers Act as over 10 million pounds to support local services
at the time of the mid year review the Council's financial planning had assumed barely 20 1 million pounds of savings in 20 18 19 which was reflected in the budget consultation
as the motion states the coalition view is that most of those proposed savings need to be made to allow the Council better to address rising pressures and property repairs health and social care and homelessness
we have nevertheless responded to the consultation on the budget as the previous administration always did
the coalition has made a smaller reduction in funding for Edinburgh Leisure and has created a fund for those who may find the proposed Garden Waste charge difficult to meet
we have obtained funding for the night noise team in acknowledgement of the public response and in addition as I am sure we all remember the music school proposal has dropped in response to the degree of public reaction
responses to the consultation have also led us to restate the coalition commitment to the principle of a transient visitor levy
in such a levy is commonplace and major tourist destination cities around the world and we will be consulting with stakeholders in the development of our proposal
I will not repeat all the budget lines in Section 3 of the motion there for all to see and already been covered by the media and I'm time limited I'm sure though they'll be covered by others in their own remarks all I will say now is that the overall intention has been to maintain and improve service provision as far as we can as demonstrated by additional allocations in areas of particular demand
part of this budget is the proposed 3 percent pay award for Council staff that acknowledges the additional work staff have undertaken in recent years and the fall in the real value of public sector pay over a longer period
affordability has nevertheless have to be a factor in our calculation
there are two further strands which I'd like to mention the first is income maximisation and the second is shared services with other councils where that makes financial and administrative sense
officers already working on proposals and I want to see business cases coming forward as soon as is practical
following consultation with the Green Group and number of spend to save and other budget lines have been included in Section 4 of the coalition motion as well as a further financial commitment to tree planting in the city
this is in addition to our shared commitment to further substantial funding for homelessness services and the concept of a transient visitor levy
the coalition also accepts the spend to save proposal in the Conservative motion and will investigate the proposal for a mobile messaging signals for traffic management
the mid-year review in November proposed a 3 percent rise in Council Tax and 20 18 19 and Members will see that this is included in the coalition budget
as in this financial year we believe this has been necessary to protect council services and to help write helped manage rising demand
taken in the round and I believe that all our revenue budget proposals follow through on the coalition's commitments and values
there will nevertheless still be a great deal of work that needs to be done to bring this budget to balance by year end
Turning to capital investment the programme over the next five years will total just over six hundred and 50 million pounds this includes additional investment of 40 million for new projects as set out in Section 5 of the capital coalition motion before us today
we propose to invest 12 point 7 million and a new primary school for south Edinburgh and will provide a certain point 9 million pound contribution towards the Meadowbank stadium
we also found 10 million pounds for a new care home and seven point 8 million pounds towards the cost of rising school rolls
the motion further sets out the capital spend of 20 1 million pounds on roads pavements and bridges with another to point 5 million for repairs under the Revenue Budget
an additional 12 million has been allocated
while the refurbishment of the North Bridge and we propose to invest 8 point 9 million pounds in the next phase of the Water of Leith Flood Prevention scheme
and we have also made a financial commitment to replace the bunch Stockbridge
at a time of financial stringency these are just some of this substantial investment in the city's infrastructure which will also provide welcome support for the local economy
there are risks to any budget which can tend to rise in the scale and complexity but what's critical is the management or mitigation of those risks and that's what set out in the Risk Reserve as a report today
demographic changes changes to welfare regulations the achievement of planned savings funding levels in areas of particular financial pressure Local Development Plan infrastructure costs cyber security and inflation are all genuine concerns
in recognition of these risks will continue with the mid-year budget review amongst a range of other measures
for the future the Council must secure financial sustainability I believe that the last administration the Council a long way down that path although more needs to be done
and although this is a one-year Budget the administration is taking a longer view
our Programme for the capital set out last year forms the basis of our longer term planning
during this year we will finalise this approach for the lifetime of the administration
quality of service provision prevention affordability fairness and inclusion will all be key aspects
before concluding I want to recommend to Members the accounts Commission Scotland right for National Review for 20 16 17 which was issued at the end of November last year I believe the council's performance emerges well relative to other authorities and in absolute terms
but nonetheless we need to sustain our efforts
so to conclude that Lord Provost we must not lose sight of the fact that this is a growing and successful city the coalition aims to balance or is financially necessary with our values and our duty to provide the best services we can in supporting that success we fully accept our responsibilities in that respect and will continue with our efforts to meet them effectively transparently and remaining open to the views of others I move the motion in my name
[Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour) - 2:18:03]
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:18:15]
[Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour) - 2:18:18]
the second coalition motion control dancer
thank you Lord Provost I rise to second the coalition motion and I'd like to add my thanks on behalf of the Labour Group to Houston in team
[Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour) - 2:18:32]
also to join a Hamilton rigs Service and policy adviser to Councillor Rankin and myself
once there was a consensus that local government government was essential in providing services
sadly we know some people in positions of power no longer embrace that consensus instead they promote something they call austerity
which has called for the systematic destruction of services for those in greatest need
these same people
talk in terms of efficiency savings
efficiency savings is another called
a code for cuts
most of us gathered here today recognise the truth the truth that local government is under siege our constituents our e-mail inboxes are consultations are trade unions and our Deputations tell us the same story
what do you do when you're under-siege
you sure up
we are endeavouring to save services for those can using them and for future generations
and there is an urgent and continuing need to protest and challenge why funding is so woefully inadequate in Scotland that a special honest SNP coalition colleagues to use their influence to discourage Hollywood from passing on cuts to Local government
and to make more use of tax-raising powers
today however our priority is to do the best we can with the moneys we have
to protect access to our services any other approach any other approach would be self indulgent and play into the hands of opposition who would set up a Budget which would constitute a fundamental attack on those with greatest needs
the coalition was founded on the commitment to work positively for Edinburgh
that our naysayers who would have a sit on our hands contribute little and only think in terms of narrow political advantage and we reject this we did not stand for election to abdicate responsibility
we must be clear to protect the most essential services we are going to have to make cuts in other areas
which we also regard as vital to our communities and these have been hard choices
we are shoring up
homelessness initiatives pay awards health and social care budgets library opening hours waste and roads and cultural service providing grants for the most vulnerable in our society to name but a few
I want to briefly draw your attention to the following priorities in the coalition motion
staff Awards for too long our staff has been forced to accept a below inflation pay increases
in this budget we are able to go some way towards giving them the financial recognition they deserve
homelessness Scotland has the best homelessness policies in Europe thanks to the Labour lead Scottish Executive and social justice minister Margaret Curran
the challenge in Edinburgh today is not policy but instead our lack of resource to deliver
we are pleased to allocate two million pounds for implementation of the Council's homelessness Task Force's recommendations which should go some way towards meeting immediate needs
health and social care we include formally in today's Budget to help citizens stay in their own home with dignity
this spending will be used to try to reduce hospital stays
we also recognise that we need to increase the length and flexibility of care visits we will increase the number of care staff and we also need to lessen the burden being placed on existing care staff and this has been made clear today by your Deputations
in terms of ensuring we make the most effective use of these resources we must work with the trade unions
and be in no doubt far greater spending is needed in this area than the resources at our disposal
libraries libraries contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities within our city
as a result of our discussions within the coalition I am pleased to confirm there will be no cuts to library opening hours
school uniforms we are living in a time of great inequality and schools are a microcosm of that
not having the correct clothing can mean a child being single date at school and even being excluded from activities
we wouldn't stand by and let this happen to Edinburgh's children the correlation is there for making available One Hundred and 50 thousand pounds to increase the level of school uniform guns
Councillor Rankin and I have made every attempt to engage with Finance Leeds and all the political parties represented in this Chamber
we have had constructive talks with Councillor Gavin Corbett and I would talk that this dialogue across party lines would continue going forward
as for the future
we must acknowledge that the local government settlement that was achieved by the Scottish Parliament this year was entirely insufficient
if a similar budget is delivered in future years we will be forced to make even more damaging cuts to balance the books
whilst we must prepare for such an eventuality our joint priority is to try and ensure that such plans have no need to be implemented

Item 5 - Budget Motions

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:24:44]
remove the Conservative amendment cancelled Hutchison
[Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour) - 2:24:48]
[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:24:54]
thank you Lord Provost it gives me great pleasure to present the Conservative Group's budget motion for 20 18 19 this afternoon on behalf of the joint largest party on this Council
before I do I would like to say a few find queues to Hugh Dunn and the entire Finance team for all their work in pulling the Council's budget together and to all the officers across all service areas in the Council who have engaged in discussions with myself and the rest of the Conservative group
in particular I wish to thank John Cartier are assigned officer from the Finance team and Duncan Wilson or Group business Manager for all their support through this process
in his summing up of last year's Budget debate Councillor Rankin bemoan the fact that his exchanges with council or wait and Budget meetings were becoming repetitive
while the Finance Conveners offering to the Chamber in terms of this year's administration budget is very much more of the same I intend not to cover all drowned
instead I will pick up where Councillor Rankin left off last year when he challenged Councillor White to outsourcing waste collection and a manifesto and see how about turned out well Lord Provost waiting for conservatives didn't put waste outsourcing of our manifesto and received the highest number of first preference votes across the city last May
our budget motion fulfils the promises of that manifesto offers the change and strategic vision which our capital city desperately needs and which our citizens are fair and voted for
it is no secret the biggest challenges facing this Council a sage from ever-increasing strangulation of Local government by this MP a Hollywood our workplaces and health and social care were currently maintained indicating council estate homelessness and a downward spiral of ever poor voter Peer maintenance
and all four of these priority areas are budget motion significantly outstrips proposed spending by this administration while at the same time rejecting the administration's default position of a maximum fee percent increase in Council Tax
we wholly the Jake administrations wasteful use of seven point 2 million lovin bust of a day for wasteful and unwanted completion of the Channel into leaf and instead reallocate was funding to a pot hole that avoids the configuration of problem junctions and an extension to a parking rate Harrison
the people are fading but do not want the completion of the tram network at this stage and many may wonder why over five million pounds has already been diverted to reach and before this Council has had a final vote on the subject although this deal already done
in addition we will fund the long overdue replacement of a barn shortage by prioritising funding from the existing policy in planning capital programme allocation the Jake timber administrations use of a ring-fenced budget for roads and pavements and Toto the Conservative Group with invest 10 point 2 million pounds more and roads and pavements over the lifetime of this administration
we also reject the 10 percent ring fencing off the roads budget for cycling and state focusing on improving our roads and pavements for all our citizens
on council tax we will limit increase to 2 percent the recognising the failure of administration to deliver value for money to the residents for last year's eye watering increases
every penny these from this increase will be used from 20 19 20 to fund the entire way for school rebuilding and refurbishment programme investing some seventy seven million pounds more than the administration
we will ask for a short pause on the approval of new schools until a full strategic review of a council estate is completed we will introduce a Community Hub model whereby council and partner services currently delivered across multiple buildings are consolidated on a single site
together ensuring that Council estate is manageable and properly maintained going forward and putting the Thirty years of neglect of a council estate by successive administrations
well matching the administrations 4 million additional allocation to meet the funding pressures in health and social care to address standing on make care needs we also recognise a clear track record of delivering change within the service and have therefore allocated of our Five hundred thousand pounds to establish having things change delivery team to deliver transformative change the surface requires
we will allocate a total of two point she million pounds to homelessness over Sri hundred thousand pounds more of an administration one point 4 million pounds of which will go directly to homelessness Task Force to be used to eliminate rough sleeping and the use of bed and breakfast accommodation
we recognise and appreciate the contribution of a council staff but acknowledged that pay increases can only be funded by cuts in services of increases in Council Tax both to the detriment of the citizens we serve
we therefore call for the Scottish government to provide funding for any additional pay award in such a way as to avoid cuts to frontline services
we will also ensure workforce costs are sustainable and affordable in the medium term by instructing a programme of review and prioritisation to deliver significant savings and deliver a streamlined organisation with a consistent approach to pay and reward
we administrations proposed 25 pounds charge for garden waste is a calculated swipe at home more hours in the city's suburban Finch
deserted where Semperian Labour in droves last May
we will reject the 25 pounds charge but still the turn to a two week service be overwhelming opposition to bash charge was one of the only significant outcomes to come off administrations botched budget consultation yet they have chosen to ignore this message and move ahead with this massively unpopular policy regardless
we recognise the pressures placed on police Scotland by the same piece mismanaged centralisation and agree to maintain full funding for community policing and reject the proposal to reduce funding for late noise teams to maintain this vital service for citizens and to avoid putting additional pressure on our overworked police
the Conservative Group will increase the school uniform grant to 85 pounds their present to an increase of nearly 20 percent over and above the level proposed by the administration and raising 8 and were well above the current national average
we will also support the additional funding of 250 thousand pounds to provide free school meals during school holidays recognising the value of nutrition and well-being in education
we welcome the introduction of free sanitary products in schools and asked for confirmation that the Scottish government will provide fuel funding for the implementation of its priority and August 2 thousand 18
we reject Administration's plans to penalise drivers and businesses with disproportionate and excessive increases in pay and display charges and instead limit increases to 20 pounds per hour we also fees parking permit charges for the coming year
we will allocate 125 thousand pounds 25 percent more of a new administration to support additional staffing in the planning service to support the acceleration of progress with new developments
we welcome to the juice savings which Edinburgh Leisure has been asked to make and the fact that this for a low maintenance of opening hours
