City of Edinburgh Council - 15 March 2018 (Thu, 15th Mar 2018 - 10:00 am) 

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Good morning everyone and welcome to this month's pause for reflection with us today we have

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:04:01]

Good morning and welcome to this meeting of the City of Edinburgh council which will be broadcast live to the internet

Item 1.1 - Order of Business

I will of course remind everyone present the live broadcast to the internet will be stored as part of the Council's webcast archive and capable of repeated viewing or have the discretion to terminate or suspend filming if in my opinion are waiting for me to continue with prejudice the proceedings of the meeting members are reminded that the cameras are activated by the same system and must switch on microphones when speaking and of off when finished speaking we will break

Item 2.1 - Declaration of Interests

approximately half past Eleven for a break for the stenographer inane is aimed to have ones are approximately one o'clock I cannot promise

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:04:58]

there's no change to the order of business item to an agenda that's declarations of interest the Council's code requires members the public with the queer and entryists the NYTimes been discussed at today's meeting these can be financial and non-financial out at any

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:05:14]

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:05:15]

from the Conservative Group yes Lord Provost declared an interest in

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:05:16]

Item 9 points six or financial interest as a member of the Scottish police Authority an item 9 16 a financial interest as he registered landlord

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 0:05:29]

thank you Lord Provost non-financial interest in nine-point Warner's

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 0:05:32]

Chair of Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues festival

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 0:05:37]

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 0:05:39]

I couldn't name one 5 as director of the Scottish newspaper Society and non-financial

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:05:48]

I too late nine points six financial period

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 0:05:52]

support staff employee of police Scotland

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:05:56]

Councillor guises

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:05:58]

and that's the end Levin vague canteen and I live in rented accommodation

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:06:04]

thank you Labour Group

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 0:06:12]

there's controversial nine-point 1 as a member of a board member of the Jazz Festival non-financial

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:06:15]

there's simply group

[Cllr Catherine Fullerton (Scottish National Party) - 0:06:20]

it's a film with him personally

[Cllr Catherine Fullerton (Scottish National Party) - 0:06:23]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:06:26]

nine-point one Member regions from Professor blues jazz and blues as

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:06:27]

well because Nicky Campbell

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 0:06:29]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:06:32]

[Cllr Denis Dixon (Scottish National Party) - 0:06:37]

nine-point one sex as they registered landlords cancer Vixen yes once

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:06:40]

named within six years of age that landlord

[Cllr George Gordon (Scottish National Party) - 0:06:43]

thank you Councillor Barry earning 1 6 as I want to Salon dot com's

[Cllr Claire Bridgman (Scottish National Party) - 0:06:49]

[Cllr Claire Bridgman (Scottish National Party) - 0:06:50]

regiment quiet ones nine-point 1 6 is a registered landlords

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:06:52]

this Councillor Campbell

[Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 0:06:54]

[Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 0:06:56]

a named point one as our board member of the Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues festival

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:07:10]

getting ripped sorry yes it's a cover name point when sex as an

[Cllr Gavin Corbett (Scottish Green) - 0:07:13]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:07:14]

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 0:07:16]

employee of Shelter Scotland kit is namely 1 6 is arrested landlord

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:07:19]

Key a look then yes

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:07:25]

Councillor nine-point 3 non-financial interest as the Council's representative on the Edinburgh airport Consultative Committee and also nine-point 1 5 non-financial interest as a director of the Law Society which is a member of the Chamber of Commerce

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:07:40]

[Cllr Lewis Ritchie (independent) - 0:07:43]

excuse me

[Cllr Lewis Ritchie (independent) - 0:07:45]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:07:46]

nine-point one sex as a registered landlords

Item 3.1 - Deputation

Item 3.2 - Deputation

Item 4.1 - Minute of 1 February 2018

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:07:49]

OK thank here and there are no deputations item 4 then is minutes the

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:08:00]

minutes submitted of 1st and 20 2nd February for approval is approved

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:08:01]

thank you

Item 4.2 - Minute of 22 February 2018

Item 5 - Questions and Answers

Item 5.1 - By Councillor Lang - Motorbike Crime

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:08:03]

item 5 is questions Number of questions for Swann to Highpoint one becomes so lying on a motorbike claim

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:08:11]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:08:12]

thank you very much and by way of clarification Lord Provost and does the Leader of the Council understand just how grossly offensive it is to my constituents particularly those in your house you are so

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:08:26]

affected by motorbike train that emotion with passed unanimously by this Council has simply been forgotten about and that a report will not now come until nine months after it was called for as the convener of the corporate policy and strategy Committee will he now apologise for the fact that such a serious mistake was meat

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:08:49]

thanks very much to produce more than happy to apologise was simply messed as an action point from this Council to the corporate policy and strategy Committee I would point out though and I do completely appreciates the strength of feeling on the severity of the problem in the area of the city that cater Lang is talking about I would point out though I think there's been for corporate policy and strategic committee since the date of the EU council it should have appeared on the Key decisions for Planet dead-end that's my mistake them but also Lord Provost I have to see corporate policy and strategy Committee which the Liberal Democrats do have representation on past that key decisions forward plan I think four times between then and now so I appreciate it's my mistake habit apologise for it there was also the autumn by everyone else

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:09:39]

High point to coach relying on fireworks regulations

Item 5.2 - By Councillor Lang - Fireworks Regulations

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:09:44]

thank you very much so given the answer to the previous question can neither confirm or deny that he also forgot about his obligation to write and send these letters as agreed by this Council last November the whole point of that fireworks motion was to try and initiate a change in policy in time for next November so can I ask him which as it did he forget on this as well or if he genuinely telling me and this Council that it takes him five months to write two letters

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:17]

can I thank Councillor life the clarification is seeking them it has taken too long to let us together as R Clark point of clarity in relation to the law which governs fireworks with the UK government as opposed to the Scottish government we are trying to make sure still that the later that before I send it is competent and make sure that we're directing it to the right person by completely accept it has taken too long if cancer

Item 5.3 - By Councillor Lang - Janitorial Review

at Lang had reminded me a little bit of Core M said earlier but there is still even today an outstanding point with later that I'm not happy with it yet to say so as soon as it's ready I'll share it with Council

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:10:57]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:11:01]

and other members of the Council consoling on Janet Toto review no supplementary to this one

Item 5.4 - By Councillor Rust - Oxgangs Primary School

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:11:04]

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 0:11:06]

Councillor Russell scans Kramer school thanks to their promise and I

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 0:11:08]

think we can be there for his answers I am extremely concerned by the response to question 5 because Sir Arthur insurance or dogs are aware there's a lot of concern amongst the Peyton unstaffed community Oxgangs regarding the situation at the school we had the collapsed wall were recently had the ceiling tell condone and only this morning the head teacher has advised that there's a bit of central flashing on the roof flapping around and at least 40 this morning people from Amy and count the Council were on their way surely this adds to the need for an independent inspection and will be there for revisit his answer to question 5 and ensure that we do have an independent councillor inspection

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:11:48]

yes given the information you gave me this morning that I've just received and I think we'll consider

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:11:56]

so rushed on garden waste collection charges

Item 5.5 - By Councillor Rust - Garden Waste Collection Charges

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:11:59]

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 0:12:01]

thanks very much Lord Provost and I thank the convener for the very comprehensive response that she gave I was expecting a wait and see Councillor us some pleasantly surprised two points I would like to raise one is simply in relation to dancer regarding Tepper obviously a lot concerned Collington regarding the arrangement they are going ahead so I'd be grateful if local elected members could be kept up to date in that and secondly I proceed that they'll be I'm going online and me but in advance of that what is the plan to market or to really advertise this we have the published answers today but presumably I would hope in the coming days we will see some real publication of information about the scheme and how it will work

Item 5.6 - By Councillor Brown - Street Lighting - Drum Brae Drive

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:12:41]

thank you case there must end as well as you will see from the written answer we are keen to have conversations with Tippett and to reassure them on some of these key points and that will go ahead and I will keep in touch with when that will happen in terms of any communications ahead of that as clearly any that were working on and I wouldn't want to go too much further on it at this point because we'll be creating some kind of a campaign around that and we will of course keep people informed thank you Councillor Brian street-lighting at Drumcree drive

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:13:12]

no supplementary

Item 5.7 - By Councillor Jim Campbell - Ross Bandstand

Item 5.8 - By Councillor Jim Campbell - Trinity Academy

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:13:14]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:13:18]

councillor Jim Campbell on the raw span stand thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:13:20]

thank you for the answer and I thank you for bringing forward a report

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:13:25]

as intended no supplementary Councillor Jim Campbell on Trinity

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:13:28]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:13:28]


[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:13:31]

thank you Lord Provost yes just a supplementary and I just want some reassurance that the convener is taking a due regard to circular 3 2 thousand and 4 published by the Scottish government which suggests that in looking at capacity for schools there should be an open transparent and rigorous process to determine what that transparency is and that the factors that ought to be considered not only go to classroom sizes but also include things like the provision of specialist specialist facilities such as Jarmusch studios and non teaching facilities such as dining rooms

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:14:17]

yes I am aware of three point to fall I don't have an encyclopaedic knowledge of or go back and read again by understand in relation to the answer to the question that we haven't breached regulations see point 2 or for every half hour Paula back

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:14:33]

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 0:14:36]

Councillor Bruce Edinburgh south-west school catchment reviewed no supplementary

Item 5.9 - By Councillor Bruce - Edinburgh South West School Catchment Review

Item 5.10 - By Councillor Laidlaw - Schools - New Capacity Needs

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 0:14:38]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:14:40]

Councillor lead Law School's new capacity needs

[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 0:14:42]

[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 0:14:44]

thank you look for instance at the continued presence of a short supplementary and I was intrigued to see that in Eleven of these primary schools that are having an additional capacity built into them that will result in a loss of playground space and I wondered if they Covina agreed with me that perhaps you need to be looking at strategies for making better use of that limited playground space available if we want to address the issues surrounding childhood obesity and health of our young people thank you
I think that's a fair point because every time we Luca expanding

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:15:14]

schools or fiddling are adding to that you're building a school we do reduce the playground space so we need to consider that there are no national standards unfortunately for playground space otherwise it makes it much easier but I am aware of it we all consider every every way in which we can help to see playing fields or substitute
close by in order to get people kids please please

Item 5.11 - By Councillor Jim Campbell - Edinburgh 2050

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:15:41]

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:15:43]

councillor Jim Campbell Edinburgh 20 50 thank you Lord Provost for your answer

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:15:46]

you know we wish you every success with this exciting vision and I just wonder if you feel you are getting all the support you need to drive it forward

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:15:54]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:15:56]

absolutely at this time all the support that I'm being asked I've asked for I have received the be a delay in organising the dinners is

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:16:05]

more to do with the business commitments of the private sector that are trying to engage with so we just have to be slightly more patient with them

Item 5.12 - By Councillor Bruce - Population Growth Over the Next 20 Years

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:16:14]

councillor is population growth over the next 20 years no

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 0:16:17]


Item 5.13 - By Councillor Bruce - Road Surface Failure

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:16:20]

Councillor Bruce road surface failure

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:16:22]

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 0:16:24]

thank you Lord Provost and can I thank the convener for answers them it just to clarify a the road conditioner index for Edinburgh rotas thirty six point 4 percent
is that good is it bad is in line with the national average

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:16:46]

it's slightly a washing-up was last year I'll be quite open with you about that but you know we have the word improvement plan and which will I hope go a long way towards solving some of these issues we've seen for example in the last week a doubling of the clues out fixing potholes at the moment in direct response to the effects of the winter weather
worsening the conditions of certain areas of the city and in terms of the average I believe it's it's somewhere in the middle and you'll have to get some more complete figures for me at later if you're truly interested in exactly which position we sit

Item 5.14 - By Councillor Young - Road Adoption in New Developments

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:17:25]

Councillor young road adoption in new developments

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:17:29]

thank you very much the answer it's extremely thorough and have no

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:17:32]


Item 5.15 - By Councillor Young - Compensation Claims

Item 5.16 - By Councillor Young - Public Transport in Kirkliston

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:17:34]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:17:36]

Councillor young on compensation claims again gives me exactly what

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:17:38]

lead thank you very much no supplementary Councillor young public

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 0:17:46]

transport and less than not so much on this one I have to say the SNP in Libor A amendment specifically stated that they were going to continue dialogue with law the embassy's about our bus provision in the inn Kirkliston than my question specifically asked for information about dates and numbers of meetings on numbers of letters and alluded to the fact that you may not need to disclose the decisions or views expressed in those meetings if that was commercially sensitive now considering the earlier answers to the questions asked by Councillor line I do hope that this response is not a non-response response because something else has been forgotten by the administration so I ask again we'll dates and Council attendees be provided to me without disclosing any details of the content or views of the discussions that took place because otherwise how would after we hold that amendment up to scrutiny

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 0:18:36]

the answer given to you in return format here puts together a position quite clearly and you may feel that you would want to categorise it as a forgotten decision it's nought I am in continuous dialogue with Lothian boss but as stated very clearly on this in his answer it doesn't involve just losing Lothian Bus is a commercial decisions and the way in which we deal with that is quite open we are in regular contact a set you quite clearly I meet twice a month with various representatives of Lothian Bus an and our officials are meeting right across the business sector and I will provide him with more information if you care to have that but I would ask for a bit of caution around this particular question when dealing with it in full Council thank you

Item 5.17 - By Councillor Mary Campbell - Wave 4 Schools

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:19:24]

I have something Councillor Campbell and wait for skills thank you I

[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 0:19:31]

just like some clarification on the answer to my second question the report to the main Committee will last just contain a plan or will actually be telling schools which school is likely to gain funding because I know there's a real desperation to find out what's happening and is the main report just further delaying letting people know what's going to be happening

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:19:55]

in relation to the funding is very difficult to be precise in relation to the funding so we know what the Scottish government funding is going to be and when we know what the Scottish government fund is going to be there and we have to apply so depending on the number of schools that the Scottish government will fund will depend on the budget we need to leave us set aside in this Council to fund the whole programme so it's very very difficult precise white hope we trying to stop prioritising as part of this process at the next Committee so that we can have some certainty in terms of prioritisation but in terms of a timescale and delivery and what we're going to deliver we need to wait for the Scottish government has determined what funding they have got and then we need to see what funding we need to put in place so we can't do that until that funding's known

Item 5.18 - By Councillor Booth - Cycling Infrastructure Programme

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:20:49]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:20:51]

the next question and two subsequent questions are in the name of Councillor booth unfortunately due to understand or an unwell child this morning Coca-Cola Booth is not with us the Standing orders are quite clear that the questioner gets the opportunity to ask a supplementary so I don't think there's an opportunity to do so however if Cotto Booth was to submit new supplementaries in writing I would ask the convener of Transport and Environment interface convener of children and families to answer those as rapidly as they can

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 0:21:22]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:21:23]

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 0:21:24]

thanks very much Lord Provost Cancelo Booth does have a supplementary so he will send us on

Item 5.19 - By Councillor Staniforth - Participatory Budgeting

Item 5.20 - By Councillor Whyte - Scottish Government's Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:21:32]

Councillor Staniforth participatory budgeting

[Cllr Alex Staniforth (Scottish Green) - 0:21:34]

thank you Lord Provost I thank the convener for their answers on participatory budgeting

Item 5.19 - By Councillor Staniforth - Participatory Budgeting

obviously it showed that this financial year only nor point not 3 percent of the budget is going towards participatory budgeting the target for the end of this term is 1 percent I think that's quite right I think it's right to be ambitious with regard to this but when will the Council see a comprehensive plan as to how that goal is to be reached

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 0:22:05]

i'm a prototype cause substantial for his question
somebody has been worked on at the moment
what I will tell you of talk I heard exactly when that will be forthcoming but I do agree that it's important that we keep moving in this direction of travel and I can assure you that we have the right to cultures and I think go its functions in place in the Council in order to meet that one per cent target

Item 5.20 - By Councillor Whyte - Scottish Government's Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:22:32]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:22:35]

because the way I asked on the Scottish government's homelessness and

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:22:37]

rough sleeping action Group thank you Lord Provost first of all like to thank the outgoing convener for the comprehensive answer on the

