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this is the second time
this is actually the case
thank you for that
it is evidence-based interventions

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:04:14]

Good morning and welcome to this meeting of the City of Edinburgh Council
which will be broadcast live to the internet

Item 1.1 - Order of Business

like to remind everyone present that this meeting is being broadcast live and will be stored as part of the Council's webcast archive capable of repeated viewing
I have the discretion to terminate or suspend filming if in my opinion allowing filming to continue would prejudice the proceedings of this meeting
Members are reminded that communism activated by the same system and that they must switch on microphones when speaking and off when finished thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:04:59]

the Provost under a order of business are Leicester event deputation request has been submitted a our version 2 of motions and amendments for today's meeting has been circulated this includes are conservative A proposed amendment regarding Item 8 point 6 which has come in after

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:05:24]

the 2 pm deadline from yesterday I don't wish to quiet on that

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:05:26]

firstly I will ask Arts Council happy to hear the deputations
excellent in terms of the
amendment that commonly we've only just
agreed unanimously as a Council the timescales for submitting amendments so I am going to rule that this is a leap and not be accepted

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:05:48]

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:05:50]

lord provost up on a point of order
the amendment is an amendment to the motion by the coalition circulated with the other items in version 1 of the motions which was circulated I think about four o'clock yesterday afternoon so it was impossible to amend that motion prior to seeing it at that point how is it suggested that members amend a motion that they have not yet seen

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:06:41]

while I take the point that you make Councillor White the subject of the amendment
was actually discussed that Education children and families First on the 15th of August and has subsequently been discussed at the October and December meeting's of that committee and given the scope and scale of the amendment
I believe that that should have been brought up at that Committee and in terms of the motions we know the timescale for those I understand from the Convener that he actually e-mailed the motion to individual members of the Committee and asking for comment

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:07:22]

so I will stick with the original ruling that this is a late

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:07:24]

what Provost could I

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 0:07:27]

check then where it
the case that a verbal amendment came forward this morning once that motion was moved and seconded only changing a very small part of it that would still be acceptable for you to consider at that point when it was appropriate for debate

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:07:48]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:07:50]

it would depend on the complexity of the variable amendment at that time

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:07:55]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:07:58]

lord provost and can I also raise a point of order in terms of the Standing orders could I ask that you check with the clock because my recollection of when this Council debated these Standing orders is we did add a clause specifically to cover the possibility of amendments not being circulated within the timescale and that we'd this rule

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:08:16]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:08:18]

no progress on Twitter advised that 10 Standing order 20 point 5 allows the Council to agree an exceptional circumstances that the requirements of the Standing order can be ignored and that would be by vote of or if the mover routes wish that out

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:08:34]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 0:08:36]

lord provost my recollection told that there was a specific m close added to the Standing orders that covered the instance of business not been circulated within the agreed timescales which meant that this rules these rules did not apply

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:08:52]

these relate to two Arjun item switch off not form part of the original circulation pack if you like an item is now not on the agenda to to comply with access to information legislation

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:09:05]

we want to move on to next item

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:09:09]

thank you can be enough across the next item is declarations of interest the Council's code requires members to publicly declare an interest in items being discussed at today's meeting these can be financial or non-financial other any from the Conservative Group

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 0:09:27]

yes Item 8 points 6
Sun local high school

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:09:33]

Labour Group
it's going to come

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 0:09:39]

I 4

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:09:45]

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 0:09:49]

as I got to
know it
Councillor representative on the board of available piece that's referred to within the report

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:09:58]

along with other Councillors thank you thank you very much as an MP

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:07]

on a point for City Deal new housing poverty implementation unregistered landlord

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:14]

[Cllr David Key (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:16]

get Campbell eight-point for also registered landlord

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:17]

[Cllr Denis Dixon (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:19]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:21]

Councillor Dixon he voted for a registered landlord

[Cllr Claire Bridgman (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:23]

comes from

[Cllr Claire Bridgman (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:25]

a point 4 is a registered landlord

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:10:28]

thank you getting Group
and the Liberal Democrat Group yes

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:10:33]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:10:34]

I keep non-financial interest in five point 1 as the Council's representative on the Edinburgh Port Consultative Committee

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 0:10:42]

that concludes the declarations item 3 an agenda is Deputations there are three deputations with regard to agenda Item 8 points 6

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:11:17]

Good Morning ladies and welcome to today's Council meeting
your time and get yourselves organised
normal procedure here is that deputation
would get 10 minutes to put their case forward by questions from elected Members I know you are two separate deputation so be slightly when or if you want to run over that time then we'll give you that flexibility to do so
the floor is yours to meet your case if you press the button in front of you to the red lights on when you're speaking
thanking good mining I am Naomi Barton and co-chair of carry Community High School and parent can sell their please bear with me as I attempt to get all of your attention and that illustrate my first point bear with me
I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves I know as someone gets on everybody's nerves only goes something like this first verse same as the first little bit later and a little bit worse I know so that gets on everybody's nerves Song gets on everybody's nerves I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves and it goes something like this that's first same as far as 2 little bit lay down a little bit worse
I could go on but I'm not gonna carry on singing but for those who don't know that song I've got five children OK for those that don't know that so it just keeps going on and on repeating on and on and on and on so my first point is very much trying to capture what this proposal is like for those people that are affected by it so my first point this highly

Item 3.1 - Request for Deputation - Currie Community High School Parent Council

concerning threat to damage our community is still looming is not stopping like that silly song it just keeps on repeating despite public protest banners along our streets media attention it hundred and 50 plus comments to your Council through your Have Your Say Porto many requests for information correspondence counsellors and MSP is needing replies over 4 thousand signatures on a petition started by 13th pupo an informal consultations this worry like getting that annoying song stuck in your head just keeps on going it hasn't gone away at the first deputation we did and we appealed to the age and the Education Children's and family committee to take this nightmare before Christmas proposal of the table 10 mix later it's still going on but we're gutted that you did not respond to sharply back there to listen and stop this panic that you started and change the proposal before Christmas it's worrying to think of how much impact white-clawed time and money has gone into this already and it's not just adults who are affected it's a real worry for our children to
please listen this time is something needs to stop or at least stop yourselves long enough to acknowledge what message is your heating respond adjust and dramatically changed that tune point to what's all the big song and dance about well it's a bit two things first a short report or which immediately impacted unsettled our community the residents are school staff the feeder schools another forgotten anything
or know that appears to have been done by the planning officials when they forgot to think about which lends special school
fast-forward to this year now we learn that it wasn't a proposal it was just a conversation starter to gauge public views and ideas while I can be blunt it feels quite cruel and unkind to me with somebody please take responsibility and do a huge note to south that the way you've cheated this necessary conversation or proposal has definitely not been the right way to do it it has caused stress its damaging already to those effects to put this another way don't become the enemy and start to fight
first get to know people the locals who need to live with your plans do your job of communicating facts figures problems challenges and realities but don't confuse us with contradictions are plea one area of another area
we see a mistrust and lack of confidence confidence in the Council kitting out by us or more what is best for us please previous wrong and give us a reason to trust and be confident in your intentions so continue with the question of what this song debate the second part of the answer is the content of the proposal itself the proposal was to address rising rolls in the city the plan for enough school spaces goes hand in hand with a problem of the condition of the school estate put these two things together with planning officials and maps and this has led to the proposals so American carried Community High School in wake into a new school build on a new site between existing schools seems quite clever extend in Ballymena High School seems clever 2 is half of the Cutty area can make up the numbers to fill this refurbished and extended plan school but before you congratulate anyone about getting close to 12 hundred size skill freeing up council land for sale yes it looks clever stuff but is it wise to make a distinction clever is about intelligence wisdom is about good judgement of how to use that knowledge and experience for example he arising rule figures need reviewed otherwise like Buttermere and Queensferry by the time the new build ejaydee the numbers won't fit
moving on please consider the consequences of these proposals for those who have to live with throughout the reality of them closure of a school it's been around for 350 years the investment in the school site projects rule is booed funding for sports halls pictures solar energy shareholders partnerships etc. loss of a high-achieving school then basement from teachers parents pupils they playing this success and to build the reputation that would cease and that you'd need to build that again in a brand new school a new Leisure new location would mean a loss of the green belt space a judgement adjustments to the changing location to the school affects the daily plans of the community adding to peak time traffic congestion new houses built on the local the school location lead more school spaces and again adding to traffic congestion loss of community facilities a pool space the club's meetings sports dance and Jim spaces there to eight different users lots of partnership for woodlands and cutting High School taking opportunities to join them with classes specialist music teachers etc and loss of the sporting facilities for Woodlands to dividing our community and have to create new catchments effectively changing the community demand dynamics by removing the existing school in the centre of activity leaving a big urban area suburban area managing to different schools to create a new school historically this is not an easy thing to do and it comes with many many challenges and evidence shows that immediately attainment suffers disruption in our community affecting House places as the high performing school asset is removed these are some points about removing our school School from its community also this proposal was created by planning officials and despite the fact it relates to a building of an educational premises there doesn't seem to be appropriate educational rationale it would have to it would be helpful to have evidence as to how these changes would achieve excellence in education for our area point 3 looking to future plans there needs to be a win win situation or outcome we know there needs to be changes in the City to accommodate rising rolls and we know that the school estates needs to be fit for purpose for these schools the wise thing to do is not necessarily the clever thing to do as you've seen these proposals have threatened to destroy something really precious to these three communities and our food I appeal to you to see the importance of these things and plan accordingly accordingly for the future success of these communities the cliche one size fits all may not be wise to apply in this situation so for example in 12 hundred size school entire rural area may not fit this area as it appears it will compromise many other important aspects are caused problems specific to this area infrastructure loss of connection being lost in a large number of school we'd like to challenge the justifications of needing to build a school that size in our area lets parental attention to one aspect of the proposals and focus on education we want our children's education to be the best they can be however here are our educational concerns with your proposal inevitably they'll be disruption ahead as the buildings will need built repurposed extended how are we going to do when that battle of destruction not resulting in a loss to our children's quality of education is there such a thing as a good successful manager our evidence shows that when you mix two distinct schools with a different as I am D profiles to form a large supersize skill it then takes many years before the attainment gap picks up and certainty brings itself many problems and people they move to other jobs or other schools where there is no uncertainty
what support would there be for children with extra needs whether it's educational big whether its educational behavioural emotional or physical to smaller schools have their strategies already with these needs but bringing these needs into one bigger school could exacerbate any issues if not handled well
and maximise and curriculum choice has justify changes but hold on
we already offer 21 advance tyres and 25 hires 20 thirty five subjects at either national 5 or the Imperial level 5 and this include partnerships with Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh College as well as other high schools allowing for each individual child's wishes to be catered for not just for our own pupils but also the surrounding area high school pupils coming to carry as parents we don't want any of our children's education to suffer but we see these proposals as doing just that the crazy thing is that this controversy may well be in vain and not because it could have been done in a different way but because if we managed to win and win this proposal for the base for our communities there is no guarantee that we'll able will be able to secure the funding needed not to mention the cost for Council work already put into this proposals that is not even touching on the time and effort put in by the locals to communicate their responses and their own research also
the time needed to do this consultation has been underestimated which means that any timescales for deadlines for funding request a statutory consultation may mean that we miss any deadline anyway
i'd love to tell you about our vision for a community A so please ask me a question about that if you've got time to summarise point 1 we need you to listen and move things on with our consideration that we want to keep current Community High School is point to the process of this proposal has not been handled well and that the proposal does not fit our community point 3 we want the best for the future not just 60 years time but our children's education and community well being no to conclude
I know a great school that has dot not does not want to close I know a community that fits well with this school I know a site that can continue to serve as well and it looks like cutting Community High School I know Council who have a very tricky job I know a school staff who are doing an excellent job I know our community who want to help you plan and we need your proposal to fit

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:23:02]

thank you very much
to Juniper Green
if you can

Item 3.2 - Request for Deputation - Juniper Green Primary School Parents Group Council

lord provost and Councillors thank you for allowing me to give him a short presentation with some relevant facts for you
i'm crusty coming the courtier of generic in primary school improving Council and this is the also at Juniper Green End Primary School Council and I am also part of the Safer schools Steering Group and as such
I'm also representing in the other two future primary schools that go into carry high so I'm representing the primary schools here
I have three points I wish to make the evidence of the extent of the concern of the parents and the wider community
2 why the parents have valid concerns that the proposal to abolish our Community schools and 3 what we consider she should happen next
so firstly point 1 the extent of concern
in November the Education Committee asked the school's parent Councils to seek the views appearance this we did and the message came back loud and clear the parents were shocked and surprised by the proposal and perhaps some of your colleagues and the Education Committee where two
using SurveyMonkey we sought the opinions of the parents from the whole community the response rate of 80 percent was remarkably high clearly showing the depth of concern the responses showed that over 80 2 percent of parents were against the proposal and only 3 percent and fever last week at the Council School Review Workshop which I attended
all 40 parents unanimously stated that they want to keep Curry Community High School with its existing catchment on its existing site there have also been public demonstrations and a demand for a public meeting which will be held next week and Curry
parents care more about their child's education than almost any other topic which brings determination drive and a persistent no felt across the whole community the message is clear and consistent we want to keep our community high schools
point to
what are the valid concerns the principal reason parents are against the proposal is a serious concern about educational attainment
Currie High School is a great High School let me share with you some evidence for this curry Community High School has been the highest ranked School in Edinburgh and three of the last five years for positive destination 65 percent of S for pupils achieve 5 or more not Five's 60 percent of S 5 pupils achieved three or more hires awards for Sustainability Environmental innovation LGBT Charter Scottish business excellent words I could go on you get the message that this is a great school this greatly respected school
as one which Edinburgh council can be justifiably proud of having
abolishing it and replacing a high performing school with a school that has no track record either for academic attainment or any
of other outstanding achievements is understandably unacceptable to appearance unacceptable
the Council has shown no evidence that a marriage super-school will provide any educational attainment benefit
in fact there seems to be evidence that because bigger schools are not better and that managers can be detrimental
at school review workshop the Council's educational expert accepted there is no evidence to support the educational benefit of a 1 thousand 200 pupil school this proposal is not getting it Right for Every Child
an important aspect of the proposal is the effect on Woodlands school situated and carry Community High School campus yet no thought was given to this school it greatly benefits from being on the same campus as Curry Community School allowing use of sports facilities and some shared classes but the adverse impact of the proposed changes on the special needs of these children will be enormous how can destroying this relationship be getting it Right for Every Child and other concern is transport especially with Safer routes to School in mind the current committed High School site is accessible to many of its children and the proposed move does not appear to fit
in with the Council aim of having 60 percent of children walking or cycling to school land it road is already at capacity and with the current housing development says will only get worse increasing this congestion with school traffic will further push cars don't rat runs which are actually supposed to be the Safer routes to School for our primary school children if a big housing development is built in carry high site this will further compiling the lack of infrastructure
we also have a major concern that proposal would have with negative impact on community in general
the school is a cornerstone in our community with currently there to eat separate groups using these facilities
our community has the highest percentage of older population in the city and the need accessible facilities with familiar surroundings and their community of friends to help with loneliness and social isolation there is a strong sense of community pride with many local parents haven't been formal pupils of Community High themselves this school is at the heart of the community destroy it and you permanently destroy part of the community
my third and final point
it's what we consider should happen next
we won't carry Community High School to be rebuilt or refurbished on its existing site with its existing catchment the school should be future proofed and support its existing feeder primaries and Woodlands we want our views to matter and to be considered
if not we need robust evidence as to why this cannot happen
we don't want to feel like we're part of a large complex jigsaw puzzle being put together to solve housing development and educational provision elsewhere in the city
this simply isn't a good enough reason to tear apart our communities and strippers of our ability to access our great school that for many years has been saving its community well
we want to believe that the Education Committee are being transparent with us and will fully engage in all parts of our community including the harder to reach areas of our community in the remainder of this process and will carry out investigations and provide the information we need to address our concerns
we want Edinburgh council to stand strong for vital aspects within our communities such as education
the decision made no will shape the future for generations to come
which is why we must get this decision right for every child and be proud of what great great education can achieve and what these children can in turn achieve with their lives
in Scotland's Year of Young people we want you to stop an educational proposal that does not have an educational benefit at the heart of it or we are not getting it Right for Every Child please care about the education of our children and enable them to safely travel to our great community high school thank you for listening

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:31:31]

thank you very much Kirsty are there any questions from elected Members Councillor Rust

[Cllr Jason Rust (Conservative) - 0:31:38]

regular progress and thank you very much to the deputation for their very powerful presentation this morning
two questions really the first being your you've obviously can be a lot of information this morning and I've also heard that some of the points before the Education children and families Committee and that the Neighbourhood Partnership last week but in brief what do you want to see happen next and in terms of Kirsty to primary school representative is the view that you can be as that
representative of all the feeder primary schools that you're representing this morning on the second aspect was set was really for Kirsty in terms of the petition which was presented to muse Convener of the Neighbourhood Partnership last week I think it was over 4 thousand signatures which was passed to Neighbourhood Partnership officials to pass on to Education officials I just wanted to check if you had to or if you are we if an acknowledgement had been
received thank you
the last but I don't know if we've had an acknowledgement to that M and thank you for your question about them all their feeder primaries are now we are seeing the same thing that that's the thing that's absolutely crystal clear and very easy for the Education Committee to understand our message of we want to keep carry high on a career-high site as it exists with it seemed catchment is because every single one of the feeder primary schools has come away seeing exactly the same message so there's no debate about what our whole community is together seeing and one clear voice we want to keep Currie High School on the existing site where the existing catchment thank you that's a crystal clear message
professor Webber

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:33:23]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 0:33:25]

thank you Lord Provost and thank you ladies for the deputation very passionate as ever Naomi you actually pre-empted one of the questions there you asked us to ask you what the parent
County High School PIPs vision was for the community school and have through your embarrassment in this process have you come up with an alternative or some potential solutions
and thank you
and go first of all the reaction was about just to survive and obviously we want it to keep our skill aim of a plate of our school and their achievements so
tied to fight the idea that we would need to get rid of the building and how we could keep it open aim so they can I stopped insisted on key there's an opportunity here so we can take a bit of a different approach so that's that's when they are the parent Council got together and we came up with an alternative and propose on which we were happy with and one that was very much seeing woodlands and carry High School as a campus or want to keep them together and not integrated
in the same proximity because that works well so a campus there building on the same site aim and having a new school and we had a couple of sub options aim one was that we read with the catchments they would stay but theirs there needs to be a little bit of a catchment change so that one of our schools Nether Currie aim is is fuller than is so there's a couple of catchment changes there but there is other catchment suggested for a change at Cherry trees that kind of area but we're not happy with that so our proposal is just for The Nether Currie catchment changes
that other idea was if it's an opportunity it might be that we could have an end to end school so that rather than just a secondary school that we would encompass rising rolls with having them primary school attached to us so you've got three to 18 and then we saw the opportunity and this is the bit that I was kind of talking about suing in terms of provision for our community and saying Well it's an opportunity oversee we've taken opportunity to champion our school and give you statistics we made a video for the last deputation with all the things that really proud of their achievements aim but then we thought Well what about the whole community because that's a big message that everybody is saying in terms of what we want for our community education at this heart of that but also it's an opportunity to stop and think well in our community is there anything lacking in our area has got the most Annette employer in terms of elderly it might be their services there that could be included in some kind of our community hub and in terms of that it seems like the Scottish government are very pro encouraging that and I'm other councils seem to have adopted that and gone for the Community Hub thing so we are saying Well why not ask why can't we rather than do what we're doing to begin with St Just keep our building open for a bit longer keep us going keep us going but actually going to stop if we need to change let's make this opportunity and see what needs to be changed properly and our vision is to encapsulate that for the community with education at the centre

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:36:36]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:36:39]

does remain a company

[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 0:36:41]