but we know the great administration's decision to withdraw funding from the Gary Adams across country and the subsequent loss of as prestigious and popular international event
we will reallocate bhfuil One hundred thousand pounds of funding to this event and also allocate one hundred thousand pounds to sports pitch maintenance
when comparing the strategic partner model which we continue to back and the planned savings from the administrations and host model we gap is now five points seven million pounds 5 points seven million posts which could have been spent on schools roads and services we Conservative Group we remain committed to a strategic partner model and to delivering best value for the citizens of Edinburgh
and this points to the contributions of Councillor Rankin Councillor Dodds and I welcome Councillor Rankin's
inclusion of our spend to save proposal in the cycling and also his promise to look out mobile saying H A Councillor Moat will be deleted
Councillor Donaldson chose to draw attention in particular to homelessness health and social care and school uniforms and I am very glad that she did Lord Provost because as I've already said and all three of these priority areas we are outspending this administration
the significant financial pressures which this Council will face over main Dolphus tear require innovative thinking and fresh ideas to deliver improved services to citizens of 8 about best Conservative budget motion takes a first steps down the road towards a more streamlined and efficient council and signifies a marked shift from the stagnation on offer from SNP and Labour
Councillor Rankin's constant fame she was Budget process has been that when it comes to making difficult financial decisions we simply have no choice our motion shows as a choice there is a better way for this Council and for our great city and its citizens' Lord Provost I commend this budget to be Chain Bar and move the Conservative motion in my name
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:35:55]
to second the Conservative amendment Councillor White
[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 2:35:58]
lord provost thank you
[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 2:36:00]
first of all thank you to my colleague Councillor Hutchison for presenting his first Conservative budget in this Council I think I like colleagues here will agree that was a masterful approach for our first budget and shows just how different an approach we would take to improve the finances of this city
lord provost there are some things and Councillor Hutchinson mentioned this where things once again seem exactly the same on budget day
and I could talk in that way because after five years as finance Convener Councillor Rankin isn't doing anything different today but what does seem different is the approach within the coalition where the gap between the coalition parties seems to be getting wider in political terms from
backbenchers in one party who say very different things to do what their masters say but also physically as they've moved further apart with the desks here today
is there something we need to know
Lord Provost
this budget from the administration sets out an approach from SNP and Labour as I see isn't new it started with the most meaningless consultation I think we've ever seen in this Council's history a consultation that didn't even add up to the numbers required to make a balanced budget and which included such ridiculous things that had previously been rejected by citizens like cutting the night noise team
it always looks to maximise increases and tax and charges even where its counter productive like charging for brown bin collections when brown bins make sure we recycle garden waste and don't pay landfill tax
it even seems to be that they'll up charges they'll complain about austerity Lord Provost but they up charges on anything and everything putting much more pressure on our citizens' taxing them until the pips squeak while at the same time complaining that austerity means they have no money well why are we taxing them more inquiry charging them more for parking permits for bins for all sorts of other things funeral charges whatever
there is also an approach that seeks to deliver new taxes find more ways of hitting at citizens or anyone else or anything else that moves the latest one the latest wheeze seems to be a tourist tax that takes no account of the very different rates of VAT on hotel beds in this country as opposed to other places in Europe where that tourist tax is imposed so let's look at the facts before we do those things
but the real failure Lord Provost is a failure to plan for the efficiency and the future I see nothing in this budget that looks to the strategic direction ahead of this year I find that astonishing given the same parties have been empowered in this Council for five years the SNP in power for 10 and Labour in power for 16 of the last 20 years but they've no plan between them Lord Provost to make the Council more efficient or effective and indeed Councillor Rankin mentioned shared Services Lord Provost after 10 years I challenge him to tell us of the great shared services has coalition
it's coalitions are put in place because I'm still waiting to see them
once again we sure we can make funding go further we would limit the council tax rise to 2 percent but put more money into our crisis-ridden health and social care service put money in to make sure the services are delivered better and more efficiently with the change the service desperately needs put money into road and pavement maintenance the real priority of most of our citizens and put some money in reserves for the unexpected and the difficult issues that are sure to rise as we go forward we would strategically change the Council and we would do it in a way that looks to continue delivering services unlike over the past few years where we've lost the staff but we haven't put in place other means of communicating with the public or delivering those services that's what our Conservative budget with do that's what we propose today and I thank Councillor Hutchison for all the work is put in to put that forward to you today
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:40:53]
to move the Green amendment Councillor Corbett
[Cllr Gavin Corbett (Scottish Green) - 2:40:57]
[Cllr Gavin Corbett (Scottish Green) - 2:40:59]
Lord Provost m this is this is the second budget motion I propose on behalf of Green Councillors and an annual appeal was beseiged
some of my longer-serving colleagues like Councillor Waite and Councillor Charlwood and Councillor Aldridge assesses what Budget number Thirty over
the activity
I can feel a wave of sympathy role in through the Chamber like a Mexican wave and even in my sexually of my modest
sexually as it has been challenging exciting occasionally frustrating to get deeper and deeper into the financial Labaton which provides a platform for the priorities we as Councillors all seek to advance no some some themes are familiar
Local government funding as broken the unfreezing of Council Tax the revision of binds in the current year are both welcome but represent very modest tankering revenue-raising flexibility is still severely constrained by Central government non domestic rates remain centralised powers which are the norm for councils elsewhere in Europe remain unavailable Edinburgh's for Scotland's capital city
no previous budgets have recognised the case made by both Unite and Unison for reducing the debt burden and Scotland's local authorities and also argued for an investigation and to funding of Capital programmes through eschewing of municipal bonds there's a huge agenda of reform to put local government funding or in a more than adequate footing and you just yesterday Green colleagues published specific proposals for just such a forum in which we have said we need to see progress before the next Scottish Budget road reforming council types devolving a partner devolving non-domestic rates introducing a new or government fiscal framework committing to multi-year funding settlements greater freedoms over council tax in the short term debt Lateline levies and various other levies on the list goes on
and while I strongly believe that all politicians are all levels need to do what they can to make any individual funding settlement better than otherwise would be that doesn't hate the need for the return branch reform of Council funding that's been delayed for far too long
so what progress these are the familiar themes
but over the six years I mentioned I another green councils are also sought to do what we kind too sure that budgets are the products of choices with challenge prevailing assumptions over Council Tax levels tourist taxes parking levies I'm spending priorities are more than among others because people who elect us expect all of us all of us to be more than budget administrators we expect the Council to carry the fate to government
and that's why we believe build levelled out budget proposals ambitious for Edinburgh proposals provide a balanced budget for 20 18 19 as we all must do but headline I ask is unashamedly ambitious faced with a compelling case for major new school investment we don't think it's enough to see let's wait and see we propose that the Council carry the keys to Scottish ministers for a new school investment programme in shake Mellor Trinity Leebotten and cutting the Lionel Wester Hailes in the west of the city that commitment but give count the coastal our platform to be banging down the door of the Scottish government over the next year defying ministers to punish the Council for daring to raise funds to invest in our young people's future and demanding the overall ambition for Edinburgh is March by the Scottish government on new school funding programme
and our budget proposals also take the funding vital to Scottish ministers and the case for a tourist tax and an effective use of the pupil equity fund
what progress some councils can choose to remain passive or worse still was still content themselves with completing enter their own equity investor
or we can get on the front foot come up with proposals put an ambitious for Edinburgh take the argument to government and what residents communities and campaigners expect us to do
that's all for the year ahead of course much will watch what we do in the budget is also about the priorities that we choose within the budget context that we have people in this city expect their Councillors to act in the best interests of the settee into what collectively whether that's the right thing to do putting essayed where political differences so over the last three months I've had constructive discussions with SNP and Labour colleagues indicators administration and I am pleased that during those discussions we've identified a number of shared priorities more money to tackle homelessness protecting library services appears to schools and other public buildings dealing with high private rents energy efficiency measures and repeat replacing lost Seti trees all of these and others have come up as areas of agreement
seem tame it's important that budgets present choices that's why they didn't budget outlines a number of distinctive ideas free bus travel for 16 to 21 year old care leavers but example recognising the Massif disadvantages are young people who have been looked after continued to face an early adulthood reducing costs by investing in waste services in a package of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy investment in our parks and green spaces and you play scheme for disabled children for some of the hardest pressed families in Edinburgh and a statutory City Centre transformation fund to accelerate progress towards a more people Friendly City Centre to name only a few
no said that start Lord Provost this is my second budget
is the first in the new case will formed after 20 17th elections the first for a council that has no overall majority
but that can go toobese today you that it can dissolve into party wrangling about who to blame or result in genuine creativity genuine creativity about the ideas that best can serve the settee f we are all ambitious for Edinburgh and convinced that needs to be the latter
so Lord Provost I want to conclude by thanking Hugh Dunn and is stocked with Finance team particularly out of St Finance officers Faisal Rowson and Liam of Donald and thank the staff in the Department's who provided us with insight and information and thanks to Councillor Rankin and Councillor Donaldson with whom we've always managed to half civilising constructive discussions about the Budget to all of them thanks the choices are always of course our Green budget choices to support young people to protect the interests of vulnerable citizens and invest for the future of our city to be ambitious but Edinburgh Lord Provost I move the Green Budget motion
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:48:02]
to second the Green amendment Councillor Miller
[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 2:48:05]
[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 2:48:06]
thank you Lord Provost and unlike Gavin Corbett on my left here this is my first Council budget as it will be for many of us here in the Chamber today and I can't be alone in learning about the budget in the last few months and fainting that it's a bit like unpeeling an onion those layers and layers and layers of detail as soon as you start to look at it and sometimes it makes us weep a little bit like Onions do as well
I am in seconding the Green Budget motion I want to focus a bit on in more detail on some of the themes that Councillor Corbett was only able to touch on and coming to this process for the first time as a new Councillor I am often struck by how it's the case that doing the right thing for Edinburgh's future is doing the right thing in the budget and that's why I'm quite pleased about some of the ranges of proposals that we've got in the Green Budget on energy use which are win-wins further investment in LED lighting in public places and buildings which will complement the street lighting revamp that's already underway stimulating both the UK and Scottish government investment in electric vehicle infrastructure
providing additional kept capacity for the building as energy management system to achieve better temperature control across our estate and delivering on the SocGen park micro hydro plant as an Education and demonstration Project and the current Park renovation
drawing down a hundred 50 thousand which was previously allocated to the Edinburgh energy for Edinburgh to develop and implement a business plan and a recommendation that in developing the forward financial plan in the next Budget cycle that a more comprehensive approach is taken to carbon budgeting drawing on good practice from other local authorities such as Aberdeenshire Council
moving on to other areas of the green budget we have proposals that a win win and housing as well such as creating a dedicated empty home service which would tackle private sector empty homes reducing pressure on greenspace development while actually covering its own costs quite quickly and again including proposals for waste services we've identified opportunities for waste prevention that will reduce our landfill landfill tax burden and other win-win
but budgets are about much more than services they are about people so that is why homelessness is such a core part of our Budget as a city we spend close to 20 million pounds on homelessness services much of it on high cost temporary accommodation of our best variable quality so we need to invest in shifting the balance towards prevention of homelessness providing permanent housing more quickly and ending the use of bed and breakfast hostels
we believe that money spent wisely now on these services will bet will
be better for homeless people and better for future budgets as well
and one example of homelessness prevention is getting services rate for young people in care sadly far too many young people leave our care find the transition into adult life too difficult and unfortunately become homeless that's why we would invest more into services for looked after young people as a whole but why I am pleased that the green budget funds free bus travel for 16 to 21 year old care leavers
and finally Lord Provost I want to touch on the flip side of the budget the decisions that we have made to protect budgets we've decided to protect infill Library staffing levels and opening hours we've retained the night time noise service with lesson to Edinburgh Leisure about the impacts that cuts would have on our swimming pools and sports facilities and we have not been convinced about the credibility of removing garden waste collections as we believe that this will simply result in an increase in dumping or diversion to landfill bins
I know that some of these concerns are shared across the Chamber so Lord Provost I hope to do that we can reflect on the shared priorities that we hold here as well as the distinctive choices between our budgets I second degree in both budget motion and look forward to the debates
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:52:19]
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:52:21]
to move the Liberal Democrat amendment Councillor Neil Ross
[Cllr Neil Ross (Liberal Democrat) - 2:52:28]
thank you Lord Provost first of all I would like to think you'd on a Katrina Montgomery and the Finance Team for their help in putting together our budget motion
since being elected last May
apart from realising that Councillors job is never done
I have been struck by the inordinate difficulties experienced by some citizens in getting basic things done by the Council
and when I investigate the issues I often find an under-pressure member of staff doing their best to provide a service with limited resources
this theme is reflected in official reports to
one of the key conclusions of the recent Unison workforce survey and highlighted by their deputation today
is that members of staff feel overworked and over pressured as a result of being asked to do more work following staff reductions
a recent briefing note issued by the Council's Human Resources team on employee absence says
there is an underlying sense within the organisation that whilst transformation resulted in a reduction of headcount working practices are yet to change and decisions are yet to be made about what we will stop doing as an organisation
the accounts Commission's recent overview of the financial position of Scottish local government highlights the increasing demands placed on health and social care communities and families and safer and stronger communities all of which require additional investment and the report goes on to say that there is a consequent need for much more fundamental consideration of what the Council does and how it does it
lord provost all this evidence points in the same direction