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:22:48]

actions of the action group Scottish Government action Group on this I presume it's the incoming convener welcome
we'll see I don't know now
don't know who was answering we'll see who's answering Lord Provost the point being that back in October I submitted a motion to this Council calling for a housing first approach
and that was submitted to the housing Committee in the homelessness Task Force and no specific action has been taken on that given that we have all of these actions out of an interim report from the Scottish Government's action Group
and that action Group has now recommended a housing first approach and that Scottish government support that that there is a lot of academic evidence to support the implementation of housing first and that members of the homelessness Task Force seem to support that option
given that we've had we've lost a winter on this would it not be appropriate now for our task force to create an interim report and start an approach towards housing forest and look at other issues as more longer term matters

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 0:23:59]

councillor I might the thing a question
I have to say Councillor White Yard a member of the homelessness Task Force yourself so these are questions that you catch them take through that route and as a member as a member of the taskforce will also be aware that the task force has been working very hard and is in the process of looking at a whole range of recommendations of potential solutions and we'll be making those recommendations to earth hazing an economy Committee in June from the more just in relation to recent Scottish government cabinet secretary Keith claims support for housing First my understanding is that it is being expected to be taken up by councils with no additional funding so we need to look at this very carefully however are we dodge that we did look at this option very carefully I'm sure
I am not a member of the homelessness Task Force but I'm sure members will be looking very carefully at that and of course everyone in this Chamber wants to see article funding and suitable solutions to alleviate the plight of formlessness for our citizens in Edinburgh thank you are promised

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:25:10]

can survey on rent pressures on for Edinburgh

[Cllr Susan Rae (Scottish Green) - 0:25:18]

thank you no supplementary

Item 5.21 - By Councillor Rae - Rent Pressure Zone for Edinburgh

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:25:19]

Castlereagh on affordable homes

Item 5.22 - By Councillor Rae - Affordable Homes

Item 5.23 - By Councillor Main - Adults with Mental Health and Substance Misuse Issues

[Cllr Susan Rae (Scottish Green) - 0:25:22]

[Cllr Susan Rae (Scottish Green) - 0:25:24]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:25:30]

[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 0:25:34]

can you sum in adults with mental health and substance misuse issues

[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 0:25:35]

thank you Lord Provost and my question is in two parts with two answers I have clarification of both but that's OK
when you diagnosed as suffering from mental health issues and in your needed psychiatric services you need those services right there and then and the implications of being on a waiting list could be extremely serious unfortunately my question of how many people are on the waiting list has not answered Lord Provost that it had given is the number of people been waiting for more than 18 weeks and the information given shows that in the last year the total number of adults waiting for more than 18 weeks doubled to almost a thousand
so how many people are actually on the waiting list in full
and the second part of the question is about a contract awarded in 2 thousand 15 for adult community treatment services for seven point two million pounds it was controversial at the time so I am absolutely astonished that the convener is unable to report how many people have benefited from this service in the first two years can he clarify why that is and when this information will be available thank you

[Cllr Ricky Henderson (Labour) - 0:26:44]

life or Protestant deck thank Care Council made for or of question and as a level of detail in The Council may not offer 200 more another war what was done the squeaks and submission of your question and seeking to clarify exactly what it was that you are you are looking to establish what information is held by NHS Lothian who are not used to responding to Council questions as a new experience for them so I would welcome a further discussion came to remain a with this meeting and we can get to the bottom of exact detail that she would like an obligation to provide that

Item 5.24 - By Councillor Gloyer - Support for Edinburgh's Athletes

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:27:23]

[Cllr Gillian Gloyer (Liberal Democrat) - 0:27:28]

consigliere of support for Attenborough's athletes yes thank you Lord Provost and I would like a little bit of clarification I thank thank the convener for his answer but given given that I asserted that there are no suitable training facilities in the city for elite track athletes would have expected the convener to check whether that assertion was true the track at soft and is too hard for sprinters to train on regularly and if he's so they're there these these sprinters are having to cover their own travel costs to go to Glasgow or to other facilities outside Edinburgh if if he's refusing to help our athletes with their travel costs too
train in Glasgow or wherever else they can find what other support can he offer to Edinburgh Athletic Club and quell Medibank has closed for example by reducing or even weaving the charges for Council facilities such as software

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 0:28:23]

thank you Lord Provost and thank you Councillor Golton for your question I think that is entirely the wrong interpretation of my answer first of all I have to see when I look to your question I did actually think it was a good idea and then did investigate whether it would be possible to pay travel expenses and indeed to look at hardship that might be encountered by athletes they advice I got back from my experts was that the facilities where being
provided Edinburgh but my response to that was let's make absolutely sure that's the case and if there is hardship
then we can look at that on an individual basis
taking it from this fund would impact on the number of athletes that we could harvest part of the scheme that's all I'm seeing here I'm not saying that we won't look for other sources of funding to alleviate hardship should that be necessary for travelling expenses etc.

Item 6.1 - Leaders Report

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:29:15]

Two questions have been answered that takes us on to Item 6 switches the leader's report

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:29:24]

thanks very much Lord Provost m it's actually been three months since I last deliver small leaders support suffered tonsillitis certain been unable to speak
in February's Council meeting my colleagues tell me it was the best week of there
experienced on Council m there's been a lot of progress across our Programme for administration and to highlight one of the things in the leader's report last repulsive strategy committee did go through and confirm a position where we are now in a state of all our pledges that we are taking forward as our programme having either smart measurement or a date and a timeline of when that smart measurement at will be available I think that's a huge step forward in how we are not only delivering for the city but how we are monitoring that delivery to make sure we are as accountable as possible to the people of this city
the Beast from the East Lord Provost has come in when we've seen heroes from our city been jumping through the the city the country and and wader beyond and can I thank everyone who has contributed to the resilience that our City demonstrated that extreme weather the
that people in work can transport Possum tram people work in the Council and emergency services Lord Provost and those in the community who clear paths and and help people go to homes and helped the city move and cope as best as at Ku damm enormously grateful to those who bound together and show just the best that Edinburgh can be and am grateful to members across the Chamber who highlighted the success not only of of the community spirit that helped us get through that of the plans that this Council put forward and making sure we were based able to respond to some grateful to Councillors way another issue of written in positive terms about those those arrangements will provide just a deal
Royal Mail has named Edinburgh as having the best quality of life anywhere in the UK this is only a few weeks after we've been named the best city to invest by our Kiedis and again today we are seeing Edinburgh growing and developing by announcing our First direct flight to China a huge opportunity not only for our economy but for our culture
and the the enrichment of our city Edinburgh is growing in confidence size and economic performance and as we aim to build on what is great about Edinburgh what's great about the capital less coalition is working to make sure that the success that Edinburgh is achieving a shared through our communities we have growth but inclusive growth that we make sure all our community share and benefit in that success and we take everyone with us can I Lord Provost to stand by washing clothes are literal well
tonight in his first performance in loose I'm reliably informed that the Arctic is still available and I can neither confirm nor deny that me wishing Councillor Mitchell well has anything to do with an aspiration of getting a free ticket for today and more than habits to questions

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:32:44]

go to await

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:32:48]

lord provost thank you are the Leader in his report refers to trams to New Haven
and includes some survey results which he's managed to spin as a very positive thing in regard to people's views of trams in Leith Walk suggesting that people have in favour Lord Provost he didn't mention that 91 percent of the respondents said they were satisfied with the current public transport provision and that those who were dissatisfied or thought it wouldn't be a benefit to take trams any further stock so because of the disruption delays and congestion that would cause that's possibly before they realise that it's an 18 month closure Lord Provost and it comes on the back of 10 01 10 years of almost constant work in Leith Walk given the approach that we don't has taken in his report does he think he's trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the people of leaf or should he perhaps be more honest with them and take a look at the real public mood on this matter

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:34:01]

lord provost the view public mood on this matter was tested last me and I recall the only party that put forward an anti-Trump stance was the only party not to be re-elected in Leith Walk in Leith Walk or in a leaf
only Councillors who got elected in those two wards all put forward very clearly trauma of every single one of my leaflets and terms of the survey results are strong majority of people said that Trump would be a strong addition to Leith Walk I would also point out that the satisfaction rate of tram itself I think is 90 8 percent so I'm looking forward to the satisfaction of public transport across Leith Walk not going from 9 to 1 percent but rising to 9 comma 8 percent which is where it should be across our entire city

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:34:51]

Councillor Birches

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 0:34:54]

thanks very much Lord Provost a kind of first associate the Green Group with the leaders thanks to council staff are partners
and volunteers in the city for the response to the recent winter weather
in his remarks the leader talked about delivery for the city leaders six months ago Council approved a green proposal calling for a report from the Council and reducing the use of plastic bottles such as those provided in school packed lunches and or have one here
a month later Council approved a further report on the introduction of water bottle refill points in the city to reduce plastic bottle use
earlier this year Council again approved a Conservative motion in support of reducing plastic pollution around coastlines yet none of these reports have been published last week the transport environment committee approved a report on the reduction of all single use plastic spy the Council and its partner organisations and on what the Council can do to encourage the city as a whole to reduce single use plastics Leader should the Council be concerned about your administration's capacity to take a lead on issues of sustainability and the environment such as the reduction of single-use plastics or can we look forward to a comprehensive report on tackling single-use plastics as soon as possible

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:36:21]

and I'm tempted to answer just with what yes low price in response but I will elaborate slightly m we absolutely are taken a lead on a whole host of environmental issues it was one of the things we put forward our manifesto I think Liberal party to the same we need to look seriously at the impact the plastic has I know cancer McGuinness's we can forward to use another extra plastic to fill the potholes and across the city and we need to make sure we're in a much more sustainable position will absolutely drive forward the reports that are still outstanding and will make sure that action points that were agreed in the reports are taken forward and implemented as quickly as

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 0:36:59]

soon as possible
lord promise that I could follow up on that thank you thank the Leader for his reassurance on that
it was like to ask him what concrete steps he will take to ensure that his administration does have that capacity to forge ahead
on issues of environment sustainability that he is saying that he's pledged to
I wonder if the Leader would be willing to meet with me and the Chief Executive to discuss bolstering the Council's capacity to tackle issues of environmental sustainability

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:37:33]

they've also promised more than happy to meet council budgets I think it would be appropriate to include cancer McKesson Dorn in those discussions as they would be taken forward the day-to-day implementation of that with officers and through the Committee but

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:37:49]

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 0:37:50]

more than happy to commit to that cancer Audit thanks very much Lord Provost by way of a preamble I might just refer back to the council leader's response to Councillor Lyons first two questions where the admitted forgetting to pursue matters that have been agreed by the Council it appears that the kinds of results have forgotten that indeed I did raise the issue at the last corporate policy and strategy meeting in relation to the rolling actions log and I think it is or it has come to a pretty pass if the only way we can ensure that the Council Leader does its job is if we constantly remind him of
it matters that have been agreed at the Council however that my question relates to a bit of a travel log on my bus journey here today from the west of Edinburgh I was held up at a series of disruptive roadworks on the I ate the main route into the city from the west at Clermiston road bottle-green road that western corner Murrayfield Avenue and of course the massive works at Haymarket now there are further disruptive roadworks affecting the 90 and the black hole area so does the Council Leader agree with me that the cumulative impact of this large number of major roadworks on major trunk routes into the city is unacceptable and will he speak to the EC convener of transport and environment to try to ensure better coordination of such major works two to minimise the disruption faced by businesses and by people trying to go about their there the various business in the city

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:39:33]

thank you so much God promised I can agree that the cumulative effect on these can be devastating entire transport system understand the community transport has already raised this with officials in investigating exactly why there were so many a long one air corridor and I think it is important to know I think these are utilities so there are very few
oversight elements that we have them across all the cumulative impacts of the works but Councillor McKenna's as looking in to and I think it would be appropriate if Clinton because writes to you with a full report after she's received that information from officers

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:40:09]

Councillor Barry

[Cllr George Gordon (Scottish National Party) - 0:40:13]

thank you Lord Provost and our social leader to expand or let alone something he mentioned in his report this fantastic news that Edinburgh airport secure flight to China boppish we'd public today led to join me in congratulating the senior staff in the airport negotiators
the Italian for tourism action Group the chain already group while offering chop with representatives from the Council of what towards us

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 0:40:48]

and also with the Royal Mail study to thank our officers because that study does actually talk about business community air links and job opportunities all of which both politically and officers contribute to and I would like to thank and congratulate all staff and all political representatives we have made a contribution to this sunny successes

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:41:12]

can survive as questioning can I also thank can survive for his contribution particularly today open one of the m direct flight to chain worked incredibly hard to make sure that happened in the last two years as economy convener and it provides enormous opportunities a direct flight to China is not just about increasing our capacity for more tourists to come to the city and enjoy what is fantastic about them Edinburgh it also provides a direct market for freight AM and it prevents our businesses our local businesses here in Edinburgh with the opportunity to train on a global scale and a market that otherwise would be geographically and for other reasons quite difficult to access so I think it's a fantastic step forward absolutely I join cancer Berlin celebrate in the impact that other officers of hard in these success stories that I've outlined and Ancoats or bodies echoed we are absolutely integral to the success of the city isn't something that happens outwith Oz that just
a Curzon we happen to be at the Council as bystanders we are absolutely at the centre of these announcements and when they happen they are an absolutely fantastic thing and ensuring economic success and vitality of our city but when we can't forget the impact that the Council has hardened making those successes actually happened and I think sometimes we do that far too often so absolutely happy to join Councillor body in commending the work of the council officers that went into all the successes as mentioned before

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:42:49]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:42:52]

going to a gym Campbell

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:42:56]

thank you Lord Provost and I wonder if I have a question for the leader and I wanted to take it to share some sad news so first with Council
i'm sorry to tell Council that Professor Jim Howe passed away on the first of March and which is sad news for me as I knew him and he taught me but I think it would be very nice if the Council Leader would agree that the chamber and the Council could perhaps right to the family of João to thank him for his outstanding efforts Jim was a founder member of the department of machine intelligence and perception at the University of Edinburgh which went on to become the department of artificial intelligence which in turn
founded one of the was one of the key building blocks of the School of Informatics we now have these departments have been consistently rated amongst the top five departments in the world in this area which is an outstanding achievement for our city and has given us an influence in this field and that is far beyond anything else in our country
gyms key contribution was as a manager not only was he a great researcher but he was an extremely effective manager and it was his management skills that brought these departments together and I was lucky enough to be a celebration of his life on Friday where Professor Tim O'Shea the recently retired
principal of Edinburgh University spoke very warmly of Jim you may have noticed and Friday in fact all the flags in Edinburgh University were at half-mast as a mark of respect so I hope the Leader would join with me in asking the Lord Provost to write to James's family to express our gratitude as a city for all the work he's done

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:44:46]

kathak dancer Campbell for his question absolutely joined the Leicester chamber Lord Provost mask in a tray innovate myself

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:45:01]

if appropriate I think that the word innovation which appear so often in our City Deal Heads of terms which appears so often in the work of the Academy housing committee is built on the work of people I'm just just like the professor who have taken the city to position of being an absolute world leader and when you think of the hundreds of millions of pounds of investment City Deal has secured for universities in developing that any of of Edinburgh's economy turning us into a centre of absolute excellence there's no doubt in my mind that work will not be possible now if not for the work of those that had come before so I absolutely join Councillor Campbell paid tribute to his contribution not only to the university but to the City and meek in our success know so much more possible

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:45:50]

can certainly confirm that I agree with the council leader on this and I will write to as Councillor Campbell requested

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:45:58]

Councillor Bridgeman

[Cllr Claire Bridgman (Scottish National Party) - 0:46:02]

thank you Lord Provost as marchers Great Daffodil appeal month with the Leader like to join me in thanking Marie Curie and the other amazing charities who support people in our city and across the country who has suffered from cancer for the amazing work that they do

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:46:19]

absolutely happy to join codes of Regiment during saw its bulk absent friends event with my kids I just a few months ago understand fully the impact they have on myself looking forward to setting up a visit with an author with one of the establishments to get a more rounded picture of the fantastic work they do and I'll be and I'm sure to join in and some kind of effort in the Council Chamber A to help raise funds for the law may or may not include wearing the de-facto hot myself air but I look forward to helping them raise funds to do the fantastic work they do

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:46:54]

Councillor Stanford

[Cllr Alex Staniforth (Scottish Green) - 0:46:57]

thank you Lord Provost I'm sure the council leader will share my dismay at the news that the Scottish Youth Theatre is a potentially closing its doors this summer while based in Glasgow many Edinburgh young people benefit from the services it provides and very pleased to say that both our respective party's parliamentary leaders have called for it to remain open while the Council Leader lend his voice to those calling for the Scottish Youth Theatre to be saved