I thank you so much for your articulate deputation and your clear

[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 0:36:47]

vision for the future of the school I was talking to one of the things you touched upon lightly was the transport issues and when I was at the meeting at Juniper Green one of the things that came across really clearly as the concerns on transport I wonder for those of us who live on the other side of the city would you be able to describe in a bit more detail of the situation there and what the potential before active travel if there was to be a move
yet to get you announced about when to tease out a good traffic Transport Levy
as it stands and for anyone who is not aware Currie High School is at the centre of what is known as the Lanark Road corridor its feeder schools are at Nether Currie juniper green curry primary
not set and all the children in those feeder schools and all of the children who feed into Currie High School concurrently walk to school the residents around carry High School have no impact in terms of travel
if we move Currie High School to army of the proposed sites it would involve at the moment seven hundred cars or seven hundred children going on buses from the LanarkRoad at the moment the Lanark Road is hugely congested every morning there's massive traffic jams but Gillespie Crossroads has no capacity to be expanded or changed we can contribute to the congestion currently within our villages our bus services are already being cut not increased we cannot have children walking along an unsafe LanarkRoad where some of the proposals have been for them to walk on and unless Wes very remote Water of Leith pathway this is unacceptable we have had proposals about overpasses and underpasses next to bypassess this is unacceptable for several hundred children we need to keep the Seven Hundred or the Nine hundred and 20 Project to children for Curry high with inquiry we need to promote active travel are not add an extra two hours' travel each day for our children onto their already full school day what is being proposed at the moment is an extra 1 hour to one and a half hour to the proposed sites LanarkRoad cannot cope with any more congestion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:39:18]

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 0:39:23]

thanks very much and good morning this must be about the third time and will be first time we have discussed this issue and I think for those of us who are the meetings workshops we are no doubt what you feel about the present proposal clearly we need to recognise that
what I was going to charge
well I'm quite clear and everything else you sexually discussing before be then talked about the funding and about you
couldn't catch if you thought there was a different way of doing this because of the way in which we get funding as you know we don't know what the funding is so we took the decision to go early with this so we can be prepared hours wondering if you or suggestion that was another way to do it wasn't quite clear that if you can explain that
I don't want to put you on the spot so
can you see the question again
where I thought I heard you say and that was one of the difficulties we've got with us is we don't know the Scottish government has not announced where the funding
OK I think came what a lot of
the parents think is that the funding question is a fact and put it back to Mr. Parry's is the Council's remit and as same constituents shouldn't do the funding aspect
that's actually find out what you are suggesting something different and that's actually right you've not because I get the funding you just got concern about the consultation
sorry I'll just clarify so Naomi did say that we were concerned about any time frames or deadlines that you may have as a Council for funding and maybe there was a pressure to rush through this proposal because of a funding time frame is there anything you'd like to elaborate on that
understand that there is no pressure on us to rush this process already extended it right to 29th and if we need to extend again we will do if people don't sue feel satisfied that the process is long enough for people to express their view what having a special meeting on the 29th and part of that process will be for people to tell us if you want additional training
for the consultation the only constraint will commence from the Scottish government announce the criteria for the funding and also the amount of the funding and timescale attached to that with only pressures on us but doing us beforehand so we get plenty time for the consultation
thanking I think in terms of the feeling that people have is until we know what's happening and we knew what the kind of final kind of When when hopefully situation within the country there's such unraced with everybody and for you aim so extending times in a way is like going to Wigan after we even longer just like that silly song I sang which gets in your head and you wake up thinking about it in the middle of the night because you don't know how things are going to pan out and if it's going to work well so the concern is that all of this is the organisation being because at the end of the day who might not even have the funding they are because we might not get all of the funding that we need and there's lots of schools that need attention so you know and I think there's more Deputations coming to see that message but we are concerned
about the money

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:42:40]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:42:43]

I see no other elected Members wishing to sorry controller

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:42:45]

thank you Lord Provost and thank you also for your deputation today I think the sort of things that community is very lucky to have people like you and to come and speak on their behalf so congratulations to you and it's not something I actually represent the neighbouring ward I represent Queensferry and Kirkliston Newbridge and places like that and one thing that I am very conscious of is that all schools always essential communities that's even more important for rural and semi-rural areas and just to give some of Powys hoping if you could

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 0:43:17]

just see a little bit more we have talked a lot about the educational aspects and they are important but I was hoping you could just see a little bit more about what you think the potential knock-on implications are for it for these kind of semi rural communities when schools are taken away from the community like this
and as we explain does actually them I radio has got the highest number of elderly population in the area and as I am sure the Council news and social loneliness and isolation is is a real problem with elderly and increasingly so as far as the level of anger and so if you take away things that is at the heart of their community that they can go to and that those events on there and just that they may be went to school and you take that a wee eye and then probably replace it with with another big housing development then there becomes really no community it's becomes a corridor of houses and and for you to keep a community in eastern half hour have a central heart and I think especially in our more
rural place where there's
Houses in amongst it fields and we'd single forces I think you need that underpinning central community hub and which is why new mayor was talking about as actually could we look at this as an opportunity to improve that Community Hub m and meet the community even stronger

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:44:46]

transfer garden

[Cllr Neil Gardiner (Scottish National Party) - 0:44:47]

regulators for your presentation which
cancers were varied here are in terms of the vision that you talked about not know me and it's a strong vision and I think Councillor Lang
brought out some aspects of the unique character of the area in terms

[Cllr Neil Gardiner (Scottish National Party) - 0:45:07]

of an ageing population and the links with potentially between the older people and on the correct community high one thing that didn't here which
I would like to speak about as they are that the home economics
unit within the current community high and how that links the wider Edinburgh economy and the vitality of that and so that is part of what kind of high offers as as an excellent high school
and so you're talking about whom economics it is him in terms of

[Cllr Neil Gardiner (Scottish National Party) - 0:45:44]

an opportunity is that what your question is
absolutely tourism underpins Edinburgh economy and it's only High School offers higher economics and
it's important that we have
a workforce that can cater for that highest level
thank you so much for fairness in that
year we've got despite if you can carry high school that same thing something that were not quite proud of in terms of the actual building aim so that their accommodation there is is not good that's another issue which I'm working on with the subcommittee to try and get things changed and and improved for however long we need that building and but despite that like you see a we've got home economics too high too giddy in the school and there's partnerships within that so we've been a parent Council meetings where we discussed opportunities and possibly having out with the school hours other businesses coming in if we've got a refurbished area that is fit for purpose because it's not very good at the moment then we've already talked about different partnerships that we could have so that could be alive at night with people working in local businesses I'm tapping into some of the relationships you've got the colleges and universities as well just to expand that and to make it even better than what it is that's our

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:47:11]

vision that's what our hopes are and we hope that will be realised
Two more questions but I would just ask elected Members to be brief because we do have another deputation that been waiting since before

[Cllr Catherine Fullerton (Scottish National Party) - 0:47:22]

technical cause for future
and thank you
thank you I
am concerned about
the EC your statement on academic achievements of pupils that quick
I believe all students much appear to come from she can the same top class education and so could you give me your views on
keeping to this one catchment only
excluding pupils from where it could easily go to the new school
is thank you for raising that is as an issue m
one of the things that I mentioned to my speeches that I think it's really important but at the harder to reach areas of the community the Council make sure that the really seek the voice of the people who I am would be going to waste your heels Education Centre the m
one size does not fit all and I think it's important that came saw has different strategies to engage with the Wester Hailes community and and really hear what they have to see so they are they are not here today so let's find out what they want to see a bit the your community and there certainly is evident speaks re shares to show the in lower economic schools him with with them
smaller schools him our beta AM and certainly Wester Hailes punches above its weight when it comes to its its group with people but I think it's really important that waster heels is given the opportunity to really express what it wants it would be wrong of me to presume what they want so I think the Council needs to really look at engaging with them

[Cllr Catherine Fullerton (Scottish National Party) - 0:49:10]

[Cllr Catherine Fullerton (Scottish National Party) - 0:49:12]

can I just add that we are not suggesting that they should be excluded I am that wasn't part of the deputation is just we are here to fight

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:49:24]

for our existing school and the existing catchments that feed into
i'm Vice Chair of the Save Our schools action Group and steering group on that group we are working in conjunction with our Westerhailes Amanda Campbell who is the Chair of their Parish Council Westerhailes at the moment 14 percent off their students go to carry high they have chosen to go to carry high the Wester Hailes rule is am approximately three hundreds and off those students they have the highest percentage I think it's over 80 percent off a positive destinations for care leavers so in terms of their AGM teacher to pupil ratio I believe it's tent one and because of the smaller school size and the debtor cases am education am for their pupils they are achieving within their AB demographic and social area and we are working with Westerhailes to make their voice heard and as Save our schools we are trying to support them to keep all food all four schools in their communities and I will reiterate that Ai's Westerhailes Education Centre curry Community High School Balerno High School and also the Woodlands all

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:50:47]

four schools within and at the centre of their communities thank you
Councillor Bruce

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 0:50:51]

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 0:50:53]

thank you Lord Provost and thank you very much for the Deputations
can I just say what is the one thing that the Council can take away from this and formal concert School consultation
I think the one thing is that the feeling across the community is very together aim we all think that carry Community High School in our community is vital and to abolish such an excellent school that the council should be proud of is just illogical

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:51:31]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:51:36]

thank you to both deputations I think you put your cases very articulately and answered the questions in Greek debt
as you are aware there is another deputation to follow you and so just to advise you of the procedure will hear any other deputation we will then have a break for people to consider the points have been raised by yourselves and the other deputation and when we come back from that bleak we will actually take the paper it point 6 on the agenda straightaway
thank you once again

Item 3.3 - Request for Deputation - Trinity Academy Parent Council

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 0:52:48]

Good morning and welcome to this weekend's apologies for the way that you have had
there was quite a few questions to the last two deputations
you have 10 minutes approximately Oreo were flexible and not to put your points from your deputation and then it will be opened up to questions from elected Members should there be any
and when you wish to speak if you just press the button and the red light will come on the four issues
thank you very much Lord Provost and cancers I'm afraid we're not going to sing to this morning but thank you very much for giving us a few minutes of your time and they have a long day ahead my name is more concrete and this is Mike Nicholson where he'd stay on path of Trinity academy parent Council
we have huge sympathy with the situation that the parents in south-west schools find themselves at the present time because it Trinity we've been living with uncertainty about long term plans for our school for many many years and would like to explain some these facts to you today thank you
so I'm going to kick off with a personal perspective
and 2 thousand 14 my two sons were both War d primary school pupils p 5 p Severn
my younger son was attending weekly evening swimming lessons run by local swimming club Trinity academy
these machines stopped abruptly when part of the swimming pool ceiling fell in
the early messages I received from the swimming coach about the pool being out of action for a week or two turned into a month or two and then three or four
as time dragged on I got in touch with 20 Academy parent Council to find out what was happening at the school
I began to learn about the bigger picture of school refurbishment in Edinburgh
if I was heartened by anything it was that Trinity appeared to be next in line that was part of the wave 4 schools programme the next phase of future investment in the school estate
my story that began in 2 thousand 14 it's no 2 thousand 18 my two sons are no both at Trinity academy and S 1 Annex 3 I am now on Trinity academy parent Council
the swimming pool is still out of action there has never been touched a last resource a waste of space
but we are not here today to highlight the lack of a swimming pool but to give you that example of time passing school year after school year with no significant investment in that school building
my older son is now nearly halfway through his high school education
for him and indeed those here in the years above him and have been there longer the only recent works undertaken in the school building
badly in need of refurbishment have been to stonework carpets and toilets largely cosmetic and to keep the building wind and watertight lettable that improves their education
let's give you a little bit of further background about Trinity academy as we know many of you may not know the school
site comprises several buildings including the original Victorian sandstone building that is hadn't and five years old this year and there are several new blocks are granted in 19 60 to one is a tower block but like the old Portobello in miniature and there is one block from nineteen ninety five which has a science labs
it's we've already heard the swimming pools currently lying sort of going derelict
it's described as being in a very tight urban sites so it's tightly bounded by the cycle paths to the north Victoria Park and then Crickhowell route we do have playing fields that buying them which are accessed
by crossing cricket route to the sites
so in terms of the buildings and the issues we face we're going to list a couple of key points here
going back to the recent process in August 20 15 there was a future investment and we for paper
Trinity academy
all not survey had a combined suitability and condition rating of just over 50 6 percent so in 20 17 It was confirmed by Council officials that this was the poorest condition score of all those schools being considered for investment and that's still true to this day
the recent condition survey report presented to last week's Finance and Resources Committee Rita Trinity academy buildings as condition see showing major defects
areas such as the dining facilities the general purpose and PE facilities have for years been deemed inadequate and that's for the current school which is around 800 pupils and again this was referred to back in 20 15 I think it's only secondary school that doesn't have enough facilities for its current role in those aspects
reports of the electrical systems in the last two years have described as aged now at the end of life and with less than reassuring could of having no immediate risk of catastrophic failure
on Monday this week the boiler unfortunately broke and scored no heating or hot water all day impact to also in 20 primary as their heating and hot water is linked to the high school
this was unfortunate day when we were trying to recruit must teachers and hold interviews
but you Mike
so although there were a few years and tolerating these problems is easy to predict further difficulty around the corner
rising rolls have required all three of our feeder primaries Wardy Trinity and Victoria to have extra classroom space built in recent years and a new Victoria Primary School is to be built
these pupil numbers which have created their own capacity issues for primary schools are heading our way to Trinity academy soon the Council's own projections on these rising rules show that 20 academy will breach capacity and 20 20 for neighbouring secondary schools will also be at capacity at that time
parents like us are well aware of this those weighed spread recognition that the fabric of the building is in need of replacement or refurbishment and our parent Council survey last autumn confirmed that
at the same time parents are only too aware of the redevelopment of many of the city's other secondary schools and there is increasingly a feeling that delays in improving the condition of Trinity academy are simply unfair
in short we believe Trinity's pupils are missing many of the facilities which are standard at other schools let alone the reassurance that some of the schools basic infrastructure is adequate
the parent Council does what it can for example recently do anything over 5 thousand paints to the school for lighting and sound equipment but there is clearly a need and a case for significant investment from the Council
it lists the many problems today but we do want to stress that in spite of these actually kids at Trinity do receive a fantastic education it's a really caring and inclusive community school very genuinely comprehensive school and we have a very dedicated staff and senior leadership team they have lots of ambition ambitious plans to improve the school
other exciting developments in the Sierra there will be a hundred 25th anniversary of Trinity which we referred to and also in June this year we're having the first musical show production that the schools had for 20 years
recently brought drama about the school and said we have invested in money to allow drama and concerts and shows to be put on
so in closing why are we here today particularly when the item was linked to South West and we are obviously the North
we are really deeply concerned that with recent activity and the buzz of use around new projects which don't seem to fall under the way for umbrella on the process that we've been through
the Trinity academy will once again be forgotten about
20 18 feigns Trinity drawing on pupils from across North Edinburgh we've got a diverse mix of students and families it's a true comprehensive school 20 2 percent of families are in SIMD 1 to 3
20 18 also feigns Trinity academy reaching its hundred and 25th birthday and has a fantastic history which we intend to celebrate but these celebrations will have something of a hollow ring if after many years of waiting the need for investment in the school and the community it serves as overlooked
we were really pleased that the education can be no invasive convene a very able to visit anti-academy recently and having visited the school saw recently they will understand just how urgently Trinity needs investment so requested is simple we urge you to keep the long-standing needs of Trinity academy at the forefront of your minds as you consider the emerging needs of schools elsewhere thank you for listening

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:01:59]

thank you very much for your deputation are that any elected Members who wish to speak Councillor Jim Campbell

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:02:10]

thank you Lord Provost and thank you very much for coming and speaking

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:02:14]

so eloquently to us this morning and he referred to the recent visit by the Convener and Vice Convener of the Education Committee and I am delighted that they were able to come down and visit the school and I wonder if you were able to show them some of the problems that you described in terms of the lunch hall the Aire derelict swimming pool and I also understand the gym facilities which are a long way short for what would normally be provided in a secondary school
thank you Councillor Campbell so we didn't meet intimate the Convener and Vice Convener we had a good meeting they had had already met the head teacher Mr. Patterson and the Kyoto so I understand that they perhaps up to tour the building before we met us parents with them we also shared with them significant amounts of responses to our parent survey which detailed comments from parents and so toxic and we didn't take them on a tour of the school ourselves but I think they probably did have that opportunity

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 1:03:19]

the Provost thanks to make them work for demolition
I suppose you should a new school would bring you benefits like not need to spend 5 thousand poems appeared in terms of money on multimedia rooms because it would be delivered as part of a new school programme so I welcome the options to bring forward over harvestman school into me
have you been having discussions with officers about the potential to allocate sports facilities Bangham first question I sought to see for me it by this administration will continue to do everything along with Councillor Campbell can support and cause a garden to make sure that an academy remains when it is in my mind as one of the top of our investments for a new replacement or refurbishment school and Trinity
so I sort my question is
about buying them and would you agree that Trinder's should remain as a top priority for this administration to deliver
well take your second question first in that yes we firmly believe it should be at a top priority we feel we've waited an enormous length of time and during that length of time and really seen the building and deteriorate in some ways the then relatively new head Brian purchasing has been there two and a half years now has has moved with great vigour to try and do what he can and bring investment end but as I mentioned in a presentation that largely that work has been related to health and safety are cosmetic and things so yet a high priority for for greater investment for educational benefit would be fantastic with regard to buying them which is the and sports facility which is a sort of couple of streets away has are playing field on or an AstroTurf pitch and there's been a feasibility study showing that P facilities for a 12 hundred people school could be sated at buying them and potentially that work could be done done first that could be a first phase of work
and with P facilities then being at buying and that would free up the footprint of the swimming pool for four other use within a further development so yes where we're aware of that possibility
thank you can I just start in terms of being a priority in the last 10 10 to 20 years Adam has had an enormous and upgrading of many many of its schools Tennessee sadly has never until 20 15 made it to a shortlist we are delighted that we've been able to collaborate we have a working group
so we've been working very very hard going through a process hoping that eventually the school which is stuck in a timewarp will get some investment
but we have a catch 22 to ever listed building ever really difficult site were told they will never be an alternative site
and the way things go these days it tends to be new builds that are quick to put up on different sites that seem to attract funding and so Trinity event therefore is further disadvantaged by being
difficult to do difficult to refurbish but it desperately needs that there is huge an equity compare to religious about any other school that you go into
I think my next answer the question by him thank you

[Cllr Eleanor Bird (Scottish National Party) - 1:06:28]

thank you very much thanks for coming and obviously I'm going to follow my two ward Councillors M fellow Ward Councillors M interest welcoming you and I'm grateful that you've come in I think you know we are all aware that you've had any schools had some really unfair and bad press lively and I think you've all weather did incredibly well and it's been very very hard to know for both the Parish Council and the staff in my question sort follows on from Councillor days in as much is obviously they'll have to be some kind of decant because like you say there's there's not listed building and I wonder are you satisfied with the processes I think in you know obviously we're going to have to have those real solid processes in place so that we've decant the kitchen and the education educational value isn't lost or support and you've been through so much refurbishment in and I suppose what I would just start as well I attended a couple of Erasmus
A events that were on the programme this week and it was really heartening to see how inclusion was put right at the heart of that and I think that speaks volumes for Trinity that it is really a school is that that really values inclusion in breaking down those barriers so a welcome that

[Cllr Eleanor Bird (Scottish National Party) - 1:07:38]

[Cllr Eleanor Bird (Scottish National Party) - 1:07:42]

it was really it was really about the decant about if you feel satisfied that the decant would be you
know we'd be managed properly and what kind of support the Council can give you
quite difficult to comment on minute is not an area we know about have have thought through too much as appearing came so I suppose we would be leaning on Council's experienced previous experience with the Education Department and in those situations which have obviously happened with other schools is never an ideal situation but
it would obviously be looking for the best solution and in that circumstance ultimately what was needed doing is investment in the school and as I mentioned and if we've all if we're already looking at a situation where things like the electrics are at the end of the life and other aspects of the condition of the school are noted as being so poorly and then to have the rising rules and the prospect of further people coming into those buildings something really does need need to be done and so a well-managed decant as is the best option and in the event of a refurbishment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:08:51]

go through a period

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 1:08:53]

of mourning and thanks for your deputation
I'm going to ask a question which you may want to consider as a topical because it was supposed to ask questions
Lord Provost school shortly donor for don't ask a question
and because there's nothing on the agenda afterwards we can't I can explain
to the Council is that we are so put this in a form of the question Are you aware reason
the reason that the schools in the west of Edinburgh are getting so much attention at the moment because we're changing the catchments that doesn't necessary that does not mean that the other three city schools which we don't have to change the catchment have been forgotten about such yourself new school in Craigmillar and
Liberton sorry you're trying to deliver trophies there so it doesn't mean to say that we're forgotten year and the list has been altered in any way just because so much attention in west Edinburgh
well I suppose the reason for being here this morning is to ensure that we're not forgotten about I am so if indeed that's the point that you're making then that's heartening to hear about and that's very much by where we felt it important to to state our case and state some of the history of the school and the current situation it finds itself in this morning just two so that that was fresh in people's minds