given that the Scottish government is going to continue to cut back on local government funding over the next few years we must be prepared to ask fundamental questions such as what matters most to individual citizens and communities
how do we support people with multiple needs
how can we support people to help them to support themselves
I have spent over 30 years working in the private sector and in my opinion the vast majority of citizens are responsible people in control of their lives are aware of what they need and able to make informed choices
other than the provision of basic services if we place our focus on the responsible citizen then the purpose of the council can change from supplying services to helping people to look after themselves
in an ideal situation
they would then only seek help in extremis
our first role
would then become to strengthen the community to create resilience and to support people's sense of responsibility for themselves
these are some of the questions and ideas I think the Council needs to examine in order to transform from a reactive to a proactive organisation to focus on preventative measures and design services centred on citizens and that's why we are calling for an investigation by external advisors into the experiences of other public sector organisations in transforming services to provide what actually matters most to citizens
such an exercise will cost money to carry out and to implement at Net Book value we own around one hundred and 10 million pounds of investment property
allocating say 10 percent of that to our transformation fund based on spend to save principles could pay for the upfront investment required to transform the way we do things
in addition by way of example
our proposals include spending 2 million from the workforce restructuring fund on community based preventative measures in health and social care
and also on improvements to mental health care which we anticipate will lead to a reduction in demand and therefore to sustainable long term savings
no turning to the more immediate proposals
the recurring message we hear from constituents is the need to tackle basic services
this Council needs to get the basics right
and that's why we would use the council priorities Fund to allocate four times as much as the administration in additional spending on improvements to roads pavements and cycle paths
the state of some of our road and pavement surfaces even main roads such as Lúthien road is frankly appalling
another issue that
dominates our inboxes is street cleaning
our proposal for spending on additional street cleaning would focus on residential areas including weed and leaf removal our parks and green space also deserve more attention
we would also commit eight and a half million to start to the essential refurbishment of the Council's schools and other operational buildings
Edinburgh is a world leader in hosting cultural and other festivals
we provide a warm welcome to visitors from across the globe who come to enjoy our culture history and heritage
so it is right that they should be asked to make a small contribution towards the cost of the festivals in the form of a tourist Bed Tax
we call on the Scottish government to grant us the powers to raise such attacks
finally we Liberal Democrats have listened to what people said in the budget consultation we would substantially reduce the cuts to Edinburgh Leisure because physical exercise needs to be encouraged rather than curtailed
we would also prefer to avoid a bureaucratic nightmare and retain the free brown bin collection
so good luck with that one
we would also retain the current library opening hours and sitting as I do on the Committee which regulates HMO licences I am aware of the valuable support provided by the night noise team so we would prefer to retain them as well
our proposals also contain several measures to support vulnerable people especially the elderly homeless people and disadvantaged children and my colleague Councillor Aldridge will comment on these in more detail
lord provost Liberal Democrats have a clear vision for how the Council could transform services and meet the needs of citizens I am delighted to propose the Liberal Democrat budget motion
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:00:03]
the second a Liberal Democrat amendment cater aldrich
[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 3:00:06]
[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 3:00:07]
thanks very much Lord Provost are
very conscious that I am the last speaker before lunch and it's very brief Councillor indeed who stand between Council work at a mutton pie
but I was am reflecting a when I was looking at the really help for M comparative which are the finance team prepared for us on the evening news
coverage of what the anticipated might be the debate today
that we are in the middle of Vic and of awards season and it struck me that they're worth something like three awards that we could potentially award here today the first is the young
the Don Quixote award for tilting at windmills and under joint winners of that would be the Conservative group in the Green Group for their
headlines about the wave 4 schools every single party in this Chamber is committed to getting the maximum funding for wave 4 schools it was simply tilting at windmills in evening use so that Don Quixote award jointly to the Greens and the Tories the second
the second award
m I thought would be the Donald Trump award for defying logic and that
would be awarded to the Conservative Budget which seeks to use the special dividend from Lothian buses which was intended to be invested in public transport instead to improve conditions for car drivers now it seems to me that asking those who use public transport to subsidise those who use cars is very warped logic indeed
the third award Lord Provost is the Vladimir Putin award for meaningless consultation which of course is awarded to the coalition
apart from the fact that the consultation itself was was less than successful if you are asking somebody a question and they give you a clear answer which is one of the clearest answers was the brown bin collection charge that you are talking about will be a bureaucratic nightmare and a disaster then you listen to what the people say and clearly the coalition has a decided to ignore exactly what people have sex with Vladimir Putin award to them and Lord Provost I
secondly this Council Ross has very eloquently and in one of the most thought-provoking speeches I've heard in my Thirty 3 years of a
budget speeches outlined a number of the Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat priorities in our budget which are simply in four key areas firstly to get the basic services right secondly to listen to what people have said and to act on it thirdly to invest in services for our most vulnerable citizens and fourthly
to start to make the radical transformation in services which the Council needs to do if it is to be sustainable in the future and if it is to meet the needs of our citizens
I wanted to focus a little bit on our investment in vulnerable people we heard from the deputation earlier this morning about the importance of early intervention especially in mental health services so our Budget seeks not only to invest as I think everyone here has done for a million pounds in additional care packages but in addition specifically to tick two million pounds from reserves to invest in community based initiatives and into mental health services in relation to preventative healthcare and that is the case
focusing on preventative spend is exactly what is required to reduce the impact on acute services we are making a start in making that shift we know it needs an upfront cost it is a perfectly legitimate use of reserves to do a one off upfront cost to make that transformation
like others Lord Provost we've invested additional resources in homelessness and once more we specifically wish to make some one off investments for example in the housing first approach which I think there's there is broad support for across the Chamber that will address the needs of some of the most vulnerable people permanently it will end their homelessness and it will ensure from Council's point of view that fewer resources are expended on getting people that services they don't need and instead getting them the services they do not need and ending their homelessness for good that's the kind of preventative and long term solution approach that we wish to see the Council move to
thirdly Lord Provost 2 thousand 18 is the year of young people and we are here at Lib Dems will focus on vulnerable young people we're going to fund full time staff to address mental health issues in our schools extend free school lunches throughout the school holidays to all eligible children not just for a pilot and to ensure they get at least one nourishing meal each day will invest in local initiatives for breakfast clubs and extend the period of care available for children attending special schools from four weeks to six weeks and we've also made available funds for schools to purchase new IT hardware so that no child is at a disadvantage because they can't access the right equipment
so Lord Provost being very conscious that once is around the corner
as Lib Dems we believe that we need to start changing the council for good and that change needs to start today simply kicking the can down the road pretending Witton carry on doing what we have always done with fewer staff and dwindling resources is a recipe for staff burnout poor services and public frustration with the council our budget is about starting a fresh approach based on preventing problems before they arise and moulding services to what citizens really need so I commend the Lib Dem budget to thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:06:53]
thank you all very much we will now break for lunch and reconvene at 2 pm

Item 5 - Budget Motions

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:09:17]
if we can start taking our places squeeze is now going to call
getting near we are going to take a ten-for photograph before we get started so the quicker we can get into our seats the better please
no I don't see the photographer
no no no I'm just standing just not only for people that come in
no still shows
the Deputy Leader
a couple of other people
is it dangerous
there's going for that
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:10:17]
not quite sure where the photographer has gone
we do use was
also returns
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:11:11]
a right good afternoon everyone welcome back to this Budget Council Meeting
we're now entering into the debate section having had the motions and amendments proposed and seconded remind everyone are now into the three minute contribution session
waste is good
so to start I'd like to call Councillor Perry
[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 3:11:41]
thank you very much Lord Provost happy talk in this section of the debate one of the key priorities of this coalition is not only do we want to ensure a first-class education estate alter which ensured all school buildings are safe
following extensive survey of all school buildings we have agreed to spend as of all other parties it point 5 million on maintenance this year and all that figure is for all the school buildings my understanding at the mall majority will be spent in schools
while this is important itself I think more importantly we have also to commit to investing in the long term means of our schools
excuse me it's important we have a long term strategy and that's why we are also committing to suspend 45 million over the next five years
we also have a commitment to tackle poverty and to prioritise vulnerable children Services and families constantly will put an extra hundred and Five hundred 50 million into the school uniform budget to bring the Council spending uniforms up to the Scottish average
and why we can all agree about the quality on the tape of uniform grant can buy am satisfied perfectly good uniform can be bought
excuse me for the extra money we have allocated
we have also put money into the budget to tackle holiday hunger Will pilot this new service in areas of greatest need in the city and if successful would be my ambition to cover the whole city so we can provide free meals every day of the year to those children who need it we have also provided a small amount of additional support to existing breakfast clubs we have also provided additional funds for the police scheme for the disabled young people this is a demand led service and like health and social care we need to review this annually an order that keeps pace with future demand the service is essential in providing respite for parents and carers
and there's not a great deal of this agreement
amongst all the groups in the One The a One Council in relation to spending on education budget and its more I think a matter of degree rather than substance that is an interesting divergence about how we fund the new school programme
while we and the Liberal Democrats have allocate to 25 million to match funding the Greens have suggested that we enter into a discussion with the Scottish government to add 0 point 5 percent of the council tax over the next 4 years I think it is which is an interesting approach and a similar
but different to the Conservatives because they both want to use Council Tax variations to fund the school programme
it also pre-judging the match funding the expect to get from the Scottish government I think that both assume that will be a 50 percent contribution
this seems to me to overcomplicate matters and I cannot see how it gets us any further forward I agree with Councillor Aldridge I think everybody in this room is wanting to deliver all the way for projects is just a question of how we do that and I'm not too sure this simplify think this complicates rather than simplifies matters while I agree we may have to revisit the Capital budget if we do not get the support for a building programme I prefer to wait until we see what what's on offer for the Scottish government rather than Arthur extra money or a different way to fund the project at this stage I think it just complicates the matter thank you so much all problems
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:15:11]
Councillor Bruce
[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 3:15:13]
[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 3:15:16]
thank you Lord Provost and I'm going to take this drama a cultural
[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 3:15:18]
point of view the minutes is not long enough to cover the entire wide range of cultural communities but before I do just one point is that to mention that the night noise team has been mentioned several times now and I just wanted to point out that it's no threat to the night noise team and we will not reducing the budget and we do very much value the work that they do
taken two things into account when we're looking at this budget from a culture funnily diminishing resources an overall cut to the Local Authority funding coupled with the issue of perceptions that culture is often seen as secondary to other forms of frontline service delivery instead of vital not just to our economy but the health and wellbeing of our citizens this means we have a responsibility not just to protect our historic legacy but to build a sustainable future for our city
that's why I'm delighted to announce that this coalition budget represents the biggest investment in culture and arts in this city in over a decade
we have to start
as a result of the City Deal 5 million of investment becomes 15 million over five years with equal investments from festivals Edinburgh and the Scottish government
this allows the city to develop our festivals from local to global through the police funding package platforms for creative excellence and that's in addition to just under 5 million of normal festival arts organisations' funding
also through the City Deal significant investment in the impact Centre to allocate creation of not just a long awaited whom the SEO and 1 thousand C auditorium but also a multi use music hub the first brand new musical in the city for many years
this is a 45 million pound undertaking with pledges of 10 million already in from the Scottish and UK governments respectively
theatres will receive a welcome boost with support for redevelopment of the Kings and the least theatres in the case of the Kings future-proofing it for the next 50 years and in the case of the leaked Theatre actually bringing it back to its full potential as a music venue and also as a base for local events and groups
this is really good news for the city and for Leith
the coalition budget would see the creation of a local festivals fund this is aimed at festivals and events that are targeted primarily at citizens and are too small to benefit from mainstream funding
Dunnington museums and galleries following on from the lessons of last year were proposing increased opening hours seven days a week
tend to five all year round this will ensure not just an enhanced visitor experience but access to end but as great cultural legacy by citizens even at off peak times
this will give consistency and confidence regarding opening times that I have no doubt will increase footfall and also income over the year
we will review it after six months
as well as Eleven additional FTE equivalent members of staff this will empower and encourage our existing staff to show the value we place on them and the good work they do
taken together and including contributions from partners were talking about over 15 million of investment in culture and the arts
from the city over the next three years with partners this represents an overall investment of over 70 million and theatres alone
then use will be refurbished or new ones built museums and galleries will be open longer
festivals will be developed in line with thundering hooves 2 and the desire lines they emerged out of it
and we haven't even touched on sport and localities yet which I'm sure about Vice Convener will pick up
last year with a special year for the city Seventy years since the creation of the international festival the fringe and the film festival
I'm going to end with a quarter found when I was looking at the programme for the very first international festival and nineteen forty seven fascinating reading willing to lend to anybody anybody asks
and it's taken instead by Sir John Faulkner Lord Provost nineteen forty seven
and he says
may I assure you that this festival is not a commercial undertaking in any way
it is an endeavour to provide a new way of life centred around the arts
this is our unique legacy here in Scotland's capital city and we must make sure that we protect it
they are the only festivals that were created for that specific purpose
I started off by saying that this was the best budget for culture and the arts in a decade and surely this is a fitting legacy putting us on a sustainable footing as we look forward to the next 70 years I urge you to support this groundbreaking Budget thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:20:25]