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:47:27]

for much of the produce them aware of how important these centres of excellence on developing new talent and obviously we have
in another city several look to develop cultural talent also are more than happy to engage with the Scottish Government on the decision and that they've taken I don't know enough about the mitigation the mitigating measures etc m to take a firm position now but more than happy to look into it and report back to cancers Staniforth of large enough taken

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:48:01]

councillor Marie Campbell

[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 0:48:04]

thank you Lord Provost them I'd like to ask the Council Leader about our celebrations for International Women's Day because I couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed last Thursday that we didn't seem to really have any I was wondering if he would like to work with some of the excellent women in his group to try and get something organised for next year and I would be happy to help if that was to happen

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:48:25]

absorbed more than happy to do that I'm sure to be plenty of volunteers would be great to be involved in those organisations

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:48:35]


[Cllr Alison Dickie (Scottish National Party) - 0:48:40]

lord provost last I had the privilege of opening the first of the resonates eight concerts in the Queen's Hall and we're 11th hour schools you know them showcase their talent through music dance and drama performances you know I know the talent that exists in our schools but to see it showcased in one space was just absolutely woe and showed amazing this upper school and has a talent that's encouraged through the Use Your music initiative in Beijing the creative Arts no learning it's your instrumental and music tuition so with the Elita Kemar them join me in congratulating the schools and young people who were involved in the resonate concerts but I commend the hard work of Linda leaders in our team to make this possible and does he recognise the fantastic work to hear a cross in a daily basis by an amazing teachers to encourage our young people in this learning and to encourage their self-belief

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:49:38]

thanks very much Lord Provost more than happy to pay tribute to the contribution of Linda Leeds and particularly all our teachers for time to encourage that level of creativity and an inspiring and actually to reach their full potential we can talk about generate for every child we can't talk about and the success in attainment that we're hoping to achieve for our young people in the city without inspiring teachers to help
children reach their full potential some more than happy to them to join in the celebrations that Councillor Turkey's encouraging for those that were part of that and I'm only sorry that I missed the celebration because it sounds absurd fantastic

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:50:19]

pencil line

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:50:21]

thank you very much Lord products I promised the Leader of the Council that I have of other software side so here ghouls and the Leader of the Council will be aware that 2 thousand 18 this year and marks the year of young people will late last year and 8 year-old Abigail Clézio in South Queensferry in my Ward contacted me concerned about the safety of the fencing of own Burgess Park directly opposite her primary school now following an inspection officials confirmed to me last week that the we'd no install brand new fencing around that park over the school summer holidays and all of this is happening because of eight year old Abigail so will the Leader of the Council join me in congratulating her and does he agree with me that in this the year of young people she is a wonderful example of the impact which our youngest constituents can meek when they care about an issue and are determined to see improvements in their communities

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:51:23]

I have much lower priced up so I am more than happy to join in congratulating Abigail for taken such direct action and getting the outcome that she wanted for her community them absolutely this is a year of young people I'm reminded myself that Leith chooses are still going on as our participatory budgeting event in Leith and the age limit for voting is eight years old and young people are encouraged to be part of that involves is as part of the community just as anyone else's and take the decisions about what they want ultimately their money or at least a parent's money to be spent on in their area so absolutely adjoining and commends and Abigail and actions she's taken up will encourage young people across the city to do the same particularly right now particularly if you live in Leeds to get involved in voting with chooses

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:52:13]

controlled target

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 0:52:18]

thank you Lord Provost on the first of February Council unanimously requested the conciliator to write to the finance and health secretaries to ensure that the City of Edinburgh council received additional funding to meet its statutory responsibilities and health and social care can the Council later confirmed that it has indeed written to the health and finance secretary's could he confirm the responses that he has received and possibly certainly at them to all elected members or is that something he's forgotten

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:52:51]

thanks very much have actually done one better Lord Provost of organised the meeting to myself and the Cabinet Secretary for Health which was unfortunately had to be rescheduled due to the Beast from the East it was unfortunately on the Thursday we had everything going to Hull and unfortunately the Minister is stuck in Dundee but I thought our face-to-face meeting would be more productive and that could elaborate on on more vivacious I will try and take some form of our new of actions of that meeting and discussion points and I'm more than happy to circulate to cancer

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:53:26]

thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 0:53:29]

many colleagues in the Chamber will be aware of that vacancies and self-driving vehicles over recent years has been amazing world leading research has been undertaken at the University of Edinburgh in artificial intelligence as the Chamber has had mentioned by my colleague Councillor Campbell earlier this morning I mean all that the formation of the International Robert tedium Herriot Watt University as part of the city region deal which are both key to the success of autonomous vehicles I understand that there are two distinct areas where the need for further work on autonomous vehicles has been identified in order for them to succeed they have difficulty navigating and snow sleet and other adverse our changeable weather conditions they also have great difficulty avoiding potholes
Will the Leader of the Council rate to Cuba Waymo Google's self-driving car unit
the video who provide technology to many self-driving vehicles pointing out the unique attributes Edinburgh offers to advancing self-driving cars namely what will clash research Scottish weather and pupils are plenty

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:54:38]

thank you so much more than having to get involved to make Edinburgh The centre of innovation across any market M and also as the self-driving vehicles do provide an opportunity to try and limit and reduce the number of cars and our city by making far more use of them and I think that is an important part if we develop transport policy whether it's by a car-share programme whether that's by self-driving vehicles obstinacy as part of the future of the city's transport system and every city transport system across the world
Good for Johnson

[Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative) - 0:55:16]

thank you Lord Provost I read the leader's report with great interest as I always do and I was particularly struck by the freeze are responsible and caring budget neither leader is certainly responsible for the budget and will be judged accordingly but caving really was at catering to reject the budget proposals from these benches that would have boosted the health and social care budget by half a million pounds allocated for hundred thousand extra powers to tackle homelessness it wouldn't have charged taxpayers to have their garden waste removed and it wouldn't have wasted the seven point five million Lothian Bus dividend on the tram project so I'd like to ask him would he care to reconsider and adopt some of the proposals from these benches

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:55:59]

Kilkeel Munro

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:56:08]

[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 0:56:10]

thank you Lord Provost for giving me the privilege of being the first person from our group to ask a question today and despite my atlas signalling

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:56:18]

I never aware Councillor Monroe I take notification from members as they raise their hands every Member likes to think that they are first I can assure you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:56:30]

[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 0:56:30]

people in chronological order

[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 0:56:32]

I can assure you I was I signalled before some that were taken
the Council Leader will be aware that the Scottish Government has not

[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 0:56:44]

fully funded the prize for local government workers he will be aware

[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 0:56:47]

as I am through my inbox that teachers are seeking a 10 percent rise via their trade union the ETS will he seek meetings with Scottish government ministers to ensure that once this claim has settled that the Scottish Government fully fund the claim so that it is not met at the expense of council services and given Councillor budget says El question as well when I say a second question and will encourage elected members to come to a wall to see the exhibition harvest which actually talks about plastic pollution of our oceans which opens tomorrow and Custom House in Custom House Lane

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:57:27]

thanks very much question and in terms of the pay award for actually don't know what it is yet so it's a bit speculative to see whether its funders are no other make him a views very clearly known 3 Kozlov that pay rises should be focused on the employees and public service at the lower end of the pay scale that's where resources should be focused in terms of the teacher settlement if the teacher settlement is above the budget assumption that we've taken a 3 percent and I think that as do cause for Luka
that would be funded by the nature of the negotiations that are going on about making that very clearly articulated through again Cosla but absolutely encouraged people to visit Custom House customised Lane for not only the harvest event by actually any event you can because it is one of the absolute jewels in the crown of Leith now it's become a fantastic venue for exhibitions and it's got fantastic cafe if anyone wants to quit Infracapital

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:58:26]


[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 0:58:31]

thank you Lord Provost lord provost at the last meeting of a moral community can show where squeeze to be invited into to prevent the 3 Dakota winter group of local residents on the issue of roadworks God appears in Edinburgh one of the themes from the meeting was to continue dissatisfaction which we know is prevalent across all wards in terms of the quality of repairs conducted by public utilities on A roads there are heat to out of the running theme of forgetfulness
but some months ago my arse and requested that a public utility performance monitoring report and there was a regular fixture of the Transport Environment Committee in the last session of the council every bought back both the transport convener under leader verbally agreed that the Council meeting can you confirm that you still willing for that to happen quite not happened and whether the next report be brought forward if I have to put down a motion or well Strictly's few

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 0:59:31]

it should be necessary given the verbal commitments are being given
thank you very much for this absolutely that commitment is still there with no we're not in a position as a Council where a hundred per cent of inspections are carried out there's no reason why we can't afford that to Committee we absolutely should when it was reported to Committee it wasn't reported every month so I'm not sure as to the next date of when the information will be compelled to La Petite lobs which is upping our rate co-star cook or get a cause with Minister rates kick with the date the Committee where that report should be expected

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:00:04]

Councillor graphic

[Cllr Ashley Graczyk (Conservative) - 1:00:07]

i'm going to be a quote from an article in the Edinburgh no-one could relevant to my question
for the past nine months 19 metal 19 metal manager and in an IRA not far short of the thousand pounds at how notice to do because the original wounds no longer at that but the fat in the Stockholm deployment or stomach pain at the Turner was so enter the new pedestrian but the seniority or start that no effective suitable alternative because they cannot fill vacancies but will be any different here than they label the total bel canto eight nine and died and 20 thousand pounds a year
let me rephrase that the people of Edinburgh and effectively Nine hundred and 25 grand a year for 19 84
and on I'm going to be on an unduly embarrassed by them basically
and the fact that it's happening and they can't go because I'm concerned that it's been allowed to happen because their thing Councillor are more concerned about how they look in the media then pay proper financial responsibility for the statue of Emperor I believe that that 920 grams pecan pie and public frontline services
i'm to identify not 19 metal management aimed for Engel goal or gardening leave because of a political disaster
especially when the people of Edinburgh are expected to pay more time for a more in contact for late public services are not listening to you do you actually believe that peer name hundred and 12 ran for 19 fault but no talk will instead of 12 public frontline brevity investing for the many not the few and will you be continued over the course of action

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:02:19]

for much are probably wouldn't freezes for the many not the few and others in the coalition might use that terminology and in terms of looking at the policy absolutely not we will not really look at the policy of no compulsory redundancy it's important that our staff feel supported and enabled to do their job and even through periods of transformation I think there isn't a point in four categories which is saying in terms of people who fall into the redeployment people and making sure they end up with all that is commensurate with their skills experience and try and make sure that happens and I have certainly had a series of meetings are no case for Rankin has had a series of meetings with the director of resource and also the Head of HR to make sure we have as robust a system in place as possible to make sure people in that position are enabled back into meaningful employment within the Council I should say I don't recognise the characterisation that these people are sitting doing nothing I don't think that is the case a across the redeployment pool I would also say let's look at the alternative let's do a bit of analysis on what the alternative is because the alternative is not as simple as saying those 19 people will go home and will stop paying them and suddenly everything will just continue the way it was that would be a fundamental shift not only in our relationship with our staff but in our relationship with the trade unions as well we've made sure that staff are supported through the process that the aim we have four additional pay etc is focused on staff at the lower end of the pay scale but we're making sure that our relationship with our staff and in particular with their representatives and the trade unions is as constructive as possible to enable us to do what we all want to do which is deliver for the people of Edinburgh

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:04:19]

confirmed Mitchell

[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 1:04:21]

thank you Lord Provost and thank you so much for your kind words earlier leader and you might need The Lord Provost as patron of our Group is actually coming this evening and as are a dozen of much of our Conservative colleagues and so less of a question over proposition I do actually have a spare ticket
I do in fact have a spare ticket upstairs in my office
their leader and so my question is would you like to join me this evening and cut loose

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:04:57]

I couldn't possibly risk being the stuffy old Minister he refuses to go so of course ability related to come along

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:05:11]

[Cllr Lewis Ritchie (independent) - 1:05:14]

Councillor Ritchie thank you Lord Provost or promise the 31st of March March The Day Off The Annual Glasgow to Edinburgh Ocho models when they are 55 mile course is regarded internationally as one of the premier events and the ultramarathon calendar not least because of the stunning saying that finishes of trade to when you reach the finish line and the capital well though you will join me and correct congratulating the event organisers and watching all the competitors well

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:05:38]

More than happy today

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:05:41]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:05:42]

I have no further names for that brings the end of leaders questions thank you

Item 7.1 - Appointment of Committee Members

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:05:50]

next item on the agenda designed from seven appointments are the first one is seven point one appointments of Committee members and there was a coalition motion submitted on this item

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:06:02]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:06:05]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:06:06]

Point of order Lord Provost releasing two seven-point one appointments is a point of order for clarification
relating to their coalition motion
there are points Councillor Iain Campbell as the SNP appointment and integration joint board just as to who's standing down what's the switch was the moment that is Councillor Hoey and comes the Rankin from this MP on the ITV thank you

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:06:29]

a promise if helpful I can confirm that both are standing down and that because of the changing numbers are expectations that Liberal Democrats would take up the additional oppositional

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:06:43]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:06:45]

a Protestant have nominations from the Liberal Democrats regarding the five member committees was did an appendix that are supportive of it would be useful
Committee and discretion are raking in a week is concerned lawyer and Pensions Committee's concern euros people student support Councillor Young and indignation join Borders council Aldridge on the place of the one SNP member who will be who will be nominated nor the changes and Konta that West so convinced was asked to approve those changes and also the coalition motion if it is formally moved and seconded

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:07:21]

control Cate Campbell

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 1:07:23]

thank you Lord Provost tear and move the coalition motion but was set to make her verbal sorry available amendment which is to take Councillor Iain Campbell off of GBV and to replace them with Councillor Claire Bridgeman

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:07:41]

the second

[Cllr Karen Doran (Labour) - 1:07:45]

formally Lord Provost

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:07:47]

are there any contrition

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 1:07:50]

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 1:07:52]

lord provost and I don't wish to move against this item but I do note in the appendix that only some of the issues are being addressed and there are two issues that I 9 member committees personal appeals committee and regulatory Committee and licensing subcommittee where that is a suggestion that to achieve balance but on at least one of those Committees an SNP member is replaced with a Conservative member of now wish to make an issue of this today Lord Provost but I'd suggest since the seems to have been some discussion with the Liberal Democrats about some of the other Committees there that what perhaps we ask that the Group leaders meet and have a discussion about around this so that some agreement can be reached across the council prior to a meeting and me when we normally deal with all Committees at that stage as part of the Council AGM

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:08:39]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:08:44]

yes more than happy to do that for them in terms of the regularity Committee in particular I don't think it's suggesting that SNP a member is necessary placed with a conservative I think the entitlement is the same so it's a question for councils to whether it wants to replace or not I personally would be of a mind that actually in addition would be quite helpful in making sure that committee maintained called it so I hope we can get a consensus very quickly but more than happy to meet

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:09:14]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:09:16]

so here we are we can feel happy to accept the motion as amended return and also with the variable amendment greed

Item 7.2 - Appointments to Outside Organisations

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:09:24]

I couldn't point to as appointments to outside organisations are Councillors invited to play schemes are Webber on leave care at invalidated and also our coalition motion on to our appointments has

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:09:36]

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 1:09:37]

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 1:09:38]

been submitted Councillor Campbell thank you lot promised to make the coalition motion but also another US and rebel amendment to appoint Councillor George Gordon to the board of citizens advice

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:09:50]

[Cllr Karen Doran (Labour) - 1:09:51]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:09:52]

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 1:09:54]

it would formally Lord process thank you can swim and I'd like to believe Councillor Max Mitchell to the Board of life care Edinburgh in replacements for Councillor Weber

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 1:10:03]

and seconded formally seconded on things

Item 7.3 - Appointment to Integrated Children's Services Board

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:10:05]

agreed thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:10:07]

some point to the appointment to the integrated Children's services Board councils to approve recommendations that paragraph 1

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:10:18]

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 1:10:19]

intricate Campbell can make the calculation

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:10:23]

the second formally sanctioned it

Item 8.1 - Senior Councillor Allowances and Appointments

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:10:26]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:10:28]

I to meet is a reports it point one as the report and senior Council alone says a coalition a motion on the Conservative amendment have

