Development Management Sub-Committee (Wed, 22nd Jan 2020 - 10:00 am) 

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  1. 1. Order of business

  2. 1 a) Order of Business

  3. 2. Declaration of interests

  4. 2 a) Declaration of interests

  5. 3. Minutes

  6. 3 a) Minute of Meeting of Development Management Sub-Committee of 18 December 2019 - submitted for approval as a correct record

  7. 4. General Applications, Miscellaneous Business and Pre-Application Reports

  8. 4 a) Ravelrig Road, Edinburgh (At Land Beside) - Proposed residential development with associated landscaping and infrastructure works - application no 19/05205

  9. 4 b) Meadowfield Farm, Turnhouse Road, Edinburgh (Land To South West Of) - Proposed mixed use development including commercial floorspace Class 1 shops. Class 2 financial and professional services. Class 3 restaurants and cafes sui generis including public houses. Class 4 business. Class 6 storage and Class 7 hotels. Class 10 non-residential institutions. Class 11 assembly and leisure residential floorspace including affordable and flats. Associated infrastructure. Car parking and landscaping - application no 19/05303/PAN

  10. 4 c) 9 Barnton Avenue West, Edinburgh, EH4 6DF - Demolition of existing residential property and erection of 11 flatted dwellings (as amended) - application no 18/09541/FUL

  11. 4 d) 22 Hill Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3JZ - Change of Use and conversion from business (class 4) to four short stay visitor accommodation units over ground / lower ground, first, second and third floors - application no 19/01936/FUL

  12. 4 e) 22 Hill Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3JZ - Alterations to convert to four short stay visitor accommodation units over ground / lower ground floor, first, second and third floors - application no 19/01892/LBC

  13. 4 f) 2F2 36 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh, EH7 5JY - Change of use of residential flat to short term commercial let - application no 19/04099/FUL

  14. 4 g) 27 - 29 Murieston Crescent, Edinburgh, EH11 2LN - Demolition of existing buildings and erection of new student accommodation with associated facilities, access, landscaping, cycle stores and ancillary infrastructure (as amended) - application no 19/04425/FUL

  15. 4 h) 98 Ocean Drive, Edinburgh (At Land 120 Metres South East Of) - Creation of 3 additional units to form 15 townhouses - application no 19/04746/FUL

  16. 4 i) 47A South Clerk Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9NZ - Change of Use from class 1 (shop) to class 3 (restaurant) - application no 19/03972/FUL

  17. 5. Returning Applications

  18. 5 a) 14 Bonnington Road Lane, Edinburgh, EH6 5RB - Application for planning permission in principle for residential development (up to 220 units) together with commercial space and associated works (including demolition of building) at the former John Lewis Depot, Bonnington - application no 17/05742/PPP

  19. 5 b) 10 Builyeon Road, South Queensferry (At Land 288 Metres Southwest Of) - Mixed use development to provide residential, employment, primary school and associated uses, acknowledging BP Pipeline (Edinburgh LDP Site HSG32) (Scheme 3) - application no 16/01797/PPP

  20. 5 c) 1 and 4 Gilmerton Station Road, Edinburgh, EH17 8RZ - Mixed Use Development comprising Class 1 retail, class 2 professional services, class 3 (inc Sui Generis) Food and Drink, class 4 to 6 Business/ Industrial, class 7 Hotel, class 11 Assembly and Leisure, Access, Car Parking, Servicing, Bridge, Demolition and Associated Works - application no 19/02122/PPP

  21. 5 d) 103 Newcraighall Road, Edinburgh (At Land 445 Metres North Of) - Proposed residential development (including class 8 residential institutions, class 9 houses and sui generis flats) primary school (class 10 non-residential institutions) local centre (including class 1 retail, class 2 financial services, class 3 food and drink, class 10 non residential institutions and class 11 assembly and leisure), green network, access and transport links, infrastructure and associated ancillary works (as amended.) - application no 16/04122/PPP

  22. 5 e) 100 Niddrie Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4DT - Demolition of existing Lidl building and erection of new build residential development comprising of 136 flatted units across 5 no. blocks with associated parking, roads and landscaping - application no 18/02744/FUL

  23. 5 f) Royal Hospital For Sick Children, 9 Sciennes Road, Edinburgh - Mixed use development comprising residential (8 houses and 118 flats), student accommodation 323 beds, communal space, cycle/car parking provision, public realm enhancements, associated works and infrastructure. Development involves partial demolition of existing buildings, erection of new buildings and change of use/conversion of retained buildings (as amended) - application no 18/02719/FUL

  24. 6. Applications for Hearing

  25. 6 a) None.

  26. 7. Applications for Detailed Presentation

  27. 7 a) 30 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6HP - Conversion of former Nursing Home, gate lodge and stable block to residential use (including demolition of non-original extensions), erection of 2x residential pavilions comprising 23 residential units, associated landscaping and ancillary works - application no 19/04601/FUL

  28. 8. Returning Applications Following Site Visit

  29. 8 a) None.