[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 3:20:27]
[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 3:20:32]
thank you very much and Lord
Provost fellow Councillors citizens lend me your ears and the m between I come to bury the budget not to please that context is important transformation or seen this Council make cuts of 240 million and the full time equivalent reduction of 1 thousand 440 Sex and the workforce this year 17 18 contained 39 point 5 million worth of cuts and the month 8 position reported that love and point 5 million will start to be realised there are 4 million has been built into this budget and another 4 million will come from reserves something has to change
this minority lead council will have to meet net costs of One Hundred and 50 3 million by 20 20 to 23 and will receive a reduction and block grant of 59 million effort last Saville 10 this is why Audit Scotland use the phrase financial stress to describe Council finances something has to change Unison point out that the Scottish government will receive one hundred 90 million cash increase in its budget from Westminster yet councils in Scotland get nothing despite the spend even a 3 percent increase in the council tax does not equal a real terms revenue increase COSLA asked for Five hundred 45 million this year to stand still above that would be positive and will be extra money Edinburgh had the lowest settlements is devolution last year a choice made and Hollyrood supported by the Greens and a real burden imposed on the finances of this Council this needs to change Holyrood can make this change non domestic rates income as the main funding source for this Council Fraser of Allander Institute estimate that the Finance secretary will retain One Hundred and seventy six million office in 18 19 more than the Greens price they often are not enough to fully fund the pay rise the Scottish government expect councils to pay their workers a double in possession on the Council this needs to change Holyrood can make this change we have a council tax system based on property values fixed last century on 1st April 19 91 and a government and pulls up freeze on that tax for 10 long years leaving no option but to raise charges this has to change Holyrood can make this change Holyrood can change the way Local government is financed by implementing the just changed report but the reality is that we have a Scottish Parliament that acts like a student debating society before the philosophical depth of Twitter I agree with the St Lucie observation the failure to use the Scottish Parliament's post ambitiously is clear the income tax proposals fail to raise sufficient revenue and the modest additional revenues raised primarily fund tax cuts for business this suggests not just a worrying lack of commitment to properly resourcing public services but a misunderstanding of the best way to support the economy by the Scottish government I will again paraphrase Anthony speech from Julius Caesar in my conclusion or judgement that fled to brutish beasts and men and women have lost the reason bear with me my heart is in the coffin there with local government and I must pause to let come back to me stop cutting councils just changed
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:23:51]
cultural river
[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 3:23:58]
sorry I'm a bit of shock after the bombardment
so thank you Lord Provost
every Member in the Chamber today news the challenge we face in health and social care is a tremendous one we have the best healthcare system in the world and this is recognised by the passion and the commitment of every member of staff that works in this system we do however also have some of the poorest outcomes globally and this is now becoming more challenging due to changing demographics and our ageing population and increasing number of people living with long term complex conditions and were no longer just treating communicable diseases that are substantial variations in safety and the quality of healthcare and we do have spiralling healthcare costs but we have a plan a plan are interim Chief Officer and the integration Joint Board have committed to this is progressive and far reaching one that looks to take on the outstanding assessments in the community and to reduce the number of elderly kept in hospital because new home care packages available these are ambitious and we very much welcome the building of the new 10 million pound Council run care home for those who have more advanced dimension
this coincidentally is the same amount of money from the roads budget 10 percent of hundred million over five years that will be allocated to projects for cyclists we seem to be a city that cares more for cyclists than we do our elderly
we must deliver on these plans the interim Chief Officer stated that the culture and management changes needed to deliver these was the greatest risk to their success
70 percent of transformational change programmes fail due to lack of engagement and pure communications
staffer distracted by the daily challenges they face and we heard about those this morning and they continue to focus on putting out these fires there not able or willing to engage in the shift that is critical and essential to the head of the success of health and social care and our city
so we are proposing an additional half a million pounds to ensure that the culture and transformational change is needed happens to create a team that is responsible purely for the management of this change programme to provide clarity leadership connectivity and to foster the culture shift that is required this team will create vision share the purpose and priorities and embraced and embedded into the organisation a mindset of impairment in the transformation that required
because if we do not invest in this time to create the Sheard and collective understanding across the organisation we will have teams working in isolation uncertain as to where they're going what they are doing and why and they may all end up in a very different place far from the original directions and objective set out by the integration Joint Board
and it's worth remembering this when we don't get it right we are costing people their dignity the respect and in some cases their life thank you
R control why
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:27:04]
[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 3:27:06]
I thank you very much Lord Provost firstly just from my own ward perspective I want to see how much I welcome investment in some specific projects which I nor supported across the Chamber I'm worried I'm looking forward to seeing some real progress through projects like the expansion of Queensbury and dividends means primary schools the project with new Queensferry High where it will not just provide a world-class educational facility but new sporting facilities for the community use as two and of course projects like the birdshot bridge that is all very welcome but Lord Provost end the time that I've got available I do want to focus my remarks on what I think is a city wide problem but before I do so I do have something of a confession to make no last week the long-suffering Mrs. Lang called me something that she has not called me before she called me boring Lord Provost
no I appreciates I appreciate they will come as a surprise to you Lord Provost that has taken Mrs. Long almost 12 years of marriage to come to a conclusion that most people in this Chamber probably reached within days of my election last year but nevertheless are bore she called me and together with my two young daughters I have now been banned from the Lang house and from our car when it comes to moaning about potholes such has been my relentless nauseating an unending discontent with the state of our ruins such has been the perpetual and interminable carping on my part that Mrs. Long has placed her own version of a planning condition on the future of our marriage that I must refrain from mentioning the P word so low process I am going to ask you fellow Councillors officers and anybody watching this webcast today a fever please don't tell my wife I'm about to see because joking aside law covers the seat the state of this city's routes are all this grief for a city for a city that prides itself on attracting people from across the globe our pothole-ridden routes and broken pavements are more than an eyesore they are more than an excruciating embarrassment the are dangerous dangerous for drivers dangerous for public transport even more so dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians and I am afraid it is simply wrong to hide behind an excuse of a particularly cold seasonal stale to account for what has been along standing problem we have faced a systemic underfunding of Rugeley appears in this city for years and it is a situation that is getting worse now the administration is already chanting chanting the mantra of the extra 1 million pounds in their budget to tackle the problem of I am afraid I have no confidence that this is anywhere near enough to provide the step change which we desperately need and that is why my group is proposing what we consider to be a transformational moment five times what the administration as adding in terms of investment to really get to grips with this issue and this matters Lord Provost because when the Council administration cannot get the routes fixed it is little wonder so many of my constituents are so uncertain and so cynical about the ability of the leadership of this Council to deliver bigger process projects normal practice first and foremost we need to get the basics right investing the money to get the basics right that is what I was elected to deliver that is what my constituents expect and that is the standard I will hold this administration to account for on its budget over the coming year
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:30:57]
Councillor Barry
[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 3:31:00]
thank you Lord Provost
of just like to reiterate to the Tenants' Federation who here this morning that we take the wellbeing serious as we do all of tenants and are willing to resolve the questions theories as quickly as possible
as I am sure all we are so these are huge housing shortage which is why we have committed to 20 thousand new affordable homes being built next 10 years this will help people and families to find affordable homes or survey
a Housing Revenue account Strategy outlines a plan investment of 1 point seven 5 billion lever Ben too get new affordable homes over the next 10 years
of course but the City region deal the Council has a specific government consent to lend to four million and glanced 16 point 1 million to 2 limited liability Partnerships till Bill about another 1 thousand 500 affordable and local stones
these proposals will be a massive stimulus to the city's economy bringing in not only new homes but new jobs neighbourhoods and communities
and must touch on homelessness but prior to the autonomous speech assuming most of the Members in here today will be aware that a homeless person appears to have died on our streets over mate I would ask us all to temper our comments about how much money one party or another that is a shame assuming this has happened in the city and it saddens me greatly as I am sure that that all but yes
proposed budget is 2 millions of additional funding so the recommendation is a homeless Task Force can be taken forward over the period they can be taken forward soon enough
newry and responding in a private sector leasing alongside our commitment to more affordable homes will stop families and children being housed in bed and breakfast accommodation as more appropriate housing has been made available
what you also said so a below-inflation rent rise for 19 thousand tenants in social housing are spot tenants' survey carried out last year over a frozen tenants were interviewed it 2 percent of responses lead with a rent increase of 2 percent to continue to build new affordable homes and approve of existing forms through insulation and energy efficiency measures
these measures will help reduce living costs 12 negotiating Affordable rents
the Council's 5 Year economy started economic strategy will be presented in March and if agreed will see an investment in housing and other measures that will allow the city's economy to continue to grow if you look at the windows from this building you'll see cranes across our scaling new buildings homes offices in communities expanding our thriving city our targets we are going to start it used to be and shared inclusive growth for everyone based on innovation collaboration I emphasise inclusive growth good growth for all our citizens
article Wilson and the people of Edinburgh what a world-class city with a strong economy we want a fairer society that looks after the person responsible
budget will help to deliver a greater fear of future for our city and for all citizens I commend them installation budget motion and seek the support of all Members
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:34:14]
Councillor Brian
thank you are promised
[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 3:34:17]
i'm not sure I'll be able to come in as many what ciskei Councillor Munro in three minutes and I'll Ciba voice but using the benefit of the microphone in front of me
is with some disappointment however that I have to find myself rising to my feet journalists the beat but what we have in front of us is nothing short of a budget on the back of a fag packet
on the back of an already cringeworthy claim doing on the plans to close the intermediate skill that saw many Members of this beleaguered minority administration rather shamelessly turn up en masse at the schools open the proclaiming to be the saviours for the second year in succession they are being forced into an embarrassing backtrack when it comes to the matter of the removal of the noise Team
albeit the Chairs of the Council's political version of the Titanic have been reshuffled and one of them has subsequently gone overboard since its somewhat delete last June
but the very fact that the noise steam proposal was put back on the table shows that this administration's budget is one devoid of any fresh ideas to deliver a better Edinburgh
once again plants put before us in the consultation exercise
to put further pressure on an already stretched we service right across the city has been savaged by centralisation from the ASA and P devolved that minority administration at Holyrood it and they were rejected by those who took the trouble to respond to the consultation
the adage may well be everything comes in threes however the people once again spoke in and I would suggest to you that minority administration here this afternoon that this finally is put into the budget been of by the ideas are never sees the light of the again enclosing Lord Provost I commend the progressive forward-thinking Conservative budget motion to all Members across the Chamber like it
Councillor McKenna's
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:36:17]
[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:36:18]
[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:36:20]
thank you Lord Palmerston any well aware of the seriousness of the debate this afternoon but if you'll forgive me I'll start in a slightly lighter note I am what a fashionable is to speak in this Chamber a scant 10 months ago looking for at a certain quality of debate
torn was I thought important but I have in the recent past for example being somewhat dismayed by less than respectful references at Committee to the Tory transport spokesperson as Gold Boy UTIs apparent desire to kill Birds in the city and ambition
an ambition which has reasons head again in the Conservative motion such words have certainly never crossed my lips
I am however having to rethink my personal standards of discourse as I've now find myself after reading the Conservative motion failing at least inside my own head to the collection of Councillors opposite as the Samoan people
this Lord Provost is not of course meant that any reference to any possible fishy approach to local politics such a comment would be undoubtedly deeply unwise and unfounded
and summon people and stayed refashion overwhelming sense of swimming against the tide that emanate from their motion against the tide of evidence except he thinking and a clear change in public expectations they want for example to reject the Administration's pledge to ring fence 10 per cent of the Roads and Transport budget for cycling
this rather old fashioned dismissal or such city benefits as improved health outcomes better quality of life and improved air quality comes at a time when cities all around the world are making visionary moves towards reinvigorating their people and their places through increase cycling and walking opportunities for all Mexico City for example can manage to close off its major thoroughfares and specific Des Saville is investing and 75 kilometers of segregated cycle lanes Madrid is banning cars from from its City Centre Armley designing 20 4 of the city's busier streets for walking not driving they can all see the benefits and health in the economy and in the quality of life of increasing active travel options but he these benches here want to ignore that mainstream progress so where can we so excuse me the consequence of Conservative motion rejects the idea of the tronic station opting instead to US public transport users to pay for further road improvements for car drivers of Council only so correctly pointed out
their desire to hold up progress on this vital project is a rejection of positive action to deal with an increasing population and its lately impact on congestion in the city it betrays a lack of willingness to understand the changing needs of our city and a singular lack of vision
so where can we find such progress I would suggest instead that we look at the comprehensive administration's motion so ably described by Councillor Rankin and others
this Budget provides ample proof of the ambition of the coalition ambition to conserve constantly improve and to build upon policies actually deliver for the people of Edinburgh
will building on an existing improvements and street cleansing by adding a further 1 million pounds in this Budget Waste collection efforts are being refined and improved through the two point 5 million pounds allocated to the communal bin review
recent figures show considerable improvements in missed bin collections Development described by our Council leaders Brough if this was outsourced our suggested by our Tory colleagues I would expect the contract variances allowed for the private sector would be more than double the not point 1 percent a waistcoat waste collections that were currently experiencing not good for the people of Edinburgh