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:10:18]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:10:20]

P thank you very much for your deputation and for answering the

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:10:27]

elected members' questions we will now adjourn the meeting Lord
Provost and I'm sorry to interrupt but there is actually a point of order I'd like to raise before the Adjournment and that is I would like you to indicate whether the Standing orders that were circulated with the e-mail that we were discussing earlier are the Standing orders or whether the Standing orders that appear in the City of Edinburgh Council website as of now are the accurate Standing orders because they're different

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:10:53]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:10:59]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:11:02]

would you care to indicate where you believe the differences to be well
if you look at pointy 20 point for you'll see their quite different

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:11:07]

from the two versions

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:11:14]

20 point four
refers to minor changes the motions and amendments permitted where

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:11:22]

they should be able to be available although at that meeting
but Lord Provost the question is are the Standing orders as they appear on the Council website the accurate Standing orders or other Standing orders that were included in the e-mail the accurate ones because they are different

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:11:37]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:11:52]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:11:55]

we'll come back here we just referring to the car

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:11:58]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:12:02]

I Lord Provost I would suggest we have our adjourn our break and we returned to this afterwards

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:12:04]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:12:08]

o see if it's a quick answer from the current first

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:12:20]

thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:12:22]

as planned we will have an Adjournment I would suggest that we come back with a lot of information from the DVDs deputations I would suggest that we are recommenced at 20 05 two 12th

Item 3.3 - Request for Deputation - Trinity Academy Parent Council

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:13:19]

OK if I can come to please

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:13:39]

okay thank you very much first point will do is addressed the point of order raised by Councillor Jim Campbell

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:13:48]

thank you Lord process cancer come was entirely connected diversion on the website as the create 1 apologies for the motion with the with the circular
quickly before the start of the meeting's apologies for that

Item 8.6 - South West Schools Review - Motion by Councillor Webber - referral from Pentlands Neighbourhood Partnership

we are on Item 8 point 6 No you have you lot promised switches are fair or report from Penguin's Neighbourhood Partnership they have a motion by the coalition which has been submitted have been asked to advise of two minor textural changes on way which are before the first
table it should be attended oblique will be attended
at the end of the second table Committees families are an engine meetings with the affected Community Councils and feigned or changes the last word with appropriate education officer arises as submitted

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:14:40]

Councillor Harry to move the motion

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 1:14:46]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:14:53]

I want to hear some difficulty following what we said right
from paragraph A. The second line attended will be attended by the proper education officers
it is just a taste for Mata likewise at the end of the second paragraph communities and families arranging meetings with the affected Community Councils on finer weather last what is Education Officer
0yes that's right I think it was just made errors so

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:15:22]

can show Perry to move the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:15:24]

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 1:15:24]

OK I would like to start first of all I know this is all about the the review and where we're going with the review they would be useful for me to say a few words about the consultation process as it is of no meetings I have been I have attended I think I've no attended but six meetings and cutting alone and I'm well aware as a deputation news of the strength of feeling in terms of the proposal from the Department about splitting cutting in half what I said at the beginning of this process as we are here to listen
and we need to listen to all the communities not just today because we have still got a lot more consultation to do but it's important we listen
say again as I said all the meetings that people ask me this is an informal consultation no decisions have been taken and we as politicians would be unwise to make any comment at this stage until we have had from all the communities cut a very very strongly coming over and it's a unanimous view coming from all the consultations have until we go through all the consultation then we need to wait until we take a view on the whole of the west of Edinburgh
in relation to the motion itself what I thought I do I'm going to suggest that we move this we acknowledge what was said the Neighbourhood Partnership we then refer it to the meeting on the 29th the meeting on the 29th
agreed that the Committee last to Committees as well as that that should be a special meeting to do two things one is to review all information over the seeds through the Communications
3 A workshops and obviously it's officer's job to bring all that together but secondly to allow the communities another opportunity to address the committee about that single issue and I expect
the Parish Councils Community Councils and everybody is expected expressed the view that come to that meeting and express a view as well again so that we are a Committee on a new Do what each member each section that community wants from this process
who I will try and do is if it's humanly possible in the timescale is to bring forward the options because I think what we need to do now is to get from a general discussion into trying to
bring forward as many options is that local communities have suggested that we they can comment on that and we councillors have a frame of reference and that for me is by far the best way to do it I felt from the curry deputation and the
Deputations morning that they don't want to elongate this either want you long enough to see that we need to get certainty in this we need to take a decision as quickly as possible having said that we agreed to extend the consultation period to 29th on the request of a number of
the organisations who approach me that the Community Council should be involved us because it's not just about the school population it's about the community as well so that's why it's extended if you look at the motion itself will have done they are just to give the Council some assurance about the level of consultation were doing I've listed all the meetings and consultations that myself and Alison and any other Committee Member local community members or members of the Education Committee can attend in total there are 14 workshops
there's another chain meetings in the backseat that were out and I have met the head teachers and representatives of the Parish Council and there will be six Community Councils meetings
within that time she'll Schedule that's how we've had expanded
I am hopeful by the 20 names we all get every all LAC completed the officers will manage to collate all the information and we can come up with options
just let me say a couple of things about
capital issues it was in the original
motion coming from the
centres in terms of Woodlands school it's been obviously mentioned by the deputations be mentioned every single we have been so
I have given an assurance that woodland on Currie High School would remain together and myself even if we don't decide to build on the Curry presence I just know if we do decide to move Curry and I said it's just not stress again sought decision has been taken in Woodlands would move with them are met with the headteacher and appearance comes from Wealden two weeks ago I've got another meeting this afternoon and I will reassure them of that fact
secondly in terms of the community facilities I've stressed and everybody that officials have stressed that in fact what we won't want to do is to damage any other community facilities any schools at the moment that we hope to improve them and we will fight we're building
a new secondary school in the west of Edinburgh means will improve the community fills facilities in the area
one of the deputation talked about community hubs that something that we understand that the Scottish government are quite keen on that any new school coming forward would need to have a community hub and it needs to be
it needs to be more than once they are just now
the first thing is about a Community Council which I've addressed we have taken on board and say yes to community councils do have a legitimate role in this and I will be consulted can I just repeat
no decisions have been taken we are still on a consultation process the 29th is a crucial day for us the more information the more people that respond to the consultation the better is the more information we have this came to us the better decisions that we take that we have to be informed and that's why we are doing this in formal process before we go to such a process to try and get wherever you come forward right thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:21:42]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:21:43]

to second the motion controller

[Cllr Alison Dickie (Scottish National Party) - 1:21:48]

thank you Lord Provost wigwams don't you just love wigwams are shared before the IT and my love of wigwams started and then I walked through whenever new nurseries and you stay at I'm fabulous new nursery is for the first time we can wake Wham's included is a point to us the holistic design with its natural colours and materials in a more nurturing environments had best possible start stamped all over it and as I watched the children play in the centre of that space I realised even as a former teacher at underestimated the role of the physical environment and learning and certainly wigwams it took me back to my class A Piece of in-class adjust left and that the action of my piece of its as they walked through to their spanking new piece of a new build and the New gym hall we are far too often that Stygian lost PE time while they waited for the dinner ladies to sweep the last p a carrot off the floor rising rolls is a huge challenge hidden agent Borough and our schools are struggling in many different ways with their landing Spacey's Trinity academy even shared their own experiences here today and they are crying out for new spaces yes rising roles as a challenge
but it's also an opportunity as an opportunity to share all our different views and thoughts you know
it's an opportunity just to for our schools Review is an opportunity to rethink and to reimagine how we use our spaces and as part of our planning and most of all how we use them for every single young person and their setting
it gives us an opportunity to plan for the future a future for every young person it gives us the opportunity to consider all the different needs rising needs of all of our young people some we even had a children first here as they spoke this morning and how we might use those spaces more innovatively to support all those young people it gives us an opportunity to listen to the pride of all the different schools as a champion their landing until listen to what they think is best for them and for all of young people to maximise enhance that and the way forward this is a conversation this is an idea amongst many more ideas yet to come and I have been encouraged by the many different very different views and opinions and ideas that have arisen as part of this discussion and these workshops and is a lot of people para of loved the participation and issues of young people it's been great to sit down with young people themselves and actually listen to what they have to say about this before Christmas the impressive young people at Woodlands School who saw ticket-only shared their thoughts or even in the wider school travel yesterday Drummond these are the people to we should be sitting listening to so this informal consultation is about listening and I want to make sure that we listen to a breadth of voice
and before the end of this current consultation that we hear a breadth of voice and that we encourage that voice out even yet this week I was at Clovenstone and the payments were talking about the families within the area that don't have the confidence to participate in this formal kind of network and are taking forward surveys to encourage that voice and to encourage their people and their young people to feel part of this whole consultation so by the end of a haughty all the voices these ideas I'm looking forward to hearing them all on looking forward to hearing the options and I'm looking forward to a new bus business cases and I'm looking forward to seriously considering this as an opportunity for the future of our schools

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:25:59]

thank you Lord Provost's I'd like to move a verbal amendment
I propose a variable amendment changing the date of the report specified in paragraph 1 of the coalition motion to move from the 29th March to the 6th March
thank you

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:13]

it's not second to none available

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:15]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:16]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:18]

yes Lord Provost

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:20]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:20]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:21]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:22]

can I just touch some clarity or provision

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:27]

are we talking about moving the special meeting from the 29 to the CIPS or referring this report to

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:37]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:37]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:39]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:40]

ensure the verbal amendment is to move this report Tillerson nipping

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:45]

off the sixth yes OK this phenomenon can speak to if you wish

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:47]

I am happy to accept that verbal amendments he or she must be

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:49]


[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:52]

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:26:53]

thank you Lord Provost again so it was as recently as two days ago Councillor Arthur was still referring to the Cutty High School crisis and its report to the Compton amenity Association and this continues to be quite a hot topic on Twitter
it was also very challenging of The my original motivation behind the motion to the Pentland Neighbourhood Partnership and maybe it's because Neighbourhood Partnerships not meant to be quite as political or perhaps because motions just don't happen that often at national and MPs but I was very pleased that following some excellent deputations and contributions from across the Pentland Neighbourhood Partnership that the motion of all to consider amendments from Councillor Arthur and I would also like to recognise the contribution from Councillor Gardiner
so my motivation was and without being accused of being parochial again Councillor Barry driven by the need to ensure the voices of the communities across Pentland Hills ward and Carlton in Fairmile head where indeed being heard as their local elected local members my responsibility to use every and any means possible to make sure they are being heard and listened to and this continues to be top of the agenda by the Education Children's and families Committee
these communities were not going to be walking blindly through an informal consultation to find themselves stripped of their high-performing educational establishments with an appropriate breadth and curriculum and dedicated teaching staff and leave them bereft of the much needed and use community facilities
and I'd like to note that the coalition motion does comment on all the period workshops have taken place
and just to re I am very pleased to see the inclusion of Woodlands because there were a couple of examples of early mistakes that have led to the animosity and the sets Centre strength of feeling Woodlands as we now know is clearly linked to cut Community High School but it was not even mentioned in the original performed proposals and although not affected by any catchment review the wear and will be directly impacted by the removal of Gaddafi Community High School from its current location and I realise you have to state that they will move with curry high but I don't know if they actually want to move from from their place their exclusion was one of the major causes of the strength of feeling being voiced by the wider communities and it continues to be so but also mentioned Kirknewton and yes I know it's in West Lothian but did you know that the parents didn't even get the original letter in December and were not considered important a workshop it was overheard by myself from an officer don't worry about them
they are West Lothian
so what about joined-up working and sharing services
question mark I'm glad to see the alternatives the workshops have been taken up by some of the feeder primary schools and Councillor Dickie mentioned the Clovenstone getting more engagement and involvement with some of these schools and it's really thank you for adjusting your approach to ensure we can capture the views of many and it's really important that we encourage these payments to be involved
significant concerns have been brought to our attention through the Council's report that process and we've heard those today and we have introduced some new and alternative proposals to parents during the respect of Worksop shops this mess that method was seen to be a real danger of creating animosity between local communities and this has fuelled further anger at the local level ironically and rather triumphantly is only drawn the communities closer together and there are no more resolute than ever and their fight to protect the four community schools I welcome the sentiment in the coalition motion and for the opportunity for the Pelham Neighbourhood Partnership paper to represent New repentant Neighbourhood Partnerships have representation at the Education Children's and families Committee I do however feel that some pelleted this report must be submitted at the earliest opportunity which is why I'm moving for it to be
submitted for the 6th March thank you very much I move my amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:30:41]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:30:44]

total little to second

[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 1:30:47]

thank you Lord Provost
I think that Councillor Webber and the Deputations today have spoken very passionately persuasively and perceptively about the situation in South West and I think what we've seen is the dangers of putting the cart before the horse or putting the consultation before the strategy before putting clear proposals on the table
i'm afraid this is not only the case in the south-west but we've also seen it recently with the consultations in the west of Edinburgh and regarding the move of the Gaelic Medium unit from James Gillespie's now I'm fairly new to this Chamber but in my studies of politics I was like that elected representatives decide the policies and officers and officials determine how to implement it
what we appear to have today and what I think was raised and the concerns of the deputation is that the Education Department here has to find a policy that we should have super-sized schools that we should have schools of 12 hundred to 15 hundred and there should be new as schools without looking at the evidence that this is going to improve and close the attainment gap we want to know and what we ask the Committee to look at the earliest date is whether or not community schools really are unsustainable whether or not evidence from other countries like Finland and other posts in Scandinavia which suggest three hundreds to Five hundred is the best way to close at hand gap really can be dismissed in a Scottish context if new techniques and materials cannot refurbish rather than replace our existing schools and what benefits communities exact from these schools at the heart of them rather than looking at these new supersize schools indeed if we are encouraging parents to engage in active transport to walk and cycle to school does it make sense to build these new schools on the side of dual carriageways and bypasses encouraging more car use now the consultation is ongoing and I welcome Councillor cancer Perry's comments and a consultation may sound fairly benign in fact informal consultation May signed even more benign or that I would argue this has been slightly incoherent consultation but how many times have people who are in work in public life that something has gone to consultation and have assumed a decision has been made I think what we need is more evidence at this Committee meeting on the 6th and indeed on the 29th so that parents can be involved pupils can be involved and the Council and we elected members can make the right decision for the children of our schools thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:33:19]

are there any elected Members wishing to Partnership Councillor Mary Campbell

[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 1:33:24]

I am I dare to thank you the Provost's are high
thank you so much for all the passion that's going into the debate today I really appreciate citizens motion to try and get this to committee sooner but my worry is that with some of the meetings being on March 1st that by the six we still won't have all the work that needs to go into this discussion and all the schools and all officer work is currently prepping for the special meeting on the 29th where everyone's going to come together and really thrashes out so I don't think we can support moving earlier I know parents want a swift resolution to this and want to its over I don't think we can draw the conclusion that swiftly after public meetings are finished thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:34:06]

because what Jim Campbell

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:34:09]

thank you Lord Provost I very much welcome the comments of the Vice Convener and her desire to have conversations with communities continue those conversations to think about innovative ways we can use species in schools to think about how schools might be part of a community hub so I think there is much in common in this Chamber that we could discuss in terms of education going forward my concern is that we have a funding issue and that according to the Local Development Plan we have a hundred and 80 3 million pounds that's identified as a shortfall in education that we have a building condition survey that identified we have to spend a hundred 90 million pounds to bring our buildings up to date
a hundred 90 million pounds is the total in that survey
it recognises that we might save 20 seven million pounds if we build two new high schools in a primary school and rearrange the Devil's
unfortunate I don't know how much that is going to cost us because that's not written down anywhere but I think we can see that although we have this ambition for our city and its fabulous ambition we have a real funding issue where hundreds of millions pounds adrift of where we would like to be and what I would like to hear from the Education Committee in their deliberations is how they are going to go about prioritising the needs in the city given the constraints on the budget or what they can do to expand that budget it's an issue that affects me in my ward with Trinity academy and it's an issue that affects I'm sure many Councillors so I would like the Education Committee to clean air to consider extending the methodology they've already adopted in terms of condition surveys and suitability surveys and extend out methodology into other areas such as
the operation of the school the catchment size the efficiency the maintenance programmes so it becomes a much more extensive list by which we can judge the way to make our spending decisions

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:36:27]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:36:28]

are there any other Council

[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 1:36:33]

thank you Lord Provost at first I want to see is a little surreal listen to a Conservative councillor asking an SNP came service was a good year but the funding crisis facing this city is my view is both these parties that are responsible for that funding places with both in Westminster and Holyrood that's my last my personal view
well off my chest
and invested into cancers Webber
points principal Webber's point about my use of the word crisis I use that word deliberately as a crisis has faced in the community and when it was about the neighbourhood partnership meeting last week you really did feel that that there was a real sense of community there and the school kids are not here today for obvious reasons but launched last week that the kids at the neighbourhood partnership meeting spoke with your passion and new played about the school and I think that's something need most are chief there and we should be careful about losing
so onto my criticism of the motion that comes through ever put forward last week and it wasn't the content of the motion it was one of the motion I felt that it was too accusatory and wasn't constructive enough and also fail I didn't go far enough the problem we have in this DP is too much focus on buildings and a condition and not enough focus of education
and what I hope we do on this to 20 an eighth of March which I think it is I hope will have more time to talk about education and let them plot spend less time talking about buildings I think education is to be the core of this decision no matter where the school is what the catchment is I think education and community as we all have to be at the core of this decision

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:38:25]

Councillor point

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 1:38:29]

thank you Lord Provost and
I didn't intend to take part in this debate but the comments from Councillor Mary Campbell made me feel that I should clarify perhaps why we're putting forward the date of the 6th March for a report on this there have been reports to us as Councillors about
the fact that this is an informal consultation means that different things are being put to different groups at different meetings throughout the consultation there are a number of different concerns being brought forward as we've heard from the deputation today and those are addressed in the information that is going out to schools and their communities
and we feel an initial response to that should be the target of the sets of March is all about ensuring that the officials in a council can come back with at least an initial response to those concerns can he outline what their views on those and that can still be consulted on then as we move forward to a final date on the 29th March those responses on otherwise coming forward and it is a mechanism Lord Provost to allow for a far fuller consultation to allow for proper responses to come forward from officers and those to be considered by communities in their final concerns put back to the Council that leaves 20 three days that slightly more than three weeks and that allows for a full consultation process thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:40:03]

i'm not seeing any other hands from elected Members saw Councillor Parry Right of reply

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 1:40:08]

Councillor Atha makes are an important point and I have been stressing this
followed up from the funding question and I have been chasing at the workshops and officials have and Allerford House well that this discussion initial scussion workshop is about education it's about providing the best education for every single young person in that area that's a premise or start often no eventually will need to come to the question of funding that we need to find out what people are thinking about in terms of the best education you are quite right where we're going to get the funding from waiting for the Scottish government for we fought and they all provide some funding but there's bound to be a gap and that's where we have to prioritise as a Council about where we want to direct that resource to a news that will mean difficult choices we've been having to deal with difficult choices for about two councils now so we but that discussion will need to happen and we will need to decide what's more important educational buildings changing the catchments and West Edinburgh or some other somehow thing so that will need to come as part of this process but the moment the workshops are focusing in on what is the bed best education that we can provide for each of the young people in the area
in relation to an assessment in terms of strategy that what we have lead out quite clearly as an assessment principles which goes to every workshop and they get and what we have said is we will assess each of the pupils which come to us against these educational assessments
in terms of a strategy were a burden as a Council between a rock and a hard place because if you create a strategy will or criteria people then say I have decided already already tell seem to me to have you decided already hovering because what we were looking for is your views to try and shake what we're trying to do and immediately put a strategy and take a straitjacket on it then you don't get that conversation that's been quite difficult times that I think this is the right way to do it
so I think what we've got going forward now is the right thing to do if we bring something else forward on a six everybody else who we've agreed the 29th the time where we discuss all this is what's more important in this contribution that you bring it forward than the other other organisations who have made comments on this it would only be fair to say to everybody on the 9th
the ninth sorry fifth everybody has to come to that meeting we have to make sure that everybody comes to the one meeting so we as Councillors can hear what's been said so they can hear what's being said and the best way to do that as getting is to bring everybody together in the one meeting that's what we agreed at the Education Committee nuclear objected to it and that is still the best way to do it thank you locals