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:10:41]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:10:43]

been circulated clause IV thanks very much Lord Provost hope this motion reflects said discussions we've had with other parties and and hopefully we can reach a consensus on the way forward hope also the opposition parties recognise how far the administration has come we have made previous commitments and we weren't lying Lord Provost and we said it would be open transparent accountable and where we recognise there is a majority in the chamber for something other than our plans were not churlish enough to put forward spoiler proposal so I hope or as proposed in the coalition amendment reflects not only the aspirations of many parties in the Council Chamber but reflects our willingness and our spirit of consensus I hope we can all reach

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:11:27]

the second

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 1:11:29]

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 1:11:31]

I was much too hard to cast make these comments would rather sell me with his family

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:11:36]

and to move the Conservative amendment concerns

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 1:11:40]

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 1:11:42]

what process that I don't think that's very much between us here
in the Chamber on this matter the difficulty though is that the coalition motion has so many things in it that it becomes confusing to the issue the issue we were trying to address initially was regarding the senior councillor allowances for locality convenience and in practical terms the coalition motion does that but what it doesn't do is future proof that it doesn't deal with the issue of what happens next year or any further year given that locality convenience are to be appointed or reappointed on a yearly basis of what what we do should Council of child or Councillor Aldridge not be locality convinces at that point and our position on this was an attempt to solve that and have a scheme that worked regardless of how those people were appointed as individuals and also
where there was a case that somebody perhaps was in two positions that if there's then on the loans that isn't paid that would be a saving to the Council on the taxpayer rather than reallocating elsewhere so I'd ask
the through you Lord Provost I'd ask the Leader to explain how we would address this going forward in future times
because we'd rather have a cohesive scheme that worked for the whole of the lifetime of this Council the second console Cook
just briefly Lord Provost everything goes the way it's been quite good

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 1:13:22]

to sink to note leading what our position is we can't simply make the decisions particularly we're talking about the use of additional public money in and make a decision based on what works in the here and now actually taken cognisance of an enduring agreement which safeguards makes clear what the position would be there for future years and indeed possibly beyond so I second the Conservative amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:13:44]

are there any other contributions

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:13:49]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:13:51]

if not consolidated much haven't linked to the Conservative motion I'm not sure to add anything in terms of future proofing Lord Provost and the way our decision making workers even if something was included which I can't see a reference to anything in relation to that within six months would be able to change it anyway the proposal that we've put forward still hasn't underspend and still has an Under appointment in terms of air we could appoint one extra position and the budget is still underspent by a roundabout 10 thousand pounds
we will openly have to look at this in a year's time is very dependent on what circumstance becomes the example I would use Lord Provost is myself if in future years I became convener of the north-east locality while still closely there obviously I wouldn't receive an A sorry for that if the administrations in a position to use that as an opportunity to strengthen an area of the administration I think that's perfectly legitimate so regrettably and I think we are in a position where we're going to have to really look at this year on year but I've set out the key principles which are that opposition
leaders will receive an A sorry opposition groups will receive an estimated to give their leader and also locality convertible receive an area that I am very very clear links are very very clear commitment I hope this Chamber all cheaper recognises how far we have come as an administration in getting to that point and I hope that the council can still at this point move forward as a consensus so I don't think I'm in a position to accept the Conservative amendment and I'm not sure the Conservative amendment does what the Conservatives are suggesting it does so I'm happy to stick with the administration and motion

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:15:32]

the division bell will be rung and avoid or been one minute

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:16:28]

lord provost agenda item 8 point wonders that reported that senior Council allowances the motion is from the coalition we become somebody secondary cancer Day the amendment is circulated from the Conservative Group we becomes of white second cones or cook those voting for the Conservative amendment
Seventeen and for the motion

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:16:58]

44 the motion is carried

Item 8.2 - Council Diary 2018-19

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:17:04]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:17:10]

I too may point to is the cancer diary 20 18 19 formally

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:17:12]


Item 8.3 - Annual Treasury Strategy 2018-19

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:17:17]

it points to the the annual treasury strategy 20 18 19

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 1:17:22]

formerly locals give

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:17:24]

[Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour) - 1:17:28]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:17:28]

the second formally second thank you beat
an ex-lover cracking through this a fiddle piece today well done everybody and however
we are going to have a break now to give the stenographer a race so I would suggest if we break now and recommence at Eleven Thirty

Item 8.3 - Annual Treasury Strategy 2018-19

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:20:12]

OK welcome back everybody
to recommend Sir own section 9 motions

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:20:21]

I can't buy one or Councillor Phil Godman Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues festival

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:20:26]

Councillor Gruen thank you traverse them

[Cllr Catherine Fullerton (Scottish National Party) - 1:20:29]

adventure National Jazz employees Cecil with up to 40 years ago and so I was set up 40 years ago so 2 thousand 18 is a very special anniversary and the mid 80 s the festival had added ticketed events and had dropped into his musical policy to encompass swing and mainstream jazz by the mid-Nineties music in pubs was much reduced and festival's artistic approach service a much wider audience I then festival presented music from most jazz styles and attracted audiences of all ages to almost exclusively ticketed events
amid trenches the festival continues to constitute a musical excellence and to champion creativity whilst increasing audience figures year on year to D the Jazz and Blues festival as one of the one of our iconic festivals that have stood the test of time and I'm proud to be a member of that board as I know is cancer just Andrus who is the Chair of the bridge so I do hope Council agrees that their party may be marked in an appropriately thank you very much

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:21:39]

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 1:21:41]

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 1:21:43]

Jonathan Wilson popular protest I'm aware that this is an open door because the whole House will agree but I think a 40th anniversary is definitely something that cannot go past without comment because it's not Forty years of survival is 40 years of success and has developed year on year until now we have The Carnival very much
marking the start of the summer festivals and very much on the international stage and also it it fulfils a rule promoting live music in the City which is not replicated in that form in any of our other festivals so is unique did not respect and one of the top 10 festivals of its kind in the world to jazz and blues festival so we have the market I think we'd have to comment and also like so many other festivals in the city a small number of people are doing a lot of work year round to pull off something that's quite astonishing when you look at the number of people who organise it and of course as well as those who are paid to organise it hundreds of volunteers who contribute to prevail in this fantastic boost for the city and something which we're very proud towns of creativity in terms of spectacle and in terms of the promotion of live music worldwide this is quite an iconic Festival for our City so it's right that we recognised Forty years of success thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:23:18]

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 1:23:20]

thank you Lord Provost I'm just like to echo the comments of

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 1:23:22]

Councillors and unconcerned Wilson in bringing this to the chamber isn't it a momentous year is the 40th anniversary of the Jazz Festival and the 40th anniversary of its chairman as well we have very much an international festival we've had support over the years from Luxembourg the Czech Republic can pull and we have lots of musicians can we were from New Orleans last year we had a lot of sport from China the currency of Olsen's already alludes to the fact that the Jazz Festival is very much dependent on the sport of the volunteers who do so much work and I think actually we may actually into the thousand mark now in terms of the number of volunteers who help
in terms of the motion we see a line-up of various I'm just figures is very much a jazz and blues festival and what thinks really important is that all sales of jazz and blues are considered with equal commitment from Lincoln's twenties jazz and blues to emerging artists and a lot of work done in connection with the Scottish government and Scottish agencies and it finally just like to thank the City Council and the Council's over the years for their financial support for the Jazz and Blues Festival a time when private sponsorship has been limited in the ground and I think that's score also not simply financial
but physically as well we are very pleased last year to the victim or processed and Morgan the Mardi Gras individually there at our launch and certainly if this motion is approved today we look forward to welcoming you Lord Provost thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:24:50]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:24:52]

any other contributions if no is that agreed
I think the best way to take this forward as if I set up a meeting with Councillors Fullerton devotion and Ross and we can agree between our switches the most appropriate way to take this forward

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:25:09]

they point to is a motion Mercosur lying policy on Fairtrade

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:25:14]

accreditation saints and so I thank you are promised that the Rics at

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 1:25:16]

the risk of jinxing it I'm hoping that tech this motion should be pretty straightforward and uncontentious Smalling and over in moving this motion I do want to place on record my thanks and my congratulations to the Queen's Free Fair trade group because it is simply a wonderful group volunteers Lord Provost and it was then first made me aware of the issue which is raised in my motion today and it is because of their diligence and their work of these volunteers that we may in fact now see a change in national signage policy
it was because of their desire to celebrate the town's 10 year status as the first ever fear treat Royal Borough they were keen to see signs sitting at the named entrances to the town and it was only after I picked up this campaign on their behalf that I discovered that such signs are in fact not permitted by Transport Scotland no law process I'm going to see something you won't hear me say very often thank you hums out yourself because when questioned on this issue
in the Scottish Parliament by my colleague Alex Cole-Hamilton and I suspect to keep as much of a surprise to the transport minister as it came to us that the signs are currently not permitted by Transport Scotland and that is why I am very grateful to Mr. USA for deciding to initiate a formal review of current policy and I do think that creates an opportunity to develop a more common sense approach and ensure towns and villages like Queensferry which have worked so hard and there's a lot of work that goes into getting accreditation can probably celebrate in a visual sense that special status and given that review or process I hope that colleagues will agree to the motion today so that we as a Council can contribute to Transport Scotland's thinking and help ensure a change in approach and provide not just this authority but other councils across Scotland the freedom and the flexibility to take appropriate decisions and our own local areas I move the motion thank you

[Cllr Gillian Gloyer (Liberal Democrat) - 1:27:26]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:27:27]

to second the motion formally second are there any other contributions that great thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:27:33]

important cities emotion McCombs relying on night flights at Edinburgh airport understand that a coalition amendment which had been circulated is just wrong

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:27:45]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 1:27:46]

thank you Lord Provost and I'm very grateful to the administration for withdrawing its amendment and I think most colleagues in this Council would recognise the vital importance of Edinburgh airport to this great city and many of the sector's on which our city's success the pains tourism financial services bioscience the all rely on international connectivity and of course the airport provides vital transport links for our own citizens with us for holidays or connecting with with family and friends and the airport is itself growing as indeed was mentioned by Councillor Barry early on indeed Lord Provost
I think it's easy to forget sometimes just how limited this city's connections way are and 10 years ago or 10 years ago the only scheduled transatlantic service was to New York and today we have direct flights to Chicago Toronto Providence near Boston and just a few weeks' time Washington DC at 10 years ago visitors from European cities like Vienna Hamburg Lisbon even room had to get two flights to get to the city through congested hub airports know they can get here direct and 10 years ago there were no direct flights to the Middle East markets know that are as Councillor Barry rightly said early on when we have the welcome news this morning that the airport has secured Scotland's first ever direct scheduled link with China are fantastic and I knew a very hard fought accomplishment and that Lord Provost the airport itself has recognised the importance of balancing that growth against the important responsibility it has towards the many thousands of people who live near the airport or under the flight path and I recognise the genuine effort by the airport to try to mitigate those impacts even before publication of their latest noise action plan and the new plan published a few weeks ago presents a range of initiatives which I warmly welcome but there is one ET agreed I do think the airport needs to go further and I have been very open with the senior management there about this and it's on night-time flights though it's worth seeing Laure Prouvost that the report has always had a night-time operation although historically it's been small almost exclusively male in cargo flights for over the years we have seen a growing number of passenger aircraft during the night time period to a point where the majority of night-time movements are passenger aircraft and with forecasts suggested the reports that are put will go further not by a little but by many millions of passengers we can expect further growth in night-time flying too and that's why along with Councillor young we've been working with the community to try and get a limit on the number of night-time flights and the total noise alone and that is why I am here today to ask for colleagues help with that efforts no I want to be open Lord Provost this is not a ban on lifetime flying and I know that there are some of my constituents who would want this I simply don't think that's feasible or even desirable but what I think can and should be delivered as a defined limit a promise from the airport as it grows it will do so in a responsible way and not hello night-time flying to go above a certain level I think that could be done without impacting upon the airports competitiveness now Lord Provost this local Authority has new statutory power to require the airport introduced a night time limit however just because we have got no formal planning powers that doesn't mean we have no power I believe that if we as a Council pass this motion than that message will be heard by the airport management who I know are genuinely open to looking at such a restriction I moved the motion thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:31:33]

to second the motion

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 1:31:36]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 1:31:37]

thank you very much for this and as a local councillor with men for many of the communities impacted by the airport's operations there really is just a very simple question that we need to answer and that's why should people living at our datablog airport not have the same protection as those who live around some of the other major UK airports because when it comes to night-time noise why should these residents not be afforded the same ability to get a good night's sleep as those in other parts of the country because this kind of restriction which Council and I are proposing today is a restriction which has existed already at a number of other airports for many years this is not a bit special treatment is actually just about consistency now the Civil Aviation Act gives the UK transport minister and that is the Westminster Secretary not in the Scottish parliament the power to formally designate airports so that formal restrictions can be applied in terms of 19 flights these powers have been applied at Heathrow Gatwick and Stansted airport and Edinburgh is indeed bigger and busier than stand state was when that statutory limit was imposed on them and no other airports such as Manchester and Luton have recognised this particular difficulty and disturbance and they have voluntarily adopted 19 limit however that Edinburgh airport despite its considerable growth as has been mentioned despite its considerable plans for the future that means no limit on that night time flying none whatsoever that was very disappointing for us and our constituents that the airport didn't use the opportunity of the new noise action plan to respond to those concerns and reassure voters by proposing a limit of their own this is why our motion is so particularly import of portent and we believe that it encourages the airport just to think again even just accept the principle of parliament before consulting further on the details of that restriction and indeed as has been mentioned at the airport are very receptive to exploring this so this is very much the aim was very much the airport is doing and I know more is planned and its new noise action plan which we welcome but we hope that with the support of the Council today we can get them to call just that little bit further which would be so well received by the neighbouring communities thank you I second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:33:34]

are there any other contributions
it's not agreed thank you can adjust quantify that the notice the timescales are the second of a prudently the Council's response will be by officers in conjunction with the convener and that will then be reported back to the appropriate committee is that correct yes thank you

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 1:33:57]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:34:00]

agenda Item 9 point forward as the motion by Councillor addressing letter and a coalition amendment has been circulated controllable

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:34:10]

[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 1:34:12]

thank you Lord Provost neat streets we those don't let her new time clean streets Community clear ups in wards across the city it seems very clear to me and probably to most of us in this Chamber that letter on our streets and public spaces is one of the chief concerns of our residents indeed the SMP in their manifesto promised a deep clean of the city should they be elected perhaps that would be if they had the greatest number of seats in this Chamber because it's yet to appear so I thought What what more could we do in the city to improve the situation and I did a bit of research and found back from January last year delightful photo of AM who we are and chivalry regarding as old Leslie the former at Transport and Environment given I'm sure she is watching this aghast but standing beside a bin worth Rosanna Cunningham caption competition there no this was to mark the Code of practice the code of practice on litter and refuse cop lie which is the subject of this motion
this was to come before parliament in the coming months I remind you that was in January 20 Seventeen and was something that had been worked on with officers from City of Edinburgh council as a lead counsel in developing this code of practice that good practice exists it's there in all its glorious detail and facts have copied quite a lot of it into what is undoubtedly a fairly long motion
so what I am disappointed by is that when I asked as to whether or not we could be a council that is at the forefront of implementing this Code of practice if we could be on the front foot if we indeed were involved in developing it why are we not already implementing it it seems that the convener of the current campaign of transport environment committee has a similar concepts as the cabinet secretary as to what the coming months means that Clemons stretching over a year indeed in the coalition amendment she suggests another 12 months for implementation now I accept the Scottish parliament has not yet passed this bill maybe if they spent less time on constitutional parlour games it would have actually got through and something meaningful might have happened
but Lord Provost I do not accept that we as a Council should allay the parliament's delay to stop us cleaning up our streets now curl at the coalition has promised to ditch an extra 1 million pounds to be spent on street cleaning so I argue would it not be sensible that extra money demands a fresh approach and would it not be sensible if the Council will have a statutory duty to implement the code of practice to just start doing it so what I am asking for the provost is to see where we are with implementing that code of practice to see if this new 1 million pounds spent on street cleaning falls in line with what we're going to have to do anyway and to give the Scottish government some credit for change that this is robust legislation and we should be reflecting it in what we do we need to give our residents greater confidence that we as a Council on top of the problem of wasting cleanser comes top of surveys top of consultations we all know from our inboxes is one of the things that people across the city complain about and we can be more open and transparent if we follow these guidelines deters elected elected members will all know it is often very very hard to find out the facts when it comes to street cleaning and cleansing and if we're going to implement root root smart all her own residential waste why can't we do something similar Street kidding that's what this motion seeks to achieve an opportunity for Edinburgh to be at the forefront of best practice in Scotland to show our residents that we're on top of the problem of letter that we recognise it and that we're doing something about it Lord Provost I move this motion thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:37:50]

and to second the motion

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 1:37:54]

thank you very much Lord Provost I think that the problems forest street cleaning his concerns is the public don't really know what to expect and I have no straightforward means of finding out whether commitments made by the administration are being fulfilled Councillor Leadley's motion sets of an admirable detail what needs to be done for public scrutiny something which would provide value a valuable resource for way to publication which I'm sure would prove very popular
a self-produced scorecard system might look pretty but we're not command the same level of demonstrable openness as publication of the data and Councillor little Oz motion
the data which would underpin the score card would in any case be available under freedom of information request so administrations amendment simply puts an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy between the information and the public and fact creates what I would think we'd been leaderless work for officers approving Councillor Leadley's motion would assist all of us
and I commend it to you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:38:59]