what adding seven-day 5 thousand pounds for more trees the city as she had ambition with our Green colleagues and which might lead to the gleaning of the city
something I am sure that they would welcome them
three hundred thousand pounds for LED lighting and public space is a move which will bring immediate and future benefits
we find resources to push forward and rear seat in the much-needed Bernard Sharp bridge
in the west of the city is a move that will benefit all but the local community in particular a move which Councillor what will undoubtedly welcome given them and ear-bending he's been giving me about it
we have made an additional 1 million pounds for some 4 m roads pavements and street lighting on top of our usual spend now it's a matter of some small delight to Mrs. Lang this builds upon the changes which are emerging from the roads improvement plan
we've made the difficult decision to propose charging for garden waste collections public engagement on this service seem to send on how we do it rather than whether or not we should do it it reflects an increasing trend across many local authorities Forty seven per cent of whom in the UK already undertake this method
the scale of proposed charges sit at the very lowest end of the scale
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:41:28]
25 pounds per year for an all year round to weekly collection and
[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:41:29]
recognising that this may in fact represent a problem for some we have allocated a 50 thousand pound Port to assist
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:41:36]
the conclusion
[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:41:37]
I've just right so one of the ways of paying for their proposals that the Tories seem to decided upon us to remove the one point 5 million pounds all other parties have agreed upon for the vital group of looked after children are move which I'm sure Paul many in this Chamber
the remit of transport and environment is exceptionally wide and deep and I'm confident this budget as contained in the administration's motion will help us to deliver progressive developments to improve our core services in this area as well as to deliver innovative thinking for the benefit of all who live work and visit in Edinburgh thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:42:15]
10 for hundreds
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:42:17]
[Cllr Ricky Henderson (Labour) - 3:42:19]
thank you Lord Provost
but let us be challenges in health and care so that in the city are well recognised and well reported and have quite rightly been discussed in this Chamber many times in recent months
I can assure Council that the delay is currently being experienced throughout the care sector and a top priority for the Edinburgh Integrated Joint Board
you may be aware the IGA be recently agreed to start work in five new strategic commissioning plans covering main services for older people mental health Learning disabilities physical disabilities and primary care
I'm confident that this will lead to better ways of working and further developing the integration agenda towards the aim of delivering the right care and that a place at that pain
monday alone law will not resolve all the issues that we face but not about it on down the prospect of an additional recurring 4 million poems from today's budget and the prospect of that being matched by a further 4 million pounds from NHS Lothian and I acknowledge the commitment of other parties in the Chamber to similar investments
of course the Integrated Joint Board will have to decide itself 0 this funding is used to commission services I'm confident that the provision of care and tackling the delays in the system will be prime focus
so with the prospect of 8 million pounds allocated to care provision Strategic Commissioning Plan shaping change for the future and the new AGB chief officer to be appointed in taking up post soon and a refreshed senior management team I'm cautiously optimistic that this year will see positive progress towards delivering on the aims of health and social care integration and therefore I am happy to support the caution budget proposals before us today
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:44:21]
Councillor me
[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 3:44:25]
thank you Lord progress as Councillor Anderson has just said that Members are well versed in the problems facing health social care and the 4 million additional funds to be allocated as a consensus across all parties is very welcome and I wholeheartedly support Councillor Henderson's call to the NHS to match this 14 million I very much hope its forthcoming
as green spokesperson on health and social care I think I have seen the beginning of a sea change in the attitudes and the confidence and within our services and as the issues raised by their deputations this morning sure it is a very complicated and very confused landscape
but yesterday evening I met with some GPs
and I heard from one of them if he'd been to mainland Greece recently to help in some way to volunteer in a refugee camp in fact several
Nafta she's been there for a while she realised that the general health of many of those that she was helping
was better better than the health of the people she worked with in Edinburgh
if we are to provide
the health and social care services we need and to address the health of our residents we really have to transform our services
SA Greens to put an additional one of five hundred thousand into our budget to lead that change to help make it a reality in our communities
supporting elderly at home to make their own choices about the care they receive
for people to tackle debilitating conditions such as diabetes through lifestyle changes for our communities to be at the centre to take centre stage and health and social care I support the green budget proposals ambitious in Edinburgh thank you
total Kicker
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:46:27]
[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 3:46:30]
thank you Lord Provost
yesterday I met with crisis is 18 a group of people who are currently experiencing homelessness
they shared with me their experience of temporary accommodation
I've met lots of professionals working in the third sector in homelessness I'm sure they won't mind me saying that that meeting with one of the most valuable
the members of the 18 shared their lived experience they shared their frustration at their freedom being considered curtailed by curfews grown adults having to make excuses and ask permission to babysit their own children
they shared what it is like to have no access to a kitchens be able to cook for yourself and be unable to wash your own clothes and to live like this for 18 months before accessing permanent accommodation
tackling BMBC's is important but so is ending rough sleeping
the Scottish government action Group put in place a plan for this winter included an expansion of places at the care shelter includes it empowered frontline staff and rapid access high tolerance accommodation
even with this additional support we have not managed to stop a tragedy from happening
last night two men were rough sleeping on East London Street this morning one of the men did not wake up
this is something that should shame us all
but it must also spare us to act
this is about austerity but it's also about a wider issue it's about what we as a society choose to prioritise about what we value
as Chair of the Task Force I am pleased that the arguments have made about the need for additional investment in homelessness services have resonated across the Chamber
the allocation of funds in every party's budget shows that the administration is absolutely right in this that the creation of the Task Force the focus on tackling homelessness and the additional almost 2 million pounds are absolutely the right things to do
the administration commitment means that we can look at ways to give people back their dignity that self-respect and their autonomy was living in temporary accommodation we can look at ways to prevent homelessness altogether and keep people in their own homes we can find alternatives to temporary accommodation that off offer a much better quality of life we can prioritise vulnerable people young people and families and make sure that we take them out of the MV altogether
and we can put in place a plan to end rough sleeping for ever in our city
the Task Force stealth has a lot of work to do there are discussions to be had and more importantly their stories to be listened to we will do this in the coming weeks and months by June we will have strong policy recommendations this budget gives us scope to make those recommendations bold and innovative it empowers the Task Force to think back and to make real change this budget means that we well hugely improved the lives of our citizens who are currently experiencing homelessness and enables us to work towards a system change that makes those improvements permanent
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:49:44]
for emotional progress
[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 3:49:50]
rural budgets Shrien traits remote applies to the vast majority of households and businesses as much as it does to the government and this administration in my view it's in the interests of the city's economy that as much money as possible is left in the pockets and process of all citizens to spend as they see fit and administrations on the TYC was absolutely necessary for delivery of efficient services
that means any efficiencies being driven out at every opportunity and as my colleague Councillor Hutchinson has so ably demonstrated there is money to be found within this organisation with the imagination and will to look
we've already seen that the SNP saddle Scotland with Ucas highest rate of income tax yet the SNP Labour administration is relishing the prospect not only of a further 3 percent Council tax take but a new garden tax as well even though the Scottish government grant reduction is less than expected the last thing and this administration's mind is minimising the Council Tax increase because its mind seemingly made up already
the coalition motion claims the public engagement in the budget has demonstrated that citizens understand the needed to increase council tax and there is significant support for this proposal really you don't need to be Sir John Curtice to know the consultation is a sophisticated but unweighted and unscientific PR stunt right for cherry picking of voodoo paw which is no basis for policymaking
it's the same for the tautologous transient visitor Levy how can that support be described as spontaneous when it's all the administration talks about as if a secure for all its problems snake-oil indeed
then take the ruinous theory of a citizen's income please ticket another miracle cure what lies at the heart of a growing orthodoxy and this administration and green seats is this Chamber is that money is there as a handout not money generated by citizens which they pay in return for good service the Greens with a plan to axe the marketing Edinburgh budget with have the city generate little income as possible and have no visitors to levy
for businesses large and small which generate our taxes the demand from the Council is simply for better infrastructure yes more affordable homes for staff but also cleaner streets faster connectivity quicker support services and better roads and it now appears that my suggestion that smaller hover buses has become official policy
yet and transport the administration seems to think three miles of tram tracks through we is the silver bullet for most of those demands funny how the consultation response to trams hasn't made it into the coalition motion
but one message to the outside world from the SNP government and this administration is clear Lord Provost come to Edinburgh to stay work or visit and the strain of taxation will meet your bone snap by supporting the Conservative motion today this Council can show that there is another way and I commend it to you thank you
control income
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:52:56]
[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 3:52:56]
[Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 3:52:58]
thank you Lord Provost
this Council faced some difficult decisions that we also face some challenges we want to do things new in this coalition we want to
[Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 3:53:16]
listen to those in our community I am pleased that this administration has devolved resources into localities in order for their localities to begin to be productive Councillor Aldridge was very good at giving awards well maybe he would have the half the truth award because we actually did listen to the community feedback and Edinburgh Leisure a worse we are being asked to make significant a savings and because of the community that we listen to we changed that and we are we pulled by a hundred and 50 thousand pounds so we do listen
Councillor Waite
mentioned that that Councillor Rankin and has always done has never done anything differently well as a coalition we are doing things differently many of you are concerned about the Great British their degree Northern run and the resources for that go into many other things evidence concerned about one event but perhaps we are not aware of some of the other events at this this Council sponsoring the British diving championship the Edinburgh International swim the HSBC city right international netball competition the european junior beach volleyball beach volleyball the Scottish Short course Championships the Scottish diving Championships and we're about to put me or to hundred thousand pounds investment and the world sprint orienteering Championship for 2 thousand 20 2 we are also looking at tendering for other major A events to come to the city we are not cutting we're in improving we are changing we are upgrading not always doing things the same way as they have always been done well also a nurse administration have a wonderful A taking forward a project that was previously shelves of of replacing Meadowbank stadium this is a much needed
addition to the city's leisure
the old stadium was riddled with asbestos it cannot be rewired to cannot drill into the wall and we were in need of this facility that was safe and fit for purpose for the next generation in the city and I am very pleased that this administration is taking this forward and are very pleased that the budget were taken forward also in a protects the police money the night noise team and CCTV in the city to keep this and City safer stronger and fitter thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:56:06]
conformity Campbell
[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 3:56:09]
thank you Lord Provost I would like to speak to you about our proposals to fund seven new secondary level education community helps no one could fail to be moved by the Deputations we received our last Council meeting one from Trinity a school community that has been waiting for years for a new building and has still not been given a clear timeline of when they will get one
the other from parents of Curry who feel unwanted proposals are being forced on them due to pressures on budgets
in my own ward of Craigmillar we have a community that had been promised a new building and has already been let down by this Council many times we cannot let them down again their children are using a school in very poor condition and whose bunker like appearance is not appealing especially with two new schools nearby Castlebrae is a wonderful school with staff and pupils doing amazing work they need a building to match new fit for purpose buildings across the city would mean so much to these communities and this Council should not keep them in limbo any longer
we should not be waiting for the Scottish government to make her move I implore the administration to take our proposals on board let's demonstrate to these communities that we understand how desperately these new buildings are needed and that we are committed to taking this pressing issue to the Scottish government thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:57:27]
confer route
[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 3:57:30]
thank you Lord Provost I think many Edinburgh residents will be interested to know
what Councillor Aldridge said earlier on when he seemed to suggest
that we shouldn't be spending a bit more on roads and I noted that he was clapped enthusiastically by Council Councillor MCVIE A at that
what progress some people in this Chamber
some people in this Chamber will be aware that I do a bit of cycling round the city on the city's roads and paths it's about 2 thousand miles every year but my contribution to this speech is going to be short because I want to use the words of one of my constituents who wrote to me last month
when he's a cyclist I cycles to and from work and this is how he began
I very nearly came off my bike a few days ago after hitting a pothole not an unusual occurrence these days in Edinburgh the roads of this City are a disaster and pose an extreme danger to cyclists
and Borough Council are actively encouraging cycling which is no bad thing but our roads are in a very dangerous state and I believe the extremely poor condition of the roads is putting cyclists lives at risk temporary repairs are carried out or so rushed and so poorly done that the last no more than a few days in most cases the method of repeating the material used is totally inadequate
he goes on to be perfectly honest my cycle to work and back home is becoming too dangerous and I may give up cycling altogether on the routes I use the quality of the road surface is a danger to cyclists the entire surface is exhausted and deteriorated to such an extent that avoiding dangerous potholes is unavoidable
the roadway into my street had deteriorated severely some months ago new white lines were painted at the entrance onto an exhausted area of routes surface soon after that Edinburgh council's pothole repairs turned up and spread a thin layer of fine black tar all over the newly painted white lines you couldn't make it up he says a
couple of photos are attached to the report Hall an area of route which desperately needs to be properly repaired and which I pass every day I know have no choice but to use the outside lane because this area of the roadway is so dangerous this is not an uncommon defect these days and major habit hazards like this are all too common but enough for motorists but an extreme danger to cyclists like myself
Lord Provost the neglect of our roads and pavements as we have just heard from my constituent it's not doing any good for cyclists pedestrians as well as motorists and in particular I think of elderly people as well we are here to serve all our constituents
we Conservatives have been very supportive of improvements to cycling over the 11 years that I have been on this Council