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:43:13]

if I could cause of ever codify captured
rebel amendment I have to refer the matter to the next meeting of the

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:43:21]

Education children and families Committee on 6 March and request an initial response from offices to that meeting on the concerns raised by Parish Councils and others is that

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 1:43:33]

the division bell will now be rung and the vote will be in one minute

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:44:37]

lord provost Item 8 points 6 as the south-west schools review the motion is from the coalition and has been circulated move becomes a parody second becomes Siddiqi the amendments from the Conservative Group we have become so whereby seconder Councillor Laidlaw as indicated those voting for the Conservative amendment
18 and for the motion
43 the motion is carried
we're obviously now going on to questions that are a significant

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 1:45:19]

number of questions this Council
deftly 6 I will point out to Members that this time for these questions is limited to 40 minutes by Standing orders so it may well be that those further down the list do not get supplementary questions we will be cutting off at 40 minutes

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:45:39]

not promise just ahead of that we do have the minute of the meeting of 14th December for approval please

Item 4.1 - Minute of 14 December 2017

Item 5 - Questions and Answers

Item 5.1 - By Councillor Lang - Edinburgh Airport

thank you and then questions as you say first 1 5 1 1 kinds are lying Edinburgh airport

Item 5.2 - by Councillor Lang - Grit Bins

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 1:45:55]

I thank the Commissioner for his answer which is extremely helpful and I have no supplementary

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 1:45:58]

council lying on grit bins

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:46:03]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 1:46:04]

so you've had the good news though the budgets a low process I have to say I phoned these answers genuinely pretty unacceptable and I do say to Councillor Kennedy and I have said before I I hold home very high regard but I have to say that if I was convinced I would be in pretty in ballast to have answers like this being put out in my name and I asked for a simple list of locations of new grit bins and it's not the are this should not be complicated stuff and issue honestly thing to me that officials knew how many new and replacement grit bins were prototyped but they've got no idea where they are either the information that she was given for this question is wrong or it's an astonishing admission of incompetence and I think it's the former and I think he'll list does exist and I think it probably would have taken 20 minutes for someone to sit down and work out how many were in each ward and we also know that there are many new grit bin requests which have not been met and meanwhile there are 90 gritbins sitting in a shade somewhere gathering dust cloud process I think this is unacceptable so can I ask her to please go back and to challenge officials so I and other colleagues can get more meaningful information has been provided today

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 1:47:25]

I am somewhat surprised by your tone cancer Lang
you asked a simple set of questions it was responded to by officials as basis if able to at this point and clearly will it we are right in the midst of the winter weather period
and I suspect that if he'd simply asked the officials directly you would have got the information that you're requiring I will of course go back and speak to officials again and I will provide you and indeed everybody else if you wish with that precise piece of information I think however it is worth recognising the fact that the people who are involved in providing grit bins in managing the processes around them
and are also the very same ones who are delivering what I consider to be a very m a strenuous an effort to protect the citizens of Edinburgh from the effects of bad weather
I would suggest instead that if you wish to berate officials you don't do it through this
M forum but instead that you and I sit down with officials
I am more than willing to host a minute of meeting of yourself and any other interested councillors with officials to discuss the detail that lies behind this answer thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:48:52]

for so long 20 mile an hour traffic calming

Item 5.3 - By Councillor Lang - 20mph Traffic Calming

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 1:48:56]

simpler and just so I can absolutely clarify is that the position is that the policy of the administration that no specific traffic calming measures will be considered or installed in advance of the city wide review next year

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 1:49:20]

I think the answer to that is probably yes
but as you know I am officials undertake a detailed approaches to these particular questions if you've got any specific instances please can meet with me and we'll talk it through with officials directly thank you

Item 5.4 - By Councillor Jim Campbell - Building Failures - Leader of the Council

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:49:39]

5 point forced by Councillor Jim Campbell Building failures

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:49:44]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:49:46]

thank you Lord Provost I recognise that the Leader has
a sore throat today so he may not be able to answer a complicated question so I'll stick to a very simple one
it is is as far as the leaders or where is this the first thing that the 40 to failures in buildings that the council owns and maintains which could have threatened life or limb is this is the first time that has been reported to Council

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 1:50:15]

try and answer but as you point
tonsillitis is somewhat limited my ability to speak
I understand this is the first time has been referred to Council and the important thing for this administration is that even though in mind and so I point the last 20 years of their spin an issue actually when you look at some of the buildings are funnelled
some of the problems of under investment and maintenance stretch back way we longer than 20 years the important thing in terms of this administration is that we will prioritise the absolute maximum amount of money that is required to make sure we can carry out the maximum amount of repairs energy stay as possible in the coming year that obviously is constrained by the capacity of the Department but we are looking to match their capacity with our resources

Item 5.5 - By Councillor Jim Campbell - Building Failures - Deputy Leader

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:51:11]

I point 5 also by Councillor Joan Campbell and doting theories

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:51:16]

thank you Lord Provost so yes

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:51:18]

first of all can I thank the Leader for them for being so open with Council on this very very serious matter and I wonder the Deputy Leader's obviously been in Council rather longer than I have
he may remember as me officials that are watching this the old advice that was to make sure buildings where wind and watertight with the benefit of hindsight does that seem to be rather an inadequate test and would he agree with the briefing that was given last week that had the council spent something in the order of an extra five million in today's money over the last number of councils we might not be no facing One Hundred and 18 and a half million pound bill

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 1:52:04]

I don't think is unfussy 5 million pounds would equate to a hundred 30 million pound investment I think as Councillor Leadley said our budget proposals that come forward on the 22nd February suggests a backlog of repairs needed for the sea

Item 5.6 - By Councillor Jim Campbell - Building Failures - Education, Children & Families

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:52:19]

5 point 6 by Councillor Jim Campbell and voting for areas

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:52:22]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:52:24]

thank you Lord Provost AM and my question to the Convener of the Finance Committee is
officers have made it clear that the issue of inadequate maintenance was reported to this Committee in March 14 September and November 15 January June and September 16 February and September Seventeen
when officers made those reports to his Committee did they refer to the instances of failure that were recorded in the ES h e database

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 1:52:56]

recollect doing that was something that has happened
the family's previous administration and this administration is the commissioning of a full condition survey which enables us to accurately target were
the investment needs to go to sort out the problems that we have in repairs and maintenance and that's entirely what we intend to do and that has already been said
we will be bringing forward proposals and the budget meeting later this month which will address those issues as far as we can give them the capacity constraints

Item 5.7 - By Councillor Jim Campbell - Building Failures - Finance and Resources

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:53:31]

and final question from Councillor Campbell on Building Futures and server the Convener of Education

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:53:37]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 1:53:39]

Committee as it does the Convener of Education worry about the condition of our schools

[Cllr Ian Perry (Labour) - 1:53:44]

of course today
that's why we need to get the Budget passed that we need to get money into the budget and audits
repair the backlog which already alluded to

Item 5.8 - By Councillor Mowat - Items that are not Vehicles on the Street

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:53:58]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:54:00]

5 point 8 becomes a mode items that are not vehicles on the street

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 1:54:03]

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 1:54:05]

thank you for that thank you Lord Provost that excludes people of course
just I thank the Convener for
her answer and I noticed in some of the other responses given to questions
where reports will be coming forward to your Committee have given the date of the report do you know when this will be coming from this report will be coming forward

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 1:54:26]

yes I apologise for not emission from this particular answer we report we said that it would be presented to Transport Environment Committee shortly and I can promise you that it will be in the next one but next once in other words in me

Item 5.9 - By Councillor Douglas - 20mph Scheme

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:54:38]

Councillor Douglas 20 mile an hour schemes
thank you

[Cllr Scott Douglas (Conservative) - 1:54:42]

I find it convenient for answer regardless of her views on these two levels mentioned in the report Bath and North East Somerset Council found that in real terms the overall reduction in average speed was just one point three miles an hour and therefore was not persuasive in terms of the money spent on these schemes if the review's embrose 20 mile an hour scheme reveals a similar drop in speeds with the administration consider it good value for money

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 1:55:09]

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 1:55:12]

I think I'm correct in saying that in fact their Bath council aim underwent further discussions on this at this one of their scooter the Communities Transport and Environment Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel and their particular Council and indeed agreed that the report was not that useful and it was the aim figures that were used in it were so remarkably small that it was not a particularly useful sample it has also been widely rebutted by others outside of the Council it seems to have had something of a political motivation that sat behind it in terms of our own review and I think I'm quite confident what the results will be which is at the speeds have dropped quite dramatically and anecdotal evidence from the police at this point see that that success and invade pleased to see that that is so that a view will be covering a number of different issues attached to the 20 miles per hour and implementation and I very much look forward to that report they'll become informed and 20 19 02 to answer those particular issues thank you

Item 5.10 - By Councillor Douglas - Community Parking Zones - Murrayfield Stadium

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:56:15]

5 10 by Councillor Taggart's community parking zones Murrayfield stadium

[Cllr Scott Douglas (Conservative) - 1:56:20]

[Cllr Scott Douglas (Conservative) - 1:56:22]

thank you and I thank you again for answer I'm glad to hear that officials are looking into alternative parking schemes in light of recent rumours that international football might soon be held at Murrayfield is there any way bring forward this report to an earlier date to the mid May

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 1:56:38]

given that we are well into the process is attached to the reports coming forward for March I don't think that is possible so I can understand your desire to have them come forward but we have to give officials time to prepare the reports correctly

Item 5.11 - By Councillor Douglas - Congestion Surveys - Leith Street

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:56:54]

5 m of them Councillor Groves on condition surveys Leaf Street

[Cllr Scott Douglas (Conservative) - 1:57:00]

thank you and thanks to the Committee for answer
there can be no doubt that the closure of Leeds Street is causing severe disruption for motorists who have at times to face queues back to Dalkeith Road when approaching abbeyhill from Hollywood especially on match days at Easter Road but also local residents have seen increased traffic along residential roads can the Convener assure them that they will not have to face disruption like this again and the Leaf Street will be kept open to all traffic on completion of the works

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 1:57:26]

the future of Leeds Street is something which we are currently looking at at this point and I would like to come back at a later date perhaps and addresses more fully and that given the fact that were looking at the development so impeccably Place and the follow on from that I would not wish to give you a definitive answer on that

Item 5.12 - By Councillor Laidlaw - Graffiti Vandalism

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 1:57:49]

Councillor Laidlaw graffiti vandalism

[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 1:57:53]

[Cllr Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 1:57:54]

thank you Lord Provost thank the Convener for his answer
they say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and today it seems to be twofold for not only has a very similar being questioned question been raised by Councillor Ray who I know why myself and Portobello has similar issues were tagging in her ward but it appears that the computers answer is a repetition of my earlier motion not just remind you I also asked the Director of Place Management to form a working group I called an action Task Force which a little bit more action orientated to tackle the graffiti issue some glad that this answer confirms that this will happen in the coming month unfortunately this will be almost six months after I first raised this identical proposal on a balmy September afternoon
so Lord Provost I wish to ask does the Convener think that six months is an appropriate tone arranged for an issue that all parties agreed was very much pressing in September or is this another example of the current administration moving against an utterly sensible proposition from the opposition and kicking it to Committee to languish on acted upon indeed a questionable choice of Committee as in those long six months the Committee the cultural abuse committee has not received a single report that mentioned the issue of graffiti because communities Convener has not been quoted in any press coverage of graffiti which has been handed to the Transport Environment Convener and is now only picking up this political football in the face of to follow up questions the exposed the lack of action for nearly half a year

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 1:59:22]

thank you Lord Provost and thank you for the question
what we have done in fact is set up a working group which is officer
led and the reason that we have done that is
quick action if we were going to do an elected member working group then we would have to have a report that would then have to be agreed and then that would have to come back at a subsequent meeting so an interest to speak we have set up a working group which will take all the expert advice and give us a way forward in dealing with this issue which we have hired for longer than since September it's a big issue it requires are multi disciplinary approach and in order to bring everybody together we have done that and that is meeting in the next few weeks it will be meeting this month and once it does that it will be working with the police on the data this is a complicated issue A-bomb happy to give you a regular updates on how we progress this also however in response to what you're saying do feel that we need to take this further in terms of actually setting up although it does take a bit longer an elected Member led working Group on this issue so in order to make sure that its elected Member led and directed I would suggest we do take a step further and we will be setting up and bringing it forward to March

Item 5.13 - By Councillor Mitchell - Edinburgh's Christmas Events

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:00:44]

I have 15 backcombed Sam Mitchell Edinburgh's Christmas events

[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 2:00:50]

thank you Lord Provost I don't see much of a supplementary to the second part as I harped on about it at Committee just a couple days ago am however the first part and can
the Cabinet confirm if the national living wage was paid to those under the age of 25 as well

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 2:01:04]

well from the off the top of her head but I will endeavour to establish that as you know we've taken up this issue at the cultural and creative arts culture and Communities meeting also and we'll have another report in parallel coming forward or not also reporting to March to take it into the same cycle
that going forward

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:01:29]

Councillor Mitchell sporting groups made about stadium

Item 5.14 - By Councillor Mitchell - Sporting Groups - Meadowbank Stadium

[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 2:01:34]

and again and

[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 2:01:36]

don't have to have a supplementary given that the 40 minute clock is ticking and Councillor Bruce's watching his stopwatch

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:01:45]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:01:47]

Councillor Johnston consultation hub

Item 5.15 - By Councillor Johnston - Consultation Hub

i'd like to thank Councillor Rankin for that answer and has new

[Cllr Andrew Johnston (Conservative) - 2:01:53]

responsibility for consultations which I hope he can agree with me can play an important role in gauging public opinion of the things you plan to do or raise awareness about important issues just last month Councillor Carter and I were talking to local people and Hutchison about the consultation how and how we can perhaps help them save their Community Centre I think the important thing about consultations is that they must be genuinely should focus on things that have yet to happen not things that are taking place already or a preordained
does cancer Rankin agree with me that timing is also important the recent budget consultation was shorter than normal but I am sure each and every pupil at the City of Edinburgh music School is glad that it was and something that should never have been in that consultation was able to be brought out
does he agree with me that sometimes it's worth asking yourself that it is worth consulting at all an example could be perhaps that if you are consulting on a tourist tax but you're all party have already refused to give you the power to deliver one must question whether it be worth consulting in that at all
does he agree with me that consultations must be done in good faith and be legitimate

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:03:05]

well yes I'm going to trouble a tool to address one of the other points you made only shortened consultation for the budget that was partly because it took some time to stop this pollution and partly because there are some very serious issues that we need to address in order to be able to bring forward a draft budget for consultation and I can assure you that our intention in the next financial year to come up with The
another consultation and I hope it will revert to the pattern of previous years where it will begin at the beginning of September and then sometime in December
on imminently music school
the fact of the matter is when it comes to a consultation it comes to Budget decisions there are times when difficult choices have to be considered we are under a statutory obligation as I'm sure
Council Johnson those to produce a balanced budget and I explained when we had a deputation in front of my Committee why we put that in the consultation and I think it was a firm amount of understanding for the parents concerned about why we did that now of course it was difficult and of course you saw how we reacted we we responded as I think it was right to that point and as a result it will not feature in our budget this year and I doubt it will come forward substantially in any other nevertheless we are in difficult financial times as you must know and we do have to consider things in the round and that means that we cannot be exempt
across the board
this that and the other thing can never ever be considered I think it's only right that we look at it as many options as we can and it was only fair to bring that forward in the consultation although I appreciate the strike the reaction
on the tourist tax is simply not true to say that the Scottish government is opposed to it the latest I've heard from the relevant minister Fiona Hyslop is that any move towards that by this administration or any other local authority was something which would have to be done in consultation with the hospitality sector and that's exactly what we are considering

Item 5.16 - By Councillor Young - Traffic Calming in South Queensferry

Councillor Young traffic calming and South Queensferry

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:05:19]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:05:21]

thank you very much and thank you to the computer for her answer and I just wanted to ask if the expected timetable for the design and the consultation stages can be shared with the Ward Councillors please

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 2:05:33]

you will be happy to do so thank you

Item 5.17 - By Councillor Young - Traffic Counters

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:05:35]

Councillor Young traffic Counters

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:05:39]

thank you no supplementary

Item 5.18 - By Councillor Young - Homelessness and Families

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:05:42]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:05:44]

Councillor Young a homelessness and families

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:05:45]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:05:46]

just to say thank you very much for a very detailed response on this I do have some kind of practical follow up questions to understand better the data back and I am happy to pick them up directly with officers things

Item 5.19 - By Councillor Hutchison - Local Government Financial Settlement

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:05:58]

5 19 backgrounds are Hutchison at local government financial statement

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:06:03]

thank you Lord Provost thank you computer for your answer efficient

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:06:05]

where events of some were overtaken us sense that question was asked how we can have a go and I'm sure you was flabbergasted as all of us when we Greens agree to support this aim
in Hollywood
can I just ask of us with our difficult decisions before it was Council which need to be made can continue to give us an assurance we administration won't shy away from making these in the 20 18 19 budget year given additional funding which is welcome commit this Council and that goes won't be kicked down the road that in future years when we know we will be necessary and also well the administration now consider reviewing its presumption of a 3 percent increase in Council Tax given the very obvious problems with delivering Council services to the citizens of Edinburgh

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:07:07]

Councillor Rankin

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:07:19]

it wasn't so much of the outcomes of the question is because I was abysmal he of my notes so I would be grateful for your indulgence repetition

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:07:31]

Councillor Hutchison could you repeat the questions

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:07:36]


[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:07:38]

that the first part of your question Convener was will you give us an assurance that the administration won't shy away from making difficult budget decisions in 20 18 19 on the basis that additional funding is now being promised overhaul we expected initially and secondly well the administration review its presumption of 50 percent council tax increase on the basis of additional funding given that this Council clearly has issues delivering basic services to citizens of fatal

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:08:06]

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:08:10]

first of all I thank Councillor Hudson force for parents
you've prepared to repeat the question
on the 3 percent NOMA from 43 percent council tax increase is
as the saying goes is baked into our figures at the moment and I don't see any realistic prospect that that's going to change
as for the increase in funding which we are told by the Cabinet secretary for Finance is due to come to local authorities as a result of negotiations with the Green party I think that is something which we are playing to going to take into account we will use that money to the
best extent possible I think as you know
however much even if we receive twice as much say from
the Cabinet secretary we would still be in a difficult financial position because of rising demand for Council Services principally in areas like education health and social care and homelessness which actually make it very difficult for us to meet those demands in full but we will look to deploy additional money in the most effective way we can to meet the needs of the city thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:09:18]

councillor has just some locality committees

Item 5.20 - By Councillor Hutchison - Locality Committees

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:09:21]

thank you Lord Provost finds it convenient for his answer A given his answer in part one state in SWW importance of agenda planning meetings and the need for us to follow the established practice our Council meetings be to convince our care to comment on the decision of a senior Councillor on the north-west locality not to borrow holding an agenda planning meeting
and far given the lack of engagement with community groups today in this process in terms of developing a forum
where Joan Dr Ivan from the top down and the inclination of his coalition partners to centralise everything which you can get your hands on can the Convener give us any assurances as to what he believes this will deliver to local democracy and diverse localities model

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 2:10:10]