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 1:39:02]

to move the caution amendment consumers like you lot promised and I entirely recognise the importance of this issue and I recognise the motivation behind the Conservatives motion however I do think we have to recognise the environment in which we operate and that includes legislation includes development of of issues such as the Coppola M. A. guidelines
I don't think we can ignore the fact that that still has to be laid before parliament despite the fact that we are all eager to see improvements please them in little you mentioned for example we see complaints as far to hear speech we see a consistent dropping and those that apart from the last week when we see that shot increase because we had to divert very valuable
the e-waste Matt and waste management or staff members onto snow clearing I expect that chain to continue and so were clearly doing something right as far as we split the waste and street cleansing is concerned in our last budget of course the coalition moved to add an additional 1 million pounds on top of our existing investment in the CIA and that should be allowed to have it for us to see its full effect during this the course of this year
I think we can't ignore the fact that Coppola exists on it we are working with them obviously in terms of the officials and we are working closely with them and we also have to give it the space to allow it to come through your suggestion to that M that you know it somehow
the Scottish Parliament is wasting time and constitutional parlour games I think those pilot schemes are set to protect against the worst impacts of Brexit for example
and in which case I would consider it a very worthwhile use of Holyrood's time there's no question about the fact that little is important in this city we are a city a beautiful city and we want to maintain that I think however the idea that we would simply rip up what has already been agreed at Committee that we have in the west cleansing performance scorecard
0cautious seems are so shocked the backbenchers in the Tory party
actually recovered
but the idea that we would simply a report what has already been agreed it at say the Transport Environment Committee that we will have this performance scorecard in in order to introduce yet another new former measurement seems to be somewhat foolish I think what we put forward in terms of the coalition administration amendment is absolutely correct in this way in terms of response I am however more than happy to keep continued dialogue and I would suggest perhaps in order to get some degree of clarity between Councillor Leadley and myself that we sit down with officials and we hammer out the details attached to this I'd be happy to sit up such a meeting in mood I move the coalition amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:41:54]

the second amendment formally Lord Provost

[Cllr Karen Doran (Labour) - 1:41:58]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:41:59]

are there any contributions
no control would want to reappoint

[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 1:42:08]

thank you Lord Provost I thank at a computer for the offer of a meeting and did something I'd be very keen to set up and I note that you can get it talks about reduction waste complaints and I believe that those waste complaints are complaints around residential waste collection and indeed one of the things I am talking about my motion is the fact that those ways complaints have gone down primarily because the introduction of the route smart technology what I'm asking for in my motion is instruction of similar technology in line with that code of practice to be implemented for its street cleaning allowing for more transparent and more accountable service for our residents and indeed for all of us in this chamber and I don't think that I'm asking the world am I think I'm just asking for this code of practice which is in near full draft form to be reflected in what we're doing moving forward are not asking to rip up the rule book I'm just asking for a few minor tweaks to that rule book so am I'm sorry I won't be able to accept the amendment and I move my motion as it stands thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:43:08]

the division there were no be wrong and a vote within one minute

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:43:55]

ITEM named point for as the motion on addressing Le Tour the motion as per the genders move the council leader or second becomes McClellan the amendments from the coalition move becomes McInnis second becomes of Doran those voting for the coalition amendment
43 and for the motion

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:44:20]

18 the amendment is carried
ITEM named point five as the motion Mercosur rowan or in the Calcutta Cup here's your room

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:44:33]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:44:35]

[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 1:44:37]

well will promise the sale weeks alongside of politics and that rugby with the PO to be similarly so I'll just be brief and a lot of us are a point of delicious irony that my Irish colleague Councillor Dogger is seconding the motion I would like to congratulate Ireland on their Championship when and who knows what this weekend will bring finally I was delighted to be in Donnybrook over the weekend represented the Scottish Parliament cross party well SMP I Conservative team
Chaconne Irish colleagues of the double chocolate unfortunately a last-minute trite and I does victory
however what would be their late to add if possible is a congratulations to Shade Munro and the Scotland women's team on their emphatic and historic victory against style and the first that we victory in 12 years so late to congratulate him and I'm sure the Council will join me in doing so
and to second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:45:47]

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 1:45:50]

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 1:45:52]

I was very tempted to say formerly lord provost but
you will note that I have resisted that temptation I think one of the joys of the Six Nations is the fact that it's probably the most friendly if not ferociously contested sporting competitions in the world and the one thing that Councillor Brian did not mention was the disgraceful abuse that was handed out to the England coach Eddie Jones has accused like that is ridiculous in any form of life especially when someone is only doing their job even if that is in which coach
but he is doing this job and should not be subject to that abuse so I'm very glad to support that when when it was mentioned that their meeting on Monday night that Mark was looking for a seconder to his motion congratulating Scotland on your performance as you can imagine I was only too readily to two jumped to my feet and say that would be me but then I was promptly shot down by the recognition that he was referring to the previous match
I think it's important to say that Scotland were magnificent in the Calcutta Cup a grid panache in the first half grit defence and bravado in the second half and it was great to see a Scotland team once again being competitive because there's nothing more that inspires young people in sport than saying their sporting heroes being successful and whether that's the man of the men's team or the women can I not unexpected victory on Sunday perhaps undeserved I don't know
it's marvellous to see that young people have indeed a new generation of Scottish annotate Edinburgh Rugby players that they can look up to and hopefully they will
be inspired to play sport in the future in the vein of Councillor McKenna's is marvellous accessories in advance of St Patrick's Day
last comment I have to make
Second in this motion is let's hope that the form of Scotland's opponents in the Calcutta Cup carries on until the end of St Patrick's Day I second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:48:05]

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 1:48:09]

Councillor planning vernacular prose just late to conform or cancel brooms opening remarks a week is a long time in politics

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:48:20]

are there any other contributions if no emotion agreed

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:48:29]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:48:29]

councillor also

[Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat) - 1:48:31]

as an English person I would like to congratulate Scotland's on their

[Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat) - 1:48:35]

victory they married to a Scot having had many many years where the Calcutta Cup is a very difficult day in our household I'm very very delighted that Scotland one especially at Murrayfield and the celebration it calls that I did not see my husband for many hours afterwards so congratulations

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:48:55]

any other not as I agreed
thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:49:00]

no 6 is a motion by Councillor Jim Campbell on local police on the coalition amendment has been circulated Councillor Jim Campbell

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:49:09]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:49:11]

thank you Lord Provost and
this is a serious motion and it's a serious issue for our city
I am very grateful that the coalition have accepted the first therefore paragraphs of the motion is an attempt to set out the case as best I can understand it on the data that's available publicly available to anyone and that data is quite emphatic as a city we have had a growing population over the last number of years and yet as a city we have seen a reduction in the number of local police officers that police our streets
and that
I would suggest is not right and our citizens would expect us to be fighting to ensure that we have the required number of police officers on our streets and over and above that the police officers that we fund on our streets because that is the purpose of this Council giving additional funds to local policing is to provide additional police officers
so it is a serious motion
it was designed to strengthen the hand of this Council in negotiations because this matter can only be resolved in negotiation with the Scottish police service
and I had hoped that if this Council enabled officers to go to the police service with a message from the Council that they wanted to see progress on this in unequivocal terms that would strengthen our hand in those negotiations and I hope that might still be possible
I do I confess regret adding point too under the instructions perhaps that was just a little bit of political theatre too far and I would happily withdraw that if that were to make a difference
what I would do is draw Council
obviously I am sure everyone has read the motion itself I would just introduced a couple of extra pieces of information for your consideration
if we compare ourselves with Glasgow Glasgow has ceased to fund local police officers in 2 thousand 12 13 they contributed 3 point 2 million to local policing this year they contribute nothing
thank you God
on the other hand if we look at the numbers in 2 thousand 16 the last year for which reliable data is available Glasgow had thirty seven and a half police officers per 10 thousand of their population
in Edinburgh we have just shy of 20 three that's a massive difference it doesn't seem equitable that a city that has chosen to cease funding local policing has got almost 50 percent more officers to undertake local policing whereas we are a city that have chosen to keep funding local policing to the tune of Two hundred actually point six million a year do so poorly in comparison with the rest of the country that's why we need to have a strong negotiating position with the police service to ensure that we have the local police we pay for that our constituents expect and that we value so highly to ensure we have an orderly society
I propose the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:53:06]

[Cllr Ashley Graczyk (Conservative) - 1:53:07]

[Cllr Ashley Graczyk (Conservative) - 1:53:10]

the second emotion and anger and I think we'll start thinking about what we're doing the taxpayers' money to be directed to me and I agree that the poor but going by the taxpayer and have to pay more to allay public deputy the stuff they do not have cut
I will do it all again then marry online 920 Crandon lengthy now

[Cllr Ashley Graczyk (Conservative) - 1:53:34]

depleted time to put it into the pool of remote and thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:53:43]

to move the caution amendment contribution

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 1:53:46]

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 1:53:48]

another assassination

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:53:54]

when one does wonder what's in these these bottles

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 1:53:58]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:54:02]

Councillor Wilson please

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 1:54:05]

I think I probably should do formally after that
and in actual fact there is some reason why that might be the case because I can't say I disagree with a single word Councillor Jim Campbell has said and nor can I disagree with this statistics that you have forensically provided and indeed I would thank you for bringing these things for Andy de is helpful and strengthening our negotiations on this subject I would also like to thank Councillor Iain Campbell who gave us all of those statistics some time ago so they were in fact familiar to us but what I would say is that the only reason and I'm getting deja vu when you were speaking because all of these points that you have made our points that we have made to police Scotland and form part of the negotiations we have an agreed
the amount
for police Scotland but we have not agreed the partnership agreement which goes along with it and the negotiation of that that is ongoing at the moment and it's that is the only reason
why would have difficulty with the second part of this motion I'm not even saying that we're not going to do these things I'm seeing is that we end up doing these things but not just quite at this moment in time because at the moment what an earlier stage of negotiation with police Scotland on exactly what we want for our money and should those negotiations proved to be not successful then it may come to writing these letters and taking it to a higher level so all I'm saying is if we can get this as a helpful motion that if we can get consensus for actually taking this forward on the basis that we do accept everything that Councillor Campbell has said and leave it turned negotiations for the moment then we will come back at a future date shoot the second part of the motion be necessary

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:56:10]

to second the caution amendment tune sore knee

[Cllr Amy McNeese-Mechan - 1:56:17]


[Cllr Amy McNeese-Mechan - 1:56:23]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:56:23]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:56:25]

are there any other contributions councilman rule

[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 1:56:31]

thank you Lord Provost and fellow Councillors there are few people in this Chamber who will be aware that this Authority pays over 1 thousand percent an extortionate amount 1 thousand percent more than any other local authority to police Scotland for services even Al Capone did not charge that rate for protection services
and what service they receive for this generous donation to this last making service increased police numbers now and 2 thousand 14 there were 1 thousand One Hundred and 60 seven officers and Edinburgh and then two thousand seventeen but are 1 thousand One Hundred and 63 a drop of food for the city
does it mean
we note I've just forced the other factors and the region in 2 thousand 14 or Nine hundred and seven earthy officers and there are no 900th ferry for a drop of 59 a total of 43 less officers so the myth at peace for extra officers are scotched by the figures from the annual order of the force by Audit Scotland does it pay for a better service now when police Scotland was formed the house breaking teams dissolved despite its proven track record leading to an increase in this claim an Edinburgh and in particular and North Edinburgh doesn't mean our stations are mind well no actually 50 three-year 375 stations in Scotland are mined and some can be found in Edinburgh however generous contribution could help pay for the generous relocation costs to the Deputy Chief Constable including tax and national insurance of one hundred and 20 thousand pounds or the 345 thousand pounds Pt 2 of their operational directors or even the One Hundred 99 thousand 500 pounds paid to the interim Chief Finance officer payments which Audit Scotland said court do not represent a good use of public money it could help an organisation saw ruinously run the Audit Scotland predict will be one hundred and 25 points six million and deficit by Twenty Twenty One now there are some in this Chamber of trade tippling Westminster Fawaz possession citing the fact that VAT was until this year charged on police Scotland descent genius and dissembling
the fact does the HMR see won the Scottish Government that this would happen and this advice was ignored
the police Federation of to the Scottish government MPs advice to help set up the service in a way that VAT would not have to be paid at face that was ignored this advice is also offered by Unite and Unison and again this advice and help was ignored the Labour party even offered MP and advice to help this as that other opposition parties so the VAT would not have to be paid advice that was ignored the creation of police Scotland has been a disaster for the public the public parks and for the service itself the protection money we are paying needs to stop in my view but in the meantime support the coalition motion which Councillor Campbell's points
I make sure they've actually got servicing conditions that show exactly what service received for the extortionate amount we play please Scotland we've already agreed a payment next year let's stop her after this year
consumer body

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:00:06]

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 2:00:08]

I just two small points on Kensington Road contribution for Slahi will recall that the Scottish parliament the blissful amalgamation Bell was supported by the body represents secondly can I just remind on but some decades now please decent hadn't been mind they've been staffed

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:00:31]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 2:00:36]

are there any other contributions cancer McVey I just can't help myself locked office that was the shameless attack and misunderstanding of statistics that Madrid had got me some motivated and thank people particularly on this side that they can summon doing is good friends with Nick Conservatives you're reliant on this policy there misunderstanding of one national pledge which was to maintain national numbers not by geography police are deployed on the basis of need and are deployed nationally on the basis of need so decreed very crude I'm afraid analysis or as much as it's tempting for me to blame
the Scottish police Authority board for or incompetence because that might politically expedient to do so or promise
I am not going to do that
in terms of the money I would really encourage members of this Chamber to engage with the local officers who we actually fund because there is a startling misunderstanding about what our money is going towards our money is going towards additionality and it's that and I agree with Councillor Campbell that is that that has to be absolutely enshrined in the SLA that we signed with police Scotland we must ensure that the money we're paying as going for that purpose we are failing but some of the
contributions have went a bit beyond that and I'm sure the fuzzy understanding of our money is actually going towards a is a move as a point of concern for me these are funding local officers who are engaging and work that is expedient not only for the police but for us this is about enshrining our priorities advancing outcomes as a city these are officers working with our housing officers to make sure our communities are safer by putting together plans of how they are going to deal with people who are vulnerable and also people who are problematic within their community the element of additionality has to be enshrined by would seriously urge anyone with the views of what we've just had two speeches ago to engage with the local officers and actually get a better understanding of what this manages 4 is not used as a supplement for police Scotland is used to advance the outcomes that
we have set out and if people don't understand that I'm more than happy to help facilitate meetings while provost at with the new chief of police and Edinburgh to make sure that understanding is there but shameless attacks on what we're doing I don't think is really appropriate and the way to go

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:03:01]

contact author

[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 2:03:04]

so who can argue the police's Sheepy argue with that the point that policing should be based on need but I would have thought all of us in this Chamber would be asking the Scottish Government and the police authorities we Scotland sorry to invest would name because despite spending 10 10 times more than any other local authority in Scotland on policing crime and our say remains 31 percent higher than the national average with the fourth highest crime-free of any local authority in Scotland so I would say it's our job to stand up for Edinburgh not the Scottish Government

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:03:47]

Councillor rules

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 2:03:51]

thank you Lord Provost may I just to address the issue of air additionality and the only reason for the additionality that we've heard the council leader to talk about is the inequitable distribution of police officers are in Scotland and it is because we are trying to plug a gap in this area that we have been pushed towards the additionality of which the leader speaks I support the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:04:20]