but the divide of the transport budget allocating 10 percent to cycling is a false one and as we have heard from my constituent it's not serving our constituents or cyclists very well at all it's almost as if the administration Strategy is to weaponise potholes in its disdain for the motorist the consequence of weaponising pitfalls for is a considerable for cyclists pedestrians as much as motorists we are here to serve all our constituents I support an improvement to the condition of our roads and pavements and so I support the Conservative budget
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:01:33]
councillor smith
[Cllr Stephanie Smith (Conservative) - 4:01:37]
thank you Lord Provost and first I want to say thank you to Councillor Hutchison M whose brought before us a Budget that the residents of Edinburgh can be proud of
its forward thinking strategic and focuses on the most important issues this Council has at hand at this time
I think I speak for the Conservative group when I say that we eat certainly are proud to be including more funding for homelessness roads and pavements and for our schools than the current administration do in their Budget today
Scottish workers earning over 20 6 thousand will be subjected to the highest income tax across the UK due to the SNP budget recently pushed through Holyrood with the help of their green friends what kind of messages that sending to the residents of Edinburgh when the administration want to increase
their Council Tax by 3 per cent and charged them for brown bin collection to my remind you that this is the same SNP who once called Council Tax unfair
more tax for less service across the council and devolved services surely our constituents across the city deserve more than this and are right to expect more for their money
as such I am pleased that our Conservative budget motion ring fences the lower Council Tax increase than that proposed by the administration of 2 percent for schools with allocation for wave 4 schools including Liberton high
investment in our schools is essential and the Conservative Budget motion makes it clear that we are making this important issue and the safety and education of our children a priority
conflict Cook
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:03:16]
[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 4:03:19]
thank you Councillor work thank you Lord Provost
lord provost I strongly strongly comparing the Conservative budget proposals to the harsh it to the House and to the Chamber today
our patients
I commend this proposal strongly strongly to the Chamber
the Chamber today
thank you thank you thank you
lord provost elected in 2 thousand 12 the room or new out only about 12 with Italian and I often feel like I grew up being told that our policies and our positions were unpopular you were unpalatable as a former council leader once called them the policies of the extreme right just slightly bizarre
so I was therefore pleased to stand for re-election and put these policies that we'd champion for five years to the people of Edinburgh and what a result it was 18 Conservative Councillors the first preference choice of the Citizens' entire length and breadth of Edinburgh
but despite this despite this we are in opposition and were again presented with a Budget we are repeating more and get even less
it's true we would call time on the tram but were freed Councillor Aldridge are going to give you a special award of euro and it's called the fake news award congratulations
because Wales Yes we read rear portion the voting bus we'd re-apportioning the loading policies dividend or budget meets clear with reinvest as pay and heavily traffic buses at bus lanes bus stops to general route traffic improvements in Leer and to improve the flow of buses across the city I'm sure you are aware that moving buses identified congestion is the number one source of concern in terms of its business growth going forward and this should be invested primarily to the benefit of public transport with an additional benefit for all road users but also invest further parking right administration pays lip service to investment in park and ride facilities but more than say social rule the words are not matched with actions so more money to fix our roads to important 2 million parents more coupled with alternative action to relieve congestion without the tram and it's one hundred and 60 million per important to council taxpayers please no more vanity projects
there three years after the prime Minister David Cameron called for a national conversation on the problem of Arben goals again only the Conservatives are able to provide in our Budget the funding to instigate a gull de-nesting service and 12 06 true that I enjoy warmer more constructive relationship with Leslie to date with lazily 1
I would just like to make clear and that de-nesting is not the same as Colin and
killing the sea goes there's a very important distinction near
you think it's worth repeating that but again this is a priority we show that we can fund by making alternative choices and a number of backbench Labour Councillors like to mock the issue would be the most Councillor Arthur but the fact is that local government is not glamorous a lot of the issues that we deal with it very mundane to some people are very very important to others and this is a service that the Council should be offering them into the type of thing that we elect its local representatives to champion
once again we reject annual interest proportionately high pay and display the increases as this coalition continues its increasingly naked war on the motorist
but not only that we can go further because we will freeze residential Parking permits given further relief to people in Edinburgh you already have to pay a substantial amount of money just to park their car and the local community especially people in our schools a
fairly rough puff new choice need a vehicle to get to work for example and it's not right that if a year with increased parking permit charges
we were promised a number of our colleagues have already spoke at length across the transport brief proposed to stop there as a reporter Paul topping election result shows we are the champions of our suburban Edinburgh cool I shouldn't is completely detached and increasingly out of touch with Twenty Twenty Two cannot come quick enough the process has started in the choice is clear if you are hardworking suburban Council taxpayer in Edinburgh Conservatives can deliver more for less
commands a Conservative budget
clause would be
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:08:00]
[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 4:08:03]
so thank you I promise
[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 4:08:06]
Get outta my thanks to Hugh Dunn and drama hub held to leg and come away for their sterling work supporting our
caution budget and on both Labour Group to thank Councillor Donaldson and Kim's ranking for the huge efforts can turn progressive budget here today the reverse many of us have contributed today about the continued erosion of local government funding both from the Scottish government and the huge pressures on people's ability to afford basic principles
she knew of a warm home and proper delete good suits according to Conservative policies on welfare and benefit caps both these governance should be ashamed or the lack of understanding of the services that cities like Edinburgh provides to local people and a lack of funding imported drivers are required to deliver them
nevertheless escalation would lever the best Budget possible protecting the most vulnerable people in our city including 2 million pounds for housing and economy Committee to deliver a new innovative ideas to support those who experience homelessness
and acknowledging that our staff are our greatest resource Lord Provost and rather look to privatise them as the Lib Dem and Conservative and have a few million pounds shortfall and are good decent pay award and really pleased to see the coalition's commitment to our Budget for at least a 30 percent be arise if I may group in top that causes our grow even further than that and agree a higher increase for the lowest paid and funded by a fees on the highest peak in local government
but progress this week educ part in workshops supporting our basic income pilot with cancer body and comes to Corbett and I'm really pleased to see the council take a lead in supporting this work to look at how we can bring equality to those who suffer the most poorest in our capital city
as Councillor Higgins and spoke of earlier this budget delivers an additional 4 million pound of increased support to health and social care to target one a backlog of assessments and deliver two more care home parties supported I hope by match funding from the NHS
are not on holiday hunger a lot of progress since the initial pilot don't know my Ward jointly with Granton Baptist Church and a local primary schools is a huge success and are really pleased to see the Coalition's budget today you will see that programme expanded across the city through cancer Petty's portfolio
on our school estate Lord Provost many people spoke the Swan I appreciate Councillor oldest carbon I think we are all on the same page here so I'll continue to make a public commitment to deliver the news to deliver the new Trinity academy and continue to what becomes a pity because of Dickie and our directors to ensure that what can start as soon as possible in developing their Bangham sportswear silly totally Academy to be delivered through our way for School programme as a matter of urgency
the problem is certainly that conserves budget gives no recognition or any funding to the support for US asylum seeking children come into our city underfunded by Westminster government
cancelled the charms nominee for cycling available and there goes our commitment to active travel this is a new innovative thinking from the Tories here in Edinburgh
that reviews are welcome the commitment in this Chamber looking ahead some of the income and income maximisation opportunities particularly transport video visit a transient visitor levy supported by the Greens Lib Dems the SNP and many of the Conservative backbenchers championed by cancer McClellan are to the stocks supported by the culture at uni by our local communities perhaps not so by large private business but the door to that TV is open and will make every opportunity we can to deliver a TPO Edinburgh
lord provost caution would level the best we can for our services and plan for the future with trams opened up the north of the city for future development not just support more four by four car use and they say as it can save us what we will deliver more schools across the city and support local community based projects to deliver education chin into work and much more conventional Provost 20 50 Citivision recognises that led me to be a fair city it must do so it must do all it can to improve the quality of life philosophies inequality harassment discrimination and prejudice it must also work to harness the talent and celebrate the difference of all those who live in the city to become an inspired and thrive in the city that is what our Budget will deliver today Lord Provost a budget for the city now and for the future supporting our 20 50 vision of a city that doesn't look backwards but looks forward to 20 50 as to what the coalition motion
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:12:34]
Councillor Griffiths
[Cllr Joan Griffiths (Labour) - 4:12:40]
thank you Lord Provost
we heard earlier this morning a from the Tenants Association whilst I raised a number of issues we mustn't lose sight of all the good work that the house involving your came achieves
I retain its have been extensively consulted on the Housing Revenue account budget for over a thousand tenants interviewed which helped shape the Housing Revenue account Budget proposed today
the Housing Revenue account continues to use to modernise existing homes and Neighbourhoods almost half of all Council homes have benefited from new heating systems or energy efficiency measures and the Council is on track to you please all kitchens and bathrooms over 20 years old by 20 20
New homes and home improvements helped to decrease living costs and increase the quality of life for low-income families
local people through consultation and involvement in our neighbourhood partnerships have helped modernise the neighbourhoods in which increases pride in the place that they live over 4 thousand 500 Council homes adapted to that people with mobility problems and disabilities can stay in their own homes should they wish to
and whilst I acknowledge that with reduced the did you settlement were not able to do all that we would like as a Council and we have difficult choices to make the Housing Revenue account demonstrates that week what we can do to improve living conditions for our tenants and the local environment thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:14:20]
total Burgess
[Cllr Joan Griffiths (Labour) - 4:14:24]
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:14:26]
[Cllr Joan Griffiths (Labour) - 4:14:29]
[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 4:14:32]
thank you very much local this this Council is responsible of course for looking after this amazing city area and while we can all be very
[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 4:14:41]
close of the part of our heritage and and festivals it's very much the basic services that are the core of our responsibilities those reached across our council areas including those outlying rural communities that so often feel left out no counselling has already eloquently addressed the need for significant investment in our roads and pavements so that affords me the opportunity to speak to something on that's very close to my heart and that is our obligation to our young people especially those who need extra support from us for health or for financial reasons I'd like to highlight funding for three of the initiatives in our budget which have typically produce no many in the Chamber will know that I am the mother of two young girls the eldest who is no employee to is learning all about valuing not only her fellow pupils but also valuing herself and about being resilient no I absolutely welcome this approach in our schools and also that some teacher training in mental health and a few of our secondary schools are started no through my employer I received training as a mental health first aid for last year and I've learned so much over that year and therefore obviously delighted to be proposing in our budget to full time fully funded members of staff they will work on accelerating the training for teachers across all of our secondary schools on mental health and also to work on creating and delivering mental health and well-being classroom teaching that not only can this help tackle the stigma around mental health but hopefully open the door that little bit wider for those who are wanting to talk and indeed were the only political group in this Chamber are proposing positions like this in the schools know I am also pleased that we have put in the full funding for the police scheme provision following very passionate and yes indeed emotional contributions from parents we have ensured that a Budget and our Budget that all children eligible not just the priority Kesey's will for the police scheme will have their full six weeks provision
and lastly our Budget fully funds citywide roll out of the holiday hunger initiative ensuring that families who struggle with pervading Noticias hot meals during the school holidays are supported I believe I believe that we need to go beyond further pilots are limited coverage and meet this a stable fundamental service for all those who most needed and value it I commend our commitments to these initiatives and our budgets the Council thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:16:56]
Thames were common
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:16:58]
thank you Lord Provost
[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 4:17:05]
I was just sharing
a lesson in life with colleagues earlier today in our Labour Group about never losing the capacity to be surprised and I never thought I would rise as Labour's person for housing and the economy to make comment on a Conservative budget proposal which spends more on
measures to alleviate homelessness etc. I very much welcome that however I would question
you'll be regretting you dead
trust me well
Much has been made about the roads and the transport aspects today and an inresponse as I say I welcome I welcome all parties commitments because it's a recognition it's a recognition of the failure of government choices in other places that we have so many people without homes that we have so many people who cannot afford to feed their families that clothe their families appropriately so thank you for that recognition of the serious problems that exist in this city and thank you for recognising those in your budget proposals every party who has done that
they are to be honest Lord Provost and fear New Labour route Robert Burns to his friend Mr. Graham in Finchley and 9th of December 17th 89 I'm going to dare to be honest and I certainly fear no Labour
Labour Councillors have an offshore always prioritised the needs of our most vulnerable citizens and seek to Hall and address the growing equalities across our city inequality and poverty bore night and exacerbated by a series of severe and deliberate political choices made at UK and Scottish government labels Edinburgh Labour Councillors have and shall always seek to ensure equity and equality of access to good housing to a good education and to good employment and training opportunities and occur to me and preparing for today Lord Provost that children starting school in 2 thousand and seven when there was a change at Holyrood are no today's 16 year olds
been through the education system and looking at their life choices
and as those of you who are involved in the Housing and commit the economy Committee will nowhere in the throes of preparing our economy strategy and one of the interesting responses I hard to that consultation came from the Chair of High School
Audi pins body and he emphasised to me and I totally agree that we can't this 30 isn't just about attracting highly skilled workers we need to create them we need to educate them
and it saddens me a lot more progress that in my first budget in this chamber I had never heard of phrases like holiday hunger and food banks we were able to build the schools we wanted because we were fully funded we weren't having local ideas coming trusts and deputations that competing for which you know which new school we would build where and not as the sad and sorry situation that we are as a city here and certainly as Brexit looms ever closer we do need to ensure that our young people are equipped with the skills and education to meet their best choice T-shape choices and chances in life others have talked about the Housing side of the