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 2:10:13]

first of all the answer to your question is no and yes
I don't agree that I should be interfering in the agenda set by the localities because so I obviously the whole point is that the localities will set their own agendas use question was did the
should the Neighbourhood Partnerships and their future beyond that and A is or not because there's a report going about them to the first meetings of all the localities should I be interfering with the conduct of the business absolutely not and the structure of that then no should or should we be making sure that the consultation on the future of community planning and those local areas takes place yes we shoot but that is going to take place and last and the normal conduct of business
they choose to ignore the reports that are coming to localities and I am quite sure that that wouldn't happen there has been a lot of this information about both the intent and the practice of the move to localities and addressed association or community councils a couple of months ago on the subject and fast you had to get through all the descent formation before you could actually explain what the intent was and by the end of that the general feedback that I got was that it had been very positive and informative and that
certainly particularly in the case of community councils there are there are justifiable fears if these were based on what they think that we are trying to do but there has to be a lot more clear definition of what this is all about this is about the devolution of powers that hitherto been hailed by full Council or by committees to take them at a more local level is not an attempt to get round or replace community planning at those local levels and that's what the consultation which is ongoing at this moment in time is all about and the future of the Neighbourhood Partnerships obviously is critical but there is an absolute assurance that where the local Neighbourhood Partnerships are valued and are providing an input from community councils and others into the community clock back a planning process then that will continue is going to be up to those local areas to decide what happens at that level in those localities but I have to say that generally speaking a lot of the debate on this subject has been based on this information I would I certainly appreciate the help of all my Councillor colleagues and putting the message of what is actually intended to localities as we go forward

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:12:47]

Councillor McLellan on Craigentinny primary school thank you very much

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:12:52]

new supplementary is just to say that the appearance of their

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:12:54]

continued premium rather disappointed with the somewhat blunt response thank you

Item 5.21 - By Councillor McLellan - Craigentinny Primary School

Item 5.22 - By Councillor McLellan - Flashing 20mph Warning Signs

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:13:02]

again Councillor McLellan staying flat flashing 20 mile an hour warning signs

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:13:06]

thank you very much Lord Provost and I thank the computer for her

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:13:08]

answer and the matter was raised with me by the Chair of Royal High Primary School parent cancel we're since the introduction of the 20 mile an hour speed limit those continued anecdotal evidence of an increase in speed of traffic on the very weight Northfield Broadway
and the Parish Council were given as the reason for the turning off of the flashing lights are that cost was the issue which I see it is has been discounted
they have been through the traffic signs Regulations and General directions 20 16
and in Section 10 Saints for speed limits I can't see any mention of illegality of flashing speed warnings where the limit is constant I would be grateful if the Convener could point me to the correct section and I can't over point to part 2 paragraph in living which states that nothing in these general directions limits the power of the Scottish ministers to dispense with added to or modify any of the requirements of these general directions in their application to any particular case in other words even if it is illegal to have flashing warning signs outside schools in a 20 mile an hour strict limits and which I find hard to believe it is in the gift of the Scottish transport minister to change the rules so I would ask whether the Convener with no agreed to make an approach to the transport minister to clarify the situation after all know we know it would cost the Council any money to turn them back on thank you

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 2:14:42]

I appreciate that each individual school will have particular concerns about the individual context and particularly in terms of anecdotal I stress anecdotal evidence of speeding and I won't commit to approaching the Minister knows what I will commit to however is to investigate this a little further and I would invite Councillor McLellan to come to a meeting with me which will set up to discuss this in more detail I have a suspicion that it's not going to go terribly far as a topic

Item 5.23 - By Councillor McLellan - Sports Amenities in North East Edinburgh

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:15:15]

Councillor Claire when Sports amenities and north-east Edinburgh
supplementary thank you

Item 5.24 - By Councillor McLellan - Urban Eden Development

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:15:20]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:15:21]

again cos McLean on Arben Eden development
the chances similarly

Item 5.25 - By Councillor McLellan - Wolseley Steps on London Road

a Willesley steps on London Road

Item 5.26 - By Councillor McLellan - Council Tax Arrears

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:15:32]

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:15:34]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:15:37]

a Council Tax videos

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 2:15:46]

so very grateful for the detailed reply
as Members will remember the flurry of gossip a few months ago when it was revealed no less than 17 of our number were in arrears with their Council Tax new names no pack drill so the rumour mill was in full swing
well recently I have a confession to make
no I was not one of them but earlier this month I was in receipt of an official Council warning that we were in arrears and unless payment was received for the action would be taken you will of course all be very relieved to hear that we were not in arrears would be pretty stupid of us after 25 years of dutifully and meticulously ensuring our Jews were paid to wait until I became an elected member to default
but it took a day of checking our bank details checking with the bank to curl from the money had gone out and then I was on the phone trying to find a way through the Council's Kafka ESC telephone system where like something from the Prisoner the answer is always press 1
this will be the story behind each one of what we now know that hundreds of errors so will the convenient agree to have to progress a further report to achieve further reductions and to have the monitors and for further work to be done to improve the call system in which human contact is not only a reluctant last resort

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:17:15]

I thank Councillor Coulson's question I can quite understand why
its own experience has prompted the question I think it's a perfectly fair point answers very alarming people to receive warnings of that kind when there's actually no basis for it
what we do have in the customer function is a continual improvement programme which is underway and you can see the in their response a number of things that we are doing to improve that and I think that those figures although low in percentage terms are in absolute terms certainly too high and we want to see that change and I think that there is as as that programme is underway and expecting update reports to come from from the customer function for let us know
how far these improvements have actually come about what further improvements can be made because I think this is certainly something we need to keep on top
I am happy to ask officers about bringing a report of the kind that you mentioned to my Committee

Item 5.27 - By Councillor Miller - Short Term Holiday Lets Meeting

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 2:18:18]

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 2:18:21]

samella asks on a short term holiday lets meetings

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 2:18:24]

thank you Lord Provost and and I thank the computers of planning and regulatory for their answers them to my questions and it was disappointing to me and to colleagues from all parties that were given such incredibly short notice of the meeting with European B which took place on the 22nd of January and it was also surprised to be too hard at that meeting the Council had already been meeting with industry players and I feel it is a shame that when there is cross party agreement or the need to act on this issue that the conversations had started without involvement of the games and the other groups in the Council I believe that now that the Advisory Panel has now published its report on the collaborative economy that the Council needs to act with some urgency and ensure that were cleared in our representations the Scottish government about what Edinburgh needs but in order to do that we need to pick up the piece on our cross party working to ensure that we agreed on the asks of the government therefore CajaSur Conveners please to commit to ensuring that the cross party working group that we agreed in this Council in December meets within the next fortnight so that we can ensure that all groups are involved in working with the companies in the short term lets industry and working with the Scottish government to identify solutions
for Edinburgh's residents and understand that there is a bit of confusion around whose answering this because I had to address my question to the conveners of planning and regulatory understand that Councillor Barry is answering so I think that this is a slightly saken question which is to ensure that we have members from those Committees involved as I understand it the solutions to these issues will cut across a number of committees and Q

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 2:20:04]

thank you for your supplementary it was regrettable that relatively short noisome really grateful expressed the argument if you recall that all parties most represented at the meeting is quite difficult because the people as you recall were flying in from Dublin from London we addressed the address that being very very eloquently of have to say
I think later today you'll see I'm sure you will see that there was a motion on an end-of-season and bits and pieces going up we do of course partly support to deal with this problem
every intention now how soon we can get a meeting together of groups obsolete ultimate Nell take place as soon as we possibly can can I give you an absolute timescale or not today it will depend on everybody's diaries parking operations does the administration what everybody on board it's a course every Water believe that short term lets sort of problem to note that reports published you'll see that both ourselves and other political groups are calling for officers to get in contact with Scottish government to progress this as quickly as we can promise you that's what will happen
Councillor merely Campbell playground equipment

Item 5.29 - By Councillor Staniforth - Music is Audible Working Group

[Cllr Mary Campbell (Scottish Green) - 2:21:13]

no supplementary

Item 5.29 - By Councillor Staniforth - Music is Audible Working Group

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:21:16]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:21:18]

Councillor Staniforth music is audible working Group

[Cllr Alex Staniforth (Scottish Green) - 2:21:21]

[Cllr Alex Staniforth (Scottish Green) - 2:21:22]

thank you for that purpose I thank the Convener fees answer which was very comprehensive an agent of change but wasn't very committal so I'd like to ask the Convener does he agree with the conclusion reached by meeting in 20 16 the agent of change whilst being proposed by the live music and entertainment industry would not necessarily provide the solution that sponsors of the idea were seeking and if he does agree with that what measures would he proposed to retain what remains of our sadly dwindling live music scene in Edinburgh

[Cllr Neil Gardiner (Scottish National Party) - 2:21:57]

[Cllr Neil Gardiner (Scottish National Party) - 2:21:59]

lord provost
address that the questions I thank you to Councillor Staniforth for the question and it is something we really need to work on to protect the live music industry in the city agent of track changed in answer to your question it the principle is is a good one a sound one if you'll pardon the uses that are in this context that whether it's fit for purpose is another another question because in a way implies that the States a developer must provide soundproofing on the venue which is a very very complex and probably unworkable situation so it's something we need to work on I am quite happy to meet you outside of this meeting to discuss further at anything you wish to bring to the table a mechanism for addressing it may be through the LDP process but it's early days and at how we can tackle that
I hope that answers your question for now

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:23:00]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:23:03]

Councillor Gloyer on communal glass recycling bins
thank you

Item 5.30 - By Councillor Gloyer - Communal Glass Recyling Bins

[Cllr Gillian Gloyer (Liberal Democrat) - 2:23:08]

I thank the Convener from her answer but I confess I am a bit puzzled by it I asked the question because just before Christmas a resident contacted me to report that a glass recycling bin in Corstorphine had not been emptied Court four months so I reported it to the Member's waste e-mail address I was startled to be informed
and I caught according to the information on my system this been does not have a regularly scheduled collection Day we rely on members of the public in forming the waste department when it requires empty emptying
unquote and that's a verbatim quote from the e-mail I received so when will the Convener ensure that all front line council officials are provided with accurate information about the schedules for emptying glass recycling bins and perhaps she could further ensure that the bin on Station Road and Christoph often is included in the schedules thank you

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 2:24:02]

thank you client Council I fear supplementary I am disappointed to hear that there is some mismatch between what your resident A was was told and what we understand to be the service are pick it up with officials and will hopefully get it solved in particular for that that thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:24:18]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:24:19]

Councillor Golton on behaviour by cyclists

Item 5.31 - By Councillor Gloyer - Behaviour by Cyclists

[Cllr Gillian Gloyer (Liberal Democrat) - 2:24:24]

thank you again Lord Provost and and I thank the Council Leader for the sink succinctness of his answer and perhaps it was the tonsillitis that he knew about at the already at that point I read the additional information with interest and I did note that the partners with which the Council works on these matters didn't seem to include spokes but the initiatives are all very valuable I knew the active travel Team is very conscious of the need to inform cyclists of their responsibilities and we've all seen cyclists behaving in considerately we know that there are a minority but they give all the responsible cyclists about name and the more we all do to deter that kind of behaviour the better
I was aware of the trials on the North Edinburgh path network on a hope their success although it does strike me that a cyclist who doesn't notice pedestrians is unlikely to notice a couple of signs
Will the Council Leader ensure that an analysis is conducted of how cyclists behavior actually changes as a result of the trials on them on the North Edinburgh path network and I suggest that that this analysis might be brought to the Transport and Environment Committee before the trials are rolled out across the rest of the city

Item 5.32 - By Councillor Rae - Graffiti-Tagging

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 2:25:40]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:25:43]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:25:45]

technically units as out of time for questions but we only have five with and given the time of day I am suggesting that we complete these and then break for lunch

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:26:00]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:26:11]

question 5 after two years by Cohen survey on graffiti tagging

[Cllr Susan Rae (Scottish Green) - 2:26:19]

thank you Convener thank you learn all this I'm not going to make a 25 minute speech
I welcome your
response can be in there and I welcome the commitment to any elected members group on the issue of target and am wondering if you could please confirm at least a date for the invitation stick way if you come at this point confirmed the day of the meeting thank you

Item 5.33 - By Councillor Booth - Parking Enforcement

[Cllr Donald Wilson (Labour) - 2:26:52]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:26:54]

Cosa birth on parking enforcement
by about Lord Provost

[Cllr Chas Booth (Scottish Green) - 2:26:59]

thank you for your flexibility in terms of the Standing orders
I thank the Convener for her I thank the Cabinet for her response in terms of parking enforcement and she will recall that in August of last year there was an agreement that transport environment committee that we would receive a report on parking enforcement
was proposed by Councillor
Key could she outline when that report will be coming forward because I don't believe that is outlined in the foreword action Plan of the Committee will she will she agree on the issue of passing on real-time complaints about parking enforcement from members of the public my understanding is that although they currently come through the Council and are passed on to our contractor the delay of sometimes up to three hours can mean that these are no longer real time complaints and we potentially lose the benefit of the the information that we're getting from the public will she commit to the report coming forward to Committee examining what we can do to improve that and specifically looking at whether it's possible to allow our parking contractor to set up social media accounts to allow members of the public to directly report incidents of illegal and bad parking
to enable them to take action on that

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 2:28:13]

yes I can confirm that m this report is coming forward to what is shaping up to be of a busy me a Transport Environment Committee and in terms of the Real Time complaints I understand the frustration expressed by in the sub takes two to a cancer booths m question as we all know of people who run out and move their cars as soon as a traffic warden is spotted anywhere in the area and it's a deeply frustrating aspect of parking enforcement and so yes I will commit to explain this to see what we can do to collapse the time between reporting and the people on the street actually being able to take some action m and clearly part of that is examining whether or not a separate Twitter account might work for that so yes to all of the above

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:28:59]

councillor budgets vehicle mileage allowance

Item 5.34 - By Councillor Burgess - Vehicle Mileage Allowance

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 2:29:02]

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 2:29:04]

[Cllr Steve Burgess (Scottish Green) - 2:29:04]

thanks very much Lord Provost my or the 3 following questions are related I only have one supplementary
the the question
is about vehicle mileage that the Council approves for staff in using their own vehicles on Council business the answers come back that the average mileage approved every year over the last five years is between 2 and 3 million miles an average annual cost of more than a million pounds every year for the Council now whilst I appreciate that some of this mild jewellery absolutely necessary
for staff providing their own vehicles
on Council business in that that is useful for the Council it does seem to me that two to three million miles is a very high number at a very high cost in monetary terms in terms of the environmental impact this this sort of mileage is producing around 9 kilotonnes of climate changing pollution every year so given the Council has the aim of reducing traffic and its impacts on the city would the Finance and Resources Convener be willing to ask the Council Director of Resources to review the Council's policy on mileage allowance with a view to encouraging more sustainable travel on Council business

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 2:30:31]

I thank because the budget was questioned why I think it's a very fair objective
this is a sum of money which obviously in some ways be spent elsewhere but as you say the use of people's own vehicles can sometimes be here are the most efficient way of managing business
but I think it would be useful to have a reconsideration of this and to see how far what we are doing is still makes as much sense as repulsive was first initiated although we do have an annual policy review process as you know so yes I think it is worth looking at and I will talk to the relevant Director

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:31:06]

no supplementaries on 35 and 36 that concludes can answer questions

Item 5.35 - By Councillor Burgess - Pool Vehicles

Item 5.36 - By Councillor Burgess - Council Parking Spaces

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:31:13]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:31:15]

we will break for lunch now and we will reconvene at 1 40

Item 5.36 - By Councillor Burgess - Council Parking Spaces

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:34:03]

Good afternoon and welcome to this afternoon session I'll hand over to the court for next order of business

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 2:34:12]

thank you Lord Provost Item 6 on the agenda as leaders report

Item 6.1 - Leader's Report

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:34:17]

I understand that that cancer McVeigh's voices not up for this saw a Deputy Leader cancer today you can to take this

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:34:23]

as best I can Lord Morrow's thank you

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:34:25]

as you see it in the absence of Councillor those voices more unhappy addressed the Leader's report and I'll also be happy to answer any simple questions I'm able to a special Council other stories got some helpful ones
I have not had provided a response from the Council Leader and I return or sponsoring on today
I'm LOBOs I hope that our Budget on the 22nd February is one that delivers the best we can with our many budget constraints and that a number of our caution pledges will be delivered as part of that process and of course next year's budget process X. It will be much more about local engagement and only six priorities and look forward to playing my part in that
I want to highlight a couple of things including the excellent work has been taken forward by Kim Siddiqi and consult period to ensure the city celebrates the matter of achievements of many young people both large and small across the city and again I hope that's part of our budget setting exercise we can provide some resources to make sure that across the city we Selby 28 teams enough young people
i'm on homelessness I liked again highlighted this as a Council Leader did last month for those of us the many different political parties that slipped to as part of The Big sleep
knowing that a six year and we would be able to go home and also that many people did not have a place to call home that night so I commend the work of social bay and the huge efforts of our staff led by Nicky blown and many third-sector projects like Bethany Sardinians I'm Streetwork to name a few
and whilst I know that comes so body incomes are common are working closely with organisations like social Bite I've called on the many other big corporate companies in this city to play their part to target homelessness in the city
and also to engage in a cross party homelessness Task Force led by Councillor Kate Campbell and contribute to help an end homelessness and this couple see
progress I would also like to mention their workload Piccadilly Place the device plans which were passed recently are much more improved let us accept that they do not entirely and fully satisfy everyone I'm pleased that we know are we for that promotes active travel in the city and terms of subsection for the future and I thank Councillor McKenna's Councillor Doran Councillor Moulton Councillor Rankin who for the man at the help that process go through
i'm not progress I'd quite like to thank 80 welcomed the first ever Virgin hotel with United States here to the capital city just a stone's throw from this building
proven their continued economic vibrancy of this capital receipt
i'm finally Lord Provost Members will be aware that these national Time to Talk D and an issue that highlights the many people with mental health problems and made to feel isolated worthless unashamed Time to Talk these are changed for all of our transfer all of us to be more open about mental health so whether you
are at home at work or here in the City Chambers Haga conversation about mental health today optically questions
general point

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:37:18]

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 2:37:21]

thank you Lord Provost we've already heard today through written questions and through some of the discussion with schools about the maintenance backlog in council buildings and the report which recently made that very public for us
in that report Lord Provost Council officer told us that investment in maintenance for the Council's operational estate has been steadily decreasing over the last 15 to 20 years this lack of investment
is now manifesting itself in failures of buildings
Lord Provost The Deputy leaders political party have been in power in this Council for 15 of those last 20 years does he take some personal responsibility for the state of the Council's Building

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:38:09]

because we have a question
I think we as we spoke of earlier and the backlog of maintenance appears to the city's estate has been going on for decades
probably by taking the Tories' lead this city badly for a few decades I think is we've heard a smaller they programmes coming forward and our Budget will show our commitment to address that backlog over the next five years
so that rather than talk with the past let's talk about the future of getting our schools fit for purpose

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:38:37]

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 2:38:39]

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 2:38:40]

Lord Provost if I may have a supplementary I am
I have to characterise the state of buildings issue with the nature of local politics for the last 20 years during which time I've been a Councillor when I've seen successive administrations spend the Council's money on what can be seen as glamorous or flashing and projects on this agenda today Lord Provost there are plans to build lots of new things new homes spend more and more money than previously on the agreement with St James Centre welcome though that is but nothing on the basics of the Council's services what is it that the Deputy Leader can say to convince us that anything in the budget can change that strategy of building new but failing to maintain or provide basic local services how is he going to bring forward a strategy to change that and improve things for the people of Edinburgh

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:39:42]

I think if Councillor Wakefield in that Bill didn't the biggest public sector housebuilding programme and Europe and here the country building on the ICC build nursing teams as a failure than I would like to see this Conservative plans to do that we'll bring forward a Budget plans in the next few weeks and I look forward to the Conservatives' plans for how they'll teams to say that they have destroyed with things like welfare reform across the whole country

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:40:08]

[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 2:40:11]

thank you Lord Provost I promised yesterday was the Scottish Budget stage 1 debate in Hollywood and it saw an extra 12 point 4 million allocated to Edinburgh as a result of Green MSP is negotiations over recent months
does the Deputy Leader agree with me agreed with COSLA in fact the Convention of Scottish Local authorities which said
that the reality of the situation is that the deal agreed today puts Local government in a better situation than in December and credit to the Scottish Greens for listening to and acting upon the case put forward by COSLA