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 2:04:22]

Councillor mood thank you process it was interesting being taught suck eggs by Councillor McVeigh there I'm not quite old enough to be a grandmother but I certainly felt like that at that point and having been a Board Member of Lowthian borders please send overseen and then latterly on the police and Fire Board far Committee in the Council I think I understand the issues of additionality and it is something of concern to me that after eight months of this new council is unclear that we have the demonstration of that additionality through a transparent process because of the lack of replacement of the police and Fire Committee and quite clear quite and it's unclear to me exactly how we are supposed to demonstrate that Councillor Arthur went through the figures very clearly it may be of interest to members of the Council who haven't been here a bit been amended Councillors for as long as some of us that one of the reasons we continued to pay this when Glasgow Sat it sat down is that we were essentially had a gun held to our heads by the police saying we would lose those additional officers
if we took that funding away which was two or three budgets ago now that isn't about policing on need are violent crime right crime rate in this City unfortunately is increasing so I think it is very difficult to say that the core service that we are receiving is equitable and that the and demonstrating additionality when we do not have an SLA in place
at this point in the electoral cycle so whilst we do welcome that coming forward indeed when it does I think it is absolutely right that this Council Chamber should be standing up from Edinburgh and making those points to the Scottish police Authority and to the and to the politicians at Holyrood who ultimately are responsible for the police service now in a rather disgusting change of conditions so that our police are essentially politically controlled whatever fiction of independence they liked to remain right like to put out on that one
and that we should be seeing that as soon as possible I would urge you to support the Conservative motion in Councillor Campbell's made
total Ian Campbell

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:06:47]

[Cllr Ian Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 2:06:49]

a lower vote to Lord Provost of late to remind us of the statement that was made by Councillor Wilson and the fact is that the partnership agreement for this year has not been St that is robust and negotiation happening and what we're asking is a coalition I would ask getting the help of the the whole of this Council to stand behind this negotiation to be knighted are so that we can have the greatest voice for the city in this negotiation we recognise this this the point that Councillor Jim Campbell makes with noted this for some time were trying to apply scrutiny into this were trying to get additionality that will provide community safety for this city and we ask the are all parties to get behind our amendments so that we can go with a or one voice into this negotiation that we strengthen the hand of Councillor Wilson in this and that we can get the best deal for the city thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:08:06]

are there any other contributions
if not replied you Councillor Jim Campbell thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:08:12]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:08:14]

it strikes me there is an awful lot of agreement across the Chamber on the narrow issue of funding for local policing and I would like to thank Councillor Iain Campbell for getting to this data before I did indeed there seems to be an outbreak of harmony almost amongst Campbell's because I know Councillor Mary Campbell was very keen Sportcity at the previous Council meeting at the Community Trinity academy
nonetheless I would say to Councillor Wilson and can slow MacNeice Meakin that their amendment is misguided we are in a very tough negotiation and what we should be doing isn't she is making sure this Council is pressing that negotiation with the utmost conviction and to do that we need to apply more pressure because the pressure that's been applied in the years up until now has not resulted in the result we are looking for
crime in Edinburgh has not fallen as fast as it has in the rest of the country that's a fact
Edinburgh and all the cities in Scotland have higher crime rates than the country's large and Edinburgh we have fewer local police officers per head of the population than the average across the rest of the country
the problem with the amendment is that it says that police deployment is based on need that's true for the core service but we are talking about is the additionality that ought to come from the money we are spending and the problem with the amendment is that it is failing to recognise that critical point
the point of my motion is to make it crystal clear to the police service that we demand additionality for the money we are putting in that other councils have chosen not to put in
and the only way that should be demonstrated is through greater police numbers per head of population something we do not have at present
I move my motion

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:10:25]

the division bell when I'd be rung and the vote will be in one minute

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:11:28]

lord provost Item 9 points six as the motion on the local police as moved by Councillor Jim Campbell at Second Mercosur galactic Aspell agenda consider Campbell you mentioned or throw a point today we were shocked to hear continue
you talked about an adjustment by the removal of point to Yohji are

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:11:47]

Jewish emotional says yes in the spirit of trying to find wider agreement I am happy to do that to withdraw so now's as adjusted and

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:11:58]

amendment is from the coalition is made of a cancer Wilson seven became salami needs me can those voting for the coalition amendment

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:12:12]

theft is seven and for the motion as adjusted
20 to the amendment is carried
next item is a motion and named point seven by Councillor Jim Campbell

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:12:32]

again on the gunshot bridge a coalition amendment and our Liberal Democrat addendum have been circulated Councillor Jim Campbell to move the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:12:40]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:12:44]

thank you Lord Provost yes the bunch chopped bridge I know it's a favourite of this Chamber
i'm sure much more friendly discussion the purpose of my motion is to try and uncover exactly what the 10 percent ring-fence for cycling
where it comes from and what it's being spent on it's very difficult to establish that based on the official is publicly available and I think the birdshot Bridge offers us an excellent laboratory in which to test that premise we've got an exciting new piece of infrastructure with the possibilities laid out in the amendment from the coalition to do some very exciting things with the National cycle ways which
we are very keen to support and we don't necessarily agree that the best way of doing these things is by ring-fencing a dedicated budget for cycling we would prefer to do things on a case-by-case basis as the opportunities present themselves as is now the case with the bunch chopped bridge but as a coalition as a Council we have agreed to ring-fence 10 percent of the transport budget for cycling so we'd very much like to know what principles and that is guided by
and what work on our roads on our paths on our pavements on our shared surfaces what work their qualifies to be charged back to that 10 percent and what doesn't
does it include maintenance is it just simply new assets these seem all to be very reasonable questions to increase accountability and transparency around what this Council does I move my motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:14:34]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:14:35]

the second motion calls for Cook

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 2:14:39]

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 2:14:41]

thank you were promised a second this motion by Councillor Jim Campbell it's a very good motion and am very pleased to do so and everyone across the Chamber recognises the benefits of active travel both in terms of the environment and health of the wider population if Chambers is made clear and it has long been a policy of the Conservatives we do support the arbitrary ring fencing tokenistic 10 percent ring fencing it but it's a fact of life that the administration does this motion are some simple simple questions and interests of openness and transparency in which we should be alert to him half answered for our sake and in the sea he of public scrutiny and understand them from cursor Campbell's discussion with spooks and there certainly are on board with improved
increased public scrutiny around the 10 percent commitment which the coalition has long adhere to this motion is presented in a way
it comes a couple of Centrepoint Shop which puts an excellent opportunity snapshot to see how this actually walking in practice if indeed administration actually hostels details in the shoot half an inch of public scrutiny
which we should be provided with this information I second Councillor Campbell's bullshit

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:15:59]

to move the coalition amendment Councillor McKenna's I cannot promise

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 2:16:03]

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 2:16:06]

them and I say I'm very pleased to welcome a restatement of the Tory commitment to cycling into active travel and I just felt it was that rather than a shame that we ate didn't see that reflected in the budget discussions previously
while I understand clearly the motivation behind this this and this motion I would suggest we hit a slight problem in trying to answer some of the specific questions are contained in it and that somebody that the that the bridge still in design stage so we don't know yet exactly what we will be a doing the answer still under discussion and of course at that time as I mentioned that my motion and so my amendment
that will be reported back to transport and environment committee will be plenty of opportunities for for public scrutiny of the decisions that are made around active travel elements in the gunshot bridge design them
it's not even that is complete and that some of these qualities specific questions will be able to be answered it would also call into question points 1 and 2 for example you're asking for an estimate of the volume of active travel but there's no definition within that is that the previously undertaken active travel across the region is that the expected and we fully accept the fact that whenever were putting anything that said anything that cutting his active travel is about future-proofing a major asset to the city like this and so were looking to encourage an additional active travel through that route and you asked for a statement of principle regarding allocation of course to the ring-fenced budget for cycling and really that can be contained within the street design guidance that the council has previously issued an that is is absolutely clear that requires consideration of design changes incorporating improvements for active travel as well as public transport and police making an appropriate locations in all capital renewal projects the use of these requirements form part of the core design process and budgeting the not simply an add-on
so is not is not currently proposed to allocate a particular sum from the bridge renewal project against a cycling 10 percent commitment I would I would suggest therefore that we them that we accept the coalition amendment here it's quite clear I am making a clear commitment to the fact that active travel will remain in the prison as an element is clear that's in this in their chic design guidance and am also making a clear commitment to public scrutiny of what emerges after the design process is complete and I would also like to suggest that M I would be very happy to say it as part of that amendment the Lib Dem and an addendum
interest that might be acceptable to the chamber

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:18:55]

to second the motion
formally second

[Cllr Karen Doran (Labour) - 2:18:58]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:18:59]

to move the Liberal Democrat Democrat addendum thank you very much

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 2:19:05]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 2:19:07]

Lord Provost I'm beginning to think that Terre Koestler Kaboul has got some sort of sixth Saints and because I think his motion was submitted

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 2:19:16]

before Ward Councillors in Ireland ever receive their monthly e-mail update from the gunshot Bridge project team m and is motionless provided them a handy vehicle for myself and Councillor young to raise an issue of concern which has just emerged in the last week in some very grateful to Councillor Campbell for that I like to think that we are now getting into the realms of birdshot Bridge bingo and where the birdshot bridge has to be the epicentre of this Council's discussions every month we'll see how long that lasts for now Lord Provost it's important to stress that it's now 16 months actually since the birdshot bridge was closed and it caused huge disruption to many of my constituents particularly those in capitalist if you lost a key arterial route but also to those in Queensferry under Khomeini who have faced the impact of the displaced traffic often through residential roads which were never designed for the volume of traffic which they are now currently being forced to sustain low despite the fact that funding has been agreed and that is warmly welcome the project team tell us that the base case scenario the means that actual construction work will not commence until the autumn now that makes it too few years since the closure lord provost now I ask colleagues in the Chamber and today who may not be frequent visitors to Kirkliston just you pause for a moment and think just imagine if the Dean bridge was closed just imagine if it was the North Bridge or George IV Bridge that was closed not for a few days or for a few weeks but for two full years and just think about that kind of destruction that would be caused the kind of disruption which has faced my constituents know last week the project team warned a new effort to integrate the new bridge into the national cycling network could push the start of construction what back even further so it might not start until 2 thousand 19 two thousand nineteen Lord Provost I have to tell you that that has been met with a mixture of astonishment bemusement derision and incredulity by my constituents know I want to do everything we can to encourage cycling but officials have with respect to them had 16 months to think about this and it is simply unacceptable that he leaked change such as this could push back the work even more more delays more disruption more diversions now Lord Provost just now and that's why my addendum seeks to ensure that any such decision to delay the project even more could only be taken after a report and a decision by the transport committee by elected councillors so that there is proper scrutiny and proper accountability after everything that has happened it is right that our decisions are taken by that Committee saw wherever the the views on the main motion before us today
I am grateful that both Councillor Campbell and the convener have accepted this request and see it as a reasonable one and in that case I move my addendum Lord Provost thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:22:38]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:22:40]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:22:41]

chicken did end them control young thank you very much just to add to this that the length of time that this bridge this pledge has been out of operation is absolutely extensive and is way beyond beyond anything that members of this Council would accept from a city centre location so well absolutely welcoming the commitment to progress the rebuild and indeed welcoming the attempts to integrate with the cycle network it cannot be allowed to result in a gradual and persistent pushing back bit by bit of timescales as has been alluded to and that needs proper full political scrutiny before any such aim decisions should be taken a second amendment thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:23:19]

are there any other contributions she none in which case comes with Jim Campbell replied thank you Lord Provost first of all I should

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:23:29]

actually thank Councillor McKenna's it's very nice to be debating a motion I put forward in the chamber here rather than just waiting to find out if it's going to be referred straight to her Committee or not so I do appreciate that the eye I am going to press my motion because what they're a number of things I remain unclear about it seems to be the case that the new bridge is going to support the National cycle Network which is a fantastic thing that being the case it seems entirely reasonable that some of the cost of the new bridge would be attributed to the cycling budget and what I'm seeking is some statement of principle as to how that would be attributed
Councillor McKenna's mentioned the design guidelines but she did not mention the cycling element of that at all she talks about active travel and as far as I understand active travel and the cycling budget are subtly different things at that was a point that was reinforced when I did speak to representatives from Spooks who also acknowledge some difficulty with the definitions between cycling and active travel and the risk for confusion to results from that and I think it is fair to say that the representative spooks would welcome more transparency on the way the 10 percent ring-fence for cycling is spent and what that covers and as Councillor stanforth at I mentioned earlier in relation to his question and I think the Green party also looked for greater transparency in the case of his question with the amount of the Council budget that's going to be spent by plebiscite and so I would urge Council to look at the transparency with which we do things it's easy to have a target it's more difficult to then put the results of that target out in the open and I would like us to do that more I move my motion

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:25:36]

the division there were overrun and a vote will be in one minute

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:26:35]

it's a name point seven as emotion on a bunch of bridge motion is on agendas by Councillor Jim Campbell at Second Coates' cook the year coalition amendment has been circulated as moved by Councillor McKenna's secular Council Doran and with the agreement of all parties and corporates the Liberal Democrat addendum text Councillor Roger wished to maintain your addendum to the vote stage Eurostar devote

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 2:27:05]

Anya event on his very yes North Africa so that my understanding is that both the movers of the motion and the amendment have accepted the addendum into their emotion I only have their coalition accepting I

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:27:15]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:27:17]

don't know if I beg your pardon I'm very happy to accept the addendum as well

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:27:21]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:27:21]

so the Liberal Democrats for us at that stage if you weren't so the motion then is a
by Councillor Jim Campbell asked whether gender incorporates the Liberal Democrat addendum the coalition amendment is been circulated and also incorporates the same text those voting for the coalition amendment eyes adjusted

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:27:57]

44 and for the motion again suggested
Seventeen the amendment is carried
ITEM 9 point it is a motion on agenda becomes today or on a construction charter and a conservative addendum has been circulated because it would be

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:28:16]

like others I am very pleased to move this motion today Tyrrell to

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:28:21]

develop a construction Charter for the capital city lobby where the recent issues that we've heard of a school build quality of cantatas going bust
a blacklisted and much much more news companies and many years many of us will have read the whole report which tells us that the industry needs to change no more shortcuts and no more disregard for employees' health and safety
the court report recommendations made it very clear that the standards in the construction industry need to be improved and changed discussions I and my colleagues have concerned manure comes or what politely Renate Unison GMB and many more vertiginous fully supportive construction charter to protect their members' rates and this is the right thing to do
the problem is this is about protecting workers' rights about protecting the health and safety and we all know that the construction of the shows the biggest number of deaths and employment and this needs to stop this shot is also the issue of contractors' pay their fair share and shooting that national insurance and income tax is duly paid below not something that today's business firms are known to do but we know from the last corporate policy committee that can serve this will not accept this they wanted support workers' rights and they will protect workers' health and safety law promised a move this motion
to second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:29:43]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 2:29:45]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:29:46]

problems to move the Conservative addendum classroom equipment thank you very much Lord Provost

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:29:53]

I really don't know where Councillor they get that from because well she's absolutely right to expect the highest standards of health and safety in all construction sites we would wholeheartedly air support that that as there is no sense in this side of the Chamber of any desire to compromise workers' safety workers' rights or a or indeed too to see them not be paid what they are legitimately entitled to this addendum purely seeks to ensure that such a charter has his waits for support as possible and with the support of employers is something which is embraced positively and not seen as an imposition
in shooting employer participation productions such a charter should in fact avoid problems in future with the procurement processes air and also prevent delays in the commencement of works so I see no reason why the weight of support for this should not be something that the coalition could also welcome thank you
secondly addendum

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:30:55]

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 2:30:58]

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 2:31:00]

thank you I'm happy to second the amendment in in the conservative groups now
I think the other thing that is very important is that when we're introducing such a charter that we ensure that we can have the resources to monitor that and we look at the implications and costs on that if it is to be a meaningful Charter to ensure those protections that you are so keen to deliver which we share your desire to deliver those protections for workers and to ensure that they are properly paid but there is no point introducing something that cannot be monitored or is toothless or is meaningless and that is why we ask a Sikh all party all party support for this and also to work with the industry and to confer with officers that this is a deliverable construction charter to make it the most meaningful charter that can go forward a second amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:31:49]

are there any other contributions
in your hands Councillor day

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:31:55]

former Lord Mayor I wish to comment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:31:56]