portfolio today and that's why I'm focusing more on the economy side my late father say to me the strength of the team is each individual member and the strength of each individual member is the team this maxim applies to the strength and success of our capital city and to the collective strength of those who live work study and invest here but was Lord Provost we are also all too aware we not only have people living working studying and investing here we also have a duty of care to our fellow citizens who are vulnerable and who need care citizens who find themselves in difficulty citizens here without a home or for whom our streets are there
people who are without work or got in precarious work fellow citizens without adequate means to feed themselves and their families people who struggle to heat their homes adequately the sod shameful reality in a city like ours underpins and reinforcement forces that commitment which editor Labour Councillors Councillor Shah fought to secure the priorities that matter most to addressing those needs within the coalition budget in closing I would just like to respond specifically to Councillor Cooke and the tram
and I will say this
and I had to remind myself because I thought these figures would be different today you know I thought they would be quite a team
it still surprises me the low levels of car ownership in the city and the Scottish Edinburgh the Scottish household Survey of 2 thousand 16 tells us that 39 percent of NBR households have no cars no access to cars
44 percent of one car and 2 to plus cars that 17 percent so in halting the tram you're not halt you not only halting the development of brownfield sites in the north city you're not only constraining the ability of the City to couldn't get caught with a population growth and create economic
opportunities and employment you're denying your denying the vast majority of people who are without access to a car to the means of getting around this city and harbour across life thank your promise
Councillor Jim Campbell
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:22:56]
[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 4:22:59]
thank you Lord Provost
politicians often speak about the importance to which the the importance attached to education and perhaps Lord Provost it was with that in mind that you invited Councillor Perry to make the first contribution to this Chamber after lunch
education is such an important part of what we do together as a society
like me Lord Provost you were at the event last night celebrating LGBT history month at hosted by Trinity academy and it was a fantastic event with young people
showing what they could achieve when they were given the opportunity to do that and putting on really quite amazing performances which I enjoyed I'm sure the Lord Provost enjoyed the Vice Convener of Education children and families and the Deputy Leader of the Council I am sure we all enjoyed it
and it's just testament to what Trinity academy can do
laying on that event and demonstrating the diverse community that they support
and in the break I'm sure Lord Provost you enjoyed going through to the dining hall
and I appreciate
there's a point
I appreciate you like it or consolidate and I appreciate that many of us have received e-mails in the run up to this budget from parents of students at Trinity academy or other people with their concern about Trinity Academy and they often cite
the lack of sports facilities there is no swimming pool the gym hall is very small and they sought site the dining hall and just to put it into context for those cancers that perhaps have not visited Trinity academy the dining hall at Trinity academy is probably a third of the floor area of this Chamber
and that's for a school that has over eight hundreds students and a potential role of Nine hundred and 50 students
and as Councillor Day said last night he's been in primary schools with bigger
dining halls and it's for that reason I am absolutely delighted that the Conservative budget motion includes a commitment to fund the next stage of design work fortunately Academy are also delighted to
record the commitment that counts today has made to this Chamber today my only regret is that that didn't find its way into the wording of the Coalition's budget motion but I assume that that is a commitment and that there's no wide agreement across this Chamber that the next stage of funding for Trinity academy should proceed
so I think
I would commend our budget motion to this Chamber our commitment to education which other groups have agreed with because education is our future and we have taken the brave decision to spend more money
set aside more capital to build future schools and I believe that the right decision I don't agree with the Convener of Education Committee that to do nothing is currently the best option to do nothing did not succeed in terms of our building maintenance and to do nothing now will not succeed in terms of the future provision of our schools
I await with interest the Scottish Government's announcement of the Wave 4 programme which has been long trailed I commend our motion
councillor taggart
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:26:57]
[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 4:27:00]
thank you Lord Provost it's a privilege as a new Councillor experience in the joys of his first budget process to speak in support of the marvellous budget that Councillor Hutchison presented to Council this morning
it's about time the Scottish government faced up to its responsibilities by ensuring the councils are properly funded no further pain should be inflicted on Edinburgh's citizens
the narrative of the last 10 years and Edinburgh has been underfunding it's time that Labour's split with the SNP because of the chronic underfunding of council services
not my words Lord Provost the words of former Councillor Labour's Bill Cook
so perhaps as we consider the death throes of this debate
the proposal set forward by the various parties perhaps it's time for Councillor Cameron and Councillor Munro to check with their consciences to make sure that they can actually support this coalition
lord provost I'm not going to take any lessons and financial compliments from a Labour party whose last Chief secretary left the note to his successor saying the moneys all gone
and let's hope indeed he will be the last Labour Chief secretary
lord provost the budget that we have put forward today has been one based on competence and innovation
Councillor Webber has already discussed the proposal to review high health and social care delivery is funded and the fact that were the only party that the specified funds for looking at the delivery of that service is an example of the innovative thinking that has gone into our budget proposal
Lord Provost is probably worthwhile reporting something that has been put forward by Councillor McKenna's on Councillor day and also shared among his philosophical peers on Twitter by Councillor Barry
there was a report came to the Education families and children Committee children and families Committee in December that identified that the biggest pressure on the looked after children budget was in respect of unaccompanied asylum seeking children so while we recognise that other parties have put forward a specific sum to deal with that issue
and to provide services for those children we have decided to actually consider what that report said
can I remind all Councillors
that that report said that there would be negotiations undertaken jointly with COSLA to lobby the Home Office for further funding
so rather than just stick a sum of money into our budget and say this is what we're going to spend the Conservative party has decided to take a more realistic approach and allocate money to reserves to meet unexpected spending which will include money for unaccompanied asylum seeking children 2 million pounds-worth
it's important Lord Provost that we did not as a Council failed to recognise that unexpected events take place during the year and the last thing we want is Councillor ranking haven't having two compactors in December with some alterations to his budget that's why this party is looking at a sensible approach to building up reserves
adding an extra 3 million as well to the council priorities Fund to deal with any unexpected emergencies that
might appear in the future
lord provost I commend this motion and our budget to the Chamber
Councillor Doran
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:31:06]
thank you Lord Provost
[Cllr Karen Doran (Labour) - 4:31:09]
May I also commend the work of Councillors Rankin in Donaldson along with the officers who have worked very hard on the coalition budget
there is no doubt that we find ourselves in a difficult position living in these days of austerity we have no choice but to set a balanced budget a budget that we believe is in the best interests of the city in which we serve at a time when more and more elderly people need care and more children are entering schools
we must ensure that we protect essential services we also have to ensure that we continue to improve our city and primed reps I prioritise the care of the elderly the young and the vulnerable
it is clear that we have improved our roads and we services and continue to make huge strides in recycling in the city a clear commitment to cycling walking and public transport is shown very clearly in this budget
with further investments in roads waste recycling pavements cycleway street lighting this can only continue to improve
the statistics speak for themselves and no matter how it opposition partners try to spin a line on them that has been great improvements and I commend the very hard work of our staff who had 0 dear night working to ensure these services continue to improve by their hard work and commitment
that is still much to do and I believe that we have agreed we would meet agreed start investment in new street lights transformation of the City Centre redevelopment tackling potholes redesign of our communal bin services gives a clear message that the coalition are listening to the people of this city and will continue to improve the services
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:32:59]
[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 4:33:01]
thank you Lord Provost and thank you Councillor Hodgson for proposing such an inspiring Conservative budget now as the son and nephew of teachers one of my proudest moments or being elected to this Chamber was being appointed group education spokesperson so I eagerly went round to see my mum to tell it exciting news
so your job will be trying to square the demands of parents teachers and Council officers deal with schools if we are to be literally crumbling with an ever smaller pots of money I'm other smoked over coffee I suppose you'll finally know what it's like to do my job
she was right along with social care to state our city schools is perhaps the greatest challenge that we as a Council face
as you will no doubt noticed the majority of the deputations of grace this Chamber over the current session had been parents groups in addition to the many that have come through education children and families Committee or whom I have met and other members of the Committee of man one on one or at parent councils many of our buildings seven use of deteriorating decrepit or downright dangerous just yesterday a child was hit by a falling ceiling toll Oxgangs primary thankfully it was polystyrene
and despite the fact that Edinburgh has the highest proportion of children being educated in the private sector of any UK city many of our schools are bursting at the seams classrooms being thrown up in port-cabins encroaching on variable playground space other schools are told that despite their successes despite their role as community hubs and facilities that their roles are 500 or 600 pupils are simply unsustainable and a metaphorical wrecking ball is swung across them consultations begin and are effectively abandoned officers unable to answer questions and provide sufficient evidence for proposals How to Lose friends and alienate people
yet with the right funding I don't think the challenge is insurmountable and I was surprised to see such a limited budget proposal from the coalition while the eight point 5 million allocated for the next financial year is welcome it is but a drop in the ocean in the context of the near to hundred million that we in the Conservative Group and indeed the Greens see as being required to bring our city's school estate up to scratch in the coming five years
because you have found that 25 million as we have as well but I disagree with Councillor Parry that it is too complicated to consider additional borrowing to ring fence council tax to fund education
so I ask why the coalition despite a 1 percent increase over our 2 percent increase cannot find that money for schools to match our seventy seven million being spent on refurbished schools and to create a Programme for 20 18 20 20 3 that includes two hundred million for schools investment furthermore Lord Provost has a coalition not learned from the debacle that was the southwest and west schools review and the need for pressing repairs to 20 that's been brought up by Members across this Chamber that earlier assessment simply isn't fit for purpose therefore and our budget our Group proposes strategic review of schools across the city to understands our city's changing that demand is changing population centres are changing and decides to look at this before playing good money after bad I ask all profits if the reason that we can afford as a Conservative Group to propose ring fencing a mere 2 percent council tax increase for education to spend a quarter of a million on breakfast clubs a quarter of a million on holiday hunger increasing the school Grant 85 pounds to reflect the cost of living in what is the most expensive city in Scotland
and returning six weeks of holiday playscheme to children with additional support needs is because we focus on what really matters to our residents
that's maintaining safe navigable streets timely and efficient waste management and yes Nick Cook Segal family planning but most of all it's education education education no I am not in the habit of quoting Tree genius perhaps with the exception of my late grandfather but I must quote from Dharavi who said earlier today is it not the time we spent the right amount of money on our schools nurseries and social services that's why very pride to command the can serve to budget to this Chamber thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:37:11]
go to Arthur
[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 4:37:14]
don't all grown at once please
not for the first time I start by correcting Councillor Cook is not as is gold coal and bemused by a solution that we can cut congestion by encouraging car use making it less safe for cyclists and cutting public transport just seems crazy to me
thank you comrades there and we have got Councillor Corbett said about choices is right that the Budget is about choices and of course it was a Green party along with the SNP and holiday that chose to cut the budget by thepoint 6 percent and real step real terms 24 million pounds
in addition to that I accept the points that can serve this for me can about why we have to fund police policing because we don't give them to point 6 million pounds our streets are less safe that's what that's money of education is going to pot holes and its money social curator funder shouldn't we shouldn't forget the
I am really proud to Holywood approach these budget negotiations we have an end with priorities and homelessness social care are school buildings which have heard a lot about today and also roads and pavements and really played across the board to increase funding for each of those budget lanes are obviously in the current within the context of falling overall sum that's done by cutting other budgets and that really excited me
but what I'm really most disappointed today is what opposition parties have offered and they could have came forward and constructively amended what we've put forward instead in my view
former grandstanding alternative motions which I expect should be alarmed if anybody vote for them that it's not cohesion and I don't I don't understand why opposition parties couldn't have come forward with amendments on things like the library book budget which I spoke about earlier is being cut
the school uniform grant which I think was no is nowhere near enough but offering simply 2 pounds and in the west of the city
that Council with the Green party is cut Edinburgh's budgets you have no right to heckle Hercule our budget thank you very much the
and also point out that the Greens are proposing a further cut to library books which I think are not an utter disgrace seventy 3 thousand pounds and the west of the city in the west of the city
who are increasing but other of One Education in partnership with West Lothian Council Edinburgh school kids will get a school clothing grant of 70 2 pounds they will be in the same classroom is kids from Labour-led waste loading Council you begin a hundred and 10 poems and a question was the amendments to the budget to approve us so I do have concerns about this Budget but I think it's better than other than would otherwise would have been if Labour wasn't part of this administration I think that an source backers point and are not basis of more than happy to support to thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:40:20]
I still have a few more speakers to call but I'm going to call a 10 minute break to give the stenographers
a chance to have a bit of a breach or if we can be back here
who actually quarter to make it easier for the hands and Mason

Item 5 - Budget Motions

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:43:08]
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:43:11]
OK thank you everybody for coming back so sharp way as I said before the break have five more speakers for this debate
so we can move move on and I will cocoa Consort mode
[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 4:43:27]
thank you Lord Provost and I wasn't really stand planning to stand up and speak today given the wealth of talent on the benches the seats behind me
however there's been firstly I would like to thank Councillor Rankin for actually adopting I think in 11 years as a councillor for the first time ever have anything that might get through in the budget the temporary variable messaging signs to assist with how we monitor 20 miles an hour and help residents see affair is being enforced in their roads and take some of the pressure off our hard-pressed policemen so thank you very much for adopting that
residents sort of police officers
residents residents across the city I am sure will be very grateful and poor Councillor McKenna's just going to have to