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:40:49]

thank you for your comments are welcome the device Stephen of course it is a bit more money than we had in the draft statement this is still a zero point 5 5 percent car and the Scottish average saw we do welcome a cocktail bar nor would I welcome the final decision of the budget then unlocked that that all comes in this Chamber lobby their MPs to get a property of Edinburgh or Cardiff zero point 5 5 percent means no idea
I thank the Deputy Chair for his answer but he surely will agree and

[Cllr Melanie Main (Scottish Green) - 2:41:18]

accept the Council officers briefing that Edinburgh now has 20 seven million more in its budget compared with the Council budget consultation was launched last November and therefore there is considerable scope for to change the original plans will the Council Leader of the Council Deputy Leader agreed to look again at the 20 one million worth of cuts that was outlined then and also the pressing need for investment in school repairs which we have heard from Trinity
primary care Trinity periods cancel this morning already we have cuts that we have desperate need and homelessness services social care and support for vulnerable children amongst many other services and will he agree to publish a revised budget proposal within the next two weeks to allow for a full discussion and engagement before the decisions are made at the next Council meeting

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:42:14]

I am I don't think a single any more money we've still got a because I see Deloitte still a cut to local government an EDMO still suffers the worst from that
will bring forward revised proposals on how we have spent this revised statement joint caution budget will be put forward on the 22nd and look forward to the Greens supporting them
controlled which

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:42:37]

[Cllr Robert Aldridge (Liberal Democrat) - 2:42:39]

thanks very much Lord Provost if I can continue on the theme of the the budget settlement
I'm sure the Deputy Leader will be aware of the social media quote from the Leader of the Council who said courts
this is a very strong deal for Local government was he speaking for the administration is that the settled view of the administration

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:43:02]

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:43:04]

I thank Councillor Atha for responded
I think he's I've seen before things is still a cut is a revised statement that's better for the couple of say it's not ideal but it's better than what we had so
I welcome that but we should not receive enough points 5 Sagan cut law and any other local authority in Scotland

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:43:24]

Councillor Harry

[Cllr Derek Howie (Scottish National Party) - 2:43:27]

thank you Lord Provost Deputy Leader
I wonder if you would agree with me as I'm speaking as the Council's Equalities champion that we need to move to a position where we have a much reduced street furniture and street clutter in Edinburgh and we need to remove all redundant Street furniture in particular I want to refer to a recent decision of the Planning Committee
and have little influence on the stunned by Conservative members which approved the erection of a number of concrete drums setting I've just discovered for concrete drums are currently most recently look remotely attractive but then again I'm going to look at them so
this is a retrograde step because as Attenborough gets busier more people want to live and work here more people want to visit and socialise here and Edinburgh took the City Centre is filling up more and more and here we are reducing the public space reducing from the public footpath this leads to increased difficulty for folks like me and One Hundred and 20 thousand others in Edinburgh because we have 20 percent of our population with a disability
and asked that difficulty increases comes more intimidating and more stressful people are excluded not included excluded literally being pushed off the public footpath can I ask you to approach initially God to the Planning Committee decision can you approach the Council Solicitor to seek a legal opinion on the legitimacy of these concrete drums as against the access section of the 2 thousand and 10 Equalities Act to anything you can do to help would be much appreciated

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:45:29]

thank you so I am happy to forward I think she had a letter from Councillor McKenna's we look in terms of report back in me 20 18 of St Francis CE Carter it will be the ultimate Carden don't has been my ear about the state of the high street so I think we were driven McCann contrary to address that and I'm happy to take up the Council's Solicitor

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:45:48]

Councillor Bruce
thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Graeme Bruce (Conservative) - 2:45:52]

I've attended many informal workshops for Edinburgh South
School South West catchment review is disappointing there have been proposals put forward each workshop regarding this review
this appears to be at best disrupting the unity of the communities which as we know the Edinburgh Council website states Court we expect the population of West and South West Edinburgh to grow in the next few years and there is not enough space within existing schools for an extra pupils in court
why then would you want to reduce the number of high schools leaving you with zero spare capacity
thank you

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:46:37]

and at other specific lambs to the slaughter of a sperm how to deal with the community of Education and the Director I thought the proposers are going forward to increase the size of schools The Cook The LDV demands now and in the future about how to respond to consult with secondly
can charter

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:46:54]

thank you

[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 2:46:56]

I'd like to invite both comes the day and Councillor MCVIE to join me in a walkabout of my ward which hopefully can still receive an orchestra that we will be able to attend on the 16th of February amongst other things I'd like to meet residents who lived next in abandoned property in my ward so they could hear about the impact this is having on the lives of HRA 20 or so you appreciate and also perhaps we could talk about the Council cut to the extent that this property is accrued over that time
will they accept this and vote

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:47:34]

yes it's speaking has become something I am sure we will I know the council has a lot of work in terms of bringing empty homes back into
use so it may be what comes from a buyer cancer common been invited as well we can have a nice speech step up to Callington not scans and it becomes a double the price of a drink

[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 2:47:51]

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:47:51]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:47:52]

supplementary cancer cancelled

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:47:55]

I think that a meeting at my house at half past eight in the morning

[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 2:48:05]

[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 2:48:07]

Councillor Munro

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:48:10]

[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 2:48:14]

thank you Lord Provost
deputy Leader how many meetings have you had in conjunction with the litre with the Scottish government ministers on the budget for two thousand eighteen 19 secondly was the deputy leader involved in the press release issued in the name of the Leader of the Council and on the Council website today that yesterday's tawdry deal was positive and does he agree with us version which has not been backed up by the fact that we still have one of the lowest per capita grants in a country that we have a projected shortfall for this year and that this Council is released 1 thousand 446 full-time equivalent staff to date

[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 2:48:56]

[Cllr Gordon Munro (Labour) - 2:48:57]

with more to come made savings of 240 million to date and more to come lastly does he agree with me that Patrick Harvie on behalf of the Greens has for the second year running sore Local government shot for the second year running
further there are hundreds of 70 million over two years priced out yesterday is not even the amount that the Finance secretary will hold back from non-domestic rates a total of at least a hundred and seventy six million available to him in 2 thousand 18 19 and does he agree with me and Scottish Labour that this amount this one small positive step amongst many that could be taken should be released them fuel

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:49:48]

thank Councillor Mann offer is a question
Councillor leaders should a number of years with different ministers have been invited to some and not others so I'm not sure the exact number
I've not seen the Presley so I'm not sure are probably essentially doing comms team
do you agree with that as I said the other deductions
45 percent against a Scottish average doing things except with the city do you think means of sawdust deliver you know they've negotiate a better deal for us it's still not the best you could have and I think that there's a chance for the Greens to jointly but in others and get an even better deal and has come from Norwich at least that extra money into local government services

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:50:28]

Councillor Stewart-Turner

[Cllr Catherine Fullerton (Scottish National Party) - 2:50:33]

thank you Deputy Leader and Leader and bring those famous School has recently been awarded the prestigious sportscotland Court School Sport Awards for the first time in its history
the Hardwick said there weren't recognised the commitment to improving our children's health and well being through sport and physical activity and in addition they have been nominated for school of the year and active schools awards plus I am delighted to say that Red Hall special school held a special assembly to celebrate the achievements and the Rights respecting schools award Level 2 and when the first special school in Edinburgh to achieve this award which was presented by Gerry McMurchie from Unicef where the council leader join me in applauding both schools in my ward and a marvellous achievement and will he and the Lord Provost consider writing to congratulate and thank you

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:51:34]

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:51:36]

I thank Councillor Atha's communal Thirty invade which it was going to refuse
both fantastic news and I am sure the Councillor Dunn multiple they should write them and potentially even a visit them as far as possible location
Mr. Rogerson

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:51:49]

thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Graham Hutchison (Conservative) - 2:51:52]

unfortunate or I'm sure nor accidental the results of a budget consultation haven't been publicly released in advance of this meeting so that they can be discussed by this Chamber in advance of the Budget Meeting
when this administration was in its infancy Councillor MCVIE promised as a new Council Leader he would lead to an open transparent administration but what across the Chamber for the good of the city of edinburgh
with particular reference to the botched budget consultation process
does Councillor D believe what comes on V has kept that promise

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:52:35]

I don't think we've delivered any information back
I think that the response I got this year were on average as they were last year and discussion that we have already had about changing the way we consult people to be more open transparent and engaging process and throughout the year to try and engage more people through things like citizen juries so it's not a consultation 6 months before the Council budget it's about engaging our estates into throughout the year but that's been answer that Councillor MCVIE can respond to and return today
go to a brown

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:53:07]

thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Mark Brown (Conservative) - 2:53:10]

the super Bloodman's
orbited around the capital and indeed the Globe last night and it was a marvellous sight to behold
and my very ward the Park Grove area has modelled itself on the planet by recreated its crater lake surface
whilst the officials tell me that they do not have the budget Lord squads design staff and Inspectorate resources to do so can the Deputy Leader offer residents some hope that there will be one set of blooming chance of these creators be in fixed first time

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:53:47]

i'm again thank comes from him for question with the necessary some have to work with Councillor McKenna's CV do more work in that area has a particular issue with craters and potholes and could be

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:53:58]

Councillor Young

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:54:00]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:54:01]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 2:54:03]

thank you very much for this and as the Council we get any their Deputy Councillor will be aware there is significant rain that we expedient stair last Tuesday resulted in severe flooding at their Caron Blake in the west of the city now this would use the traffic to a single Lean Keating very long tail backs and did all the way back to keep Leith no this affected not only those time tax as Queensferry crossing but also the people who are trying to return home to the rural communities and with delays of up to know where this had very practical consequences like people's ability to return home to collect their children from care so can I ask that we didn't Deputy Leader what's being done to address this longstanding and indeed cutting problem thank you

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:54:40]

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:54:42]

I thank Councillor M her question I think CAMHS was aware of the North West locality and quite aware this ongoing problem and the continued pressure on the West Edinburgh and structure and back in October 20 Seventeen the local team caused extensive gully cleaning and power draining and it would appear that can issue relates to the conditions that would surface in and that needs entirely replaced and including the capacity of the drainage
so there is a group set up in north-west looking options the drainage system to be considered but that may include discussions a c at least in water into the River Almond so these discussions are ongoing and an interim understand that the gulleys and jetties will only be cleaned again and I'm have to copy this response over to Councillor Young Department workstations

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:55:26]

go through numerous
thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Neil Ross (Liberal Democrat) - 2:55:30]

Leader and Deputy Leader may be aware of a recent report from the Council's Human Resources team highlighting increased levels of stress and anxiety among the workforce as a direct result of the Council still trying to provide the same services in the same way but with fewer staff
what encouragement has the deputy leader given to both his colleagues and council officials to come up with ideas for changes to working practices and even to consider what we as a Council will stop doing in order to reduce staff workloads
I thank Councillor Lewis for his question

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:56:14]

I think we're not doing the same services team we I think we're trying to move things a lot more digital online to try and make it easier for people on a piece of those some challenges of that I know that Goldie in terms of our workforce we already below a huge number of home working procedures to allow people to have home to suit their needs and in recent discussion with Chief Executive we will start looking at the next four year plan about what we are what we might need to do differently and what we might need to stop doing in the future to allow us to address our continued budget deficits so I'm have to pass a response on to Councillor Ross
Councillor line

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:56:47]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 2:56:50]

thank you Lord Provost the Deputy Leader of the Council will be aware that one of the big transport challenges that we face in the North West of the city is the point in junction and the congestion that we see pretty much every day now back at the very beginning of December the Kremlin Barnton Community Councils submitted a very detailed people informed by expedient route engineers and consultants which sets out a series of suggested improvements to the junction and I hope the Deputy Leader will understand that Community Councils frustration that having tried to approach this issue in such a constructive manner that two months on they have neither received a reply nor even an acknowledgement from officials despite two follow up e-mails so can I simply ask for his help to ensure that our reply is St and ideally a meeting can be arranged with officials to that these matters can be discussed in greater depth

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:57:46]

I thank Councillor into this question I'm the paper from the County Council was received by the Council on the 2nd of December I also apologise to cram embarked in County Council and allowing for any delays and I meeting has now been set up with Barnton Cara Community Council on 22nd February to discuss a way to transport infrastructure issues and I'm sure you'll be aware that the updated LDP was agreed at the Housing the economy Committee on 18th January which agreed to look at the act some m actions and costs to mitigate against the pressures of that junction so will ensure comes along has a copy of the response that he can pass on to local councils as well
Case Officer

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:58:23]

[Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat) - 2:58:29]

caught me slightly on the hop have to scale back can find due process
Jonny take somebody else not come back to my That's OK

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:58:36]

no problem whatsoever
because your dog

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 2:58:38]

[Cllr Scott Douglas (Conservative) - 2:58:49]

councillor j sabotage worked Lord Provost
does the Deputy Leader Leader of the Council agree with me that the

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 2:59:04]

shameful and seemingly unilateral decision of the senior member to postpone tomorrow's south-west localities meeting at very short notice only because to administration members could not be present is an insult to local democracy and does he also agree with me that that sits at odds with the desire expressed in today's meeting by the culture and Communities Convener that democracy should be devolved to communities as much as possible
councillor for his question

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 2:59:35]

I think the decisions for the safest parts for the safest partnership I think Councillor Wilson mentioned that this morning I think
Councillor Dixon has also offered to meet the local Conservative councils to take up any issues that I have but I do agree that the if we are looking to devolve locality decisions to localities in localities
councillor also

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:00:00]

[Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat) - 3:00:01]

thank you very much teacher indulgence premises and the current challenges faced in by the school estate and the impact on communities particularly in the west of the city and of great great concern and importance to many families including those in my ward of Inverleith

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 3:00:15]

can the Deputy Leader explained to us the administration strategy to address the increasing number of schools which operate above their intended school roll capacity and which now face the prospect of being unable to accommodate catchment children

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 3:00:30]

thanks also for question I give them how to take this up with the Education officials I think the proposals only go forward out to build more modern efficient capacity build schools so that we can achieve the increases that will happen to the LDP I note rising numbers in the city I do have the exact figures here but not all of them
I have no move reasons

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:00:55]

one last scan
and we'll call the end two leaders questions thank you

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 3:01:02]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:01:07]

until seven or progress as appointments a coalition motion has been circulated
Councillor Burt are you

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 3:01:13]

moving this motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:01:14]

I am very happy
to give the coalition motion
the second formally Lord Provost
they agreed

[Cllr Karen Doran (Labour) - 3:01:22]


[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:01:25]

I tomatoes report see point

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:01:27]

1 is the report on the scheme of Delegation shared repairs
he's moving the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:01:35]

formally Lord promise

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 3:01:37]

in seconding

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 3:01:41]

my cue agreed my kids

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:01:46]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:01:49]

item 8 point to as the Council's Rolling actions Log the Council was asked to clause items 1 to seven tend to eleven 13 15 to 17 and 19
proposed by

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:02:03]

[Cllr Adam McVey (Scottish National Party) - 3:02:05]

and seconded

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:02:06]

[Cllr Cammy Day (Labour) - 3:02:08]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:02:09]

thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:02:12]

a point 3 is Edinburgh St James growth accelerator model getting Addendum has been circulated
Councillor Barry

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:02:21]

thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 3:02:23]

and moving the speople

Item 8.3 - Edinburgh St James Growth Accelerator Model (GAM) - Update on Progress and Approval of New Financial Limit

motion council at later touch on a few things first of all can see I am somewhat disappointed by some of the charter that
more than media about the gum and what it stands for and what was done
the influence tends to be something like some kind of secret deal with the devil far from our true fair anybody that thinks not to look at this paper and get all the way to the back page
but grim reading and external references started in 2 thousand and 9 15 14 14 again 15 16 17 and 18 there is no secret deal with the devil and people should read the detail included in more detail whether people liked it or don't like it was actually the original plan for the junction that was there
it might not have been a public consultation what it was the year if people want it to look at
the obviously at that time no
preparing the junction and overestimate hoods over what became so recognized administration recognised that there was considerable concern and did exactly the right thing we opened up a consultation the reality is we didn't after do not we want us to do that we were happy to do that the Convener Transport and Environment and myself and my various waste can be not so working closely it was ethnicity project is something that is fantastic for this city people should remember in the UK there are only two projects of that site going ahead at the present time an Edinburgh should be very proud and grateful that one of them is taken and taking place in our City which I think most people would agree is getting rid of what was a blot on our wonderful cityscape
this paper obviously deals with the finance and the finance of the decisions made at transport environment I don't believe anybody and not meeting recognise the fact that decision that we were voting on at that time that the we have a financial consequence there are two options here are quite clearly Lido does best unless best as scenario we will obviously hope for the best scenario that we can get some money from Scottish government to assist in the one point 5 million extra we need to carry out the junction improvements as a result of the consultation
began targets are all there and delivery models or via let's see it as a multi million pound investment I was I am very proud to have played a part and not last autumn I can understand you came SusComand investor on if the one up-to-speed on or it can be a confusion landscape I believe this paper lays out exactly what's happening how it happened and what will be complete in the future I am delighted to hear from the developers they are on track on time we will see what the new junction Dustin are hopefully nothing and I will certainly look forward to a bit open on time I'd like to move the people and notify the gains that we won't be accepting an amendment
Councillor Cameron

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:05:44]

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 3:05:46]

thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 3:05:48]

Edinburgh's good great and indeed excellent much in many things however I believe that we as a city and as a Council have to be far more explicit about some of the major developments that this city as a partner in or Hazard considerable influence in bringing about and Councillor by has just outlined some of the benefits that this magnificent scheme brings to our city
this brings benefits not just for Edinburgh but the whole of the City region and indeed south-east Scotland because the retail offering that its promising to deliver for us and it's about containing Spain's within Edinburgh in that region so that it doesn't leak elsewhere
I am also proud as Councillor Barry has mentioned in terms of history and the past administration of this city's track record in creating or being a part of major economic projects to deliver for this city and I'm thinking for example of the city's past rule and building and creating the guile shopping centre the work we did in partnership with Forth ports than bringing Ocean terminals if you are issued and the Britannia to this city
this city is obviously a partner in this very important scheme and as Councillor bodies say it is one of the biggest schemes in the UK and indeed it's comparable if not bigger in size I think and to the value of the City Deal and what that spring
I we try ever like to see just draw attention to
pie under paragraph 9 where we talk about consultation and engagement and I have to say that when I read this I kind of smile that little bit where it talks about the City of Edinburgh Council is working closely with the developer and its agencies to deliver a comprehensive consultation and engagement strategy designed to ensure key audiences are kept informed of the project's progress I had to smile Lord Provost because
a Sam Leach for hosting an economy and the Labour side of the coalition this is the first report of actually see Norris come across my days to have an input into debate and discussion and that surprises me and I'm pleased to say that
that hopefully
thing hopefully and a report on this projects progress and regular updates will start coming to the Council's Housing and economy Committee because thus far there's been no sort of in-depth briefing on the project from the Council site on what this project has done for all elected members whether they are returned nurse or new counsellors
so I welcome that and I really hope that our officials and will make sure that not just the housing and economy Committee members but indeed all Members in this Council are kept appraised of the good things that are coming from this project and not just kind of highlight when things are running a little bit bumpy on the route so that's all I'd like to see by way of seconding the motion thank you very much

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:08:53]

contribute to move an addendum

[Cllr Chas Booth (Scottish Green) - 3:08:55]

[Cllr Chas Booth (Scottish Green) - 3:08:58]

thank you Lord Provost of before my I move the green Addendum Kai just double-check I'd like to make a verbal amendment to our amendment if I may which is to delete paragraph 1 point 1 point 8 and renumber accordingly apologies has been drawn to my attention that was an error in our first draft I hope that's an order
this acceptable

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:09:15]

[Cllr Chas Booth (Scottish Green) - 3:09:16]

thank you very much Lord Provost I'll try and keep it brief I mean what our amendment seeks to do is to acknowledge that there have been improvements to the proposals for Piccadilly Place compared to previous versions we also acknowledge the decision of transport and environment committee of last week to proceed with the revised plans for Piccadilly Place on a division but what our amendment seeks to do is to to highlight that this is a missed opportunity for the Council we could be prioritising place-making over accommodating traffic we could be putting people ahead of the movement of cars and we are not in in in agreeing the proposals that have come forward we are not doing that and that is to the regret of of certainly us as Green Councillors the final paragraph of our amendment seeks to refer the Internal Audit report which is referred to within the the the report that is before us report refer them on to governance Risk and Best value Committee there has been considerable public concern expressed at the lack of public consultation on changes to a very significant junction within the City Centre
and we feel that as Greens we feel it's important that GBV examines the process to see in their view whether there was adequate public consultation and in particular whether the decision making process involved enough democratic oversight I move the Green amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:10:44]

the second
formally second

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 3:10:48]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:10:52]

any contributions to the debate
see no harm through Councillor Barry right of reply