[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 2:31:59]

thanks Lord Provost and supporting comes up these motion and the coalition's motion I think many to be a reminder why we need the construction and charter when the Council spends money we need to make sure it's going to companies to invest in the local community paying the appropriate rate for the job and ensuring workers in their supply chains are treated with dignity and respect too often that has been lacking and construction
protecting the rights of construction workers is an ongoing struggle but the construction charter as a signal to contractors that they must up their game and put in place systems at work that support a culture of positive industrial relations
further companies should not use umbrella companies to pay workers and the industry needs to recognise the vital role of collective bargaining through three unions the cool report and its criticism of payment per brick and pure overstay of contractors and pure training laid bare the self-regulated poor practice in construction and we don't lessens the industry appears laws to adopt which are construction charter will help make happen but I will give you a better reason the mortality rate in industry is on the rise there were a hundred and safety seven workers killed at work in two thousand seventeen and Thirty of those were in the construction industry as hard for four terms and conditions are rolled back and the industry a construction Charter adopted by Edinburgh can help Edinburgh help the industry make sure that the prospect of this continuing to happen is diminished we need to bring an end as soon as we can

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:33:39]

any other contributions is Councillor Jim Campbell thank you Lord

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 2:33:45]

Provost just to make clear to Councillor Monroe and everyone else we are tabling an addendum which seeks to add to the motion not to undo it in any way

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:33:59]

I see no other hands who consume today

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:34:01]

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:34:03]

violent protests were unable to accept a conservative US addendum
the motion does corporate support which will bring back Rebus Marnham suggested that some we need to have in the support I accept that point
customer clearly comes from a wooden cross party support but the Tories have already divided against this in copper policy the Conservatives want to support workers' rights if the Conservatives want to protect the risks that construction workers face simply support this motion

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:34:32]

the division between O'Brien and the vote will be one minute

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:35:35]

I can name point it is a motion on construction Charter the motion from the coalition is on the agenda as mere became Sir Des secular Mercosur McVeigh the amendments from the Conservative Group moved by Councillor Claire one second Mercosur Mowat those voting for the Conservative amendment

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:35:58]

becomes an amendment that estate has now been accepted as an addendum so

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:36:04]

20 three and for the motion
the after Eight the motion is carried

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:36:14]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:36:16]

ITEM named point Nathan and agendas motion Mercosur Cameron on the

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 2:36:21]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:36:23]

director of the University of Edinburgh cancer Canada

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:36:25]

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 2:36:25]

in our Province
and Henderson is the second woman to have been elected rector of the University of Edinburgh's since the positions created over a century ago several prominent and important people have held this position or Edinburgh before including Sir Winston Churchill William Gladstone and garden prying but so far only one women on Henderson is an alumnus of the university and her campaign to become rector included negotiating negotiating towards more affordable student housing better student support services and equal treatment of staff and students regardless of their gender race or sexual orientation on is actively competing with the UCU whose members across the UK as we know are arching the EU UK to recognise the importance of fair pay and pensions for University staff as a socialist feminist and trade unionist and has consistently battle for the rights of workers women LGBTQ plus and other oppressed and marginalised groups from combating apartheid in South Africa to depict defending women's access to abortions on their bodily autonomy to standing on UCU picket lines she has tirelessly campaigned for equality social justice and solidarity and as I voted in the recent elections for the new rector said of on and has consistently inspired an audience with her incredible political record energy and enthusiasm to champion the material interests of students and workers across and beyond the university and the knowledge that she will never cease to be the wrong can file octopus we treasure her for being
with intelligence insightful nurse and untaken and integrity on Henderson will fight the corner of students and staff throughout her time but particularly so at this time of continued attacks against the education sector Lord Provost as a personal friend of odds for several years I am especially pleased proud and privileged to move this motion thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:38:26]

the motion controls

[Cllr Alison Dickie (Scottish National Party) - 2:38:30]

delights to formally second

[Cllr Alison Dickie (Scottish National Party) - 2:38:32]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:38:33]

are there any other contributions

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 2:38:38]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:38:39]

we accept the motion on cue two main point 10 is much McKeown similar webcasting of public meetings and the Conservative amendment has been circulated are then circulated

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 2:38:49]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:38:49]

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 2:38:50]

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 2:38:52]

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 2:38:54]

thank you Lord Provost
as the beginning of this meeting voice now a little while ago I cannot quite remember if you did this or not but we're very used to at the beginning of all our meetings are webcast disclaimer in which tells us that our webcast meetings are broadcast live and are available for repeat viewings later online and we're so been were so familiar with this process and that you know we take it for granted and we're very comfortable that it brings benefit turncoats or business
we're so familiar that when the newly-established locality committees were first meeting last month they were broadcast by webcast by default and we didn't really give a second thought in my locality in the south-east we spoke at the meeting about the disadvantages of perhaps not being able to provide webcasting if we took the meeting outside of the city chambers and hailed the meeting and certain community locations and we discussed how we could ensure that initiative was webcast as well as getting the meting out into different venues around the locality because members of the Committee agreed that webcasting brings an important element of transparency accountability and accessibility that we've all come to value in our Council business when we're casting was originally brought in the plan was to begin with full council meetings and the key executive committees with an intention that if it was good and it was successful that we would look to extend it to other publicly held meetings so have brought this motion here today because I would like to start off the process of looking at that second phase of implementation and just need set in motion now
I hope that we'll be able to agree today to call for this report which will allow Council to make an informed decision at its next meeting and continue with our drive to ensure that transparency accountability and accessibility for our residents and our partners and other stakeholders has continued and the Conservative Group has circulated an addendum to my motion which I would be very happy to accept I'm really pleased to have the chance to further improve accessibility to business with that I move the motion thank you
and to certain demotion
so formally

[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 2:41:01]

to approve the Conservative addendum control Grassic

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:41:03]


[Cllr Ashley Graczyk (Conservative) - 2:41:07]

an uncertain

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:41:11]

[Cllr Ashley Graczyk (Conservative) - 2:41:14]

0was the

[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 2:41:16]

we are willing to call formally

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:41:23]

are there any other contributions cultural work

[Cllr Norman Work (Scottish National Party) - 2:41:28]

thank you Lord Provost I am not going to speak against the motion is actually I tend to agree that we should look at that but I just wanted to point out to you one of the differences between the licensing board to check had been and the other committees in May many of the Committee's we get Deputations you come along you know you've community councils
trade unions raisins grips campaign groups and all the rest of your vary in particular are very used to speaking in public life since the board it does attract a number of applications and will get quite a number of residents you come along to a one-year elevated it to come along they tend to be all out a bit more maybe they rob you know so intermediate shall we say thank you have to be set to east of after the Member that that they although yes you know they are out in public after a member of the local residents who are objecting to the application as different from the other a peer review of members of the public but in deputations that experience so just a rough dirty that because the derision when we are a Canadian sitting that social

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:42:47]

work to say thank you very much other than any other contributions if not to accept the motion with the addendum

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:42:57]

on items 9 11 to nine 14 that is complicit proposal which has been circulated at which covers switches move became so rushed second McKeown Serie A which replaces the original motions on the agenda

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:43:16]

can feel a rush to move the complicit thank you Lord Provost complicit

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 2:43:19]

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 2:43:21]

in these very Lieber trade union works I think I'll use all party motion thank killer provost I am very pleased to do well as very much a cross-party motion which serves to encapsulate the range of activity undertaken in our capital city during the unprecedented weather which we feast I have to say coming from a background in private legal practice and team recording every six minutes I'm not used to receiving thanks for work done that is especially from clients and receiving their bill and I'm not with the main set that was simply applaud people for doing their paid employment however what we saw in Edinburgh where both council employees and other individuals and groups going above and beyond in extremely difficult circumstances and As and As all groups in this Chamber do I think that's very much worth recognising and paying tribute to and that's shown by the unanimity across the Chamber through the original motions from concerts McInnis Booth and RE which are the basis for this cross-party amendment for our personal Ward perspective for Collinson and there's a lot of progress will know we're well used to good relations with the army base that Redford and Dreghorn barracks and they certainly didn't let us down this time and I know through personal experience and through discussion accounts from the clinics that council officers were also involved in very similar tasks and of course from personal use streets such as Redford law in an outmoded really were not obviously the only ones where residents assisted neighbours with slick Snow clearance in addition to their standing work by Ian Buchanan and his teams and the Councillors when you can park to this response there are thankfully no reports of any kind sir stockpiling beers are pies or in the case of the Labour Group per cycle
but my Ward colleagues Councillors Dogger and Arthur helps parents clear playgrounds that local primary schools and I know that there were many other instances across the city of elected members helping their local communities
but while recognising the efforts from council employees to lose the embassies and its staff symbolised by the driving sensation is charming lorry to NHS staff to the trams to charities and volunteers we all agree that it is important to that where there were specific issues that these are fed into the report which is coming forward as a result of my colleague Councillor cooks motion last month which was supported by the administration and other opposition groups we need to consider higher services cocked as ever there will be lessons to be learned this is highlighted in points eight of the Campos amendment today and given the herculean endeavours and community spirit shown I think it is certainly worthwhile for us to consider her best to co-ordinate and support the efforts of communities and volunteers to are set out in the motion I would like to thank the convener of transport and the different party groups for coming together behind this motion and are very pleased to meet it thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:46:06]

[Cllr Susan Rae (Scottish Green) - 2:46:08]

to second the motion Councillor Barry thank you convenient am are what

[Cllr Susan Rae (Scottish Green) - 2:46:11]

my colleagues will be with me and I'm sure you sympathise I've had a slight problem with technology if she refused to comply and do what I want which is function so have lots of bits of paper here so fast I would like to see this composite seeks to combine the motions from different parties to address the issue of the recent severe positively Siberian weather that we had to cope with the response from the City to the extreme challenges created by this was generally excellent and I'm delighted and impressed that post the beast we continue to look at ways to improve our services that we provide in such adverse conditions
I would like specifically to sunk Councillors booze and McVey who entertained leaders vastly in a stunning display of synchronised show snaffling am I would ask the Council and Mitchell probably signed them up immediately third editions in case they ever do fit loose the three-person version
I would suggest that huge thanks go to the staff of Lothian buses under Edinburgh terms who managed to keep everything going with extraordinary effort and kept things moving and kept people informed and I would also like to thank the absolutely stellar work of the citizens of our city he used in social media like Twitter and Facebook particularly things like I love Leeds managed to make sure that the elderly and vulnerable neighbours had the food supplies and the prescriptions that they need it and they did this without and and were very very well organised debates particularly though I would like to thank charming lorry and wonderful Lucy and bus driver whose calm scale averted an accident at Folkestone and this was caught on camera and went viral showing me into their city and women drivers across the country vary played with their actions and I would urge the word professed to recognise her
in some appropriate manner in the future
finally with the forthcoming review of gritting and snow clearing and asked whether the Council can learn any lessons from the Swedish association of local authorities in regions they have recently undertaken a gender mainstreaming assessment of the snow clearing operations in winter conditions and found significant gender equality benefits in undertaken prioritisation of footpaths and cycle paths I heard of mean steam in tidier roots my colleague Charles Barry's up BT are believed that Charles has released this before and the Transport and Environment Committee I would also like to ask whether the council can't do in future water Courtney lose significant an immense volunteer effort that went into coping with the recent adverse conditions are formally second the amendment and confirm the Greens are happy to withdraw motions nine-point Thirteen a nine-point 14 thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:49:24]

or any other contributions if not we accept the combined motion
thank you

[Cllr Susan Rae (Scottish Green) - 2:49:31]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:49:33]

ITEM 9 point one fires emotional Councillor Claire one on Edinburgh

[Cllr Susan Rae (Scottish Green) - 2:49:38]

Chamber of Commerce requirement

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:49:40]

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:49:42]

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:49:44]

thank you very much Lord Provost come with me Lord Provost a few me to the edge of the Chamber of Commerce website where you will see under member benefits number one reading as follows you will gain access to insights from key city stakeholders including local councils and government the Edinburgh Chamber are its political not mine it also leading contributors in the formation of the City vision 20 50 for Edinburgh not second thought 10 for 20th the number one benefit in Edinburgh City Chamber of copying McCourt Chamber of Commerce is access to you and every Member of this Chamber if you need confirmation under-representation and influence the website says this representing our members at the very heart of our exclusive service as we continue to develop influence and reach we are very proud to have a unique membership base which provides us with
input to all key policy makers we continue to innovate and develop services based on member feedback when one does then what feedback the propaganda arm of a state linked attempted assassinations has for our chamber of commerce I put forward this motion before the events of Salisbury as most people know no Sputnik is part of the Russian state communication and propaganda machine
it's rule is not to grow business here or to help commerce in the city it's not even here to build trade relations like some latter-day Peter the Great seeking Scottish expertise to transform their nation as we have seen over the past few days it's here to sow doubt to distort and manipulate
I happened to be interested in what the Russians have to say and I'm certainly not about to call for its closure or the removal of its are teens in the space of freedom of expression but in much the same way as I used to laugh at the crackly short-wave radio reports of Radio Moscow about record tractor production in the Soviet Union that doesn't mean that as a trusted and reliable source like Associated Press Reuters as transferors press or our own Press Association far from it Lord process this motion is not about interfering with the private organisations membership policy the Council is a partner organisation and is entitled to a view about how the Chamber conducts its business in fight for Council is more than just one of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce has members is its mean product without which I would argue is little more than an events business Sputnik's membership is not just allowing it to buy a table at the odd black tie dinner but promising it influence over the decision making process in this very room from Sputnik's point of view why wouldn't they are Stalin might have put it the Chamber of Commerce has phoned a useful idiot to advance its goals so let's help the Chamber save itself and support this motion thank you
to second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:52:51]

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:52:52]

[Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative) - 2:52:54]

the process I want to say in this motion and I want to address the myth that Sputnik or Russia today is somehow the Russian equivalent of the BBC when nothing could be further from the truth that a BBC

[Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative) - 2:53:08]

journalist of many years repute told me that when he approached an interview with a politician from any party had the same stance who has just lying so on so why are they are lying to me and that was what he taught any aspiring your journalist the that was training with the BBC and I'm sure many of us have been on the receiving end of that kind of treatment and I would argue that is exactly what you'd expect of an impartial journalist the point of the BBC is they're not afraid to report on embarrassing stories relating to prime ministers or leaders of political parties who can forget when David Cameron left one of his children and a pub headlines on the BBC Gordon Brown forgot his radio might was on and who Mrs. Duffy was on the receiving end of his comments
Alex Salmond has his own show on Russia Today
by asking the Chief Executive to conduct a review as a common sense approach from Council McClellan and I urge everyone to support it
go to movie

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:54:11]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 2:54:13]

thank you very much Lord Provost m we considered moving new action to this on the basis that it really isn't what pleased to start going into the membership lists of the organisations that were partnered with and work with it but we broadly doesn't have a point with a problem with the first three paragraphs I wouldn't move the removal of point 4 am I think
pathetic bully-boy tactics with our partner agencies like Chamber of Commerce and other ones that we rely on to build up good relationships with the businesses of the city and others are really don't think Kazaa particularly strong place in our chamber so it's not the way we do business
although it's obviously comes with Quinlan tries to do business and I'm a little bit surprised that case the McLellan is the one with the brass neck to bring this forward he is incredibly conflicted Lord Provost as someone who is in receipt of payments for articles from other news agencies and bringing forward an article emotion that tax one of his competitors and I think maybe that comes to the boiling point of this cosy McQuillan leads to I think be aware of his role in this building he is a councillor and it has been pointed out to me by a number of people that he is using his position as a Council to go out and get meetings with developers and particularly as the economy spokesperson for the Conservatives and then he's writing about an articles which is receiving a financial recompense for and the standards code of conduct that we all live by is incredibly clear you shouldn't be using your position as a councillor to advance and financial business ties or any other income generators and
I just point out Lord Provost does are person thing that every Member should be considering I have to say having spoken to Las McCreevy the chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce just yesterday our mood will not be improved by Council McClellan describing her as a useful idiot
he may want to brace for impact for her response so I'm going to move the
removal of point for four Council McClellan's motion and on that basis I think we can move forward

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:56:30]