find some sort of way of allocating the many demands that I have no doubt will come in from residents and community councils however what I really wanted to address was there seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding about the extra money that we've allocated well it's not just you it seems to be widely spread about the extra money that we've allocated
for transport this is not
the world's biggest pot hole fund might be appropriate in Edinburgh with some of the world's biggest potholes part of the money is for filling potholes but it's also about how we improve public transport across the city and responding to the concerns of Lowthian buses whose number one concern is congestion charges so it is looking well where we would allocate this money would be
about how we could ease congestion how we could improve
public transport and improved the Parkhall either Hermiston Gait so we would make safe road safer for all users by put it by improving reducing potholes and we would improve public transport
this is rather than 5 kilometers of track in one part of the city we would improve public transport reliability across the whole of the city I just wanted to clarify that and with that I will commend the Conservative Budget you and I do hope that you will perhaps take the time to vote for it today
Councillor Dickie
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:45:50]
[Cllr Alison Dickie (Scottish National Party) - 4:45:54]
it's the need of young people start with a few words from a young person that would not be me but I've been using these words a wee bit recently so well speaking with our focus group and of young people disengaged from school asked what message I could take back out there and back to Council and a teenager a teenage boy slowly lifted his head and muttered please don't write me off just because of where I live are the situation I'm in or how I am sometimes
there are too many people across her City who feel written off by others and particularly children and families struggling in poverty and who often go on ahead
and as a former teacher
I have seen it and children's eyes I have seen it in their body language and sometimes in their learning and then the behaviour
and what is it it's the look of children and families who have been crushed by the UK government a government who wrote off the vulnerable some time ago and these financially challenging times the budget begins to resource inclusive steps forward for children and families it builds on the inclusion work already being taken forward across our schools from the new family support workers the mental health initiatives are now beginning to make their way in there and are soon to be launched pioneering pupil equity framework which goes on 0 1 5 project work of poverty proofing our schools I've had for myself the excuses that hide the shame of not being able to afford the school uniform and it's utterly right that we should increase the in uniform grant is right to say that we should fund holiday hunger pilots across our community research has well proving the impact of holiday hunger in learning and they can take it in two months of the School's Year II V teach Scholes land prior to the holidays
unlike the Conservatives it's totally right to support our looked after young children and that no
support through strongly Butler as you can see and of course schools schools is never been clear that we need to go on with modernising our school estate so that is fit for purpose and to address the rising rolls across our city building and refurbishing use schools also gives us the opportunity to reimagine space and to future proof inclusion and shooting a school that every child deserves every school is not stigmatise no school or stigmatise no child is stigmatised
additional needs one of my post-election visits was to attain the same only at St Crispin's special School in my ward and whilst they are the children who had waned ranging and complex disabilities sang a song that sung across most of the schools in our city you had a star just the way you are on the R but since then families across our city who have children with disabilities are white or arranging additional needs are shared with me their stories of social isolation and the greater support and accessibility to City wide activities that are needed to help them feel included and to shine a time when existing budgets have been outstripped by the significant rise in additional needs and ahead of their educations and engagement work with children families and providers to better shape and resource the support I'm delighted to class for the additional funding that we have to address the concern arising needs such as the holiday play scheme which is absolutely gold dust to many families so enclose of steps forward much yet to do and let us remember those words across this Chamber please don't write me off and everything we do from this point forward thank you Scotland
Councillor Bruce
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:50:21]
[Cllr Alison Dickie (Scottish National Party) - 4:50:22]
thank you Lord Provost
[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 4:50:26]
firstly can I just remind the SNP and the Lib Dems that the bosses
[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 4:50:34]
Good vehicles taxi cyclists and pedestrians also use roads and pavements
what has become apparent over the last few years is a complete lack of
[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 4:50:46]
investment in road infrastructure throughout the city with potholes or every corner and roads disintegrating phenomenal rate especially in the higher grounds of Edinburgh South West they are getting close to stage where they are becoming impossible and causing more and more damage to all types of vehicles including buses
when you build a house you put it on foundations to support it
whatever needs to do is to build road infrastructure first before implementing numerous housing developments and then thinking about it later when it's too late
we now have up to three miles of tailbacks on the east seventy from Curry Balerno boundary to the Gillespie crossroads no at gridlock every Russia an express bus that should take 25 minutes to get into the centre of Edinburgh notice over three quarters of an error what sort of transport programme is that
Edinburgh when we have EDIMO revenue residents paying house higher Council Tax year on year and they want something for their money it's quite clear they want the basic sorted first like the state of the roads
getting their bins left it we'd still with communal grass areas cut street lights to work quick efficient transport links and sawn quite simply this Council needs to get the basics rate be more before moving on to bigger projects and that's why I support the Conservative budget
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:52:21]
I can speak if you'd like me to Lord process on everybody's hoping I worry
[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 4:52:25]
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:52:25]
I thought you had indicated you working to speak that happy to move on given the time
[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 4:52:29]
I think we've all heard enough to be
[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 4:52:32]
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:52:34]
however Lord Provost in saying that I will happily recommend our budget
[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 4:52:39]
we all speeches where sources
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:52:48]
councillor v
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:52:53]
[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 4:53:03]
thank you
[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 4:53:10]
unfortunately might not be sustained but when I heard the words of all hard enough m I thought that was murky A Star and depress Evan even more m in terms of the Tory Budget are absolutely can gradually m the three Finance spokesperson on forwards
I was always given him his proper title approach M unfortunately I don't think it's the most sensible way forward for obvious reasons outlined we have put forward a prudent budget that takes account of the course we think will come in the next financial year
what the Conservatives unfortunately have put forward and I think the theme that have been going forward today's debate the magically can achieve more for less where other parties can when you look at how the dune that what they're doing is crossing their fingers and holding their breath and hoping for a pay settlement from COSLA which is m
less generous than we've prudently budgeted for no if we do end up in that situation and find great we can put additional air things in the V also taken money of m lower than bodies as my colleague cancer Dickie has articularly devotional taking money out of the additional funds that we are putting into the deficit of looked-after children to make sure every child in the city has the best start in life
I'm not sure the the theme of more for less stands up to any scrutiny whatsoever when you compare the budget proposals I think Councillor Aldridge made a more helpful and more useful contribution when he asked us as a Chamber as a Council to look more seriously at the range of services that we provide as a king's will inevitably if we find ourselves under sustained financial pressure in the next four years that is what we should do we should take an outcome-focused approach we should take a holistic approach to look at everything that we do to make sure that what we want to deliver on behalf of the city we can and that not me avoid the situation which is probably happened in year gone to Memorial promised where we have looked to salami slicing off of budgets which makes life uncomfortable for literally every Department in every organisation dependent on council funding I think what this budget delivers is three things I think it invests in our core services it tackled long-standing difficult problems and it meets the City's aspirations and invest in those aspirations and our core services a million pounds for waste and claims in a million pounds for roads as well as a host of other things on top of that already higher level of core spending that were voted committed to that administration offices a commitment spend a hundred million and roads over the next five years long-standing difficult problems and our council estate the reason we've eight and a half million pounds and Councillor state this year because when we asked officers what was the maximum scheme of our programme they could put together within that
time period that was the number and that was the number we marched the 4 million pounds that we've put into health and social care matched by the NHS by the way matched by the NHS because the Scottish government was able to increase their funding as well and put them in a position that we were able to put an additional 4 million pounds in to help me our social care our collective social care
an additional 2 million pounds into homelessness three and a half million pounds to replace the birdshot bridge m I just said that to get a cheer from Costa work as shameless
in terms of aspirations Lord Provost a million pounds for the theatre to develop what will probably the coolest arts venue in the entire country
4 millions pounds for the Kings which will be one of the last components of funding they need to move forward with their increased incredibly ambitious refurbishment programme and of course a new concert hall for this city which will cater I think between those three for every demographic that basically has as well as that we are delivering the City Deal and are putting in the resources to deliver the City Deal not only delivering transport in the West End for exciting programmes like work schemes across the region taken advantage of it and significant investment in cycling and public transport and we shouldn't be ashamed to say that atoll but the thing that I think pools this together
is I think quite well encapsulated actually it's not often I say this by evening use editorial which came out right after our budget proposals which described the administration proposals as having a strong moral fibre and I think it does it tries to do to tackle the problems that the city has it tries to speak to the issues that we have these are now the issues of perhaps the well heeled well articulate people who will come to our surgeries who write it well punctuated e-mails two years and meet their case very eloquently and those people are valid and have evolved placed with 3 of course and our budget I think reflects their aspirations and issues just as much as anyone else our budget aims to address the issues and invest in some of the most vulnerable sections of our society and our homelessness
people who are suffering from illnesses in our young people etc. I think this budget reflects not only who we are as a coalition but hopefully who we are as a city and I am more than happy to support the Lord Provost thank you
Councillor Johnson
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:59:14]
[Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative) - 4:59:18]
thank you Lord Provost as a new Councillor I very much enjoyed my first Budget debate
I've been struck about the lack of criticism of the Conservative Budget I was expecting line-by-line scrutiny which hasn't happened and maybe have all had a good close look out on to say that you're going to support it shortly and I would welcome that but really the main criticism has come from the Labour benches to the SNP benches Councillor Munro rightly pointed out that COSLA said that Scottish councils should get 545 extra million but what was delivered was I one hundred and 8 million caught by Daithí McKay even though Westminster delivered an increase in funding for Scotland
as cancer Dog are appointed or even the former Labour finance Convener Bill Cook pointed out in the Edinburgh evening News today that enough is enough
the discord between the two parts of the two coalition partners deeply concerned
Councillor Rankin told about organised hypocrisy earlier on low perhaps we should look a little bit closer to home
Councillor McKenna's spoke of the Samoan people and perhaps because Councillor Aldridge had earlier talks about the Vladimir Putin awards I thought she was talking about the Siemens people the people that watch Alex Salmond's television show on Russia
although I don't think that TV shows up for any awards
Councillor McKenna's also talks have been swimming against the tide
we did swim against the tide last me and deliver the most first preference votes across the city so we do if they are
Councillor Ian Campbell talks about the Great Scottish Run a fantastic event and I have had many representations from people decried 5 of this has been taken out a most acute as to when this decision was taken because Conservative colleagues on the relevant Committee don't recall being asked to remove the funding for this so I think is an absolute no-brainer to bring this funding Birkin
I was pleased to hear that there was some consensus with the Greens and the Liberal Democrats supporting our call that there should be no brown bin charges
Councillor McKenna's again suggested that respondents to the consultation when opposed the move
that's not what I read in the consultation is not what I hear on the doorsteps and I don't think people are particularly cared about whether or not it works in practice they just want a decent bin service
so there's still time and the ball hasn't happened year take a look at Costa Hutchins excellent budget full of workable plans and please bite this Conservative budget thank you
[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 5:02:08]
we knew other names I will call on Councillor Rankin to sum up the debate
[Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative) - 5:02:12]
thank you very much that will progress that's been a very wide ranging
[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 5:02:16]
the debate and I think we covered all the main issues that sometimes more than once
which is fine I suppose because people will have different takes on at the same thing let me give let me start whether on a neutral
some magnanimity and congratulate Councillor Hutchison on his first speech as Finance spokesperson for the Conservative Group a very well delivered I thought
but to get down to business as it were with my other slightly less than 4 March
he did refer to serve the group as the equal largest party it's just a pity that also happen to be the new mates party in this Chamber
has achieved pointed out that that waste services appeared in the Conservative manifesto and this was the reason why they have the number of cancers that have now I think that's really a bit of a stretch and I suspect that he knows that the fact that every leaflet that came through my door was banging on about not having a referendum seems to have more residents were the people who decided to vote for you than just about anything else and I think that would be a more accurate telling the tale
I won't go into it
talk about the tram too much because it's not actually part
of this budget and it's been funded in a different way so I don't see that's especially relevant I do agree with the point that was made by Councillor Aldridge earlier about the fact we all agreed about way for schools of necessity of them and we want to see the proposals in the funding coming forward for those as soon as possible so I don't think there's any need to draw on that
it is quite obvious looking at the Conservative budget where I counted at least 15 points of agreement between their budget in the coalition budget pick up on Councillor Johnson's point
that one of the worst too many critical remarks on a great deal of your budget because it's the same as hers so why would we
if you look at homelessness and if you look at health and social care for example
the recent you as a Group has seen it necessary to put the money into it that you have is essentially because these things have been driven up by things like welfare cuts but used by the Westminster government certainly had an effect on an effect on homelessness and it's it's a fact that right across the UK and all Local authorities every one of them has a problem with financing that health and social care but at least you said yes that is a problem and we are going to put more money into it in your budget
so that does seem to me to return to an earlier seem a little bit hypocritical
and then we have the strategic partner model which I think is alternative business models right again
but if you look at the state of some of the companies which have provided
services under contract to the public sector like Corrillian which has now been liquidated what's been happening to the shares of circa Capita and mighty they've all fallen because the implied guaranteed for their contracts by the public sector has not been upheld by because the go