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 3:11:01]

click your keepers grief for tomorrow's The last week that democratic decision of the Transport Environment Committee they did not think it was a missed opportunity on the phone to them unless you're trying to suggest this whole Council by this motion thinks that was a missed opportunity I'm sure of all the art of Members on transport Environment Committee thought that they would not have voted in the way that so for about simple reason I can't accept the first paragraph as far as a certain paragraphs concealed Upsall issue of the very able coastal mode will pull the central examination and if we don't I don't believe we need a Council motion to do that it's often the bones that people want to send the support it can do it under
this in baseball you I don't think we need a coastal motion to do that sort of rejecting the amendment

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:11:53]

the division bell will now be rung and the vote will be in one minute

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:12:46]

I to make points City is Edinburgh St James and grant etc. The model of the motion by Councillor Barrie second McKenzie Cameron on behalf of the coalition as the approved the report's recommendations the amendment is from the Green Group has suggested modifications are both saying McCain Sam Miller those voting for the amendment
8 on for the motion

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:13:12]

50 3 the motion is carried

Item 8.4 - City Deal – New Housing Delivery Partnership Implementation - referral from the Housing and Economy Committee

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:13:17]

item 8 point 4 on the agenda is the City Deal new Housing Partnership the Council was asked to approve the recommendations a point the Executive Director of Place as the Executive Director representative and appoint one opposition Member as the final representative
concern about it

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 3:13:43]


[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 3:13:46]

briefly just to see this Lincolnshire College anonymously whose an economy Committee and I look forward to working with one child or opposition
colleagues is normally two two-storey part in the borough

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:13:57]

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 3:13:59]

Cameron just to endorse the comments of the Convener and likewise look

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 3:14:03]

forward to working together on this very important Programme for delivering a massive piece of our house building for the next few years thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:14:10]

and we require one opposition

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 3:14:16]

I would like to nominate Councillor Phil Doggart for the position
we have a seconder

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:14:20]

thank you can formally second Lord Provost

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 3:14:23]

are there any other nominations
we agreed the paper was nomination

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:14:28]

thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:14:32]

it point 5 as a referral from the Finance and Resources Committee award of energy efficient street lighting programme can show Rankin
formerly Local growth

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:14:41]

to second formally second

[Cllr Alasdair Rankin (Scottish National Party) - 3:14:44]

[Cllr Marion Donaldson (Labour) - 3:14:45]

we agreed

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:14:46]

thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:14:51]

a point 6 has been dealt with Item 9 on the agenda is motions foster home is from yourself Lord Provost on Essex Authority squadron

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:15:01]

I think the motion self-explanatory shall Of property formerly

Item 8.5 - Award of Energy Efficient Street Lighting Programme - referral from the Finance and Resources Committee

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:15:11]

so that's a unanimous vaguely thank you

Item 9.2 - Motion by Councillor Mowat - Edinburgh's Christmas and Hogmanay 2017/18

named point to become so at Edinburgh's Christmas and Hogmanay 20 17 18

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:15:20]

[Cllr Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - 3:15:23]

thank you and I think that the nation as noted in the paper is sufficiently comprehensive and covers exactly
what is required from this so I'll just move it formally thank you
and the second that would be me Lord Provost
thank you

[Cllr Max Mitchell (Conservative) - 3:15:37]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:15:39]

is that agreed

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:15:41]

thank you

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:15:46]

Lane point 3 by cancer dogged integration Joint Board
guess what

Item 9.3 - Motion by Councillor Doggart - Integration Joint Board

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:15:50]

the microphone is working

[Cllr Phil Doggart (Conservative) - 3:15:56]

thank you Lord Provost
what we have known for some time that they City of Edinburgh council has been failing in its duty to me that statutory responsibility for those needing help with their care and there's been no the May report of the Care Commission highlighted the stark reality of those feelings of one particular area i'm sure that we are all aware in our ward contacts of citizens who are unable to obtain release from hospital because there is nowhere for them to go we are all aware of citizens here in the able to obtain an assessment for a care package
of course those preliminary measures do nothing to actually provide the care for the many hundreds of residents around the city who need it
alert process it is welcome that the ITA be thought it appropriate to reach its budget
to allocate an extra 4 million pounds to reduce the waiting lists in terms of release on for assessments but we have to recognise that this is indeed only a starting point as a city we must reconsider what has to be done to have the appropriate care packages in place as they are needed by the residents
Over the last month I think the three different Committees have heard the refreshing honesty of the interim Chief Officer of the Health and social Care Partnership address the need for change in the delivery of care in Edinburgh while also recognising the immediacy of getting people out of hospital and engaging in their care assessments
changes in culture changes and deliberately delivery and perhaps more importantly new ways of increasing the supply of care providers must be completed before where ever in a position to meet our legal responsibility
perhaps that is something that all of us should consider and this is where the politics has to disappear this is not an extra this is not a nice to have this as a legal responsibility we have to the people who live in this city who need care
and let us not forget that many of those same people belong to some of the most vulnerable groups in the city
as a Council we are not only failing to meet our statutory responsibilities but we are letting the people of Edinburgh dying
I'm not one of those Councillors who says that something must be done because that usually means that anything will be done however is it not time for the administration to properly address this feeling
because of that Lord Provost I'm calling on the Leader to put the city first and not to put the party first to put sorry the Council Leader first to make sure that the people of Edinburgh are well represented in the many discussions of his informed us about that he has with his colleagues in the street
so I hope today Lord Provost that we can put politics aside recognise that the need for change will require additional resource yesterday notwithstanding we need specific money allocated to solve a specific problem to help particularly the old and infirm in the city as my privilege to move this motion
i'm to second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:19:21]

[Cllr Jim Campbell (Conservative) - 3:19:24]

thank you Lord Provost I second the motion and in particular I would pay tribute to the briefings that the Interim Chief Fire Officer has been giving I found them to be very frank and honest very human and unflinchingly clear of the need for us to find more money
I second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:19:45]

are there any other contributions
that greed

Item 9.4 - Motion by Councillor Cook - Roads Surface Treatment

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:19:54]

agenda Item 9 point 4 is a motion by Councillor Cooke on roads surface treatment and there is a coalition amendment and a Liberal Democrat addendum circulated for this item casework

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:20:08]

but just procedure to question 4 floor promised them RB accepting the

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 3:20:13]

cooler shouldn't amendment but there's are Lib Dem addendum to my original motion says as outfall where we didn't leave us

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 3:20:21]

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 3:20:26]

I the Lib Dems also supporting now it was my understanding so just seeking to clarify that for us

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:20:33]

I think would be best if you just want to propose your motion as it stands and in terms of when it comes back to write off require you can assess the situation as has been proposed by the other groups have clarified the position by then

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 3:20:47]

thanks for that clarification Lord Provost A I move the terms of a my emotional road surface treatment in them as its tabled them I think all as Members of all parties across the Chamber or something similar they will have received correspondence from residents who are concerned about the quality of surface Femen dressing works it will adopt spree and chip a slurry slag them or another type of treatment
and we recognise that in order to fix our roads are we have to have a variety of treatments available but it's clear from areas across the city and examples across the city m that these works are not being carried out properly
it's vital for us basically that residents have assurance that these works are going to be of a high quality and that will be used in the appropriate circumstances that many residents have said to me and I believe that routes surface treatment simply car there is a cost cutting exercise
that's not acceptable that we need to reassure residents when these works are carried out appropriate they are going to do the job with as required
and in terms of my ward fam I've personally seen surfaces that are still beset by Paul halls after the treatment has been laid down and it's not good enough the surfaces are breaking up as I see in paragraph 3 of my motion and some resurfacing work has even taken place over in parked cars and which is just absolutely ludicrous if we're going to use this treatment we have to ensure that commands the confidence of the public and I'd like to an investigation to be launched into this
and to second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:22:28]

thank you Lord Provost

[Cllr Scott Douglas (Conservative) - 3:22:31]

CD venomous roads are bad enough at the moment without having to carry out repairs twice in a matter of weeks and we owe to local residents get it right first time I'm sure have all had complaints about road repairs in our areas and if we are to tackle this problem once for all we need to take a proper look at how we can improve the quality of future works form happy to second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:22:56]

and to move the green Addendum controller
it looked as though they lived in its control young actually use

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 3:23:02]

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 3:23:05]

it so it can I just get a point of clarification first please aim so Kenzo kick was happy to accept a Addendum but is now half is now taking the amendment saw
I just want to be clear about what's what what's happening you would

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:23:17]

always be taken by making a speech is not necessary
each group has been asked to propose their own paper you have you have an addendum that it has to be proposed and seconded once all the positions have been made clear by the various groups then it is up to Councillor Cooke to assess that and see which ones figures accepting or not
think I will just proceed then thank you so thanks very much progress

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 3:23:37]

and indeed to Councillor Cook A for his motion is on that basis I would intention to withdraw a motion that named points sex because that largely covers the same issue
I don't think many could dispute the poor condition of some of the roads and pavements in parts of our city and indeed such our fundamental Council Service does continue to be an ongoing battle fighting hard for Sheila Bailey limited resources and this is why the route appears which took place really only just last year and already breaking up are all the more frustrating and unacceptable No we note that remedial work is going to be done and that will be done at the cost of the contract is not the Council and we recognise the work has been done by your officials on this including some very practical cleaning of Brooklyn debris but these are indeed extra demands on an already stretched team and are pulling them from other equally essential works so whether it's part of our regular report on the Improvement Plan or a stand-alone item important thing he'd is just to make sure that the actual full investigation has done not only to identify the cause of that rapid deterioration but to make sure we have the assurances that it wouldn't happen again and on that basis I moved addendum
to second

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:24:42]

formally seconded

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:24:45]

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:24:45]

and can move the caution amendment

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:24:48]

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:24:50]

thank you Lord Provost and

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:24:52]

clearly there has been quite a degree of concern expressed in this Chamber and elsewhere is not a topic that is new chillers and I recognise the concerns that it causes for some Edinburgh residents and
I will give case a cooker or once and once only offer where he can accuse me
peer to
purely on the basis of pedantry and because one of the reasons for my my A the reason for this sits behind our amendment is actually in in the freezing of the original motion which is that it seems to imply that the M next Road Services Improvement Plan would not be touching on all of the issues raised today it clearly is an in in the interests of other interests of pedantry and in terms of my amendment there was in fact a missing word saw our perhaps follow Councillor booths good example and air provided a verbal amendment to it should read transport environment in the second line Transport Environment Committee on the 17th of May 2 thousand 18 will include a review of the causes of the road surface this is some its already underway by officials and I think that that should be noted that the artiness topic seriously and trying to address it I move my amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:26:13]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:26:13]

and the second amendment
former Lord Provost

[Cllr Karen Doran (Labour) - 3:26:17]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:26:18]

are there any contributions
C none through concern you can unravel that

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 3:26:29]

you just just just to respond briefly I do have worked with officers on this and I do acknowledge the work already undertaken to try to rectify this use and in terms of timing and the contents of the report seeking to be constructed myself and suggesting that would be brought back as part of it receives a report which is always a new thing has been coming to Transport Committee and is very welcome to thank the convenient for clarification

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:26:58]

can you quantify if you'd accepting the Addendum are generally I

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 3:27:01]

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 3:27:03]

think the Lib Dems have indicated that the we withdraw part of theirs and will be accepting the coalition
amendment my motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:27:13]

so just to quantify here you are accepting the coalition amendment
does that change the the Lib Dem position as the original motion as amended by the caution or do you still wish to move ahead with your addendum

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 3:27:32]

so we've got that we've got the the motion being proposed with the bat

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 3:27:37]

as amended M F if that can be accepted without an addendum on top of

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:27:38]

that so I was still would like that question put I don't have clarification on

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 3:27:44]

pushing the Chambers of consensus as to what's been tabled I think the

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 3:27:46]

confusion that successors three different things that went forward at different stages there was consensus Ferguson that's been spoken to and understanding

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:27:55]

right so
it shows there is the motion as amended with the addendum is what's being accepted just for quantity thank you

Item 9.5 - Motion by Councillor Lang - Short Term Letting

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:28:11]

Item 9 point 5 then as a motion by Councillor lying on short term

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:28:21]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:28:22]

letting and there is caution amendment and are given addendum on this item

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:28:24]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:28:26]

to move the motion control like thank you are probably thought that

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 3:28:27]

was complicated this could be even trickier

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 3:28:29]

Lord Provost the issues around short-term letting in the city have featured already a number of times in this Council Chamber since we were all elected last me we know that there are significant issues which have emerged as the popularity of short term letting has grown and of course be made ever easier through various websites including Airbnb and this is an issue that is far from isolated to Edinburgh City Centre is one of the reasons why I have taken a particular interest in this is because of the issues that have arisen in

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 3:29:08]

Queensferry in my own ward now let me be clear the problem to my mind is not the person who rates out their spare room every now and then and you make some extra money in doing so by making best use of their property the problem has been those properties which are rented out in their entirety we can work out becoming de facto hotels with a revolving door of guests but with little or no regulation to ensure the owners act responsibly and little or no protection or recourse for neighbours who can sometimes face a security or health and safety issues and who thought not unreasonably that they had bought or rented a property in a residential area
no things have obviously moved on quite significantly since we last met as a Council and agreed the motion from Councillor Aldridge or in the short term working party we now have the report from the expert Advisory Panel is Councillor Miller mentioned earlier on which was published this week I think it's a thorough piece of work and I'm pleased to see that the Panel's particular attention to the specific issues which we are facing here in the capital I would particularly draw colleagues' attention to Section 3 points 6 of that report which said this
there is clearly a delicate balance to strike in preserving the fabric of communities and accommodating tourists we do not wish to see the hollowing out of communities in cities or a growing rise and aggression towards tourists as has been seen in other popular European cities like Barcelona incourt no I agree with us nor progress I love living in one of the greatest cities on this earth and I love the fact that this is a place where people from all over the world want to come and visit I believe our tourism sector enriches and enlivens the city and long may that continue but we need our tourism sector to operate in a way that both respects and command support from the residents of the city
and the expert panel itself also recognised the need for any regulation to work cross platform and that brings me to the suggestion from Airbnb of a 90 day limit on its lettings know this was an important step Lord Provost because it was important in itself it recognised there was a problem being solved and that there were concerns needing addressed and I welcome that but let me be clear the Airbnb announcement on its own is simply insufficient to tackle what is a complex problem and by excluding popular tourist seasons like Christmas New Year the summer festivals the reality is that properties will still be let for well in excess of 90 days for big chunks of the year and of course Airbnb is only one of a plethora of websites that offer short term letting so orders will still be able to advertise and Leto properties well beyond the 90 day Airbnb limit by using a variety of platforms know my desire here in this motion on today is to try and proceed on the same basis as we proceeded last month by reaching out and trying to seek genuine cross party support for the way forward and I hope and believe that we can achieve that again here today as I have explained to Councillor Barry into Councillor Cameron I am perfectly happy to accept the wording that they have provided but on the basis that is added to the motion as an Addendum so we do not lose the substandard elements of my own motion and I hope that they will be prepared to agree to that
to the Green amendment I get I've been very grateful to Councillor Miller for very helpful discussions that we've had over recent days I absolutely respect the fact that both her and her party have done a power of work on these issues equally I hope that she will respect my desire as I said to try and move forward on a cross party basis and to that end I hope she'll understand my anxiety about singling out specific party campaigns and I hope that she will be able to speak to that in her own remarks Lord Provost these are complex issues which arise from new technology and we established forms of regulation don't work I know there are solutions to these problems and I believe that those are solutions which can both protect our economy but also respect our communities too and I moved the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:33:47]

[Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat) - 3:33:49]

and to second the motion formally second no Protestant

[Cllr Hal Osler (Liberal Democrat) - 3:33:50]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:33:51]

and to move the Green Addendum controlled claimable

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 3:33:58]

[Cllr Claire Miller (Scottish Green) - 3:34:00]

thank you Lord Provost m so they Scottish expert Advisory Panel published its report on Monday which I mentioned earlier and and this was after Kayser Lang had submitted his motion so I am pleased to table this addendum today with the aim of working constructively with him to update his motion and supported and I am pleased to hear the comments that he made and I am making his motion the Panel's report shows that there is some distance between the hopes of our residents and the recommendations that its form during its consultation with the industry swale like Coates' lying I welcome the report I see also that there are some areas in which I think
that we should be going further and working with the government I see are also in a submission from Airbnb to the Panel which the retained enough to share with us some putting forward this amendment because I wished to engage with the Scottish government on this issue and not just accept what is given to us I think we need to be engaging and be at the table in order to influence their decisions on this topic and I say this because the same as Councillor Lyons I make a distinction between what I term the sharing economy which is home sharing of spare rooms and home swaps which is something which we would welcome and we would like to see happening here in our city versus the commercial letting of holiday homes which is becoming a big business in many years areas of the city not only in my ward of the city centre but Leith crampons ferry mourning sites across our city
so the reports from the Panel blurs these two activities and this is where I have some issue with it I believe that we need to ensure that we emphasise the differences between these two activities in our economy so that we get the right solutions for residents and the reason that were concerned and west to regularly is not to prevent the tourism economy from flourishing I like cancer lying I'm really glad that we are a tourism capital and I am happy to welcome visitors here and I'm pleased others like it as much as I do in that he does as well but we want to regulate because there are consequences of this activity we need to be responsible to residents and ensure that those consequences are managed appropriately the issues that we have repeatedly talked about and which are not completely captured I don't believe in the Panel's report includes the impact of holiday homes appearing in residential steers the safety aspect of holiday homes being unregulated at present and I am talking about things like fire safety Gas Safety electrical checks and suitability of these properties for the number of residents and also the impact of residential homes being taken from our housing stock when we know that there's a housing shortage in Edinburgh and the knock-on impact that that has in terms of price and availability of suitable forms in key areas and finally and arguably most importantly the Panel recommends experimental regulation however I would say that we need to be clear and firm about what our regulation is and leave property owners in no doubt about their responsibilities so that there is a safe and fear environment for residents and visitors alike
and in saying that I would like to briefly
clarify some very small changes in wording to the addendum which I believe would make it acceptable to Councillor lying to accept and I have passed the wording to Committee Services it was merely to see recognises the problems caused for the rapid rise and then
and agreed the need for greater and clearer enabling powers so I hope that that would be acceptable thank you very much
the second agreed addendum formally seconded

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:37:34]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:37:35]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:37:37]

remove the caution amendment Canterbury

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 3:37:41]

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 3:37:43]

thank you Lord Frobisher of Holby preferably the SHLAA much has been said as little I disagree with them we would lead to amend or or amendment to make it an addendum with Council's permission
it will probably end up reading like something has to be sure to be sure to be sure because much of the region and in future years people think they'll quite electric because we kept on repeating ourselves what For the Age of cross-party consensus when Mama that concerns us all greatly are more than happy to do that on behalf of the caution

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:38:12]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:38:14]

can I just clarify that as a result of that the first line that says delete or is removed

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:38:22]

this and to second the no addendum

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 3:38:24]

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 3:38:27]

yes thank you thank you our policy has just to be very brief I think
I welcome obviously everybody welcomes cross party and cooperation in seeking to address this and I think it's a very helpful thing that this Council has a housing and economy Committee so that these kind of pressures on as has been mentioned by other councillor colleagues on our private rented stock from tourism and the fact that we want to manage our tourism effectively can be addressed the theme of our new
economic strategy is about having good growth and that is about making sure that we achieve the rightful balance in relation to what other cities are doing I managed to speak very briefly to D to the lady from Amsterdam whose RE addressing the ETI conference which was running concurrently with their Council meeting and an Amsterdam they've already announced that they want to reduce from 60 days down to ferrety and it was interesting and look in the cross party meeting on the 22nd of January that we've that's been mentioned
are being beware succeeding in Armagh
amounted to a maximum of One Hundred NET three days which frankly is just not going to be acceptable so that a number of pressures and issues to be addressed and in addressing this city wide problem and also into the mix there is the possibility of having a tourist tax so in seconding the coalition amendment I hope that we can all join together and work in collaboration and consensus to achieve the right balance for the good of the city thank you Lord Provost
are there any other contributions Councillor Bruce