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 2:56:34]

seconder for that control common thank you Lord Provost my remarks

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 2:56:36]

will replace the motion put forward by Councillor McClellan and the courts that case the McLellan gave this morning about the services on the ECC website are entirely proper services that membership of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce should expect to have and this Council has a long-standing close association through partnership and joint initiatives and yes it's also proper for us to be critical frames when appropriate but I do think that point for is particularly threatening I would also take issue with point for in that it struck the chief executive to review the Council's Association actually it's for this Council to review is for the Chief Executive to write a report but it is for this Council to review so for those reasons and the other point I would make two is that as Councillor McClellan really suggesting no I'm not saying I support points 1 3 but I'm not its case on McClellan really saying that politicians in this Chamber and elsewhere Curnow exercise huge political judgment and can know when they're being influenced and meet those judgments I think it is right that the Chief Executive of the Chamber of Commerce is written to to ask to ask to rethink this association this acceptance of this membership I totally support that but we cannot support the terms of point for and I hope that the Conservative Group will rethink that and we can come to a joint agreement in this Chamber because it would be a real shame if the relationship between this Council and the Chamber of Commerce you know is voted on dying you know Councillor split or not so I really hope we can find common ground on this issue particularly thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:58:20]

cultural riches

[Cllr Lewis Ritchie (independent) - 2:58:23]

thank you Lord close we're promised speak in favour of Council Councillor McClellan's motion
I wasn't going to contribute to this particular debate but I thought it worthwhile to try and move the personal attacks on to the political arena which I think is more fitting for this Chamber I'd like to draw the Council's attention to a European parliament resolution of November 2 thousand 16 which fought three hundred votes in favor 200 civilian name votes against whether European parliament resolved that Sputnik and end its report referred to Sputnik I was a student news and just a agency and specifically cited at two-all in aggression and eastern part of Ukraine no progress given the fight that Edinburgh has cemented our relationship with you clean and very proud to have Kiev as a sister city I would say it's beholden on this Council to support the citizens of Kiev and the citizens of Ukraine and act appropriately when aggression is placed upon them and for that reason I'm very pleased to support custom McClellan's motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:59:35]


[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 2:59:39]

thank you Lord Provost like Councillor Richard I hadn't actually planned to speak in this debate but given some of the earlier comments I think or shoot them as Councillor McClellan news as there is a great deal in his motion and indeed his comments that I agree with and I think it is a mistake that the Chamber of Commerce have accepted this membership and I think it's misguided and I think it is unhelpful and I hope that even just bringing this issue to the floor of the chamber and will result in the Chamber thinking again in terms of its approach in this regard and however I also have some concerns over part 4 of the motion as he is aware and I think that this Council has long Huddie proud association with the Edinburgh Chamber which is the longstanding historic and organisation and I for one are nervous about the idea that irrespective of our concern in our frustration and our disagreement over this particular membership which they have accepted that we could or choose to walk away from our membership or association with the Chamber particularly given the network of businesses large and small which it has in this city and I think this is a Council which should be open to engagement with business and I long want to see that continue but the reason why I did want to speak because whilst we will as a group at probably support the amendment that's been put forward I just wanted to put on record that we will do that in a way that does not endorse the comments which were made by the Leader of the Council and earlier in this debate
and I have to say in what is a serious issue here it would be quite refreshing sometimes if the Leader of the Council we just leave the school debating society stuff to one site actually focus on the substance of of an issue and I just want to put it on record to Councillor McLoughlin that whilst we may vote with the administration on this issue I and my Group will not endorse at the comments that were made and whilst I often disagree with what he writes sometimes in his columns and what he says I have always found him to be a decent person and a person of integrity and I felt that those comments are a little more totally unnecessary

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:02:10]

councillor Jim Campbell
thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 3:02:14]

I really just want to pick up on a point that Councillor Cameron made about the use of good judgement in this chamber I very much regret the fact that the Leader of the Council in my view did not use good judgment in the comments with regard to Councillor McLellan
to the best of my knowledge can still MacLellan has made full declarations of all his interests and I think it's very unfortunate that this matter has been reduced to four essentially was a personal attack and I don't think that's the way we should do business

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:02:53]

are there any further contributions Councillor Staniforth

[Cllr Alex Staniforth (Scottish Green) - 3:02:57]

thank you Lord Provost I don't know whether or not Councillor McLellan intends to accept the coalition amendment but if he does not he can expect our support in putting forward the full motion it is entirely within the scope of this Council to expect its partners to behave in an ethical way and if they do not behave in an ethical way to view our association with them and that's all this motion asks for a review which is quite moderate I do not believe supporting the propaganda arm of a regime like Putin's Russia which has a terrible record on human rights in particular with regard to its LGBT citizens is behaving in an ethical way and therefore I think we should support this motion as a thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:03:48]

are there any further contributions Councillor bird just a very quick

[Cllr Eleanor Bird (Scottish National Party) - 3:03:55]

one to fully endorse and support Councillor McPhee's contribution

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:04:01]

she no further names who comes from a coin and right of reply

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 3:04:07]

thank you very much Lord Provost I don't really know whether to reply to the points raised about the motion on whether to reply to the year attack on me personally by the council leader which I am perfectly prepared to accept that the councils are doesn't like me as an individual are not going to lose any sleep over that it won't surprise the Chamber to learn however he made me to very very serious allegations about me there one of which was that I am abusing my position to seek meetings to advance the interests of property developers and in a city that is not a single shred of evidence to support that and I think Councillor McVey should
Councillor Levy should apologise to me right now about that because I have never sought a meeting
with a property developer yes some people have approached me to ask my views I have never sought a meeting
where Councillor Murphy has got that from I don't know as for declaring my interest at the start of this meeting you will remember that I declared that I was director of the Scottish newspaper Society I have absolutely no pecuniary interests or can gain any advantage by whatever Sputnik does or doesn't do in this city is of no interest to me what so ever and why Councillor McVeigh chose to introduce that into this debate which was not pointed to any particular party I find quite absolutely extraordinary into DeMint the position of citizens of this city council is really quite something everybody including Councillor Butt should be should be looking at themselves about as for the points of the motion clearly point for is in order to prevent the motion just being a gesture is to give it some tea as was pointed at it calls for a review it does not call for withdrawal about it calls for a review and I think that we're helped focus minds and help the Chamber of Commerce to come to an opinion but
it is just calling for a review so that the motion has more meaning and I commend it to you thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:06:21]

the division bell will now be run and the vote will be in one minute

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:07:24]

ITEM 9 15 is motion on Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce the motion is on the agenda with a concert McClellan second McKeown saw Johnson amendment is moved by Councillor McVey secular McKeown Sir Cameron and is in similar terms to the motion with the exception of Parker for so those voting for the coalition amendment

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:07:52]

theft to six and for the motion
25 the amendment is carried
final item is the motion by Councillor Cate Campbell on Living Rent campaign and a Liberal Democrat amendment has been circulated Catholic

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:08:13]

order at Lord Provost an earlier at this meeting a number of

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 3:08:17]

declarations of interest for me to act with regard to people that were landlords I assumed the only real air
interest that a landlord could have would be a financial interest and perhaps you've not allowed sufficient time for members that have so declared to leave

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:08:38]

declarations of interest as a Council should be aware are down to the individual level it's up to individual councils to assess the significance of otherwise declarations made or indeed not meet

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:08:49]

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 3:08:52]

cancelled King Arthur provost and declarations of interest either

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 3:08:54]

financial or non-financial as I understood it was financial than the Member has to leave

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:09:04]

i'm receiving the exact same advice again Councillor rustlers or judgment
Councillor Campbell

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 3:09:12]

lord provost at we just had from the leader about the behaviour of

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 3:09:16]

members in this Chamber it seems to me this is a very unfortunate turn

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:09:21]

of events I think have ruled on that Councillor in Congo

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:09:26]

my apology mode is very close to my poet is cancelling Campbell of ruled on that Councillor Jim Campbell

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:09:35]

the curfew sings even further controlled Cate Campbell to move them

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 3:09:40]

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 3:09:42]

thank you Lord Provost as this is my shins 16 16 you'll be placed to know I won't be taking my full five minutes without the meeting has gone quicker than I thought it would I don't think I need to a nation speaks for itself I was going to make his small verbal amendment but the Lib Dems have done that for me so thank you for that we're happy to accept the amendment and for the reports comes housing economy and the Task Force for process for proper scrutiny and debates
I want it to be clear that we are not talking about stopping the legal process during the winter months only physical evictions some concerns have been expressed to me over instances where an eviction is Downs' serious serious corroborated antisocial behaviour this needs to be addressed in the reports but we know that the majority of evictions are down to rent arrears and we know that over the winter months rough sleeping as a risk to life we absolutely must look at all the ways that we can't prevent homelessness especially at the times that people are at their most vulnerable stopping all of it all physical evictions during the winter months does this I'm delighted to move the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:10:47]

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 3:10:50]

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 3:10:52]

to certain demotion IQ Laure Prouvost I will be brief also am
yes thank you to the Lib Dems for their denim suit even be referred to the housing and economy Committee for proper informed discussion and scrutiny
I was at the welfare reform working group yesterday and we hear to mortify the Council's preventative work we are taking a preventative approach to preventing people getting into arrears in the first place and trying to emphasise and police more resourceful in law and in that regard we are offering personal budgeting advice through your advisers and also working closely with the ETF so with those remarks I would like to second the motion thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:11:35]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:11:38]

because some of the inconsistencies as we look at in terms of your motion on the Liberal Democrat amendment and the amendment refers all entirety without any consideration to the Committee so if you want the Council to approve the motion then the way to do that I think would be to refer it to a degree the motion and asked for the report called for comes to the House in the economy Committee that I've a reasonable

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:12:06]

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 3:12:08]

solution so if you wish to mean that as a verbal amendment control key

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 3:12:11]

assemble otherwise the amended motion Manorbier fluid or just for

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 3:12:14]

defeated on OK so to agree that verbal amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:12:20]

in which case we may ask you to withdraw that since it's now been

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 3:12:24]

incorporated but you may wish to speak on at Cannes for Audrey thanks

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 3:12:26]

very much I promised not for the first time I'm standing between Councillor work in his lungs so I know the dangers
yes I am pleased that as the administration is taking on board the principle I just have some concerns of unintended consequences from the wording of the motion as it is just now and I think we do need to look a lot in a lot more detail about what we mean by evictions what we whether it is only council elections but we're actually there are other evictions from say housing association properties from the private rented sector from indeed hostels which are the most likely to lead to rough sleeping during the winter months and I hope that we can look at all of those matters in more detail with a discussion at the housing and economy Committee I did not feel it was appropriate for us to take a simple decision at the full Council here without looking at the full consequences
emotional problems with that I will withdraw my addendum

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:13:30]

are there any other country she's cultural rules law professors on a

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 3:13:35]

point of order I'm not clear from the discussion on from what Councillor Aldrich has just said whether if this motion continues it is approved it seems to me it's its it seems to me that the hall just off case-law Origi's original motion which I know me have withdrawn was to have the full discussion the substantive discussion of this and whether we approve what is in the original motion at the housing an economy Committee so I just seek some clarification on what we're doing just that

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:14:10]

as I understand it Councillor rues the motion as
printed on the agenda now includes a verbal amendment which will take the outcome of that motion back to hosting an economy for further debate and scrutiny at which time it will have the opportunity to address the points raised by Councillor Aldridge and it was on that basis that Councillor Aldridge withdrew his amendment is that correct understanding of the situation

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:14:42]

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 3:14:45]

but appear to be so so to be clear Lord Provost
this motion therefore would be policy of this Council after we have taken that decision that you have just talked us through can we just be clear on that

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:15:02]

as far as I read the motion the motion is calling for a report
it's not setting opposing the motion recognises that housing is not a commodity it's a human right and calls for a report within one cycle it's that report that will go back to hosting an economy for further

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 3:15:19]

scrutiny by elected members if I might be helpful Lord Provost my

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:15:22]

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 3:15:23]

understanding of the motion is that it says that the Council seeks to

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:15:30]

introduce a policy not that the Council introduces a policy so that

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:15:32]

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 3:15:33]

decision will be taken at Committee 3rd Report and in front of it

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 3:15:34]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:15:38]

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 3:15:41]

is that understood and agreed that arose at La Forest I wish to move

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 3:15:43]

new action on this and seek to speak accordingly

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:15:47]

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 3:15:48]

feel free to speak control OK thank you
thanks a lot of progress
I appreciate the attempts to get some agreement here but it does seem to me that the Council seeks to introduce a policy in line with the campaign
if we accept that we are actually jumping a step ahead of having full discussion of this and I would be much happier to have full discussion on adopting that intention or policy or whatever you want to call it and where we have that discussion takes place I don't mind it housing an economy is fine but there are all sorts of implications and here and there are no costs a involved for example and there are issues about adopting
unknown evictions policy which we have done before which are not fully consider now I know that you have said and I know that Councillor Campbell has said that it is the intention to introduce a policy I'm not sure that all of the Chamber are quite at the stage of that intention to introduce a policy which is why and how they speak
whilst I've moved into action or suggested are moving no action I would be very happy to have the whole thing moved for consideration
as was contained in the original Lib Dem motion to the housing and economy Committee and for that reason I'm moving noirish visit a

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:17:35]

second different election Rush controller yes I'm happy to second that

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 3:17:38]

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 3:17:40]

I was somewhat confused and perplexed to see this on the order paper in the first place given that Councillor Cate Campbell is the homeless as champion at the time of writing now the convener of the housing economy Committee and as such is as the homelessness champion certainly was bringing forward and the Chair of the homelessness working group was bringing forward a work plan that we thought would have uncovered these with the point with a report expected later this year it would have seemed to us the correct place to put this within the report rather than seeking additional motions of Council are confusion came this because perhaps the homeless champion needed the security of Council to progress her work and was not getting the backup of the colleagues given the events of Tuesday night we believe that is not the case so I'm still confused but I do think that this is quite a significant policy we would have happily supported the Lib Dems amendment to move this simplicity to focus in relation to the housing an economy Committee just as indeed we were experiencing with all emotions that we couldn't take any policies and then we've had two x 6 months to get them get them considered at Committee now seems to be that there is a shift and we're agreeing the policy here without the report and discussion so I would support my colleagues are second Councillor Rose's move for no action because for simple bafflement we would be happy to support moving this simplicity onto housing an economy that we don't can't support the principle being adopted today without that discussion given the complexity of the issues that are required to be reported on in this motion
contact author

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:19:20]

[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 3:19:24]

Two swallowed some context to this am I understand that is the first of March Richard Leonard Bast in Hollywood for the Scottish Government to stop winter evictions and our First Minister agreed that she would consider law so if what we are seeing today that we would encourage in Nicola Sturgeon to get on with the day job within disregard I'm quite happy to support that their sheer though to do with the bow you know housing being a commodity or do you have some concern about the fees because I'm not sure what that actually means in the wider context particularly for people and there's lots of malevolent or not just as room who are private landlords and I guess they're doing that to make money out of the housing market and Edinburgh so what does the phrase mean within the wider context of Edinburgh the housing sector and property development

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:20:13]

are there any other contributions
in other contributions can show Cate Campbell replied

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 3:20:22]

thank you Lord Provost and

[Cllr Kate Campbell (Scottish National Party) - 3:20:24]

in some ways quite pays that I've managed to surprise cancer now I thought that would be quite a difficult thing to do and the reason that have brought this motion at the reason that this nation is I think to make the intention clear that this is the policy direction that we as a council wish to go and I can also assure her that I do have the full backing of my colleagues and and
this has been brought up in the Scottish Parliament and I think it's to make it clear that this Council would support policy change from the Scottish Government in that direction in answer to Councillor Atha
the phrase housing being a certain phrase housing is not an commodity means that housing is not a commodity think that's fairly fairly obvious
OK and so it's just to say I think we do have a majority backing across the Chamber for this than I would like to go forward as amended

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:21:22]

the division bell will be rung an affordable been one minute

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:22:23]

ITEM 9 16 as the motion by Councillor Cate Campbell on Living Rent campaign the motion is a repeated on agenda and this is on the basis that the detailed report called for will be considered by the housing and the economy Committee and the homelessness Task Group the amendment is from the Conservative Group is from new action and his miracle so Rose second becomes so it was voting for the Conservative amendment
16 and for the motion as adjusted
43 the motion is carried

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:23:07]

that brings us to the end of today's Council meeting thank you all for your attendance and your contributions today
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