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:40:01]

[Cllr Cameron Rose (Conservative) - 3:40:04]

thank you Lord Provost the motion that we have before us as amended and as a attended to
is really an expression of a consensus in this Chamber but let me just be clear about what the consensus is the consensus is that we need a policy which clarifies the position for all parties concerned
what the motion in front of us does is our address us to engage in discussions with the Scottish government and with other parties now I am conscious that caseloads lying that Miller and Cameron in what they said put out their positions and their concerns and that is all well and good but what we have in front of us is our discussion as to how we respond to the expert group report which we have now had published earlier this week the expert group report makes it very very clear that this is a complex matter
and that there are complex issues which need balanced and we will seek to do that as we go ahead with the discussions which are incompatible in the motion which we have in front of us indeed
the report suggests that there should be some experimentation that there should be some piloting of a solution and in particular with reference to Edinburgh so we are we agree with the motion as amended and are happy to go forward with that but there is a lot of discussion still to come with the various parties on what is a complex issue
thank you
are there any other contributions

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:41:43]

if not to control allowing for submission just very briefly Lord

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 3:41:48]

Provost just to emphasise how grateful I am to the other party groups for the way in which they have we have approached this in particular grateful to to Councillor Miller for agreeing to an amended version of her addendum and which I think ELO's for everyone to accept everybody's position and move forward with a Division today

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:42:12]

so just for clarity were accepting the motion with both addendums as as verbally amended excellent thank you

Item 9.6 - Motion by Councillor Young - Slurry Seal Resurfacing

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:42:19]

I understand the item 9 point sex most McCombs are lying has been withdrawn

Item 9.7 - Motion by Councillor Cook - Gritting of Roads and Pavements

[Cllr Louise Young (Liberal Democrat) - 3:42:25]

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 3:42:27]

thank you 9 points seven then is a motion by Councillor Cooke on gritting of roads and pavements that has a coalition amendment on the Liberal Democrat addendum
thanks Lord Provost

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 3:42:46]

you appreciate having been in the last session is well or published it I do find myself in a somewhat unfamiliar territory today am understanding is managed to craft a substantive motion which is attracted to suit a shot all party support
but not only that it's also supported by the active travel lobby which is also
I believe a first
hopefully not the last time certainly the farce m I do thank all parties for their constructive manner in which it engaged on this issue because as a very important one in terms of the setting of our roads and pavements and one of the fundamental duties of the sculpture was to keep our city moving in that includes during periods of winter weather and would be relatively low-key in Edinburgh over the past five or six years and we haven't really hard particularly challenging winters but I do think and I caught enough this year M has exposed some shortcomings in the need for change in the way that we go about gritting routes or pavements and I think everyone in the Chamber acknowledges the work of Council staff the great work that it does in supporting priority 1 routes in ensuring these were clear and our city was indeed Kate moving in I think we'd also all recognise it with priority 1 areas are simply not enough writing was done it means that many areas of simply left untouched in addition to
issues around the refilling and siting of a of grit bins and
the danger of empty Crippen's pools for for US travellers elderly people and disabled people even in cities where the where people want to to helping create little streets
paragraph 3 of my motion calls for a report which reviewed the continued suitability and responsiveness of the current priority system in which looks at how we can better Services suburban areas or no because non-priority areas they are present and how we can recognise it as urgent topography and use thermal mapping to look at how we better respond the different needs of different parts of the city we also have things like route smart and paintings in the council fleet we too few to keep up with technological advances and were able to harness technology to improve the way we do things and that includes a terms of creating a routes and pavements the last sentence there are huge as to how we actually better advertise and safely encouraged residents to use grit bins they end their communities because I think we all have to recognise and interested been reasonable the capital was never going to be able to grit every single street every single room in every single payment this was residents including as Councillors we all have a role to play and should we play our part in a reasonable and safe manner
to do so but you think the Council needs to be a lot better in terms of the Wii encouragement for instance a teacup facilities are provided it to clear the streets air during winter weather
that's all I really have to add Lord Provost there again I'm grateful for that we owe parties have engaged on this and I do hope this report comes back it will deliver a vastly improved and modernise we forward their chauffeur hopefully not this year and if we all parts relevant to whether the future better able to respond

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:46:12]

to second the motion formally second Lord Provost

[Cllr Susan Webber (Conservative) - 3:46:15]

to move the Liberal Democrat Addendum controlling

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:46:20]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 3:46:20]

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 3:46:22]

thanks very much Lord Provost's I think my Hien machines perhaps only with Councillor McNicholas and should the frustration which I and indeed so many of my constituents have around the issues which transpired over the last couple of months when it comes to gritting

[Cllr Kevin Lang (Liberal Democrat) - 3:46:37]

and the reality is that in wards like mine areas which are outwith the city centre we are even more dependent on efficient and effective gritting operations given that conditions can become so much more treacherous so much more quickly and what my addendum does it seek to ensure that the report that does come forward and doesn't raise a couple of specific areas and where issues I think exist now the Council's online Winter Road Maintenance map I think has real potential to be an extremely helpful and valuable resource and over the last few weeks I have in good faith Lord Provost pointed people towards that map as a way of highlighting both the location of grit bins and to show the prioritisation of routes recognising as Councillor Kirk says that we are never going to be in a position whereby every route in every pavement in the city can be gritted and it was only fairly recently that I was made aware of the fact that the online map is an accurate and unfortunately we're not talking slightly inaccurate we are talking very inaccurate where the number of grit bins missing and perhaps more importantly a raft of priority roads and pavements not shown as such on the map now if the Council is rightly going to go to the trouble of providing an online match our constituents know what will and will not be done over the winter periods that I do think it is incumbent upon us to ensure that information is up-to-date and accurate which it currently is not I understand that despite a lot of effort by the gritting team itself those issues have come about from the I T side but this is not a criticism of the gritting officials but it's the I T sight of the operation that has very much held that up I will try to move that forward and secondly Lord Provost and I did talk to this earlier
you know I have to say I have found it nigh on impossible to get accurate up-to-date information on which new grit bins have been agreed and indeed which have been put in place and early on came from a can escape being very helpful advice of going to officials and I promise that I have tried that time and time and time again and it has been very difficult to get even basic information for me to update my constituents and that is why I bring forward questions and that is why I bring forward this addendum though I know that there have been delays particularly the north-west team because of staff absence I absolutely accept every company in every organisation that winter you will have plenty to care staff are off sick but surely part of any winter resilience plan Lord Provost we build in provision for what happens in the eventuality and that staff are offset especially when they are responsible for such important things as gritting over winter and all progress and I'm grateful for the discussions that I have had with it with Councillor Cooke M on this despite some very hard work I know from officials on the front line and what I appreciate have been particularly challenging giving the wintry conditions the basic position is that I do think the service which we provide as a Council can and must be improved and for next winter and that we learn lessons from the last two months and with that Lord Provost I move the Addendum thank you
the second addendum formally second

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:50:02]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:50:03]

you can still go on to move the coalition amendment

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 3:50:08]

thank you Lord Provost and indeed the Minister think that is a degree of consensus across the Chamber on the importance of the glittering matter in winter weather we know how much our residents is Edinburgh residents rely upon our ability as a Council to deliver for them in the seedier
I'd like to speak a little bit to the content of my amendment and indicating quite clearly that
really I regard winter weather preparation is a bit like a Forth Road Bridge analogy the development of a inevitably has to change we have to grow we have to develop we have to feel new and issues each year depending on what the nature of the weather that we we experience
and I think they are for the evolution of our response to it will be an ongoing matter m
I would note that there is a review of the winter weather operations already planned its covering a lot of that which has been covered in both the Lib Dem an addendum and indeed the OEM original motion from from cancer cook and I would just like to note that m
to follow on really to echo what Councillor Cook in particular said A and also cast a line that the work of the winter team I think is exemplary they turn out at all times that these are night when most of us are tucked up in bed
and I think they should be commended for the work that they've done this winter thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:51:33]

the second amendment

[Cllr Karen Doran (Labour) - 3:51:37]

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:51:38]

formally Lord Provost thank you Councillor Doran are there any other contributions
Councillor Arthur

[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 3:51:49]

I just want to speak very briefly about your within the context of US
urges grit and debate about the situation in my ward and other defined by
earth thanking Nick Cook for highlighting the hard work of staff and comes from a canisters just on NI as well
I know that in my ward is not just that the Lords Timney greatly towards it saw soot Hill from the Housing Team etc. people are drawn in its work to complete this work and to keep our streets are footpaths and roads safe
although I do regret that I've never heard then wait to drive the little pavement trying very hard
I do have three points on my licence after matters
but it's about the importance of this work shouldn't be under estimated and on the 13th of December I returned from a trip to London and on the train and when I hit Princess Street it was like a stray and you know and I'm quite got big fee still person but it was placed in I did wonder you know
I will train to London
but wondered if we couldn't keep Princess Street say what was the rest of the city lake and of course we found that a couple of years later when 71 year-old make Auburtin scheme that are put in front page of the evening news he'd fell over a nice and it was left sitting on the road for over three hours waiting for an unbalanced 2 to attend to him
and he wasn't loon who he was when at least 21 people the idea that slept and had to be collected by ambulance and taken to hospital
there's a real human impact to the service if it doesn't go well and some of those 21 people may well I went on to put extra pressure on our social care system which will know it doesn't need that so the costs Cost of not gritting actually comes at quite a significant course cost
them shouldn't also underestimate the the fear that many older people half of slapping and ended up in hospital and I spoke to a retired headteacher last week he said had been shot in his house for five days because the that oughtn't been cleared
a friend from a church or last week said that she'd been stuck in post for a week again for fear of falling
so I think we should take it that we were thinking I would prioritise these routes will have to tick the age I think of the population in the area at the second point not taken account think as altitude and my host and Buxton Section 2 feet above a leaf a 300 feet above a morning site whilst the main looking down on the people of mourning said
it's funny though when I look at what we've got and I can never see you there for some reason
but they extra Elevations means were more likely to get snow and we do and we do get it it's these for longer with snow over 90 25th 26 and a lot of pavement tractors which would look to bear that arrive until the 29th I went out to thank the guys for the work they do in particular over the Christmas New Year break
to ensure that task to be honest and they said they couldn't believe the extent of snow in my ward compared to where they have been on previous days so that tells me that perhaps have not prioritised in a service
where it's most needed
so that's altitude I think we also have to think about resilience or think Nick Cook that touched or not I think over the Christmas break I encourage people to think about their paths and also asked for the grit bins to be filled where appropriate and also should have to request a new gritbin and you are going to coastal lines point where grit bins on the map as a system in place for them to be recorded and putting them up so that I think has already been dealt with to some extent
but when the snow fell again
3 weeks later
when snowfall against TB Slater the grit bins in my ward hadn't been filled up from that space over Christmas and new year which is absolutely incredible one resident told me about her and West Mill Road he'd watched cyclists trying to access the year
the wonderfully cycle where they are
because the cause this steer that what is left of his heart in his mouth the grit bins were emptied rotten wins treated at all so do you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:56:40]

[Cllr Scott Arthur (Labour) - 3:56:40]

think we have to think about resilience as well but rather me through this has been speaking to officers and they have been taken into account so low that in my ward they do recognise the impact of altitude and they do recognise that I do have some areas with older populations was often we get Team to account and I think they do really recognise the importance of resilience so I think as Councillor McKenna says I think
Council officers are already working on nurse but I think bringing a report in the public domain won't help but I do have one question or one suggestion harps and that is perhaps or maybe it should involve some element of public consultation to think about how to best to prioritise the service and bring the public into thank you
control work

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 3:57:23]

[Cllr Norman Work (Scottish National Party) - 3:57:25]

I've heard about Lord Provost and
the table below Councillor of attempted become above an expert grit bins and the side when awarding Road Arsenal knocked-up tendency was then sold on and do all the things you know so it's go above a habit
the evening use are haggling
it must be true because there's an evening News
Edinburgh roads Lephin Griffiths very covers claim opposition Councillors there must be to receive the news also reported the Conservative support is falling oil isn't peer support is rising so I believe everything leave News tells me
one of the problems and in fact terms of creatures credit
to please the Council staff it was one of the problems is Edinburgh is through a diverse and a sense of a sometimes open gladden open government than was higher than the conditions can be worse than some other areas and the trouble with Edinburgh Zef all envious of bite that its rating the Council struggles
I will give you one example and I this this period the opposition Councillors claimed that the roads were left untreated there was one particular of the your residents woke up to really icy roads and pavements
and quite rightly and understandably the ball can sell than about all we hear the gutters all the factors are suddenly
but some things the way though which looked at it couldn't do anything about it even this wonderful Council can do absolutely nothing about the grass was
agreeing the B two three four in the morning washed over us all the way and the skies cleared froze absolute nothing can do by selling understandably that is its well what's happening here it didn't help opposition came so as long as it's terrible administration will do something to be outraged at the full Council instead of what could assign a solve the problem
to agree the government should be a fold-up and theirs actually identified the problem in the system now resembles a problem the system
the salt bins were filled and some of them were emptied and should have been fold-up Cracker and I identified a problem but instead of weekend in lots of Council questions on making political capital voted against place the ports of Jersey rationally Misha is happens
you know where to start are not just star I'm colours people and 5
i'll give you another example
I don't want to go on forever what progress but will give you another example
people's expectations people's expectations are raised by opposition came source you clean
you'll get your street
the industry treat other even today no other Members
when the Lib Dems was in charge of this Council would give the Convener of the Transport Committee and a Vice Convener of the Transport Committee where the priority routes 1 2 and that's never really have changed
the reality is that Council all ever do the route ones of Moon bus routes into mean for its and hopefully choose done and that is about all that could have a real Surrey expect there are issues about some localities some areas in some pavements and we do have to get that right we do have to do a lot of work but something's expectations are raised by opposition councils to make the pavements
a solid just finally see that evening use again go back even News claimed and why after Cole the coastal line was a senior Councillor
I don't know what that makes me either way but obviously there is a serious subject but that we should we should be encouraging people also to help each other on pavements and sold on pavements and set of expected the Council to do all thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:01:45]

Councillor Henderson

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:01:49]

[Cllr Ricky Henderson (Labour) - 4:01:53]

thank you Lord Provost on Washington came from a lot because I have taken the sweep today for the attainment that means going to finish
I I note from all the contributions were all in
broad agreement trying to review of systems for gritting roads and pavements and I welcome that and move forward to the results of our due course are just very briefly I will elaborate on the point that a School Arthur made about the impact on health and social care and by coincidence I was visiting the Royal Infirmary in December time there I was an accident analysis in and around some of the world's for some of the senior staff and they were under a great deal of pleasure already because of a flu outbreak and which is believed most from staff as well as other winter pressures and then the cold weather and I believe over a period of about a week there was an additional 500 presentations emergency department due to Forbes on an icy pavements No let all of those will have been fractious and not all of those who have led to the admission to hospital for further treatment by a great number of them with Harvard and dead do and that does put their own healthcare staff for their help with social care colleagues under even greater pressure than than they would otherwise wish to be so there is
a real benefit for making sure that not just the Council delivers a good service because I don't think any of us with the best will in the little did expect that became so what can our front door every minute of the stage in December and January to make sure that those are there's a path of of salt and before we go to work I think that you know about communities can and do and we'd probably awake to do more if we could give them the required support I think a bit of thought should be given to a publicity campaign how we support communities to help themselves and I think that would be a lot of mutual benefit say across the board if the review can be teased out some of those issues

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:03:50]

are there any other contributions if not concern Cook to sum up you've got into addendum in an amendment to deal with

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 4:04:03]

what brought my understanding was that the coalition amendment as being withdrawn such a seek clarity on that prior to making a final remarks

[Cllr Lesley Macinnes (Scottish National Party) - 4:04:12]

it is connecting my apologies for missing tenets of The make a comment
in which case you will have an addendum to deal with

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:04:20]

[Cllr Nick Cook (Conservative) - 4:04:23]

it day again I welcome the engagement and then the constructive in this off the coalition on this matter a further part the Conservatives will also be accepting enveloped in a addendum to the motion and I thank Councillor McKenna's again a foot for the Tories in mind what she's approached us and also a particular country Councillor Anderson you think contributed a very significantly at tutored to beat them also of course thank Statenborough zone there Steeple genius comes to their author for his them long a long-gone contribution near them I would just like to assure him that the people of Morningside Lutheran on no one as it does not know our style
Councillor work
ventured into the realms of partisan politics and as has been clear from this substantive moving in the contributions of the move of today and that's not what we're going for a substantial of substantive issue plea here which is very very important that's a basic essential council service which we all have to work together and ensure that we get it right as I say I would be accepting any Lib Dem addendum
and that's me

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:05:43]

so just for quantity would accept in the motion with the Liberal Democrat Addendum o agreed

Item 9.8 - Motion by Councillor McLellan - Economy Watch

[ Allan McCartney (Clerk) - 4:05:49]

finance from Lough promises the motion on agenda by concern McClellan on economy Watch
coalition amendment has been circulated

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 4:05:58]

comes from a coin

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 4:06:00]

[Cllr John McLellan (Conservative) - 4:06:02]

Watch Lord Provost for the purpose of the motion is usually twofold one is too firmly re-establish the publication of a regular monitoring of the city's economic performance as we move towards the agreement over of some kind of economic strategy for the future
and I believe that my motion does this but also so too does the
coalition amendment the other aspect of this is to make sure
that the previous air
what happened with the previous economy Watch report which was suddenly discontinued without any kind of decision by councils of any kind of oversight doesn't happen again to the purpose of the motion is to make sure that the publication of a report becomes an audit of this Council and cannot be discontinued without notice as happened previously so as I said
both the coalition amendment and my motion do both
jobs it is
somewhat disappointing I think that the amendment is effectively just takes over my amendment but I suppose
it does perform one function in that it can demonstrate the harmony with which we all know lies at the heart of the working relationship between the convening of a housing economy and his Vice Convener
so from that point of view and to wrap up
and two 2 to wrap up
a business as quickly as possible prepared to accept the amendment on the basis that achieves the basic aim which is to get a regular publicly available document back out there which I know that both people in this Chamber and in the city beyond valued previously thank you
to second the motion

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:07:55]

formally Lord Provost

[Cllr Iain Whyte (Conservative) - 4:07:59]

to move the coalition amendment

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:08:02]

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 4:08:03]

formally move the only real changes that we're looking from initial Wellens motion was that we want them to report Quarter Leinster a monthly mostly starts of collectivised limit their quarterly

[Cllr Gavin Barrie (Scottish National Party) - 4:08:11]

I appreciate the way he's except listen could crash
i'm to second

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:08:19]

like you I would just like to thank them can some claim for bringing

[Cllr Lezley Marion Cameron (Labour) - 4:08:21]

this forward actually because I too was a bit surprised and saddened to learn that this information which is most valuable had been discontinued as a result of a decision by management and not brought to the attention of elected Members and when it happened last April I believe so and also just to explain
Councillor McLellan is aware that the reason that we are asking are suggesting quarterly is because we've been advised by officers that some of the data is available on a monthly basis and although monthly reports were previously available a lot of it was the same data being published month on month and not updated so that's the reason buying you know suggesting a quarterly report and also that that comes to the economy and Committee and last year I would just like to respond to Caistor McClellan's
tongue in cheek remarks regarding the working relationship between Councillor body and myself and has every person news use ever studied relationships of the professional political kind there's always a kind of let me just remind myself because it's such an ancient theory and the farming storming norming performing and stages of a group working and partnership working saw him yes I name
I will not make a comment about where we are
other than to say that you know and in all honesty to every Member of the Council and we are all here to do you know a very rewarding job and at times a very frustrating job
but at all times I hope that Members regardless of what we are discussing in your dealings with me I hope that you will find me friendly forthright in fear and everything and I hope the officers will find that off me as well
thank you

[Cllr Frank Ross (Scottish National Party) - 4:10:10]

are there any other contributions
other contributions
accepting the motion as amended
great thank you that brings us to the end of today's thank you very much for your contributions
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